Amityville II: The Possession (1982) - Horror

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A family moves into their new home, which proves to be satanic, resulting in the demonic possession of the teenage son. Only the local priest can save him.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Damiano Damiani
Stars: James Olson, Burt Young
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 149 found boring (21.47%)

One-line Reviews (76)

Let's start off with some boring facts.

In spite of its awkward ending, it's still a disturbing and thrilling ride that will take even the most jaded by surprise.

Probably more Enjoyable than the Original .

" The drive of this work is based completely on contrived moments carefully spaced throughout the film.

The possession thematic is well portrayed in the movie but it becomes boring after a while.

A taut & exciting horror film.

The only part of the movie that I did find disturbing would be the tragedy during the end, at this point I lost complete interest in the whole movie as it faded into boredom.

A stupid, sleazy, boring horror film.

Thanks to the slick direction of Damiano Damiani, it is an enjoyable spook-and-puke show with pristine production values.

This movie is a waste of everyones time, and so is every Amityville movie beyond this.

I found this sequel/prequel a little more intense.

Nope, her look of confusion quickly changed to a big smile as she replied cheerfully, "Well, only for a second!

The brother sister seemed to be a married young couple and this was really confusing.

Director Damiano Damiani's grim, confined handling is quick moving, slick and effectively projected with the screen being blanketed in dull/gloomy coloring with many ghoulishly sinister (and daring) happenings.

In the end I was glad I took a chance with 'The Possession', as while it might be your old-hat haunted house shenanigans it was still very well pulled off and surprisingly exploitive on the matter, especially the stir crazy final half-hour (which is weaker than the strongly gripping hour and feels like its from another entirely different film) that easily borrows ideas form 'The Exorcist' and goes ridiculously bombastic on the rubbery make-up FX.

Definitely worth watching.

Throughout there is much confusion about whether it is night or daytime, to the point where you wonder if this was intentional.

Had they taken the time to slow down and built to just what the evil was, it would have done the rest of the plot a better service.

Haunted house movies either have me really intrigued or bored to death.

But as someone who can't resist to see the Amityville house in a movie, I must say it's one of the few sequels that are worth watching in the series.

The script by Tommy Lee Wallace based on the book 'Murder in Amityville' by Hans Holzer is well paced, entertaining, has decent characters & tries to tackle a few unexpected issues like incest, the break down of the family unit & wife/child abuse.

As the second entry in the Amityville franchise, it's quite a strong one, standing as it does on its own terms and executed in a more engaging way than the original.

Movies about possessed people are seldom boring!

Amityville II is no horror classic, but it stands out since it's much better than the boring first feature.

The creepy subtext just makes your skin crawl instead of being bored to tears.

While the first movie is a classic slow burner, this is a more fast paced roller coaster ride in the vain of the exorcist, setting us the events shown at the beginning of the first.

Overall, 'The Possession' is a fairly entertaining extrapolation of the source material, and indeed of the rampant speculation surrounding it.

It's one thing to sit through a frustrating film; it's another thing to sit through one that bores you into a coma.

Trite, Trite, Trite, and the screenplay...

It's made to be scary and entertaining.

Like Dario Argento, Damiani uses long, slow, wide tracking shots and a steadily rising score on a scene in which nothing is happening, using that to suggest powerful invisible forces about to strike.

Small spoiler, I liked the scenes, where we see Sonny get possessed by the house, when we see him screaming in pain, when he stomach he being press down by the unseen evil force, was really good scene, that was scary and really darkthat is one the reason i liked this movie more then first and this is a lot more darker then first movie and the acting was outstanding from everyoneI would have give this movie 10 but I find the ending, a tad boring and disappointing.

While nowhere near perfect, "Amityville: The Possession" is an very good horror movie that is much more engaging than the first film.

I can understand the realism confusion here.

The pacing is too slow, the story is monotonous and repetitive.

This is a throughly familiar retread of spirit-in-the-house formula with a father who buys the dreaded as well as haunted Amityville house and his possessed son ; being alternatively loathing and dull .

