Annihilation (2018) - Adventure, Drama, Horror

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A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don't apply.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Alex Garland
Stars: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 291 out of 1000 found boring (29.1%)

One-line Reviews (722)

No sense of nothing, many plot mistakes, they try to make an interesting movie, in return you got a waste of time

The first half of this movie is a slow burn, the only thing that gets you past it is the anticipation of what will come in the end, which the movie builds on very well.

Overall an entertaining movie that was worth my time and money.

I read that it's a slow burn which was very helpful, as that isn't what the title suggests.

boring .

Stunning visuals are not a movie.

Right from the start, the story is suspenseful, and the suspense is superbly maintained throughout.

The film initially felt clunky and disjointed.

To begin with the story progression was slow and the plot was lame.

If your a fan of sci-fi or mind bending films it's really worth the watch.

I'm sure budget has something to do with this but I was quite bored while watching Monsters, and I was on the edge of my seat, beginning to end while watching Annihilation.

In short, I found it a straightforward story which went on far too long, and with an incredibly jumbled conclusion.

I'm not sure what everyone sees in this film, it's just dull and annoying.

It turned out to be a waste of time lol.

The third act was a relief, after the pointless whining and screeching ended thanks to the team being mostly killed off, from here it felt more moody and thoughtful.

Interesting atmosphere and quite 'trippy' though let down a little by a rather formulaic tale-sting.

It's so concerned with its underlying themes and ideas, and hammering them home to us to the point they become obvious, that it actually forgets to be enjoyable.

I fought the urge not to turn off halfway through, and was rewarded with an initially intriguing and beautiful finale, that is then completely wasted with an unsatisfactory ending that doesn't attempt to explain any of it.

Just boring ...

Waste of time .

I thought everything, from the acting to the so-called cinematography to the non-action, was boring.

Natalie Portman leads this disastrous yet entertaining sci-fi thriller.

The strongest argument is that when the final product is as thrilling, engaging and original as Annihilation, who the hell cares if it was projected onto a cinema screen or not?

Dont watch this, two hours of my life wasted, the whole thing was absolutely boring and stupid and most of it didn't even make any sense!

Alex Garland's direction is capable, and there is a visual edge to the film that can be truly breathtaking at times.

It's suspenseful at times, but somewhat predictable.

This is a slow paced film told with flash backs.

It was scary but also fascinating and it was unique.

And if all of that hasn't deterred you, you're probably ready for the deep dive into the Shimmer, and to press the pause button on reliable sensory intake and reality for a feverishly engrossing two hours.

Movie is slow paced, slow burn mystery, that engages you til end.

This film is all about the women and I can say that this was quite a riveting women-centric film in recent times.

I found it extremely boring and hard to follow!

This could have been an intriguing or even quite cerebral film, instead of the confusing painting by numbers love story we got, riddled with plot holes.

Watch this movie if you want to waste your time and only want to see some beautifull colors...

Worst movie I've ever watched.

It kind of does that, but it's too drawn out, with the alien copying Portman's moves until it dies and destroys the Shimmer with it.

It's also not over the top preachy and at least in the beginning doesn't spoon-feed you, though it gets a bit annoying and repetitive towards the end.

It was a slow and cerebral sci-fi movie with a fantastic set, amazing performances, and really cool atmosphere.

What a waste of time it was.

Despite what I said, the movie is worth to watch at least one time as an Action, a little bit horror, and more mystery ( I mean confusing) one.

The final scene between Natalie Portman's character and the metallic doppelgänger just fills you with dread and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It offers a unique look at us humans and gives us one of the most intriguing fictional worlds in a long time.

The ultimate reveal loses some of the power of the feminine presence on screen as the movie seems to fall back into the macho stereotype and the resort to power, panic, and destruction instead of the more relational connection to curiosity and hopefulness as suggested in Alien: Resurrection (1997) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) or even the fascinating progressive evolution as typified in Oblivion (2013) and Moon (2009).

Whatever happens, the idea and it's consequences are very exciting and stimulating.

From the very beginning we are on the edge of our seat, and the unease only builds until the last frame of the movie.

I don't expect many people to understand, what I said, and believe, that most will get the impression, I got completely crazy by taking too much drugs or taking shamanic folklore too seriously, but for me, this movie produced the most intense religious, transformational experience I ever had.


The first thing you notice about 'Annihilation' is the stunning visuals, and then how very different this film is to mainstream sci-fi movies.

