An American Werewolf in London (1981) - Comedy, Horror

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Two American college students on a walking tour of Britain are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: John Landis
Stars: David Naughton, Jenny Agutter
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 371 found boring (7.27%)

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How boring can you get?

AAWIL is a modern day setting of a hoary old horror cliché.

It's just a lot of fun to watch and it's scary and exciting and you just can't miss it.

The climactic chaos in Piccadilly Square is exciting, and the ending is very much to the point.

This is still a solid, entertaining movie with many memorable scenes and characters, the unimpressive David Naughton not being one of them.

Like with most movies there are some flaws such as David being sent to hospital in London after his accident took place in Yorkshire and occasionally the film drags a little (and I do mean a little) but overall these can be ignored as ‘An American Werewolf in London' is a highly entertaining addition to the horror genre and a must-see for all horror fans.

More noteworthy than entertaining .

Another element that makes this film worth watching is the make-up.

With one word that pretty much sums up this absolutely stunning horror movie.

After the scene where David and Jack are attacked I had to leave the theater.

This movie is very enjoyable and funny.

The first attack (in which Jack is ultimately killed by the werewolf) is scary as hell and completely unexpected.

Career performances by Naughton, a stunning Agutter, Dunne and Woodvine in story of two young Americans savaged by a werewolf in rural England.

I rated this film and 8 because it delivered a full and complete compelling werewolf film with creative additives.

Worth watching for the transformation sequence alone, the special effects do not disappoint either.

After all the blood and murder and horror (even the contrived stuff like the whole sequence in the Tube) and an interminable and gratuitous series of car crashes (what is it with Landis and cars?

Soon we will get "bad moon rising" in a rather pointless montage quickly followed by "Blue Moon" during the actual transformation scene.

Its the worst movie that you will watch and you will find yourself wondering 'why did they make this movie?

Still, this film is much more than impressive effects, it's a tale of fantasy and horror told in a very classy and entertaining way.

Whilst I found An American Werewolf in London to be reasonably enjoyable I didn't think it was brilliant as for me it didn't entirely work as either a comedy or a horror.

An enjoyable movie for horror freaks.

From open to close, An American Werewolf In London follows the same predictable plot as every other monster film.

Mostly entertaining movie that manages to have its cake and eat it - it's both a genre piece and a satire of the genre at the same time.

For a very enjoyable horror film, with a bit of humour, I give this film an 8/10.

They converse with the locals, but feel out of place and decide to leave early despite being warned about venturing outside on a full moon.

This film contains both male and female nudity, as well as some intense sexual situations, too.

The whole entire movie wasn't scary and it had lots of parts where it turned out to be a dream, which got confusing and made it difficult to understand what was real and what was just a part of the man's dream (the werewolf).

This is a film full of memorable moments that gel superbly; the dream sequence is fantastic, the subway murder suspenseful and engrossing and the transformation astonishing for its time (it still holds up today.

He's very original and creative, and his pictures are very entertaining.

Needless to say it is the most intense horror movie I have ever seen.

It's a very entertaining movie.

The script is snappy and there's no wasted motion in its tight hour and a half runtime.

Much has been written about the Rick Baker special effects and they are truly stunning and there isn't a hint of CGI to be found.


An entertaining, enjoyable film well worth watching.

This comedy/horror hybrid is fast paced, brief and to the point, frightening, sexy (the use of Van Morrison during a most erotic sex scene is sheer genius), subversive (the Jewish in-jokes are really a Jungian buffet of imagery), and funny.

IMO, those scenes took away from the main story and basically told me that Landis was bored with the werewolf storyline and felt the movie needed to be punctured with gratuitously violent dreams.

It's boring!

I personally got bored during the movie, it was way to slow and predictable for me, I also thought that there were some plot holes during the film too.

Couple that with Agutter being repeatedly stabbed by one leaping from David's hospital room window is visually shocking and totally unexpected.

The dialog is at times funny, at times sassy, and in some compelling ways realistic (especially the opening dialog and the moment in the porno theatre).

