Andromeda (2000) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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Captain Dylan Hunt and the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant set out on a mission to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth 300 years after its fall.

IMDB: 6.6
Stars: Kevin Sorbo, Lisa Ryder
Length: 43 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 15 out of 117 found boring (12.82%)

One-line Reviews (74)

The show itself is full of action and has many great episodes that made a really enjoyable show to watch.

All in all, an enjoyable ride!

However, occasionally it will seem to be quite pointless.

It seemed like a cheap and senseless way of saying "OK, we producers have changed our minds so we came up with the quickest, most pointless way to change almost everything without having to waste more than an episode doing it".

In the end, a waste of time .

I hope all the episodes are this exciting.

They fight witheach other on the empty command deck and Rhade's killed.

The computer f/x, however, have become very good, and they are worth watching, though.

They had a monumental event handled in such a poor and pointless why that it left the viewer saying "why did they do THAT"?

I always found him to be a bit boring.

Well done to the Team of Andromeda, you did an excellent job, thank you for taking me on your journey I enjoyed it immensely.

Season four is more of the same, with increasingly bizarre and pointless episodes that do little to further the plot.

Seeing Gene Roddenberry's name was the first disappointment - I've too often been let down by the formulaic nature of his work.

The storyline was easy to understand in the beginning and very entertaining.

" The character as originally played was enigmatic and sweet; now she's just confusing.

On the whole though, Andromeda was a great show, well worth watching.

The stories usually have a lot of potential, but there is the occasional episode where a good plot has been brought down by too many action sequences that dragged on for far too long.

It got fast boring and when you finally get the secret it is really not interesting.

The arrogance of the Nesians (if that's how you spell it) is tedious, as well as plot holes and villains doing cliche things, e.

This show is anything but boring.

Andromeda is an entertaining show with solid acting and a great mix of action, sci-fi and comedy.

A solid portion of the action is engaging.

Sci-fi series worth watching.

Some of the plots are oh so boring.

and even more sadly it seems lately, it's harder getting viewers that appreciate it rather than those that seem to want just CGI, creepy costumes and boring, wooden scientific speaking characters.

He is an actor who is always in command of how his character is played which makes him a very compelling unpredictable lead.

It is surprisingly fast paced and excting.

For boring, try Rev. Bem and his endless, silly disquisitions about some cockamamie religious doctrine.

It's not a shame, but a predictable mixture.

Now, in Season 3, they seemed aimless and downright pointless in many ways.

Some of it is tiringly predictable.

Having the DVD series it's not hard to see just how good the friendship genuinely becomes and how hard all the actors work at making their characters as strong, as fun and as enjoyable and their individual talent brings them closer to the audience and strengthens the show as each season passes on.

The good: quick wit, funny, action packed, (theres more fighting in 5 seasons than all of star trek combined) not overloaded with mindless sophistry, full of surprises and turn arounds, VERY original writing, very creative, good mysteries left for later, Lisa Ryder and Kevin Sorbo: GREAT acting.

By Season Three the show had become confused, disjointed, and lacking any shreds of logic.

After making Gene Rodenberry's Earth: Final Conflict, an interesting idea turned into a meandering pointless series, the gods of cheap-to-make syndicated Canadian TV shows decided to draw one time too many (AGAIN) from the Rodenberry well.

over all worth watching, learn something about universe.

And, yes, it changes after a few seasons because it _has_ to, because if he actually shows us the the thing complete it becomes as dull and lifeless as the other rocks.

the stories seemed a bit better and consistent, I think, but the scenery and situation just stayed depressing/boring...

With each season the adventures get bolder and more fun and exciting to watch.

I'm afraid they may be trying to please a focus group rather than trying to make compelling television.

Oddly enough, though, these two episodes were among the more entertaining of the season's fare.

A funny, exciting and thrilling sci-fi- I like it much better than "Star trek"- nice men!

The story lines were for the majority original, creative, and had entertaining fight scenes, it also had incredible actors and actresses (such as Keith Hamilton Cobb - Tyr - and Lisa Ryder - Beka, as well as everyone else) and plots.