This is an unnerving and visually stunning experience that combines horror and trippy science to compelling effect.

Visually Stunning, Totally Boring .

That's where you have to be open to some confusion and questioning.

If the movie stops being entertaining and engaging and simply continues to drag on and on only towards a climax as per the script then it's a waste of time.

Interesting but slow .

I give Annihilation 9 stars because its not perfect, but it was immensely enjoyable to me.

Story was very weak and nothing special, i can say that even confusing and lot of the steps didn't make sense.

Very confusing film.

Congrats if you can stay awake watching the whole movie.

Pretentious, boring, uninteresting crap.

This movie is on my top 100 on worst movies ever.

I must say tho, the score in the final sequence is so thrilling and other wordly that almost makes my 2nd viewing worth it after all, just saying....

This is the trend nowadays, let's throw tons of unexplained stuff and end the movie with the overused "open-ended" cliche where the writer(s) doesn't even have to think about how to end it to satisfy people who wasted 2 hours of their time to watch something good.

In fact, all the characters appear to be perpetually mundane in this film: I don't recall a single lighthearted moments throughout it's two hour plus runtime.

Not exactly easy to follow, but fascinating enough to arouse curiosity.

or perhaps it's just confusion?

The ending alone is worth watching.

This is a movie you must look at more then 2 times it's slow to get into I like the human element along about the movie they could have done extremely better on the plot holes they jumping back and forward to different time points in the movie was a lil to much, I like the play on the human cell and how it's a main focus of the movie.

A cash in on Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac, but above that utterly pointless.

I would say more time needed to be spent on the backstories of the supporting characters, but if their backstories were to be as mundane as Portman's Lena backstory, it might be better as is.

A definite waste of time.

If you have some time on your hands and you want to understand what this movie actually was about then I recommend checking out a video by Folding IdeasEveryone is entitled to their own opinion but please try to understand a film before you leave a review stating "This movie has no plot and it goes nowhere," because there is something there, you just need to look.

Both this film and ex machina had extremely misleading trailers making the appear to be sci/fi horror's and they were drawn out sci fi dramas that lacked anything remotely worthy of being hailed masterpieces.

Total waste of time..Pointless Senseless Unentertaining Graphical (unnecessarily) Wasted potentialNetflix misses the mark once more

I was really bored after the first 30 minutes and towards the end I had given up watching it.

If you're into lovecraftian horror, stunning visuals, well written characters, and Natalie Portman not being in movies with Hayden Christensen, then check it out

(Cons) The pacing is really slow so this can be boring if you're used to big blockbusterl didn't find any emotional connection with any of the characterIt may be a brain exercise for some people so be ready if they need explanation

It's so boring, that i slept -_-.

It's not, it's slow, boring and lacks a story or believable characters.

In execution, it becomes a mess of quasi-intellectual, abstruse nonsense and fails to deliver anything new, engaging, or spectacular to the genre.

I found the flashbacks boring, pointless to the overall story and generally uninteresting, nor did I feel compelled to care about any of the cast.

This was a very enjoyable movie .

No plot, no learning - nothing.

This movie is so boring, literally nothing makes any sense and it doesn't know what it wants to be.

I was impressed with the look, and some intense emotion in the first 5 minutes, following which it dragged.

Waste of time !.

Of course nothing happens correctly in this movie and for absolutely no reason the physicist character Radek just starts wandering into the jungle, and Lena despite running like a coyote cannot catch up to the turtle-speed Radek who by the way was 3 steps away from her before taking off!!

The affair was pointless.

One great scene, the rest is pretentious & confusing .

The visual effects were BREATHTAKING and the thoughtful pacing deliberately moved at a slow burn to a mind bending climax.


I had read the book shortly before the movie came out and found it very intriguing and an interesting premise.

Writer-Director Alex Garland follows up Ex Machina with a smart, visually stunning, incredibly originally thought science fiction feature that engages the audience and provides an intricate exploration of themes, all brought to life by a wonderful ensemble.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, and highly recommend it to people who like atmospheric movies like 2001, The Abyss, Stalker, and Lords of Salem.

The movie is SOOOOO SLOW and bored me to tears.

A most unexpected treat that defies conventional explanation and offers no real understanding.

This film is trying to be a dark and mysterious one, but ends up being empty, disturbing and pointless.

Tessa Thompson is too underused to make an impression and her character too bland.

