Annabelle Comes Home (2019) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Gary Dauberman
Stars: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 179 out of 648 found boring (27.62%)

One-line Reviews (378)

As from then, movie is very slow with very few jump scares here and there and the plot is easily predictable.

More meaningless and pointless than lifeguards at Olympic swimming .

You will forget about Annabelle 3 as soon as you leave the theater.

i would rather watch paint dry than this film .

The movie has a nice story, fun and enjoyable meaning the movie is less than scarier compare to Creation.

Slow,dark,and and predictable...

Just a lot of tricks, floating objects, noise, first 1- 1/2 hr.. zzzzzz .. a 1hr long haunted house scene...

slow face.

The movie had some decent jump scares, however, there was no story, no plot.

In Annabelle you have this woman basically going through this hauting alone which actually made it a dull experience.

Waste of money .

Thankfully, though, it's a decently enjoyable, competently constructed experience throughout.

if u love a dumb cliche and lots of jumpscares then this is for you.

Even more exciting than Creation.

Don't waste your valuable time and money on this piece of trash.

This was an entertaining, fun movie.

Was terrible the first and unbearable the fifth time.

Waste of time.

Annabelle Comes Home is a thrilling 3rd chapter to the Annabelle films and the 7th installment to The Conjuring Universe.

Don't waste your money.

This film has the most predictable and absolutely mind-boggling slow set ups.

I really enjoyed it.

A visually nice movie, but boring and generic in terms of entertainment.

Please don't waste your time and money on this movie I feel like I'm watching the same hackneyed plot over and over again I absolutely believe that this movie is pure chaos and a great waste of time

This movie has no story whatsoever.

The babysitting scenario with her friend, and new found boyfriend being caught up in this horrific situation was entertaining.

The plot is also overused and boring

Not Oscar worthy or anything, but it gives you a few jumps, and the characters are enjoyable.

Boring plot the movie and predictable jump scares.

Annabelle Comes Home (2019) - It is just pretty lame and boring!

Worst movie from the Conjuring franchise .

Thankfully though, it's well-made and decently entertaining throughout thanks to Dauberman trying something different with the scares, and the good characters and performances.

You're probably thinking, "no storyline, no Ed and Lorraine Warren, what's happening?

The Conjuring movies usually have some great story mlines that add mystery to the movie and kind of makes it worth watching.

Bored to super freaking death!

Waste of time !!.

confusing, loud, and all over the place, hardly noticed Annabelle was in it.

The predictable tropes of bad horror begin with the requisite school bully at the lockers scene and then the dopey teen love interest scene.

The use of foreshadowing, the same tactics for trying to build scares, and the trailers have spoiled much of the suspenseful parts for me and given the rushed component this sometimes blew through the scary parts too quickly to allow the audience to stew in the intensity of the moment.

No story, no direction, no flow, no speed Total waste of time.

Everything was predictable except the ending because I could not believe it was going to be finished in such a mediocre way!

I mean, it seems like a masterpiece in comparison to those; it's actually engaging, features a variety of successful scares and centres around compelling characters.

Its boring.

I don't know, it was so weak and predictable that made me almost quit at some point.

To many scares and just way to predictable, all tough I enjoyed the first Annabelle I must admit I prefer the conjuring movies to the Annabelle series.

Waste of time .

but they somehow managed to make such a small set piece so entertaining and interesting.

Aside from that the movie is incredibly dull.

The characters have predictable way of acting/thinking, where there is always a menace character unleashing the evil out of ignorance or being playful.

Is this a horror movie or a coming of age film?

Which has that cliché were a character would go into the basement after passing several warning signs to keep out.

The film delivers its creepy, suspenseful, eerie, and dark plot in an old school "Conjuring" style, which is great.

The movies has a lot of jump scares and keeps you on the edge of the seats.

The first hour is a complete waste of time, with bare character development.

This movie relies on jump scares and ended up not being scary,it is also pretty predictable.

It was a classic, cliche, non scary movie.

