Angel Has Fallen (2019) - Action, Thriller

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Mike Banning is framed for the attempted assassination of the President and must evade his own agency and the FBI as he tries to uncover the real threat.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Stars: Gerard Butler, Frederick Schmidt
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 135 out of 690 found boring (19.56%)

One-line Reviews (441)

This is by far the worst movie ever made by man.

A bit predictable.

Very enjoyable and with touching scenes.

The movie was so predictable and it was just boring...

It's entertaining

Very enjoyable and exciting - sometimes older is better .

The film had much more very tense scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Okay, maybe an exaggeration but, if you hate shaky cam as much as I do don't waste your money on this train wreck.

Wonderfully predictable .

The story was very predictable since the beginning.

We went late at night and no way would you fall asleep because it is action packed.

This movie was entertaining, fun to watch, and downright enjoyable!

Also it has the most utterly pointless, unfunny and random mid-credit sequence I've ever seen put to film.

It's a nuts and bolts action film, entertaining enough and worth your time.

Entertaining .

Goes Without Saying, but, Boy, it's Hackneyed and Predictable .

Although the first film was a copy of the way much better Die Hard, i still enjoyed it.

The zenith of american propaganda with a 60 yo commando.


Morgan Freeman turns in a likeable performance as the President (again) in this fast paced action-drama too.

Enjoy it for what it is, enjoyable action and get a life if you want to critique its filming style, oh no the lighting and angles were off.....

At worst this is a very entertaining movie.

Intense and enjoyable .

With a best start and boring end .

It is incredibly predictable who they end up being, and their motivations are your stereotypical action movie villain motivations: one wants power, the other money.

Definitely the weakest in the trilogy but still enjoyable to watch.

All in all, the plot was full of holes that made it boring and unbelievable, in the worst of meanings.

I'm probably going to forget about this film pretty soon, but I enjoyed it as I watched it.

But if you know what you came for, then you know you're in for a massively entertaining time, laughing out loud at all the ridiculous antics and bad CGI.

Most boring most predictable movie i ve seen in a while .

Great action packed movie, with some twists here and there.

Entertaining .

some exceptional smash-ups and intriguing twists and plot-turns as seasoned pro, both as an actor and action figure Gerard Butler, fights his battle for salvation, both physical and spiritual, and ultimate absolution.

Bored of the Kerry Washington clones .

Amazing add on to action packed franchise .

predictable, and just pain bad.

And, of course, the hero being framed and so must clear his name setup has been the basis for "The Fugitive" TV series and movie and countless other adrenaline burgers.

This one had intense action and possibly a finish to the series.

It made this movie absolutely unwatchable.

its so ridiculous and boring.

Action packed thriller that tops the previous films.

A bit cliche.

predictable and boring, ugly face shots .

Action Packed explosive.

slower .

The next thing I know I'm glued to the couch watching Gerard Butler Bruce Willis his way through a gripping old-school action flick.

I enjoyed it.

Still, it was an enjoyable two hours with guns, explosions and 'bourbon and bad choices' himself, Mr. Gerard Butler.

Yet despite this fact, I found the film to be entertaining for the most part and for that reason I have rated it accordingly.

Every cliche is trotted out, from the "will the hero retire or won't he" tease at the beginning, to the hero and villain facing off mano-a-mano (literally) on a rooftop despite dozens of foot soldiers still around somewhere.

Hey folks,I like action films, but I can easily get tired of drawn out action scenes where explosions are too unrealistic, and overused.

Got bored or tired and just looking for a thriller with no mind games ....

The writing is in this movie is beyond pathetic, extremely lazy and just plain predictable.

My wife and I just finished this movie and gotta say we really enjoyed it.

However its follow 'London Has Fallen' was rubbish, a bland, lower budget messily cut and shot film which somehow made more money than it predecessor, which is why we now have 'Angel Has Fallen'.

