Anger Management (2003) - Comedy

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Dave Buznik is a businessman who is wrongly sentenced to an anger management program, where he meets an aggressive instructor.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Peter Segal
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 118 out of 485 found boring (24.32%)

One-line Reviews (266)

The ending is executed brilliantly, suspenseful at times and has got a special feel to it, to basically make Anger Management one of Adam Sandler's best movies of the decade.

Such is the case with Anger Management, which, while not without its flaws, is far more watchable and entertaining than the films that gained Sandler his reputation in the first place.

So bad is this filmthat my wife and I left the theater after about 45 minutes of some ofthe most meaningless drivel ever put on a movie screen.

It entertained me for the 2 hours or so.. Jack Nicholson carried the movie to a large extent.. His facial expressions while forcing Sandler's character to sing "I Feel Pretty" cracked me up.. Like almost all Sandler movies, this one ends with an insanely cheesy and contrived ending where a crowd cheers for him.

And what an ending, so untraditional and enjoyable.

All in All I enjoyed it, I was just glad I didn't pay for it.

The most boring film I am ever seen!

Ponderous and obvious plot; Found myself saying over and over: Ok we get it already, no really, we got it for the last 45 minutes....

I haven't walked out on a flick in a VERY long time.

In every aspect, it is juvenile and pointless.

This movie is one of the worst movie I've watched.

A good scene is one that is good considered in itself (it's funny, plausible, enjoyable, etc.) and that is good within the context of the whole (it moves the plot, it ties in, it is relevant).

This gets boring, quick.

it was predictable and cheesey.

Firstly i didnt have the patience to watch the film, and on giving it a second chance i found the plot line extremely predictable up until the twist at the end.

Contrived and predictable .

Poor dull story with clichéd jokes - what were the actors thinking.

Trite, banal, and mostly a bore.

The first thirty minutes were painfully unfunny and predictable.


I had seen both of them play entertaining characters in movies before, so seeing them in a film together sounded like it sure had potential.

The film is all about a man trying do deal with his dull life, and his childhood trauma although that doesn't sound like a comedy IT IS.

When average, boring Adam Sandler becomes a pawn in an exciting adventure with Jack Nicholson, an anger management teacher...

I feel like it dragged, the plot was a disappointment after waiting for two months to see the movie due to the trailers that were played in theaters.

Last Saturday evening I watched one of the worst movies I have ever seen -- Anger Management.

Needless to say, we finally walked out on it.

Very entertaining...

But now it's getting tiresome.

Till it becomes a dull Hollywood love movie from a standard cliche scene on, about guy screaming to a girl in front of a mass audience: "please marry me and not this other guy!

Overall the film works and it is well enjoyable and entertaining throughout.

But for a pretty dark, not-very-funny-most-of-the-time movie, it was a waste of our time.

FINAL VERDICT: Worth watching if you like goofball comedies and this is better than a lot of Sandler's films.

Then, the horribly cliché scene at Yankees Stadium.

Nicholson's character appears dull and not his normal self.

Of course, since this is a comedy, the propaganda is very low and smart done.

The rest of the time I was exchanging pained looks with my friends who were just as bored as I was.

Adam trying to pick up a woman at a bar by using a rancid pick-up line given to him by Jack is more dull than hilarious.

What a waste of money.

I must say it didn't feel as good as I remembered it, but I still found it entertaining on second watch and a cut above most Hollywood comedies of the last few years.

The movie is enjoyable at the beginning and in the middle, with the best scenes being Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson's scenes together.

The laughs feel contrived and there is a lot of juvenile humor which mostly isn't funny.

Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, and the beautiful Marisa Tomei star in this fast paced goofy comedy.

After watching nine tenths of this movie I was inclined to give it a very bad mark like a 3 or 4: an idiotic scenario and a succession of dull gags, episodes and scenes which not even the enormous talent of Jack Nicholson could save.

but it is still worth watching the movie.

It was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

sure the story has its flaws and a section in the middle tends to be rather dull...

It's beginning is infuriating with the plane journey and the subsequent forty minutes causing the audience to groan with disgust and actually get a little bored.