I have stated committed to the entire Conjuring franchise and watched all the Annabelle movies along with the conjuring movies and The Nun The last movie created, The Nun, was the worst movie so far in the franchise The movie tried to line its plot with humor and portrayed the demons as weak and stupid in past movies much of the fear stemmed from the fact that the demons will always be more powerful I have just watched the newest addition to the franchise "Annabelle Comes Home", and it was a huge disappointment The movie felt like it's lasted 30 minutes.

It's an amalgamation of previous conjuring movies, sound and visual effects good tho it could be made more scarier so the people would enjoy it more but worth watching it once.

Mr. wan, really knows how to write and produce horror movies to grab the audience on the edge.

Bored to freaking death!

It was soo boring .

But what it lacks in terms of general qualities, it shines on what makes it most enjoyable.

Well sensory over load scares, but predictable horror movie cliches.

Mildly entertaining if you have absolutely no other options.

Scary but very slow.

New scary characters and it was entertaining all the way.

Don't waste your time or money.

First 60 min.. BORING Me and my friend get scared easily and we barely screamed twice or 3 times

The plot does take a little bit of time to develop and maybe spends too much time trying to develop some of the characters before anything really exciting does happen.

Annabelle Comes Home was so slow.

There was no motivation for evil to achieve anything, there were no victims, there were just two shocks and most of the time we sniffle through a house with very slow camera-walks.

The film needed more time to really build on its characters rather than slow cheap scares.

Waste of time.

Sometimes you read reviews and think some people are wrong when they say a film is bad but wow, this film was boring.

There were many monsters or ghosts with little to no story or purpose.

Frightful and suspenseful.. I love a creative directing movie with small bits that add to the artistry of a horror film.. bravo.. The acting is good and the story keeps you interested throughout the movie.. The ending was a tad ........

Coming from a 19 y/o: this film made me wanna puke from how expectedly cliché was.

Waste of time .

I saw it on opening night with one of my friends and we both really enjoyed it.

It wasn't a bad film but it's bark was worse than it's bight and as is so often the case, it all seemed a bit cliche.

It makes me dull about being scared at all.

Cliche filled boredom .

Not perfect, but definitely entertaining.

Boring .

Really enjoyed it!

Creepy but slow .

Entire film full of slow motion of the background scene, jump scare scene, close up scene of three main actress(Mary, Judy and Daniela), three of them walking slow like hell scene, Mary searching thing with torch light and lamp scene, the coin rolling on the floor scene!

Very boring throughout the film.

Good movie but wasn't as engaging as Annabelle: Creation, still worth the watch and you still get a good kick from this one.

But most of all, I liked the fact that there were scenes when one would expect something scary to happen (I often had to say "really, so predictable?!

Annabelle Comes Home uses all the tricks in The Conjuring playbook to be one of the scariest and most entertaining movies in the franchise.

The artefact room itself is a fascinating addition to the movie, as in previous Conjuring movies we merely get a glimpse of the room.

I love The Conjuring series, but this was just to boring and the worst one of all.

Engaging and well-rounded characters, as well as a playfully nostalgic haunted-house premise, mean that Annabelle Comes Home ranks among the best of the series.

Just kinda an empty addition to the series.

Finest boring movie ever .

Boring and uneventful...

Why waste our time with this excuse of a "horror film".

Weak storyline & predictable scare tactics .

Save your money 💰 .

Daniella's character soon becomes unbearable.

In the world of horror where most films are low budget I am always happy to find a film that will actually make me jump a few times as most of the stuff out their just supplies blood, gore and predictable murders while we must endure horrible acting, one liners and corny scenes.

Extremely lazy with no plot, horribly stock characters and a barrage of jump scares, calling this exercise in money making a film is an insult to the very art of filmmaking.

Save your money.

This movie is unoriginal, the plot is almost non existent, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are not a part of the main story, the scares are all the same, everything's in the same house, the comedy is predictable.

The movie has a predictable and generic plot, no change in setting, no climax and all jump scares with build ups we have seen in the previous movies.

Only reason this is a two star is because there are one or two decent jump scares but overall extremely predictable and just a let down.

Terrible and boring .

It was very slow in the first 45-50 minutes and it did not have many scary scenes as much as other annabelle movies.

I highly recommend it.

It soon starts to introduce the characters who are likable and engaging group.