Action packed - great storyline with entertaining twist - Butler, Freeman, and Nolte - they knocked it out of the ball park with this third movie of the series - Nolte and Butler fighting bad guys - had the whole theater cheering and laughing out load at the same time

It was kind of predictable, but I enjoyed it regardless.

It is overly predictable down to the final mano-a-mano episode.

Of course he is impossible to kill as always but I really enjoyed it.

It starts out slow and digs deeper into Mike Banning's character.

Intense action thriller.

The second half pretty much redeemed this film with some intense action sequences and good chemistry among the main characters.

This Is A Sheer, Bombastic, Adrenaline-"Drenched" Action { E X T R A V A G A N Z A } .

I am not going into the terrible cgi and ridiculous stunt double covering, or the easily predictable storyline.

Predictable but entertaining .

I've never seen a 4DX movie before this I was surprised by the flashes, seat moving, and mist plus the action was so much more intense than usual like the gun shots felt close by and I'm terrified of roller coasters so this was unique.

Mind blowing intensity and excellent conspiracy filled mash up!

A friend of mine put it on, and it was entertaining.

Utterly predictable, but entertaining .

)Really, the only tiresome bit is the 'tough as nails and ultra-empowered' kerry washington clone heading the FBI investigation.

It is action packed.

The start is predictable and slow, and then it deteriorates.

Very predictable.

Propaganda much?

The pacing was not so good, story way too predictable, Gerard looks tired and the poor CGI doesn´t help.

Banning is suffering from migraines and insomnia with regular visits to several doctors, he hides this fact, and starts taking medication for the pain.

Overall it was an enjoyable movie and we give it a thumbs up.

but still enjoyable for the action AND...

Action packed sequel .

It was entirely predictable that the two protagonists would end up alone having a hand-to-hand fight.

Fun action packed movie .

Good story, terrible editing, few plot holes, kinda predictable.

the movie is a really entertaining movie.

While no masterpiece, I thought the film was entertaining.

Angel Has Fallen delivers an explosive action packed conclusion to the Fallen series.

As usual, this movie keeps engaging right from the start to the end.

Action Packed .

It is a cheap flick -- empty content, sloppy acting.

Generic, by the numbers, but entertaining .

Cliche over cliche.

That's why it probably feels so bland and often times boring.

While they were great action packed films in themselves, this one I liked in particular because Nick was going rouge & the framed-for-a-crime theme was strong!

It works for an intriguing thriller with a mix of Designated Survivor and Terminator.

And like those films, it felt contrived and unnecessary.

It's completely serviceable but ultimately forgettable with bland action and a story that has been seen before and in a much more interesting and smarter way.

Definitely worth the watch.

Absolutely predictable.

His chemistry with Butler was part of what made the first two so entertaining.

But what this movie really shines with is the variety of emotions conveyed to the viewer: boredom, apathy, sleepiness, annoyance...

Tonight we look at:Movie: Angel Has Fallen (2019) Director: Ric Roman Waugh Writers: Robert Mark Kamen (screenplay by), Matt Cook (screenplay by) Stars: Gerard Butler, Piper Perabo, Morgan FreemanLIKES: Constantly Moving Gets the Intensity Starting Nice Use Of Characters The Ending Battle Nick NolteDISLIKES: Predictable Loud Mystery Lacking Not As Much Exciting Acting Morgan Freeman's Character Semi LackingSummary:Like its predecessors, Angel Has Fallen is back in the habit of making a story that is all about moving from danger site to danger site.

This movie is full of predictable plots and scripts.

The rest of the film is by-the-numbers and purely rests on the idea of what's entertaining in the eyes of each viewer.

Angel is boring .

This movie runs a bit slower in pace than the previous one like Olympus and London has fallen but still has a very high number of fast paced gun fights that were highly entertaining.

It was enjoyable.


Overall I had a really good evening the movie was very entertaining and we had some solid and memorable performances.

The scenes are repetitive and plain boring with a storyline a child could have written.

There is action, it's intense, keeps you on your seat waiting to see what will happen next.

it's entertaining.

A Bland Finale to a Mostly Forgettable Series .