This is the first film we have ever walked out on.

Even for Hollywood-style predictable story-lines, this one had not one iota of credibility (I just love those sport stadium scenes where one person out in the middle can, without a microphone, manage to be heard by everyone in the crowd -- not!

Not up to par with what he's done in the past, but his characters are always enjoyable.

He plays an ordinary guy David, who has a marvelous girlfriend, a bad boss and his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, who is her best friend and has a huge penis (well, this part is banal, I can say).

Don't waste your money..not even when it comes out on video!!!

Don't waste your time.

Sandler plays his slow-burning quiet type character well here (shades of "Punch Drunk Love" here) which is a good contrast to Jack Nicholson's womanising anger-management guru.

Nicholson's worst movie .

BTW, have we become bored with the (almost always cynical) Nicholson character?!

This is one of the most boring and unfunny movies I have ever seen.

**YAWN** I guess the only joke was on me.

drib drab character.

Too Drawn Out .

Whilst 'boring and predictable' would follow close upon their heels.

Some of the movie was entertaining, and I must have been really desperate, because I actually finished the film (which I have a hard time calling, since it's by my standards no "film").

It's not a strong acting performance, but he is very entertaining!


Now I happen to enjoy most of Sandler's earlier work but the Sandler routine is starting to get tiresome and judging by the was he sleepwalks through this film Sandler is growing weary of it too.

We can see that Dave is always fidgeting around, clenching his fists, and tapping his feet.

But, so I go and watch "my" kinda Anti-War Propaganda "Bowling for Columbine" again.

I won't tell you, but think of different famous people who are known to have lost their temper once or twice, and I guarantee you you'll see them in this rather enjoyable Sandler movie (and I'm not usually a fan of the guy).

This was a waste of my Lincoln and three Washingtons ($8); I admonish all to spare themselves from this slow, outrageously vulgar film, and wait for better at the theater.

A formulaic Adam Sandler movie with great acting .

save your money.

There was no plot to speak of even for a comedy.

John Turturro has a great role as one of the other people in the therapy group, a man who has an intense anger problem and is in constant need of help with it, and of course Sandler fans will have a blast pointing out all of the actors that turn up in all of his movies.

I cannot believe how boring that movie was!

Overall, the movie is very boring.

Worst of all, despite the unpredictableness designed into the story, much of it is predictable.

It is an entertaining movie and a great chemistry between Sandler and Nicholson and wondering on whether Nicholson's character is a psycho or not.

But rage is old hat for Sandler--it is more of a means to use trite language regarding something specific.

Dorfman's Screenplay is truly funny & engaging.

There are campy scenes at the expense of Sandler and the overly crazy Nicholson, mixing in to provide us with a mildly entertaining film.

If you get annoyed with the verbal comedy a few minutes into it, it's probably a waste of your time to finish watching.

If you haven't seen the movie yet and like Sandler/Nicholson/Comedies rent the DVD and grab some popcorn, you'll have an entertaining hour and a half.

(2/10) only because Marisa Tomei and John Tuturro are worth watching even when they're doing crap.

The plot may not hold up to any more than a glance but it does enough to support a load of jokes and cameos that, although not great, certainly make for a lively and entertaining film for those with less demanding tastes!

Sandler ruins it from the beginning and continues to demolish any chance of entertaining you from start to finish.

The movie is very funny, even though it is a little predictable.

Awesomely unexpected .

If you are looking for an entertaining romantic comedy, Anger Management will disappoint you.

Fortunately there was an empty one beside a man named Buddy.

Unlike many of his detractors, I find his humor dull rather than obnoxious.

It's corny, predictable, unfunny and a great opportunity wasted.

Boring Unfunny .

Vastly entertaining .

I found the whole thing from start to finish - or at least, to where I gave up (about 2/3 of the way through) a pretty confused affair with a series of lame jokes and preposterously contrived though still largely predictable situations.

It is just as funny and intriguing as Sandlers pairing with Nicholson and maybe even better.