It does sometimes get a little too overt for its own good - though, the overall series is no stranger to bold, effects-based 'creatures', either - but it's refreshing, and sadly so, for a film like this to not be made of abrasive, repetitive, 'cattle-prod' stuff.

I liked the other films in the series, this was boring.

Boring and comedy movie.

Please dont waste your time!!!...

Despite a couple inventive set pieces, these sequences quickly become tedious.

This movie could have easily been so much more than the bland tepid two hour jump scare montage.

No story is in this suspance..infact very less amount of horror..very bad..only comedy

I honest to god reckon I only laughed at the car scene with the Warrens, because besides the fact that they only appear for around 8 mins the 'scary' scenes were tediously long and boring.

Also, the character's motivations for their actions are really dumb and overall the film is not well paced, as there were many times where the movie went on really slow.

It has a really strange, somewhat disjointed pacing that practically paints most of it as an extended build-up for a seemingly fifteen-minute finale.

Snooze fest!!!!.


Anyway, I must say - this film had me on the edge of my seat.

Ed and Lorren Warrens appears only 10 min in the movie and the rest is just a waste of time.

Boring .

Enjoyed it .


Really enjoyed the two 'The Conjuring' films for the same reasons to each other, that they were well-made, well-crafted, suspenseful, entertaining and had genuine shocks.

To be honest I wanted to stop watching the movie because it became so boring to watch.

Literally, it's all some sort of variation of the following:Character walks down the hall -> A strange noise occurs-> Character slowly follows that noise -> Score starts to become louder -> Character checks something and camera closes in on the actor's face -> Score becomes heavier and louder with the introduction of bass -> Another noise occurs behind the character -> Camera pans with the character and nothing happens -> Character continues to check on something -> Another noise, another pan, nothing again -> Score is reaching its climax -> Character continues doing the same thing -> Final noise, pan, and then one out of the two predictable jump scares happen: BOO!

The story line was enjoyable & simple.

The acting in the film is well done, but the bad script makes the characters in the film a bit stupid about making cliché mistakes that stupid characters often make in a horror film, so that you as a viewer don't really care about them.

Waste of time .

From start to finish, it was suspenseful!

Entertaining horror movie .

Super freaking slow!

Worst movie of series so far.

The splintering of the characters made for a disjointed final narrative sequence, although not a huge detriment, and the moment of reflection was neatly wrapped up with a hug and some cake.

Tad Boring .

Well, I think that another movie based on the doll alone might have been a bit stale and repetitive, whereas the extra characters added a new dimension to the movie.

But if you're a horror fan looking for some true terror and a satisfying story, don't waste your time with this one.

Leaving us with a standard, unoriginal, and boring movie that could have been put out by any studio or director.

Very predictable "horror" movie.

The rest of the film was boring, slow and really quite predictable.

Save your money.

The dialogue is no improvement too, very awkward-sounding and banal, doing little with developing rather clichéd characters.


Don't waste your time.

Everybody gets attacked by different spirits, like Bob dealing with the hellhound, Mary Ellen getting dragged away by Charon the boatman or whatever we want to call the ferryman with coins on his eyes and Judy has to deal with Annabelle herself, who just up and got in bed with her.

The character "Daniella" was unbearable to watch.

As a beginner to the franchise, I really enjoyed it.

But again it's entertaining so what da hell go see it!!!

The film is, at times, truly frightening, and extremely entertaining.

Super boring, nothing goes on.

With all of that, some cliche character moments, and the somewhat slow pacing of the film in general, the film does luckily have some things to offer.


Another entertaining entry in The Conjuring series with the young actors looking like they're having a lot of creepy fun.

It was pretty boring as horror movie it wasn't even scary, the visuals were not very good , we're in 21 century and special effects can't be so tragic...

The unlikable cringy characters some of whom are just for the purpose of being funny IN A HORROR MOVIE, trash dialoges, way too slow development in a short movie, no consequences of characters actions at all, the same crappy unscary thor's ice giants looking creature for a villian all contributed to this being one of the worst and least horror movie of all horror movies I've ever watched.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

I'm personally got bored when the casts were running out of no where because surrounded by all the demons.

Waste of money...

zzz 2/10

There were times where it was really hard to keep my eyes open and stay awake.