Still, this flick is worth watching simply for the effects.

It was all over the map and very slow getting there.

The visuals are stunning and the score complements everything perfectly, a movie that deserves at least 2 viewings.

it's a husk of a film people can pour meaning into, if thats for you, great - if you prefer a movie with interesting non cliché writing/characters that's not afraid of explaining a couple of things along the way then save yourself some time and don't watch this...

Awful, slow & unscensical mess .

It is choreographed cleverly in movement, is visually stunning, is an atmosphere whirlwind and does probe though and discussion.

The pretentious nature of the film suggests that the alien life has refashioned planet earth as a "prism" that internalizes characteristics of plant and animal life, replicating cells and spitting them out in new mutations, such as strange alligator, bear, and deer hybrids and plant life that resembles the Land of Oz.

There were such many promises in the beginning so I started hoping maybe for something like Tarkovsky's Stalker or Solaris, instead I got the cliche horror ending.

Engaging and interesting even with a big scientific wtf.

Overall, there's little to like here, considering that the actual experience is a dry and dull one regardless of its eventual payoff (or lack thereof).

Even though it is a SCI-FI movie and shows you about an alien invasion sort of thing, the overall movie tells you about cancer in the most unexpected way.

What a suspenseful title .

I have never reviewed a movie in my life, but this was so painfully boring and poorly written that I feel compelled to get involved on this one.

Utter waste of time .

actually, it is pointless to do so.

If you are going in expecting a horror film, don't waste your time.

seriously mind blowing .

The same can be said about Annihilation, though Annihilation has and will be more polarizing among wide audience - I can see many calling it pretentious, even if it possesses many familiar structural details.

Not organic, pretentious and unrealistic.

Oh yes, it's not like it would be useful in saving your lived and such to understand the video, really, why waste 20 seconds of your life watching it a second time?

Watching this movie I was most of the time blown away by the stunning pictures and sheer creativity that went into the design of the mutations.

It's slow, and intense, and intelligent, and it doesn't treat its audience like idiots.

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The script was not inspiring, just boring.

THE SHIMMER (mystery sci-fi music playing)The ominous journey starts off with a few uninspiring discoveries and builds up to the first serious face-off with danger.

While some parts felt confusing, it added to the mystery of the Shimmer.

It was entertaining and now a day after seeing I still feel a bit haunted.

Pretentious visuals and pretentious explanation (a not even proper one, btw) of the aliens, which was not needed, AT ALL.

This film never gets going and I will never get those 2hrs back , I am sure you get the idea about how exciting I found this film , move on

Don't waste your time on this movie!

The acting is amazing, the story is gripping and compelling from start to finish and the effects are mind-blowing.

There's a back n forth narrative with little bit of suspense, creativity, stunning visuals and subtle acting.

Tedious and bland .

Subsequently, I would tune in as and when I found the scenery worth watching or perhaps when it seemed something significant (plot wise) was about to occur.

And it runs at such a snail's pace you may start to doze off in the theater.

Straight out the gate I want everyone to know I love the slow burn.

One of the worst movies I ever watched in my life .

If you are a person that enjoys movie plots to details and is just a mediocre Sci-Fi film fan , I do not recommend to see this movie ,as it may be a waste of time.

A waste of time .

Now, for me the start was very slow.

Long, slow drawn out conversations about nothing.

A solid good consept a bit over used and misunderstood to my opinion but still a promising plot turns into an horrible and boring (although visually stunings and colorfull) movie...

The most recent similar movie was Arrival, which was much better on all levels, but I found this movie to be interesting and enjoyable, nonetheless.

A cure for insomnia .

This is the kind of movie that extremely slow, bogus, no logical succession of events, depressing, dark type of movie.

In general, it feels as though the film is perhaps aiming too high, trying to convey a 'mind-blowing' concept that just isn't there, and it ends up feeling pretentious and aloof because of it, unable to withstand the pressures put upon it by its own creators simply because it isn't well conceived, or executed, enough to do so.

Beyond boring .

A Bore.

The film kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

This movie is very pretentious.

It's well acted with a very original story though I did think the characters were a bit boring.

So very very slow paced even during the "action" scenes.


Formulaic but entertaining sci-fi .

This was a stupid, boring, unentertaining retelling of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


Waste my time to watch...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Slow, predictable, stupid, awful, total garbage, hate it .

Strange, disturbing and boring .