We see there's some cliché distance between them but some predictable (and even more cliché) reconciliation at the end.

And pointless effects, like a cgi helicopter, and cgi smoke, like those things are so hard to accomplish in real?!

It has a few typical action movie tropes, but enough twists and action to keep it entertaining.

Nice movie Gerald..unpredictable usual Gerald Buttler is the best

and worst of all, as mentioned in another review, all the other good guys are just crash test dummies (special award to the extra dull special agent fully played by Jada Pincket Smith)In the end it feels a lot like a MoW (does it still exist in the Netflix era) with some SFX/CGI.


Superficial, barely believable badly written characters spelling out an unoriginal unsurprising boring plot with irritating holes in it.

Too Cliche.

Still enjoyable entertainment, and it was nice to see the stunning Piper Perabo and it was great to see Nick Nolte back on the big screen, who was the highlight for me in this film.

Highly recommend it!

The action scenes were captivating and kept me immersed in the movie.

I find this movie very entertaining, the action pack is solid and well performed.

Maybe that's why it is so intriguing to watch.

So predictable .

Short Review: Gerard Butler dons the presidential savior's role once again in a predictable, unoriginal actioner.

But the plot was (very) predictable unfortunately.


There is nothing new to watch, no creativity, and honestly boring.

This is predictable 5 minutes in.

There is a lot of action, but the plot twists are fairly predictable and the dialogue laughable at times.

This part can be more slow to judge him.

But, it has some redeeming qualities: Morgan Freeman, Nick Nolte, Gerard Butler and Tim Blake Nelson are enjoyable to watch, several action scenes are notable (the drones are intriguing, and watching Nick Nolte 'defend' his homestead is delightful).

Definitely, one of the films that you leave the brain outside the theatre and enjoy the film for what it is with its action packed direction.

The Screenplay too felt disjointed and slow in spaces!

One of my favorite actors in a very entertaining unflawed action movie.

enemies, adrenaline.

When I look at all of these propaganda films into context with each other, I detect an attempt is being made to plants some seeds of incorrect thinking into the minds of the gullible.

The main plot was predictable.

Badly Executed Story but It was Actually Quite Entertaining .

Predictable and not very intense .....

Surprisingly I found this film more enjoyable than I expected.

Totally predictable...

It should be said that "Angel Has Fallen" focuses a lot on the action sequences, which is definitely enjoyable - I particularly enjoy that.

Well this was just a waste of almost 2 hours of my life.

Pointless, boring, annoyingly stupid .

If you are a connoisseur of Action Packed, Fast Paced, Shoot'em ups, then you will enjoy this movie.

Very bad, old story, very very bad direction, boring acting, there was bno surprise because we allready know that movie.

People get so dramatic and ungrateful with their boring lives that they get mad about rating a movie.

Didn't care for the characters, predictable plot, scenarios that make no sense if you start thinking, ok action, and the first movie with enough shaky cam in a sequence where I had no idea what was going on.

Action packed .

Action packed .


Really enjoyed it.

Olympus Has Fallen was a great watch and I loved the narrative, but now it just feels tiresome.

Predictable story, predictable twists and turns ...

It seems that this film toned back on the action in an attempt to give us a little more story and mystery, which is a shame as I wanted the adrenaline fest these films are.

Overall despite being painfully predictable.

Fast paced.

Very predictable.

But it employs lots of cliches and the plot line is very predictable after the first few scenes, they give plenty of clues to who the bad guys are, attempting to assassinate the president.

There is more to the story with its predictable twist with the villain.

It was Very Entertaining.

Predictable and unbelievable even by action film standards .

Unwatchable due to the handheld cameras .

It's silly action but enjoyable.

Going into the movie I was expecting intense action sequences and they delivered.

While I enjoyed this movie because of (what I felt were) some creative action sequences and good one-liners, along with phenomenal acting, the plot was so predictable it was cringeworthy.

Propaganda laden......

The writing got lazy with a 5th grader predictable plot that's been done many times before.