After years and years of cliches and predictability in the horror category there are still movies like this filled with stupid jumpscares, suspense that goes nowhere, empty dialogues etc etc and still have big budgets in order to create crap!

They spent a really long time focusing on the three characters that this haunting was going to happen to and in the end just made it really boring.

There's no story in it, it's just made for the sake of it.

This movie and very boring and predictable with the most annoying character getting more screen time then she deserved.

Absolutly not, the movie is great, and a enjoyable flick with a nice tribute to the real life lorraine in the end.

Predator/Aliens (it might be entertaining!

Some are boring and dull.

Generally, the movie was very slow...

Clever scares, No Story .

The whole Bobs got balls character arc was very entertaining.

gets boring after a while.

The plot is formulaic and as you'd expect, it involves a baby-sitter, her friend, and of course a young innocent girl who is the pin that holds everything together.

Boring .

I did really enjoy that, as it kept it from being boring.

It was so bland.

Definitely worth a$6 rental if your bored some night.

Back to this movie my honest optimistic assessment is that there is no story whatsoever and it is only based on the lamest of scares possible even a 7 years old child would laugh at and think it's stupid...

very disappointing, if u expect horror from this don't bother, keep your money and see somthing else, this is not horror not even thriller, is more like comedy with some sort of mistery.. Totally waste of time.. Scooby Doo is more scarier than this

Once you get over the initial slow hump it thrills and chills until the end.

" - instead, you will watch a mildly disturbing bedtime story set in the 70s where you'll struggle to stay awake and will watch the credits roll wondering why it was rated "R" instead of PG or PG-13.

The first hour is little bit boring and slow.. For horror fans you just find out that most of the scenes are familiar and nothing new!!

It was intense and quite the ride when things got going.


Where the movie fails is in the script that is very lazy, about the horror scenes, only the last one was scary, the others were very clichés and predictable.

Very enjoyable for the Supernatural possession horror films genre fan .

Adults should stay clear of these films, the whole point of criticizing them seems pointless nowadays, we just have to wait a little longer and wade through all these Hollywood cash cows to find an actual film that lives and breathes outside of this woeful category......

They all seem to rely on these cliche horror tricks in order to pull off scares.

Final Say -A mostly forgettable Conjuring spin-off that feels like the death-knell to Annabelle standalone adventures, Annabelle Comes Home has a few neat moments and some nice Easter Eggs for fans of the universe but there but fleeting instances in an otherwise tiresome and lame attempt to make more money from a worn down entity.

In the other hand is a entertaining (not) scary movie.

There is no story, there is no end, there is no scary parts.

Once things do start going bump, it does get very fast paced and thoroughly foreboding at times all while staying grounded with the plot.

This movie let all us conjuring fans down, slow, predictable and a warewolf!?

Combined with a cheesy love story, a ware wolf and the most drawn out "story" (or lack there of), I just feel like this was a film created for some extra cash.

Don't waste your time or money in this movie.

Except for the first 15-20 minutes, which are used to solely provide backstory to the three main characters, every single scene is an uninspired, unimaginative, anticipated, and tedious build-up to a jump scare that heavily relies on an exaggeratedly loud sound, and someone screaming.

A pretty teenage girl getting dragged across the floor by an unseen entity.

It's not a film because it has no plot.

Andhad an enjoyable plot!

it was boring.

Boring dialogues and consistent jump scares of a movie .

Don't waste your time on this garbage.


Good movie but be prepared for it to be a slow build up.

But this movie was just a honest waste of time and money in my opinion.

Boring beyond belief.

Overall, total boring and don't bother watching it, not worth it.

It was intense and quite the ride when things got going.

Dont waste your money.

It is worth watching?

This movie has no story and nothing to scary anymore.

Saying that, there is a lot of build up to the actual 'haunted house horror stuff' which brings a lot of fake outs in the first half and this can get a bit tedious.

From start to finish, it was suspenseful!

Save your money fellows and watch toy story 4 instead

🤦‍♀️ Don't waste your time on this one!

The camera movement is good at all & unpredictable, there are no actors and actresses to worry about either.

Don't waste your time.

It is as boring as the Paranormal Activity movies and equally annoying.