This is the worst movie ever in my life.

Annihilation, for the most part, felt vacuous and pretentious.

The rest is a waste of time.

Different and suspenseful .

Fresh story, absolutely stunning visuals, awesome soundtrack, and undeniably intense moments.

It's ponderous that a studio would acquire the rights to a property and then produce a perverted shadow of what was an appreciated work.

Far more time was spent exploring the feelings and emotions of the slow paced and inexplicably All-Female expedition into the alien territory.

Acting was awful, the story was worse, and the ending a pretentious melange of color for the sake of it.

This movie was way over the top of being pointless.

Overall the story and concepts were intriguing, the movie kept me curious as to what was going on and the explanations were not shallow or unbelievable.

Most of the acting was very dull and not much emotion seemed charged behind the delivery of their lines, there was still emotion there just not as much as other lines and made some scenes fall flat.

It was exciting a bit thrilling and it really kept me engaged the whole time.....

It's a shame then, that the film is entirely undone by an ending that is somehow both inexplicable and obvious, incredulous yet boring.

The acting was amazing and mystical, and I felt the confusion the characters were experiencing.

Don't waste your time if you don't like sci-fi movies that much, that you'll eat anything the movie gives :)

It will be Mother Nature engaging in the cycles of destruction and creation that do us in, nothing personal.

Visually stunning .

If you're looking for a tense, unsettling and powerfully atmospheric sci-fi complete with stunning visuals, enthralling drama and mind-blowing thrills, then look no further than Annihilation.

All in all, this film is highly entertaining and it had me gripped almost all the way through it, with only small times where I got bored (mostly in the first act).

In all truth, I won't say that Annihilation is on the same cerebral level as the likes of Ex Machina or Arrival, but the way it goes about its story, at its core a conventional adventure into the unknown, with such bold ingenuity and endless imagination is absolutely stunning to watch from beginning to end.

But this movie was absolutely stunning.

This movie is a waste of time.

Don't waste your time!!!!

Was bored by it...

There was far too much exposition, too many pointless flashbacks, very little character development and it was hard to care about any of the characters or engage with any of the situations in which they found themselves.

And I really really enjoyed it even though it's a bit of a slow burning flick.

As our characters delve deeper into this alien zone, the more mundane mysteries they chase get clearer while what concerns the zone itself becomes stranger and stranger, culminating in a final fifteen or so minutes that can be described as a surreal nightmare.

The film culminates in what could be seen as an episode of ego-death, with the characters who survive to the peak of the trip losing all sense of their own identity and dealing with it in separate ways: one character feels an exalted sense of oneness, another freaks out because he says he can't handle it, and another has an intense out-of-body experience.

Intriguing setting and atmosphere capped by poor characters .

After "Transformers: The Last Knight" I learn a very valuable lesson and that is if the movie is going to keep getting worse just walk up and leave and that's exactly what I did for AnnihilationI went to see Annihilation in theaters and it now ties with Transformers The Last Knight as the worst movie I ever saw in theaters I walked out on it 30 minutes into the movie and I am using the word Movie loosely.

I'd rather watch paint dry than to see another scene with that blank faced, monotone, and just flat out awful "actress".

I don't normally enjoy nonlinear films anyway, and when I have, it has to be truly engulfing to rival how disjointed the story is.

Confusing and weird .

But it was so slow.

Slow and dissatisfying .

The visuals are on par with Arrival (both movies look amazing in 4k), however Arrival was a movie with moderate buildup and an ending that is embarrassing empty and leave you wanting a more fleshed out and for the lack of a better word...

Don't waste your time.

Stunning, disturbing, beautiful and brutal .

Beautiful pretentious crap .

I gave 2 stars because some of the scenes were really beautiful but the movie only gets 2 stars due to it's slow pace, boring plot, and lack of any logic.

Overall I would definitely recommend one to watch this movie as I genuinely enjoyed it a lot, and I think many people would as well.

It's edited in the most confusing way, with information not given to the viewers logically.

If you have an open mind this will be a very enjoyable movie to watch.

Way Too Long...

Just dull .

It was so suspenseful and the fantasy was just mouth droping.


Worst movie in years!.

Natalie Portman's character is the only one that i cared about, while the others are very uninteresting, even when they start dying one by one you don't feel nothing for them.

The argument, "Confusing" is more reasonable than "Not making sense".

If you consider an empty glass- even if there is no water, the glass is still there.