My teenager sons (who love SF/horror classics like Alien and The Thing from roughly the same area) found the movie boring.

Once it gets past that into the action as well it's a lot of fun here with the series of attacks found in the suburbs of the city and in the subway station that gets some pretty enjoyable times here along with the finale in crowded London makes for a lot of good fun.

While the film remains wholly enjoyable throughout, the undeniable highlight remains the breathtaking transformation sequence.

The plot just wandered about all over the place until it reached its pointless ending.

I don't know if great is the word i'd use, but it's entertaining.

Schizophrenic movie - but entertaining .

Overall Werewolf is very enjoyable with the perfect balance of horror and humour with wonderful effects.

Despite now looking dated, this movie is still extremely entertaining throughout and remains a classic horror movie.

Done with some humor, overall a nicely entertaining film.

Good history and entertaining, that mixes with efficiency the terror with black humor.

Yes, the plot has a lot of holes, and some things happen way too fast, and some explanations seem forced but this is a movie that is pure fun and even today is pretty enjoyable and wild.

Highly entertaining.

The comic moments are sometimes subtle and often unexpected.

Don't waste your time and money renting this film.

Who knows, I may have to give the film another look to get all the jokes, but An American Werewolf in London feels like it mostly wants to be taken seriously, and director John Landis packs in enough tense and suspenseful moments to make it work as such.

It really is a waste of time and (if you intend to purchase it) money.

Directed by John Landis - "An American Werewolf In London" is a fairly entertaining slice of Comedy/Horror where you actually may be pleasantly surprised when some of its howling humor suddenly turns around and bites you on the ass.

The naturalistic tongue-in cheek tone that the 2 American protagonists maintain throughout most of the movie has not dated but, if anything, become more enjoyable, as filmgoers today are much more receptive to genre-bending than they were when this first came out.

Also confusing is the notion that victims who are killed by a werewolf must remain in limbo until the werewolf itself is dead.

both entertaining as a technical marvel, as comedy, and even as horror .

This is another film, like BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935), that seems bound to meet with some detractors in view of its unexpected mix of horror and humor – in fact, some critics actually called it a 'spoof', which it most certainly isn't.

This remains his most exciting and entertaining movie and a brilliant way to spend 90 minutes.

" When they walk through the door, the effect is pretty much the cliché turntable-coming-to-a-screeching-halt scenario that you've seen a million times before.

Jack's bloody and mangled corpse returns to inform David that he has the werewolf curse, which he is slow to believe, and that he must kill himself in order to break it.

With no streetlights, and plenty of empty fields and trees along the narrow winding "single traffic width" lane.

There are also some weird extraneous elements that are completely unexpected (including a very memorable dream sequence); all of this helps "AWIL" stand out well above most other werewolf epics.

This tale is anything but a cliche, as we watch a young man named David deal with his curse of lycanthropy (changing into a werewolf.

There were some good jump shots, but the chase/attack scenes were a little bland, and the dream sequences never seemed to add up to much.

This is a very entertaining film about two college age American boys that are on a backpacking trip across England.

After a somewhat slow opening, we witness two friends—who are backpacking across Europe—stumble upon a shady pub called "The Slaughtered Lamb.

No big deal, but worth watching.

AN American WEREWOLF IN London is full of marvelous scenes – in fact, the script is very well written: economical but intelligent, scary yet funny, at once moving and exciting.

The atmosphere was stunning in the movie.

Rick Baker's special effects are the real star here and they deservedly won the Oscar; that transformation scene is still stunning, and unequalled even with the advent of CGI (Baker's own work in the disappointing Wolfman remake didn't come close).

An American Werewolf in London is often pegged as a comedy, and while granted Landis does give this film lots of sharp humor it's really more of a stunning horror film.

The real star of the show here, and perhaps the reason this film has endured as it has, is Rick Baker's stunning special makeup effects.

Conversely, the film isn't altogether scary either, and though there are some thrilling moments, many of the scare opportunities are played for laughs instead.