The horror genre has been exponentially growing, and it's one of the two most popular genres right now (comic-book movies are the other), but this cheap, bland, cliche, predictable, and forgettable class of horror films is genuinely starting to annoy and frustrate me.

Dont waste your money .

With its bland characters, predictable story, and insipid plot, Annabelle Comes Home sits at a 3/10.

I love the conjuring universe, like I love all things horror and this was just so boring.

All the films in the whole conjuring universe have really mastered how to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole film.

They take a slower burn with this film and give the girls a bit of pathos so you root for them.

It was an entertaining film with your typical Conjuring like scares.

I don't know what or why it is but it's almost been 6 months since I last saw a decent movie in any genre and I'm pretty sure alot of you never thought about it but a movie critic like myself who gets paid to air his opinion on movies and other acting ventures and one who absolutely track any decent movie that comes out in all genres find those last 6 months equivalent to the global financial crunch that happened back in 2008 but this time it's movies that has fallen terribly low and only God knows when it is next that a decent well made engaging movie comes out in any genre because I'm seriously getting bored and about to explode from the lack of creativity in Hollywood right now...

All of the jumpscares are also very predictable, which just kills your fear.

Please don't waste your time!

Entertaining .

Slow and boring.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of the story of Annabelle Comes Home, I pretty much enjoyed it.

Pathetic and boaring as hell, don't waste your time.

Entertaining 👍 .

1hr and 10mins and i got so bored i had to stop watching because i was falling asleep.

Better keep it for you to see.. All in all, enjoyable and scarey.. love it

Main problem is that it is a very predictable movie with a simple plot.

I jumped a few times but the characters weren't strong (they didn't play off the Warren's daughter enough; the brunette had a good backstory but you hardly learned about her till later in the movie), the story setting was boring (cupcakes?


Worth the watch, especially if you enjoy the horror suspense genre 8/10

The movie was bad in all aspects, the jump scares were pretty pathetic and predictable, and the acting is bad except from Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, and Mckenna Grace, the others were god awful.

Other than the last 15 minutes you could just fall asleep.

So boring and cliche.

And had an enjoyable plot!

Worst movie ever .

Nearly fell asleep .

Yeah, she kind of does that latter part, but her character goes in a way that is unexpected and fleshes her out.

Just like Annabelle: Creation, ACH is a fun flick that's perfectly enjoyable for what it is.

Four of us last night as huge fan of James Wan as director and all characters we seen in previous series were expecting way better and left the theater midnight with disappointment.

I remember when warner announced this movie I was very exited to see what they are cooking after the disappointment of The Nun & The curse of la llorona, maybe something good, with quality & good jump scares & I really had high hopes for this one to be good but I was so wrong that I left the theater mad very mad.

But good suspenseful movie.

The film tries, it tries or it si trying I can't quite decide, it tries to be original in places which si great but then again is the usual predictable in others, even so when I predicted what was about to happed I was asked if I had seen the film before.

Dull doll .

It was really slow and too many editing mistakes that were way to obvious.

Don't waste your precious time.

Snooze fest .

It was an enjoyable movie that does a good job at being a horror movie without having to have a hundred different attempts at jump scares to make it creepy.

The scenery is also pretty boring compared to that castle in the Nun or the houses of the Conjuring and Annabelle: Creation that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

This movie sucked so bad that it made fall asleep for about 10 minutes.

It's boring, slow, did not meet it's potential of the previews in any way.

This was the worst movie I've ever seen honestly they didn't even need to add this movie in the story such a disappointment

Katie Sarife is trapped in that room full of possessed artifacts and objects yet nothing happens to her, just things falling or a piano playing or she sees a ghost etc.I was really disappointed.

Omg it was so worth watching this movie !

Worst movie I've ever seen in my life ..

Imma huge fan of the conjuring series but this is the absolute worst movie in the series of entry of movies so far.

But if you watched the trailer, the world's most predictable plot emerges again.

As everyone said slow , legit takes the movie an hour just to get to the "good" parts.

It is boring, plan, and unenthusiastic!

Quite honestly, I found it rather boring.

Very Bad, Murky, Dark, Dull....

