Anna and the Apocalypse (2017) - Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

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A zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven - at Christmas - forcing Anna and her friends to fight, slash and sing their way to survival, facing the undead in a desperate race to reach their loved ones. But they soon discover that no one is safe in this new world, and with civilization falling apart around them, the only people they can truly rely on are each other.

Director: John McPhail
Stars: Ella Hunt, Malcolm Cumming
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 160 found boring (16.25%)

One-line Reviews (79)

It's entertaining.

Although there is obviously heavy influence from Shaun of the Dead, I think the film stands on its own as a unique, entertaining, action-packed, and wonderfully musical film that is totally awesome.

What started as an interesting zombie musical with thoughtful character development acted well turned into some Rocky Horror Picture show isk cabaret with zombies, that move so slow you have to wonder how anyone got bitten.


The only reason I noticed is because the movie was kind of boring.

The characters are flat, one-dimensional, and mind-numbingly boring.

So, if you're a fan of Attack The Block, then this will surely prove an entertaining watch once again, as it takes its small-town setting and blows it up with a chaotic zombie outbreak, turning ordinary secondary schoolers into undead-slashing masters as they attempt to make their way across town to safety.

Shaun of the Dead is outrageously funny and wildly entertaining.

Wasted time for bored pre-teens .

The characters have no depth, the story is horrendously disjointed, and overall it's a mere collection of clichés from every other movie even somewhat similar in manner and content.

I'm so glad I did not read all of the reviews before watching the movie because I really enjoyed it.

At mid point, the glitzy residue wears off, gags become repetitive.

After about 30 minutes boredom ensued.

I won't say that every single joke lands throughout, but the majority of the humour here is hugely entertaining, and with its playfully ridiculous vibe (particularly in the early stages of the zombie outbreak), it managed to put a big smile on my face.

Shawn of the Dead is just as stupid and boring, so Anna and the Apocalypse should fit in well with stupid movies.

Coming of age in Armageddon.

Not so much a review, but a few comments:as a stand-alone film, it's enjoyable.

Cast are brilliant, humour is laugh out loud (especially the songs for the Christmas school concert), simple story but very very enjoyable.

I've already said I liked that we get slow moving zombies.

It took way, way too long to get to the apocalypse.

This movies (as others have said) is boring, not scary, doesn't really go anywhere, and bogs down with too many musical numbers.

I'm sure my lack of musical interest hampers my enjoyment, but this production dragged quite a bit; thankfully it isn't a long film.

The songs were ok, the story was super boring .

The makeup is good, the songs are nice, but as a movie it's incredibly flat and dull.

Just a waste of time, you'll probably just fast forward

There were a lot of funny moments, but the story played out in many unexpected ways that caught me off guard.

While Shaun of the Dead is smart and snappy this movie is juvenile; seemed like it was made by, and made for, 13 year olds.

Anyways, Anna and the Apocalypse is a great film that adds a new spin to the zombie genre, is wildly entertaining, has great rewatch value, has a wonderful soundtrack, and may perhaps be my favorite musical of all time.

I probably won't remember it in a week, but for time I watched it, I enjoyed it.

Hearing countless people call it "A cult classic in the making" made me think that a film with such a unique melding of genres would at least have something of an original approach rather than featuring a cookie-cutter plot, characters with zero depth and cliche after cliche.


The cast is charming and talented and so the ride begins very funny and very entertaining.

Overall, it was a very boring movie.

The kids are compelling.

Typical cliche of teenagers who know everything.

It does have most of the formulaic elements of zombie movies.

The songs are co-written by Tommy Reilly and Roddy Hart, and the result is a delightfully entertaining movie that will likely find a long shelf-life in the midnight slot for many holiday seasons to come.

Anna and the Apocalypse is one of the most unique films I have ever seen, and one of the most entertaining 90 minutes of all 2018.

Mundane musical .