An American Werewolf in London is a very nice and extremely entertaining film with characters that will make you laugh each time they're on the screen (there's a very clumsy and very funny London Sergeant), with jokes, cool references to other movies (not only to other werewolf movies), a film with really fun stuff.

Additionally, the relationship between Naughton and Agutter seems predictable and ill-developed.

An American Werewolf in London never falters and never loses its touch, always delivering on the scares and the intense suspense, and always dishing out great laughs throughout an incredibly entertaining and unique story.

The conversations with the gradually-decomposing friend showing up at the most inopportune times is a great building block while also managing some fine jokes at the comedic content of the situation, while far more engaging is the actual investigation done at the behest of the doctor into his condition after arriving at the hospital.

About 2/3 of the way through the movie, my friend had to get up and leave the theater for almost 10 minutes.

For this masterpiece, director John Landis updates every werewolf cliché in the book and makes the film wholly original by adding Rick Baker's masterful special effects and his own superb sense of humour to the mix.

This is tense and suspenseful whenever it goes for it.

Another great moment is the opening attack, which is pretty intense.

I actually walked out of it halfway through because my friend wanted to leave.

We only get to see him in London for a brief and chaotic end scene, but it's worth it, taking the slow, misty nocturnal buildup and switching to broad daylight, revealing what was unseen before and bringing it jarringly down to earth.

I loved watching this film and found it extremely enjoyable.

While it isn't high art, "An American Werewolf in London" is easily among the most entertaining films that I have ever seen.

Entertaining .

Those viewers who are too serious might find it too bizarre to be enjoyable, and what is with that stupidly abrupt ending?

The old adage of the simplest ideas being the best is once again demonstrated in this, one of the most entertaining films of the early 80's, and almost certainly Jon Landis' best work to date.

However,it does slow down in sections.

An American werewolf in London was a decently made film with interesting moments of suspense and comic, but there are some scenes that are slow, and sidetrack the tension of the movie at times.

Naughton is a very engaging lead, and Dunne is equally solid (and amusing) as his undead friend.

Director John Landis is so good at making entertaining movies.

This 1981 horror film's "old school" pre-CGI monster effects may appear to be painfully slow-moving and noticeably clumsy at times.

As cliché as it sounds, sometimes you really did have to be there to appreciate what all the fuss was about.

The plot consists of little more than the banal weakness of the principal character, who kills rather than face his responsibilities.

Entertaining, terrifying and brilliant.

After a very suspenseful opening it all falls down, logic was not part of Landis's thought processes.

The blurb says, and I quote: "One of the most gripping horror films of all time...

i also found it much more suspenseful.

The special effects on the movie are some of the best from the 80s, but in movies like The Thing (1982), the special effects are actually the best part about the movie and the rest of the film its not that great, but that doesn't happen here, the film itself its really solid and engaging.

Sadly, the ending leaves us empty.

ANYTHING but figuring that these dead people were real and actually sitting in that theater (which they couldn't have been, as the theater was empty afterward).

Another classic of-its-time horror film of the 1980's that is still enjoyable to watch today.

Hilarious and awesome thrilling parts that are worthy of a great entertainment feature.

With stunning FX's (the guy behind this won an Oscar for this job), Landis gives us a terrifying story with a lot of comedy, romance, adventure, and friendship.

Landis does an excellent job at keeping us on the edge of our seat.

I give it a 9/10 with the movie an 8 but an extra point for that fascinating change scene.

Of course, part of what makes "An American Werewolf in London" so special and so entertaining is how hilarious it is.

The comic pieces are really funny including Jack's remarks about the dead being boring and David having to escape a zoo without any clothes on.

As a result, the film ends up being a bit disjointed, never fully realizing the strong potential it demonstrates during its finer moments.

This is a pointless remake of a classic film...

With appropriate humor when needed, matched by some genuinely gruesome moments, this makes for particularly compelling first time viewing.

Nevertheless, it's well worth checking out if you're in the mode for a quick, entertaining horror/comedy fix.