Unrealistic, childish and just plain stupid aside from being horribly boring!

Basically as we have seen with so many the trailer shows the clips of the best bits but when joined together in an actual film the whole thing is just boring, with nothing really happening for an hour into the film, its feet dragging as the dolls would if it tried to walk.

Suspenseful moments are traded off for cheap scares, easter eggs, or rash plot devices that will matter for such little time or such a little point you will wonder why they are there in the first place.

Unfortunately the movie has nothing to deliver, the story was completely trash, jump scares scenes are overused and you will know them before happening, boring dialogues and acting.. even Vera and Patrick showed up for a few minutes in the whole movie!!

Good cast and very enjoyable edge of your seat stuff lots of suspense and no gore which I liked.

The film becomes boring fast.

The Worst movie of 2019 .

I gotta say that several times I wanted to leave the theater.

Very entertaining to watch.

No story , no beginning, no end , no scary scenes , nothing at all , don't waste your time believe me skip it .

The two main actors from the conjuring are barely in this film, it starts out strong with them, then quickly goes down hill in being slow, predictable and weak through out with out them.

The pace of the movie was quite slow during the times it led to the jump scares; which were also very mediocre.

This entry in the conjuring universe has some clever scares and great acting, but overall there is no story being narrated.


While the movie is slow sometimes, the feature of Ed and Laurene Warren, even though they were just bit parts in this one, made it worth it.

Although not as frightening as other films in the franchise, the cast's performance and atmosphere makes Annabelle Comes Home a very enjoyable film in the Conjuring Universe.

"), and nothing happened!

They just seem so fascinating.

Not the greatest Conjuring Universe installment, but still an intense, creepy haunted house horror flick.

There's plenty of surprisingly suspenseful scenes.

Anabelle Comes Home is a semi entertaining movie that fails to capture the scares of the its predecessors.

Every scary movie cliche in the book.

Two incredibly dull, disobedient, and arrogant girls babysit the Warren's daughter, left holding the full set of keys to the relics room.

After seeing Annabelle which admittedly was kind of boring and Creation which I thought was mediocre I didn't expect much from this one.

However due to the large amount of tension and teasing the audience with jummpscares the film did have fairly slow pacing during the first half.


A boring movie!

Sooooo Boring.

The good horror films these days rely on an intriguing story and making you think about what you just saw (take Hereditary for example).

The 3rd installment gets what the first 2 films got it wrong, a fast paced movie with multiple POVs each just as terrifying.

dont waste time n or money for this one.

Worst movie of the year !.

However, this 2019 movie "Annabelle Comes Home" was boring.

Predictable, stupid, jokes were really bad and what about the werewolf?

Nothing happens until half way of the movie.

Its predictable and laughable.

Some scenes dragged on forever with no purpose.

And here's the reason: instead of deciding to go for shlock the writer and director took their time with this film and developed a slow build that was just so cool.

If it wasn't for the truly amazing performances, this could very easily be the worst movie of the year (Serenity still holds that spot).

It uses the obvious tactics such as rocking chair, lights going off, torch going not working, the unexpected (expected) scenes involving a mirror and not so horrifying image of annabelle in it, and the most used uneffective scenes where the character see's the ghost directly and suddenly being blocked by a closing door just to open it and not seeing the ghost ever again.

It's very predictable and kinda boring to stay in the cinema for almost 2hrs to watch this for bull****.

The growing feeling of dread & the slow-burn horror, is a breath of fresh air in this franchise but, will get a tad bit tedious at times.

Luckily we only rented had we seen it in the theaters I for sure would have walked out.

Though, she's really just a bland, contrived protagonist, making me wish Lorraine and Walter were the protagonists instead.

But as she's back & I wish she stayed out, she's more malevolently boring than ever.

All in all, it is an enjoyable movie that has good scares, funny moments, though lacking story.

Very enjoyable .

Now I have to say, I did find this film to be enjoyable, much like the prequel film in this series.

Like the whole story is just stupid, we got a boring protagonist who barely does anything due to the fact that she's just an innocent child who can't do anything about the ghosts.

The atmosphere of the movie makes the watching even more enjoyable.

I don't think that it is the best in this series, but it is definitely enjoyable.