I especially like Harper and Beka, who manage to be fresh and compelling without being so iconoclastic as to distract the viewer from the plot.

I read that the show continues with that, he continues to sleep with more women as the show goes on, I'm glad I know that in advance, because I was fed up with that, it wasn't necessary, and it had already gotten tedious and really cliche, and the last thing I need is to keep watching knowing it will be more frequent.

There have been episodes that stand up with the best of sci-fi television writing (the original "TWILIGHT ZONE", "City on the Edge of Forever" episode of "STAR TREK", "The Inheritors" episode of "THE OUTER LIMITS", etc.). The two-part episode that ended season 4 was probably the best thing I've seen from TV since "TAKEN", the Spielberg mini-series.

So it tries hard to be Farscape but fails miserably, lacking the same fascinating characters, brilliant design and original plot.

An enjoyable Sci-fi series .

They all come from a different culture and race, they all have secrets to hide, making them all intriguing and fun to know.

This is just as exciting as Star Trek is talky.

Kevin Sorbo is awesome playing someone who isn't Hercules for a change, but my favorite character would have to be the intriguing and sexy Trance Gemini, wonderfully played by Laura Bertram.

From even the terrible opening song, obviously scythed out and horribly bad, to the ending credits one is bored with the amazingly poor execution.

Someing fighting ernestly to recreate the mythical Federation works so much better than showing us this "wonderful" future that ends up looking bland and just like the everyday.

I found season two to be just as entertaining.

Let me be brief - - - I am just going through the series ( I am at work, as the rest of the people are at home now through the holidays, and somebody has to watch the skies ) - - - So I got the time to watch Andromeda - - - - After a great concept, the makers of the series completely lost the silver lining by season 3, some parts have absolutely no logic, story-lines are full of holes - - - Captain Hunt became enormously boring, Harper annoying as hell with his yapping, Beca Valentine stays average - - - and the Nitchien characters are unexploited, Trance as interesting as she was, pales completely, it has no logic, characters are not "woven" well together - - - The only one that actually stands out, was Rommy / Andromeda ( Lexa Doing, has talent, I hope her career will flourish ).

It was evocative of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire as the Dark Ages set in.

KHC is a good actor and undeniably an impressive physical specimen, but as the seasons have gone by, Tyr has never really developed much beyond a surly, untrustworthy bore.

Some of it is simply entertaining on the smallest common denominator.

I did however notice that there was slowly more and more sex scene, and the violence slowly got more and more intense.

Season 2, for the most part, has shown itself to reveal intriguing plots, great acting by the cast members through various changes (you'll just have to watch to find out!

The characters are all very exciting, with their own interesting pasts and their own agendas.

It continued to hold my interest as fun entertaining viewing.

It only gets a 5 from me, because only half the run is worth watching.

It's fresh and exciting!

So it's refreshing to watch an action packed show like Andromeda.

While the show was still OK to watch, it stopped being something that dragged you in - something to invest in.

Andromeda soon began to buy into nearly every science fiction cliché in the book, and when it ended was a pathetic worm of its former glory.

Episodes which have little or no story of their own and rely on reused footage from earlier episodes.

The idea itself is intriguing and uncovers vast possibilities of exploring the personal and interpersonal nuances of feelings, relationships etc. And in the first season as well as in the first half of second season the signs were set to "GO".

I wanted to keep watching and like it, I really did, but I just found it frustrating, the main reason being Dillon Hunt's predictable and apparently just too good for his own good character.

Most of them are in some way annoying, boring, or both.

" The first couple of episodes were semi-predictable in setting the stage and giving the lay of the land of this reality, but "Double Helix" was VERY intriguing, as it gives us a somewhat more detailed look at that culture which fomented the downfall of the Commonwealth and the whole reason for the series in the first place: the Nietzscheans.

) The first couple seasons of Farscape were good, then it got overly dark and cliché, same with Babylon 5, except there I put the blame squarely on JMS.