It's abrupt and basically unexpected.

' If you've only seen the "Remake In Paris," and enjoyed it, then you have to seek this film out and watch it.

The first one is the slow beginning, as it takes a while for the film to really get going with the cheap jumps get a little tiresome after a while.

On the whole, a film that had me jumping out of my skin a lot and a story that was unpredictable which made me enjoy it more than the remakes that just make me feel bored.

I generally avoid horror movies, but I found American Werewolf in London strangely compelling, partly no doubt because of the effort to give the film as much verisimilitude as possible.

David Naughton is warm-hearted and charming, though maybe a little bland, as the film's hero.

The effects are excellent (by Rick Baker), the music is interesting (by Elmer Bernstein), and the plot is entertaining, to say the least.

I usually don't like horror mixed with comedy, but this movie does it expertly; it's consistently thrilling, gory, colorful, quirky and amusing.

An abrupt ending hampers an otherwise enjoyable horror thriller.

And Rick Baker's werewolf transformation effects - the first time we'd seen anything other than dissolves between four or five transitional makeups - were stunning.

The only thing gripping about this was the porn film that was shown near the end...

This is one of the best and most entertaining films I have seen.

This left one of them stuck in Limbo as a walking corpse in a slow state of deteriation and the other with the strange habit of sprouting hair and tearing people up every full moon.

If you're prepared to watch with an open mind, however, the stark contrast between styles only makes the horrific scenes more disturbing, as you're lulled into a false sense of security before being bludgeoned over the head.

And like them it predates the tedious age of CGI.

The shocks, however, are matched with jolts of comic relief, such as when a walking corpse complains that the other undead are all boring to talk to.

Landis has made some snappy dialog tying in British and American culture with werewolf lore as well as sexuality.

Admittedly, the special effects were rather basic but all things considered this was an entertaining film for the most part and I have rated it accordingly.

In the interview with John Landis on the 20th Anniversary DVD (I would have cherished a full-length commentary by him as an alternate to the one provided), he admits to being influenced by Luis Bunuel in his writing of the screenplay, and these fascinating/disturbing moments live up to the array of surrealistic dream imagery that colors the Master's own work.

I had a thrilling time.

A lot of the story is disjointed.

There is also some very stunning makeup effects, primarily being the werewolf transformations.

Effective use of make-up and some good graphics did spice up this old tale some, but the first hour was way to slow.

I actually didn't expect that they would be become a couple but, there ya go, thats the best of unexpected surprises in films like this!

It's an intense horror film with a great sense of humor.

The authenticity and classic horror sensibility of the Slaughtered Lamb pub, and the secrets its denizens hold, are the basis of a truly compelling mythos.

But it's the strange alternations between comedy and terror that keep you on the edge of your seat.

She also puts in a very naturalistic turn as her stunning looks and intelligent demeanour enhance the role.

Naughton's metamorphosis in the living room is still literally a hair-raiser (far more intense and frightening and if that isn't enough for you, there's that chase in Tottenham Court Road station to send chills down your spine.

Undoubtedly though this is John Landis' picture form beginning to end, with his refined script and timely direction making "American Werewolf" what it is, thoroughly enjoyable cinema.

It's extremely rare that a film does both so well, and as well as the engaging story we also have the ground-breaking transformation scene of man into wolf...

The finale is dizzying mayhem and exciting gore.

A great as well as enjoyable unique werewolf movie!

That leads into some rather enjoyable times here where it really manages to continue on through a fine series of clues that gradually lead to the eventual discovery from the group which is how this one really gets a lot of good fun going along with the events leading up through the initial attack and overall build into how he got to become a werewolf.

unusual and entertaining .

Hilarious, but still scary and entertaining.

The settings, the characters, the scenarios are all so fascinating.

This first attack has a very lengthy and thrilling buildup and when it comes, it's utterly terrifying and awesome.

This very fast paced movie also ended a bit too abruptly for my liking, although there was a pretty good romp of devastation by the werewolf through Piccadilly.