If you are able to get in it, the music is fine, the action scenes are engaging and the horror is there with some funny moments as well.

I generally dislike zombie movies and loath musicals and found Anna and the Apocalypse entertaining from opening titles to ending credits.

But praise to film makers who pokes fun of cliche Hollywood movies!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then starts to lose its fun and entertaining value.

This movie was really boring.

Boring and unwatchable .

Garbage musicals, predictable boring script, crappy characters, insufferable to watch.

Given that the film attempts to blend so many (seemingly incompatible) genres together, certain parts of the movie are bound to stand out more than others, and while the Christmas and musical elements don't quite hit the right beats every time, the zombie comedy-horror is at least a consistently entertaining side to the movie, continuously growing and growing throughout in equally impressive form to any serious horror flick.

The cast, including the red priest from Game of Thrones, is really likeable and well written, but the glacially slow film wastes the really likeable cast.

Fun and entertaining .

Its a waste of time, and there is ZERO holiday spirit, just so happens to take place around Christmas time so Anna can carry a candy cane I guess.

Boring Songs and Story With Less Flavor Than Vanilla Ice Milk .

It is tonally all over the place but remains consistently enjoyable.

The characters are fairly enjoyable which makes the film have enjoyable value.

"It's an extremely predictable pastiche overall, from a character changing the radio station during a foreshadowing report on the pandemic, to characters ridiculously arguing while evading zombies about plans to take a year off from university to travel abroad and, gee, I wonder whether the obligatory gay friend will pull around with that car before our also-obligatory bickering teenage heterosexual lovebirds slowly--and I mean slowly--I mean just run around and away from them easily--get eaten by hordes of the undead.

I've sat through films that are flat out boring.

It is zany and silly enough to be entertaining.

The music director had some serious fun here, and the music works: It's snappy as needed, shows the character at their worst, and basically works to emphasize the story.

Was entertaining.

What an awfully boring piece of vegan pie.

Musicals don't belong in zombie-comedies, apart from that the film was actually enjoyable, characters were brilliant.

Dull, unfunny and too PG .

I found every minute of Anna and the Apocalypse to be cliche, tiresome and predictable.

However, it just turns into a clichéd, predictable bore when the zombies arrive with basic effects.

It also doesn't help that all of the characters are one-dimensional caricatures of actual people, and that the musical numbers are dull at best, laughably bad at worst.

With catch songs, stupidly funny set up, and overall interesting characters and enjoyable zombie violence, Anna and the Apocalypse hits all the right notes.

Musicals are supposed to make you feel happy and excited, while this one was slow and sad.

Overall, the film's mash-up premise and Hunt in the lead as Anna goes a long way to make "Anna and the Apocalypse" enjoyable escapist nonsense.

When the third (not counting the Christmas play, of course) started, I reached for the button to turn it off but just as I did, the scene turned the musical number from pointless ebullience to ironic contrast.

The zombies are slow, after all.

Anna and the Apocalypse has flat, uninteresting characters who follow painfully predictable tropes.

The story isn't so much told as skipped through, hopping from one plot cliche to the next.

However the headmaster of the school was evil and instead of being interesting or entertaining it was very off putting.

If your tastes are unsophisticated you might find this enjoyable.

The Mamma Mia Films, Grease & The Greatest Showman are the only ones I actually like & find re-watchable, the others are either too overloaded with songs & slow the run time down or are simply too stupid & over-hyped, Frozen is a strong example of that!

I do not like musicals at all, but I was actually laughing at how absurd this was and in a strange way the musical aspect made it more enjoyable because people are dying and killing zombies so how about we BREAK INTO A SONG!

It was very self-aware (about 80 percent of the time), which definitely made the film more entertaining.

With a gleefully silly premise that's backed up with some strong comedy and entertaining performances throughout, the film proves an immensely enjoyable watch, and although its musical side may leave a little to be desired, it's still an absolute delight from beginning to end.

This is still entertaining though and never found myself bored.