Despite a few things they could of worked on this was a extremely entertaining film which offered a change in plot and tone.

The plot is forgettable and predictable.

This is, so we're clear, not a very good movie, being both predictable, too long, full of a kind of digestible hyper-violence that I think is actually bad for the world, and profoundly cynical about America in all the wrong ways - but I enjoyed it, and more than the other two, which were superior action movies by a good measure.

If you want to sue Hollywood for producing empty-headed, superficial, preposterously fantastical all-american BS, then this movie will do nicely has exhibit "A".

7/10 - deviating away from the tired formula utilized for the first two makes this one all the more enjoyable and worth watching

There is some entertaining action at points.

Decent action but very generic and predictable plot like nowadays typical Hollywood plot action genre.

This is a decent action / conspiracy type film with some enjoyable scenes and reasonably entertaining plot.

Another superb action packed movie.

Although the a ton is quite good, the movie just too predictable.

His previous fights are finally catching up to him and he is having to medicate himself to prevent insomnia and headaches.

Anyway, "Angel" is a decidedly different type of film than the two that came before it, and I enjoyed it all the more for it.

The most enjoyable of the trilogy .

Entertaining .

some of it was entertaining, some of it was very shaky and unclear.

Despite the usual, there are still some entertaining action moments in the film.

The third Fallen installment is worth watching with full of suspense and gripping storyline after Secret Service Agent Mike Banning gets framed for an attempt to assasinate President Trumbull.

Good fun if a little predictable .

There was about 20min left and I just walked out.

This is an intense, action packed, adrenaline fuelled film that keeps you entertained film the beginning to the end.

Hollywood's month dose of predictable nonsense .

The way this should have been done was having the very person that set him up a mystery and hidden from the audience until the third act, this would have kept the audience on the edge of their seat wonder who it was setting him up would have kept the film interesting.

it's all been done before and it seems a lazy formulaic approach to film making in my eyes.

Gerard Butler limps and crawls his way through this generic two hour romp featuring an instantly predictable plot and some of the worst green screen CGI I've seen all year.

The villain also is very predictable .

Fun, action packed and fast paced.

Waste of time .

Money's Worth and Butler had a strong screen presence and was entertaining throughout.

Action packed and Emotive.

Small jokes make the movie even more enjoyable, and the dramatic scenes are quite fulfilling.

Utterly predictable, every cliché possible .

This is not Oscar worthy, but most of those movies are boring anyway.

Good effort all round, I enjoyed it from start to finish.

Overall, Gerard Butler and Nick Nolte put in Good Performances, Add Intense Action Scenes and you have yourself some good Entertainment.

The plot is forgettable and the twist is predictable.

Yawn, check.

Predictable generic action flick .

If you haven't seen Warrior, you are missing a surprisingly intense and emotional story.

One of the worst movies i have ever seen .

The next anti-Russian movie to come out of the American propaganda machine.

4/10: big snorefest

But it is a good action film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

no storyline at all

A Good Waste of Time .

Fun and action packed.

Overall, this film is very entertaining.

{ E N T I R E L Y } PREDICTABLE ENDING , almost in the EXACT manner as its immediate predecessor, ' London Has Fallen ' .

Third opus of the Banning saga based on a predictable script and caricatural characters.

Action packed .

This is how this film comes across as familiar and predictable, because you will see most twists and turns coming beforehand.

I found the film to be slow at first and then jam packed with action and contemplation.

Angel Has Fallen is a great end to the trilogy, an action packed, fast paced and extremely enjoyable action thriller.

Action packed good plot .

While the movie itself was entertaining as a popcorn movie, there were waaaayyy too many F words in it.

"Angel Has Fallen" is fun but overall predictable.

Enjoyable and silly .

The most enjoyable bits are when Nick Nolte appears as Mike's estranged father (not a spoiler - that's telegraphed pretty well too).

Extremely predictable, bad CGI effects....