Slow and Senseless .


Where this movie might lose points with people, I feel it more than makes up for with the absolutely stunning visual aspect.

Don't waste your time with this one.

A pretentious mess.

This movie really does appeal to a certain type of audience; people who love Sci-Fis, Thrillers and a bit of Horror and people who have patience, as this movie does have a slow start.

I gave this a 6/10 because it was enjoyable, I like natalie portman & it has pretty colors.

Don't waste your time on Annihilation.

Don't waste your time.

It just comes off as a pretentious, over-ambitious, hack of what a science-fiction film should be.

It is a 5 movie, if you don't watch it, nothing happens, if you do, it is all the same.

Annihilation is neither exciting, nor interesting, nor scary.

Don't waste your time .

I honestly got bored and started looking for the next film to watch before it had ended.

It ought to be as pretentious as hell and for most of the time it is, (the po-faced performances certainly don't help), although if you accept the film's ridiculous premiss it is quite imaginative at times and even quite beautiful.

Besides the great, intriguing visuals and interesting plot, the acting is also top-notch.

Well worth the watch .

Dull story with atrocious acting .

The movie is just absolutely boring.

It was very, very slow in a lot of places and lost my engagement throughout the viewing.

It is another of the utterly superfluous and pointless feminist movies.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Simply put, don't waste your time unless you want to watch it for the pretty colours and neat geometric designs.

This movie is pretentious yet original, smart yet dumb, well made yet poorly made, and riveting yet boring.

Waste time of time .

The sad acoustic guitar and Crosby Stills and Nash songs lulled me to sleep.

The final act is intriguing.

boring movie.

The more I continued to watch, the more I became bored with the premise.

The first 90 minutes portray an excellent story with a compelling plot.

This also makes it a bit more exciting for the narrative strand.

Visually stunning .

It is weird it is pointless.

Very boring, couldn't understand how folks think thats its great and loved it.

It was pretty good movies but was also confusing and really bizarre ending which made it a 7.

It moves so slow.

Very very slow .

There's no soul here, a waste of my time.

What a horrible and boring movie .

It asked quite a number of very intriguing questions.

Ridiculous and boring .

From beginning to end, the film is powerfully unsettling, even featuring what I can call one of the most stunningly disturbing scenes ever put to film, but it's still an entertaining and engrossing watch throughout, thanks to beautiful visuals at every moment, engrossing characters, a very strong lead performance from Natalie Portman both on a physical and emotional level, and brilliant tension and sci-fi intrigue that will definitely have your jaw on the floor come the end.

Thought provoking, and mildly entertaining.

Very slow with very little happening .

It looked visually stunning (and it was), and it seemed like it was an interesting concept...

Don't waste your time.

Annihilation does have a pretty decent premise, but I'm afraid the film is a long, slow, meandering mess, with (as others have detailed) a very long list of plot holes and logical inconsistencies.

It seemed disjointed which contributed to a "continuity lacking appearing" story line.

Very slow film, the plot was scarce with little character development...

Annihilation through boredom .

The final scenes special effects are great.. then not so great, maybe the budget ran out or the cgi guys were bored!

Don't waste your time or money on this one.

Don't waste your time it's two hours you will never get back .

So boring, so silly.

I enjoyed it more than I did the book.

By no means an intelligent sitting for anyone, but it might be too boring.

Beautiful and exciting .

The visual effects were stunning and beautiful, at times psychedelic.

Waste of time.

Don't get me wrong, there was some connections you could make with the character but because of the writing of the character there wasn't much of a connection with the main character like I wanted and if the character died, I don't think that I would have felt much, maybe a bit disappointed but also would have felt cheated at such a cliché.

Riveting sci fi psychological thriller with enough bizarre, at times gory, unpredictable action bolstered by captivating story and scenes and great acting to keep me and my girl spellbound for 2 hours!

Unfortunately the movie does suffer from weak and wooden acting, fake CGI and bland screenplay.

Waste of time, in the current Chick hero mode.

It's supposed to be confusing.

It is simply boring and full of plot holes.

Waste of time.

No plot, no story, no conclusion.. nothing..It might just work, though, if you're stoned or something.

The writers fell asleep on the story, though.

You just have to be open for some weird stuff, confusion, and questioning.

This was a weird slow burn.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Visually stunning.

Portman and Jason-Leigh are good albeit a bit empty...

Annihilation is visually stunning, thought-provoking and well acted.