The only reason this illogic, unfunny, pointless, storyless crap sometimes gets good criticism is the fact that there are some good actors in it...

Marisa Tomei is completely wasted in this role; was she bored, or did they pay her a truckload of money to do this?

Ech, this was boring.

Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

The movie had its gratuitously childish moments (including the decadent amount of screen time devoted to the lesbian girls, and the line given by the obese lady in the bathroom) but overall its consistent style and impeccable directing made it funny and enjoyable.

The whole plot was embarrassing, predictable and completely pointless.

As it turns out, the whole plot is stupid, senseless and predictable.

It was a cute story, but took way too long to develop.

I would recommend any other film by Adam or Jack instead of this movie, they usually make entertaining films.

The story makes no sense, the characters are uninvolving, the situations contrived and stupid.

It's entertaining only in the basest way such as...

Some (American) commentators appear to have enjoyed it immensely, so perhaps I should have tried a little harder or concentrated less upon the kettle.

A nice idea, quite good actors.. But it's a full waste of time.

Yes, I know that Sandler has a legion of fans and this film did make a lot of money but the script is so contrived and corny that I had to wonder if Sandler realizes that he is wasting his own talents?

Alas, these ways are ditched and from the moment onwards when the two men go to Boston, the movie loses itself in ponderous digressions (the scene with Heather Graham in the café and then at her house and especially at the Buddhist garden).

Sandler playing Sandler was not very funny when it was fresh, but now it's getting tiresome.

This story had the promise of something reverent and compelling but Sandler and whoever else was involved decided to just make a silly and predictable film about nothing.

Suffers from confusion of purpose .

This movie starts out kind of weird and boring to some extent, and the humor is indeed juvenile.

Although it leans toward the tradition of the mis-matched buddy flick, which can often times be too predictable, Anger Management has many unique and very funny moments throughout.

Overall, entertaining and a better film than I anticipated.

Sandler is the ideal foil but is reduced to a series of pointless situations to push him to the limits.

the majority of this is like some contrived garbage from the studio execs.

and why would a court waste their time on some silly prank where the whole entire film was actually a set up?????

Ok I could only sit through the first half, weak, contrived, whatever...

However, as those who saw last year's About Schmidt and Punch-Drunk Love may know, viewers can count on an intriguing, more often than not hilarious combination from actors with such range and scope.

At first I liked how the movie showed Sandler expressing more and more emotions, letting his anger out but what was subtle in the beginning gets predictable and obvious very soon.

He is sentenced to 30 days of intensive therapy with Dr Rydell or else one year in the state pen.

An enjoyable movie that was ruined by its ending .

First and last time I literally fell asleep in the cinema...

Allen Covert played a character which was so pointless it was untrue!

Disappointing flick waste of talent, time and money.

] I love comedy more than any other genre but this was pathetic and contrived.

It gets worse for the New York businessman when he is arrested again after accidentally hitting a waitress, and Buddy moves into his apartment to give him more intense therapy!

It was very bland and very unfunny.

If anything positive can be said is that Heather Graham looks particularly stunning and there is one scene where she strips down to her bra and panties, if you're into that kind of thing.

It's fascinating how the public does not seem to get tired of the stereotype.

Other than about 3 minutes of interesting parts (all seemingly included in the trailer) the rest of the movie was tedious and un-funny.

The ending at the baseball game is trite and nauseatingly sentimental, true Hollywood at its worst.

This story could have used much more of the type of energy that Turturro's character brings to the screen His character is angry, on the edge, always a second away from snapping and is just plain hilarious.

His character gets very bored already after the first minutes of the movie.

The story gets a bit confusing at times because Nicholson gets intimately involved in Sandler's life, moving in with him, accompanying him to his humiliating job at the office, sleeping in bed with him and farting.

zZzZzZzZz .

As one would expect from an Adam Sandler movie the ending is very predictable and you are able to figure it out from about 10 minutes into the film.

To be honest, some of his films have reached cringe-worthy excesses of boring humour.