"Angel Has Fallen" is a bad and stoopid film - a shame, since "Olympus Has Fallen" and "London Has Fallen" were quite entertaining.

Sure, there were a scene or two that might not be completely plausible IRL but overall, this movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

I enjoyed it.

Gunfights are fantastic and are realistic with enough badassery to be entertaining.

Got too predictable at this point in the franchise .

The film is just bland and dull with things we've seen before, action scenes we've seen plenty of times before and it feels ultimately like this series has nothing more to offer us.

Very predictable, no suspense at all.

You just go with a buddy to give you mind a vacation and see how well Americans do with remarkable CGI and stunning cinematography, Sometimes that's enough.

While this is far from the greatest action movies I've ever seen, it is still a pretty damn good movie that is well worth watching and one of the better movies I've seen come out of 2019.

An enjoyable and action packed flick that is well worth a rent.

Good story, enjoyed it Don't understand the bad reviews

Angel Has Fallen not only features the new face of action films, but it also offers edge of your seat action, a compelling and dramatic story, as well as a little bit of humor, all things that you're normally hard pressed to find in just another action film.

Dull action movie .

Banning leads Trumbull to safety with help from Gentry and other agents as Jennings blows up the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

waste of time and money....

Therefore a bit predictable.

The villains follow just about every action movie cliché there is.

Also some of it was very predictable.

Between that and your typical action flick one liners, for me it added up to a waste of time.

Really enjoyed it.

But I enjoyed it because it showed the hero in a more human state whilst the other two were over the top.

(Fight scenes in recent films have felt a little overdone to the point of getting boring - not the case here).

Loved all the action and the thrilling peices as well.

Rather watch this over the Joker, that was boring and stale.

That stupidity aside, Nxxxxx Xxxe provided a great unexpected appearance (I don't want to give his name away if you are like me and didn't look at the cast).

Despite a stellar cast of familiar faces and lots of high-octane explosions and shootouts that punctuate the plot, this tolerably entertaining entry ranks as the more formulaic, springing fewer surprises than its predecessors, and lacking a shred of old-fashioned fun.

Well-known but entertaining third Has Fallen film .

Its a one man army movie .. there are alot of good cuts but still the story is weak .. lets say predictable well i think its time to let the bad guys win for once

Just when you think they have run out of ideas for action movies, this exciting and inventive thriller comes along.

Don't get me wrong, I love Gerard Butler, he is great to watch but the movie is very predictable.

So if the cast doesn't add up, the story fails to keep the audience from boredom and the dialogue and action is only there mostly without any meaning, you know this is bad.

This movie was fun and exciting.

Fully thrilled and action packed.

Gerard Butler displays a powerful performance in this action packed movie!

Most intense scene actually is the killing scene at the hospital!

Still enjoyed it though

Don't waste your time.

In a summer of many films Over Promising and Under-Delivering: "Angel Has Fallen" is a refreshing exception as it was an enjoyable thrill ride from start to finish and I sure hope we have not seen the last of Agent Banning.

Great action packed movie that kept me entertained throughout.

Entertaining movie that checks all the boxes.

Next like the previous instalments the action was fantastic and very entertaining to watch.

Predictable, to be sure.

Amazing follow up with prequals the pacing is perfect the music was great amazing action amazingly thrilling!

It's mind blowing to the see the amazing reviews for Hobbs and Shaw and already hate for this one.

It's a film filled with bad elements such as a formulaic script, loud and badly filmed action sequences and uninteresting characters.

When you just need a predictable action flick, look no further than Gerard Butler.

Headaches and insomnia plague him.

Wow, Gerrad Butler totally cracks this one, good and thrilling action packed scenes , a keen eye on the hand combats with the Salient force especially the last scene before the escape of Jennings to the roof top.

Don't go in expecting a deep story, some actors just scream bad guy straight away and make everything predictable, go in just to enjoy the nice combat scenes and fast paced action.

Predictable and unoriginal .

This movie is confusing at best.