Despite the varied plot, as well as a good dash of exploitative elements ranging from gore to incest, most of the movie plays out in a surprisingly drab manner.

Right from his first scene you know he's going to be a big jerk, but Young manages to make the role very entertaining.

The original film--the first in the series--was a little slow.

The Exorcist was too slow and ineffective.

Some outrageously over-the-top performances, flashy camera-work and genuinely frightening make-up effects keep it from ever getting boring.

The overload of violence and filth in this movie might impress unexperienced horror buffs looking for thrills instead of suspense but the more trained horror fanatics will be left behind with an empty and unsatisfied feeling in their stomach.

cliché, cliché, cliché.

The first hour, while partially funny, has an engaging incest plot line, which of course is in the middle of this muddled house horror.

The film has moments of tension but it does get a lil boring coz of its length.

There was an interesting camera flourish every so often and even though the final act was ripped straight from "The Exorcist" it still managed to be entertaining.

The movie itself was worth watching with the rest of the actors trying to act serious enough when anything went haywire.

In this one, the story shows the slow possession of young Sonny Montelli and leads up to him shooting his entire family dead.

But the film is intriguing and watchable.

All in all, Tommy Lee Wallace (better-or-worse known for Halloween III-Season of the Witch) has (partially) written a contrived ending that lends to confusion of earlier information (that is brezzed over) and lends to contradictions in later movies of the series (Amityvile: A New Generation--; ie if the exorcism is a success, then why is the murderer back in this later movie).

An uncharismatic Jack Magner, who bears a sickly resemblance to a young Rick Springfield, heads a cast of unknowns into deserving oblivion in a pointless "prequel" to The Amityville Horror, which is a masterpiece by way of comparison.

Now I am not the biggest fan of the first Amityville Horror movie, even though it was based on a true story I felt it dragged on.

and although this is where most of the special effects occur, you kind of feel bored because all of the characters you were introduced to are gone.

So between strong cinematography and ghoulish effects, this movie is quite enjoyable.

The Amityville Horror is considered a classic in some circles; I don't know why; to me it was merely just another haunted house horror flick, and a rather dull one at that.

The soundtrack is similar to the first movie, but more suspenseful I think.

Words fail to describe the totally disjointed matter of the narrative Secondly there's the portrayal of religion .

It's frustrating, and worst of all boring.

It is a lousy sequel, a trivial movie, and a big waste of time.

While in reality, Ronald DeFeo was supposedly motivated by nothing more nor less than drug-fuelled psychosis, it was more exciting to believe he'd been possessed by the devil.

Inaccurate, but intense and disturbing prequel to "The Amityville Horror" .

I liked the priest's turmoil over the whole situation and his renegade way of going about it but there was a lot of cliché "priest against the darkness" stuff as well as cliché "mean ole priest's boss" stuff.

Damiano Damiani, who is better known for his spaghetti westerns, directs this prequel to "The Amityville Horror" which I found wildly entertaining and genuinely creepy.

Highly suspenseful, a couple of great scares, and it sets a great mood.

The film is stylishly directed by Damiano Damiani and the first hour is genuinely gripping and suspenseful.

Luca Palmerini calls this a "somewhat dull and derivative horror film", while Howard Maxford thinks it is "an artless rip-off of The Exorcist".

Followed by so many more boring sequels .

While THE AMITYVILLE HORROR was a slow moving, dull, relatively action-free flick with a few macabre elements, the sequel is an all out in-your-face film with plenty of gross moments and excess gore.

Otherwise, this film is somewhat entertaining if you can separate yourself from the true story.

The only complaint I have about this film is that it is too long....

As it stands I am still giving it an 8 because even though the end was contrived and straight out of The Exorcist, it is still one hell of a scary film.

Some suspenseful moments combined with pretty good acting and camera work deliver a decent 80's horror film.

An Italian American family move into the notorious Long Island residence and evil demons waste no time in creeping up on them.

But until then it is genuinely scary and intense.

Both films are worth watching if you like haunted houses and demon possession stories.

If you don't try to view this seriously, it can be a pretty enjoyable experience.