The movie's lowbrow humor and endless parade of cameos gets tedious near the end, and from the overhead shot of a packed baseball stadium that kicks off the last act, anyone who's even half-awake will be able to predict the unforgivably sappy conclusion.

This uninspired conglomerated mass production mess of a movie sticks Sandler in the usual absurd and exaggerated situations, surrounds him with some real talent (Nicholson, Tomei, etc.), tosses in everything but the kitchen sink (Giuliani, Merril, etc.) to give the illusion of quality comedy and then dies a slow death on screen.

The mistake Anger Management makes is it pulverizes all notions and possibilities of humor directly from its approach, which is childish, slapsticky, and predictable.

There is an excellent support cast as well which includes Marisa Tomei, Luis Guzmán, Kurt Fuller, January Jones and Jonathan Loughran who make the movie even more enjoyable.

First movie we ever walked out of .

It's not a perfect film, but it's certainly entertaining and is one of the better comedies I've seen in the past couple of years… and again, Nicholson and Sandler on screen together are a perfect duo in this film.

All you want to do is vomit and leave the theater as soon as possible, in that order.

The rest is predictable as Nicholson goes full throttle in Sandler's face, moving in with him and dogging his work and personal life.

I had greatly anticipated before seeing this film that the ingenious pairing of Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler would more or less compensate for Sandler's routine, formulaic comedy style, and that this would be a different step in the right direction for a versatile comedy career.

I walked out of this movie and I have not walked out on a movie since 1976, when I was 6 years old.

Don't waste your money...

That is essentially the entire content of the film, which begins by exemplifying openly the insanity of the "war of terror" situation in the airplane sequence, and develops out of that, insanity as something to be irrationally accepted as normality, culminating in that irrationality being succumbed to by sandler amidst much public pressure on the sports field, with the help of ex-mayor of NY Guliani of all people, celebrated savior of NY during the 9/11 events, in order for Sandler to win the girl and live happily ever after in an entirely irrational form of deluded reality, etc. As to whether the film is an actual government propaganda movie or not, is open to question, the unconscious psychological effect on a suggestible US audience is obvious.

My wife fell asleep half way through.

similar personality to the maniacal, unpredictable man in The Shining (without the murderous intent).

I suggest you save your money.

There is lots of attention given to men's sex organs and the film is a bit drawn out, to the point where I can't wait until it actually ENDS !

Tried and true, Adam Sandler provides 2 hours of fun; it may not be original, but it's defiantly entertaining.

It was in such bad taste it was breathtaking.

I only expected an entertaining movie, with no plot, just for some amusement, but I only got a brainless dull movie.

Adjectives describing the movie: Contrived.

So the ever-predictable plot (which doesn't matter in a comedy anyway) is about this down-on-his-luck guy who has a run-in with trouble on a plane and has to attend anger management classes with a crazy psycho guy who happens to be stealing his girlfriend from him.

Some of the best in the biz were in this movie, and yet, somehow, it turned out to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

If this guy Segal gets to direct any more comedies the quality and standard of American cinema will continue to drop and American comedies will be known worldwide as dumb and dull.

The highly enjoyable and meaningful About Schmidt comes to mind, and I'm extremely happy to see he's going to work with Martin Scorcese in the upcoming The Departed, which comes out this very year.

However, repetitive frustration is not my cup of tea.

He's bland as one could wish and so tantrums in an acting of this kind aren't his bag.

I was expecting the usual mindless, predictable jokes that are common in all the Happy Madison films.

Most of them I could recognize, except Woody Harrelson, since he was in drag (eww…rates as second worst movie going experience of 2003 so far: first is Kathy Bates in About Schmidt).

Well, for one thing, the main character played by Adam Sandler is a one note, boring person.

Its a dull story throughout, poor acting, lame jokes making you want to be sick.

A waste of talent and money.

I was on the edge of my seat during the entire movie, trying to decide whether or not to snag the teens I brought and just leave the theater.

He's a very boring actor that doesn't help the character have a personality at all....

But when he is directed by a director who hasn't much caliber, he goes over the top, becomes unbearable and so falls in his most hateful traits.