PROS:Gerard Butler's Lead PerformancesNick Nolte Steals The ShowRic Roman Waugh's Solid DirectingSolid Action SequencesA Suprisingly Effective Arc For Mike's CharacterThe Musical ScoreAn Hilarious Mid-Credit SceneIt's Better Than The Second FilmCONS:The Boring VillainThe Plot Is Predictable (And The Twist)The CGI Is TerribleThe Most Of Cast Is WastedSome Action Has Too Much Dark Lighting

The movements altogether were slow to reality and highly unlikely that the gunmen are going to shy away, if they're truly believing Mike is a problem.

It's so predictable I knew who the baddies were going to be and how it was going to end.

If this was meant to be an action film with a thin plot and predictable dialog, where the body count is off the charts, it succeeded.

Truly enjoyable due mostly to the CGI because it was done in a very exciting way.

As even character in the movie said it, that it is cool because of adrenaline, which is coming together with adventure.

I was able to guess the villains pretty easily, but it was still an entertaining action movie.

Truly enjoyable movie if you're fan of Butler.

🎶Enjoyable movie...

The hand-to-hand fights were slower and less fun to watch, and just about all of the action was filmed with shaky cameras and chopped-up footage.

2:- They are running over the same old cliche'd angles, the good guys that turn bad, the good guy that is framed to be bad then eventually proves himself, pleeaassse.

The movie is also ludicrously predictable.

Must of farmed the effects or some one got bored.

Movie started slow for about 15 mins.

Angel Has Fallen is ridiculous but entertaining despite all its flaws.

This one is embarassingly unoriginal, annoying, boring, slow, with horrible camerawork and based on the most idiotic and brainless script in quite some time.

So boring, so lame, so uninspired

Predictable, Pretentious and in general bad .

Especially liked details of survival, seclusion, living off the grid, trust, betrayal, unpredictable things, waiting what will happen next.

The action is sure as well is entertaining and exciting.

The action is okay, if difficult to see at times, but everything is very predictable and plays out exactly as expected.

Utterly predictable .

Another anti-Russian propaganda movie.

Overall I think of the three movie es this one was my favorite, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Lots of action, lots of explosions and a few unexpected twists and turns.

BUT, exactly same concept and very predictable to know what will happen next and taking guess who are the villians who want to take down the president and his secret agent service, Mike Banning.

The plot is engaging but predictable and with a great cast and action scenes.

This movie is god awful, scraping the barrel of money grab, boring ideas.

The plot is totally predictable and there's a handful of dodgy special effects...

the story are as usual, and the bad guys are erased in the end, though with lots of coincidal dagage on people and property, and except for some glitches from the editing and sound department ( no sound of the helicopter hovering just above the head), its very entertaining to watch and the actors are good.

If you can find another an action film with a cast this good, but that divorces itself from logic, piles cliche after cliche on top of one another and fails to amuse apart from making you laugh when the plot is as risible as this, then please tell me so I can avoid it.

The plot was predictable and the ending wasn't surprising at all for even a novice movies goer.

The first half hour is hyper-slow and sets up both the most obvious "secret" villains and a John McClane from Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Predictable and fake .

Became samey and boring.

The explosions around Clay (Nolte) cabin create a very intense (and somewhat funny) sequence.

Even though Butler looks old in this and this follows the same formula as the other two movies it is still worth the watch...

This is hands down the best film in the trilogy and one of the most entertaining action films of the year.

Only Mike Banning (Gerald Butler) with compressed discs, insomnia, and on pain killers can save him, except he is being framed as the man who attempted to kill Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and is America's most wanted.

DEFinitely enjoyable if you like this kind of movie, as a rental.

Personally I was pretty impressed by this movie, it had a gripping storyline which was fuelled by consistent action.

Propaganda .

Also, it's a bad action movie and the characters are pretentious.

Lots of action, entertaining, funny, and more realistic than most now days...

It is an enjoyable enough film as long you overlook the brain dead logic.

What a waste of money, buying this piece of s**t.