The story is suspenseful and maintains thrill and horror.

No plot.

All in all it was very bland.

A colossal waste of time and money.

With James Wan and company at the helm they are all enjoyable for the Supernatural possession horror films genre fan .

Don't waste your precious time watching this film.

What bothered me the most about this film was how annoying that girl Daniela is, how slow the characters walked in a scary situation.

snooze fest is what this movie is .

Probably the most boring movie of any type i have ever watched,the first half was so boring i almost fell asleep+all the jumpscares and stuff were predictable.

Some are just decent films that provide the same predictable supernatural scares.

Highly enjoyable; I give it a 6/6.5 out of 10 - maybe even a 7 out of 10.


Slow starting, irritating creepy little girl, no deaths, only a small amount of gotcha suspense.. DONT waste your hard earned $$ on this

Me: The Curse of La Llarona is the worst movie in the franchise.

There's nothing new or groundbreakingly innovative to be found here, but it is a simple yet effective film that's perfectly enjoyable for what it is.

I get a jump scare here and there but its ineffective if we can see them coming and also if it relies on being loud and super slow to shock viewers.

The movie is juat ordinary, all scary scenes are predictable and nothing innovative from James Wan's conjuring movies.


It seems like a boring teenage movie.

Waste of time & money .

Honest it was basicly a snorefest for me, didint really keep my attention, there are a few good scenes but over all the movie had no story and was boaring.

Don't waste your time .

Pacing is painfully slow while the plot remains consistently uninteresting.

I thought it was a little boring.

The rest of the movie is a plotless chain of repetitive cliché scenes of suspense building up to a moving object or ghost Scares.

Some parts were actually quite scary, but othwise an empty storyline that leaves you wanting more, and maybe your money back .

While some of the initial jump scares were used effectively, the later ones were overused and predictable.

This movie is totally waste of time.. No actual story.. Even if you don't watch this, it does not affect your knowledge relate to Conjuring and the previous Annabelle.

Boring, nothing is happening.

Very few scary scenes, quite boring.

Besides that, the movie was completely predictable as the main characters ALWAYS have to go take a look at every noise instead of doing something logical.

Complete descent into every horror cliché imaginable, topped off with a little girl making friends with her bullies and everyone showing up to her birthday party and happy fun times.

Plz don't watch, Pathetic and boaring as hell, don't waste your time.

It's the horror movie version of empty calories.

Entertaining to a point.

Boy, was I wrong - it was a fast-paced, entertaining romp from beginning to the end.

I couldn't believe that they baled out and sold out to this cheap, boring and predictable rut.

It was a really entertaining horror film, with interesting concepts - and dare I say it, pretty creepy.

This is the first movie i've seen in The Conjuring franchise (strange to start with this one, i know), and it was fun at it's best and boring at it's worst.

Slow, dull and boring and wasn't scary at all.

It felt like the movie A night at the museum, kind of quirky and at times boring.

I was fidgeting the whole time.

It's one of those standard production, boring and predictable movie.

and I left the theater extremely disappointed.

Needless, not scary, and predictable .

Boring af .

Im going to make this short, there's cero creativity in this jumpscare fest, all the scenes are made to put a jumpscare at the end, the characters are as bland as they can be, in the last conjuring they made me worried about the warren's daughter, and in this movie all that conection died out, there's no real danger for the characters, theres a fricking (SPOILER) .....

Annabelle: Creation at least had a plot, characters, and a decent director, but it was largely predictable and not very scary.

What surprised me most is the solid performance by Judy and the humor aspect of this film which was highly enjoyable.

This movie, unlike previous films lacks a proper storyline and character development, as it jumps straight into giving pointless jump-scares to make your typical moviegoers go "WOW THAT SCARED ME, an object was behind me and now its in front of me!

Most of the chills exhume from ghostly apparitions gently moving in the background or Dauberman's slow panning of the camera.

Too many unnecessary monsters and ghosts with little to no story or purpose.

Im starting to see a pattern in these horror movies, they seem to start off good, and settle on a rushed and empty ending.

Surprised to know that it's been rated R for "horror, violence and terror", while I thought it should be a fine example for a decently entertaining PG-13 horror.