*Spoiler ENDS* Overall a very, very entertaining film with many laugh out loud moments, possibly one of Jack Nicholson's best efforts in his recent "comedy" repertoire.

The point of the whole contrived story still eludes me - are we supposed to channel all our anger into winning a bride?

Totally unfunny and predictable.

Overall a very entertaining and good film.

Funny and Entertaining .

Later, when Buddy decides to move into Dave's home for intensive therapy, he soon discovers Buddy has more than a bit of his own anger to resolve, and that no one brings out Dave's deeply buried inner rage quite like Buddy.

Waste of time .

It tries so hard to be entertaining that it ends up being silly and forgetable.

The ending is so contrived it hurts, and most of the cameos seem like they were written after the star was booked.

"Anger Management" contains some fresh laughs and rousing humor (particularly from the unpredictable Nicholson), yet doesn't sustain enough wit and charm in its conventionality and recycled material to warrant a recommendation for a solid, entertaining, and effective comedy boasting what Sandler's routine outings have totally lacked, and what a shame this is, considering his delightful oddball turn in the black comedy "Punch-Drunk Love".

Easy-going Adam Sandler gets sentenced to the titled course after a freak misunderstanding on an airplane and meets crazed instructor Jack Nicholson in this surprisingly enjoyable little production.

Worst Movie I ever didn't finish .

When the credits rolled and the lights came on we sat there in shock wondering what the hell we'd just witnessed, and we all independently agreed that it was the worst movie ending ever.

Dave is a guy most people would find boring as a friend and just plain annoying as a constant companion.

Please save your money and time.

The rest was incredibly boring and drawn out.

Perhaps I am being overly harsh (and maybe even stodgy), but I'm definitely past the point in my life where I crack up at overly-repetitive "pee-pee" and "pooh-pooh" humor.

This movie was so predictable at every turn.

Contrived And Hardly Funny .

There was no plot to Anger Management.

I have never walked out of a movie in the cinema before, this should have been my first.

Outrageous, explosive, uncivilised, intense, over the top comedy: This is the best comedy of 2003.

And more boring.

No point, boring jokes, no fun, no action, no thrill, no fear, no NOTHING, just plain stupid.

One of the worst movies of the year, with absolutely no respect to any audience intelligence.

Having these two stars in just an okay movie is a waste of time and talent.

I thought Adam Sandler was great in 2002's Punch Drunk Love, but I found him unconvincing and dull here.

As the therapy progresses things seem to get worse and after another huge slice of misfortune, Dr. Rydell is forced to move in with Dave and conduct 30 days of intensive Anger Management.

The script is funny likewise with most of the gags(the describing-who-he-is scene), the story intriguing, the pace snappy in the first two thirds and the characters fairly likable.

The plot was boring, and the actors weren't fabulous.

The film opens with the premise of a slapstick buddy-movie and an enjoyable little character study, it ends as an unoriginal rom-com.

The storyline was kind of predictable, with the classic girl that Adam Sandler is going after and get's sidtracked by some lunatic.

The plot seems a bit empty and too much like previous crappy Sandler vehicles like Mr. Deeds and Little Nicky.

The therapy sessions are some of the best scenes in the movie (besides the singing parts, which were so funny that I might try them out myself the next time I get mad), but there are only two or three of them, and even those are a little contrived.

I highly recommend it.

(r#53)Anger Management is more than just another clone of "Happy Gilmore", and it avoids being the stereotypical, mindless Sandler comedy because of some interesting ideas and themes, an unpredictable twist, and a superb cast (including the hilarious cameos).

Nicholson and Sandler were a great duo, and this original plot made a pretty good funny, entertaining movie.

Very predictable, and, most important: not funny at all.

Sandler is horrible in the lead role as normal and his goofy persona shows more than ever here, while Nicholson offers an occasional giggle, but little else, and Tomei seems bored by the whole thing.

in conclusion: save your money for somthing else

I remember seeing this at the movies twice in 2003 once with my dad the other time by myself, and each time just like the many times I view it now I find it still very entertaining and funny!