As ive said the story is a little weaker than the original two films, this is because the set up of mike banning is way too predictable and find out who it is setting him up cames way to fast in this film.

This movie is a generic boring action flick with zero surprises and no depth what so ever.

It was slow, dull and nonsensical.

The acting is terrible and Gerard Butler really destroys anything that could potentially even redeem a few minutes of this waste of time.

It was not excellent, but it was enjoyable.

Overall, a very entertaining action thriller.

It was enjoyable and some the "newer war technologies" were interesting to see.

Intense, Immersive, and Funny .

Lovely touches with the references to PTSD and engaging with treatment.

While the action is a little less than before the film does have a few action scene that was good, the flow of the pacing is solid, while some moments do tend to drag a little, but the film as a whole is worth watching if you're a fan of these films.

Its fast paced and different and far better than the first two films.

I gave it the decent rating because I genuinely enjoyed it, and I don't think it deserves below a average from the extreme nay-sayers.

Potential war conflict between US and Russia is such a cliche

It is a good movie, i enjoyed it!

Typical 5 points action movie, where it's predictable, filled with stupid people just because they need to die as in the script, and worst of all the camera work.

Enjoyable if you go for what you expect.

How it ends and the point A to point B is entertaining, it tells a story and it is what its suppose to be.

Enjoyable except for Butler .

As expected it is action packed.

well ignore them and give it a go, it's a fun action packed movie and I love it x

Extremely bad predictable script, bad acting and plain stupid camera aside, I'm actually most surprised about the outdated and horrible cgi in this movie, it's really just terrible.

Gerard Butler has a capability to drive a story on his shoulders be it his earlier romantic movies, or a cult 300 or his later action packed movies.

Bottom line, this movie was enjoyable and fun!

His intense and absolutely thrilling performance in Den Of Thieves brought what you wanted out of Gerard, but instead a boring and shallow character with little motivations to even be present in these conflicts is what you get from Angel Has Fallen.

Action Packed .

I found this one more engaging than the last 2 entries.

It was very enjoyable to me.

It was far to predictable.

Quite Possibly the Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

There is also a scene with a crying baby I found really unsettlingSo all in all, this flick is actually pretty entertaining

Very predictable.

Reminds me a lot of movies like Skyscraper with Dwayne Johnson: good production and likable and solid actors but a terrible boring story - like some other reviewers stated, you watched this movie already many times, and better made.

° The Drone Strike Scene was So Intense!

He is considerably slower (and even a little heavier) than when we last saw him, and this affects the action a little bit.

Easy to follow (albeit quite cliche) plot, suspenseful action, really well done on technical side -- there was quite little of any typical Hollywood stupidity with blue monitors magically following person talk or cars blowing up in super large, bright fireballs, most of the CGI/stunt work and sounds accompanying them felt quite real, intense and well done.

The film was predictable and I just didn't care for it all.

It's definitely worth watching and doesn't deserve anything less than a 7 out of 10!

It's an entertaining action film with not that great of a story.

Angel Has Fallen in my view fails to appreciate this distinction, weighed down as it is, by pro US propaganda, as touted by that nations, mainstream media.

Unexpected failure .


It's enjoyable as long as your in the mood for that kind of movie.

Though plagued by the same problems of a predictable story and a lack of character developement, there was more humor and I appreciated the casual commentary of war.

Action Packed Amazing 4DX.

It's a scant improvement from London (in terms of set-pieces) and less tongue-in-cheek in comparison with Olympus, but is as formulaic as it can get!

The first movie was poorly lit and confusing.

Intense action thriller .

The film is just over 2 hours and it really feels it at points, there are several bland dialogue sequences and honestly no one cares about these characters enough to focus on family and dramatic sequences.

Very predictable generic action flick with questionable CGI.

Everything that happens in this movie is either a cliche you've seen many times before or plainly telegraphed.

A highly enjoyable action movie with solid acting to keep you busy for around 2 hours.

Too simple and predictable plot.

Overall entertaining, but strongly predictable, lame storyline and nothing new.

Overall, very entertaining.

Please don't waste your time.

Yes somehow it's predictable and the "good guys" win again !

Very exciting!

Predictable, forgettable - but enjoyable .

They didn't bother with a story, they just put in every cliché from every lame action move that has ever been done, and added a few shootouts and some CGI explosions.

This is probably the most boring and recycled story ever, and on top of this - the acting is awful, everyone is awful, the dialogue is as stupid as they come.

Worth watching in the vein of "Olympus" and "London" that fell before it...

Meh, generic action flick with predictable story line .

Don't waste your time.

Look, I know the first 2 movies were never going to win awards, but they were entertaining.

Exciting .

This is a great fun action packed movie, that's worth a watch for sure!

I really enjoyed it.

Eye rolls and yawns for me......

Absolutely would recommend this movie for those who are into action packed movie.

If you want to sit down, relax and enjoy a really entertaining movie then this is a great movie.

Yet another mass produced Hollywood action flick with a boringly predictable plot (I use the term lightly).

Most predictable "twists" you'll ever see in a major blockbuster.

Gerard Butler barks nearly all of his lines like pretty much every role he plays, but even he's starting to look especially bored and unenthused this time.

And it's not bad at all to be honest, I actually quite enjoyed it.

Right at the point when it gets boring and you're starting to fall asleep the writers just give up and start doing random stuff for no real reason.

The direction is action packed throughout and definitely keeps you on the edge of the seat with the intense gun shoot outs.

Personally, I enjoyed it.

Just the way we like Gerald Butler, worth watching at the theater , action explosions and fun.

The second movie was boring and repetitive with its action.

Two hours of bullets and bodies flying gets real boring.

But it is a very good production and an overall enjoyable movie.

Otherwise, still entertaining to watch and the casting was good.

While it's a less unpleasant experience than its also terrible predecessors, it trades that unpleasantness for being woefully dull.

I enjoyed it and you will too.

Action-packed and entertaining...

From talk about the US limiting its overseas conflicts, which is hardly the case, through to the threadbare nonsense about Russia as an aggressor, which is isn't, this film is simply tiresome.

So the movie was entertaining and it was an easy watch with a good combination of seriousness and comic relief.

An entertaining sequel, great action and suspence.

Great potential & worth watching.

" President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman)Angel Has Fallen, since 2013 the third in the Fallen franchise starring Gerard Butler, is 2 hours of thriller clichés and stereotypes that manage to be entertaining and occasionally profound (See the opening quote).

Virtually every scene - even slow static scenes- were done with a super zoomed in, constantly panning and focusing handled cameras.

It was fun, exciting and was definitely worth my time.

Is this film a piece of pro-Russian propaganda or what.

Predictable story, predictable villains, just a generic phone it in action movie.

Worth watching.

Doesn't pretend to be innovative, just wants to be entertaining.

The interaction between the two is very entertaining to watch!!

This one is visually exciting and tells a tale filled with characters who are well portrayed so there is plenty to like.

It was way too predictable I mean if you know anything about these movies who knew who the bad guy is within the first five minutes.

Superb acting, very enjoyable performance.

The movie is predictable, boring, silly, already seen.


Mindless entertainment with way too long shoot 'em up scenes.

Nick Nolte is clearly having a blast as Father Banning , his character is completely ridiculous but also has the most entertaining sequence in the film.

I think it's the weakest of the three so far but still enjoyable.

As you can see, it's repetitive.

There are plenty of action to make this film worth watching on the big screen.

The story is again too much predictable.

Some of the twists are also predictable.

Within this franchise it is an interesting storyline because it sticks with a lot of the characters we have seen used in the same format in the past two films, but if this was just a one off film with characters we hadn't seen before, it would be pretty generic and quite boring, and to be honest it is quite predictable.

Typical but enjoyable.

The hero is a dull civil servant, tired (ala "too old for that s.

Terrible Casting, Predictable Acting .

Predictable .

Predictable with bad camera angles and shaky filming .