Such a stupid and boring plot.

Entertaining, witty and therapeutically.

Afterwards the two's life is at stake during a surprisingly suspenseful showdown with the owner of the wrecked vehicle, which also turned out to be a prank.

However I still really enjoyed it, and it surely made up for last years horrible "punch-drunk love".

Nicholson's unpredictable character influenced the funnier parts of the movie.

It's a waste of money and time.

He has those intense stares that make you afraid to say the wrong thing to him.

I smiled a few times, but overall it's a waste of time to watch this.

Also, Nicholson is still able to be an amusing, intense actor even in a light film such as this- that's impressive.

The story line was non-existing, the plot was ridiculously predictable, the humour very dry and shallow, I don;t think I laughed in any scene.

It's a cliché, paint by numbers movie where nothing seems overly fresh nor original.

I expected a really funny movie but it was boring and embarrassing.

Anger Management is worth watching just for Jack Nicholson--he was over the top--which is what he does best.

Good, but falls victim to too much cliche .

The movie's lowbrow humor and endless parade of cameos gets tedious near the end, and from the overhead shot of a packed baseball stadium that kicks off the last act, anyone who's even half-awake will be able to predict the unforgivably sappy conclusion.

It was time for some intense training for Dave, which also meant the unthinkable must happen: Buddy would be temporarily moving in with Dave.

Probably not for everyone, but worth watching.


People who criticize that both Sandler and this formulaic, cookie cutter movie is the very problem with Hollywood; tend to forget that this is what Hollywood is all about.

I was bored to death, so I didn't watch the whole movie...

Certainly the every living happily ever after cliché is a tough one to beat.

Uneven, but Enjoyable Ride .

Sandler performs reasonably well alongside Nicholson as the anger patient but his character is always boring and doesn't grab audience interest.

Judge Brenda Daniels (Lynne Thigpen in her last movie) sentences him to an intensive anger treatment with Dr. Rydell, and his life turns upside-down.

So far The Worst Movie To Come Out This Year .

Having suffered for an hour and forty-nine minutes waiting for this movie to get rolling, to becoming entertaining, I felt compelled to come here and warn you so as to reduce the human suffering that goes on in the world.

A complete waste of time!

It was a waste of time and money.

but it has enough funny moments to make it worth watching.

It is absolutely one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Within the first thirty minutes, I observed twelve people walk out of the theater; I managed to hold out for almost an hour.

By far one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

However, despite this, it's enjoyable and worth seeing--mostly due to the strange yet engaging work by Jack Nicholson.

Predictable and Insulting .

The story itself, which was Jack Nicholson as an anger management counselor, with less than "ideal" tactics, whose goal was to help Adam Sandler, was beyond slow.

This movie is the story of a "yes-dude" with a dull job, a pretty girlfriend, who goes to Anger Management therapy with a rather unusual therapist.

After all, The Wedding Singer was an enjoyable hit, and his creepy turn in Punch-Drunk Love showed that he's capable of ditching his trademark goofiness.

I use the word formulaic, because that is what Adam Sandler movies are.

All in all however, it was enjoyable, despite its many fall backs.

I had never walked out on a movie before, until now.

I love Nicholson (as good as it gets) but even he can't form an even acceptable partnership with Sandler in this predictable, clichéd, boring uninteresting black comedy.

A BIG waste of money, even when it comes out as a rental.....

There are a lot of funny moments, but it just ends up getting repetitive after a while.

in summary, the first 1/2 hour are quite funny, but the rest is BORING!

I expected a really funny movie but it was boring and embarrassing.

The premise is funny enough, but the dialog is often mundane and the situations unexplored.

However, Dave's group therapy sessions with a handful of truly disturbed individuals among them jumpy ex-con Chuck, obsessive sports fan Nate, slow-burning Lou, egocentric Andrew, and bisexual porn stars Gina and Stacy leave him far more unsettled than when he arrived.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Sure it is sometimes episodic, disjointed and implausible, but it is also funny, irreverent and entertaining...

Save your money and wait to rent the DVD when it's a buck!