The film is just plain boring.

This movie is very linear, the only attempt at a plot twist is downplayed by monotone scenes which leave you unexcited, not on the edge of your seat if that is what you are hoping.

This went on for way too long.

The concept is fascinating and terrifying to me.

There are a few effective scares and eerie scenes with the mutations, but there are too many lapses in logic for my taste, and I just find Natalie Portman's acting bland and unconvincing.

The choices the characters make are illogical and pointless.

Such a boring movie .

What a waste of my time .

Acting is excellent, visuals are stunning and storytelling is flawless.

Only Natalie Portman is worth watching.

Engaging Visuals with Poor Execution.

but the story line, after 'bout 40 mins was so so boring.

The movie is just slow and uninteresting.

Complete waste of time.

Oh wait, that's the tone: welcome to an incompetent, shamelessly pretentious movie with a plot stolen from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (both versions) and not done nearly as well.

Slow stark dialogue, long lingering shots, low rumbling drone sound effects, all seem a bit laboured, as does the shimmer effect (a character of sorts in itself) looks a bit like fairy liquid in the sink.

This movie is in fact a masterpiece: Mysterious, beautyful, dark, thrilling, unexpected, breathtaking...

The first movie I ever I mean ever walked out of the theater on.

I would most definitely recommend it to those who like an engaging movie full of interesting ideals as well as a good scare

A few more adjectives that come to mind to describe this movie are immersive, intense, creepy, emotional at parts, trippy at others, there's just so much to appreciate in this movie.

The "praised beauty" is overrated, it's a boring swamp.

The buildup was so intense, and I was a tad let down by the time the climax finished.

I did not read reviews, heard some good remarks about it when it was released but what a terrible plotless B grade movie.

This is an enjoyable film with an interesting concept only let down by its ambiguousness and questionable science.

It had potential and kept me engrossed but if I wanted to watch two hours of something going nowhere I'd stand in my garage and look at my parked car.

Boring .

At times all characters can look so dull and plain or even worse- some frighten and some not at all.

The whole supposed deeper message and symbolization interpretation that so many of these self proclaimed internet geniuses seem to have is quite funny and pretentious.

Waste of time .

Long, drawn out segments going nowhere - boring dialog - and at times overly explicit and graphic scenes just kill any hope you have of a great movie.

Overall this was a terrific, slow, weird and crazy nightmarish movie.


The actors seemed bored too.

Confusing, jumbled, mess .

Boring, illogical and predictable .

As I said earlier, the visuals in the film are stunning so it is a pity - even with the advent of supersize televisions - that it could not find even a limited theatrical release in Europe, as its visual scope at least deserves a large screen.

There's the shimmer - except more defined, interesting and entertaining.

It's terribly slow with a lot of flashbacks.

Worth watching if you have time.

I even dozed off twice along the way, because the story was so pointless and ridiculous.

It took will power to do so due to the pace and a host of relentless disjointed flashbacks.

Overall, very enjoyable though does require a bit of thought to interpret the ending.

The movie came across like a suspense - horror - thriller but all that adrenaline was lost when the director moved into pseudo-intellectual artsy stuff.

The most boring and dumbest movie I have seen in a long time.

The back story of the relationship was the most boring thing I've ever been exposed to in film in the last few years.

Frustrated, never cracks a smile, burdened, and all around bland.

This movie did both for me and I watched the ending in stunned silence, literally gripping my armrest.

meaningless boring bad ending movie .

Think "The Happening", but a marvellous work of art instead of a waste of your time.

Once the heroines are inside the 'Shimmer', the visuals are remarkable and the scientific possibilities presented are intriguing, but the frequent ineptitudes of the writing ruin the effects, as do the utterly pointless, illogical, and meaningless flashback sex scenes.

Despite these issues the plot is still intriguing and well crafted.

It's a super interesting concept with stunning visuals.

Don't waste your time on this ridiculous attempt at sci fi.

An enjoyable film for most of you.

Oh well, you know , to make you fall asleep, and then, finally, you can spend another 5 minutes looking into a bright, golden light for like a few minutes and then you get to experience how to run away from the hole after that!!!

If you want to fall asleep and nothing else works, this movie will.

Direction/Writing: The world created in Annihilation is simply stunning.

This was was so boring it took me 3 days to watch cause i kept stopping to do other things and only would go back when there was nothing else to do.

Well, that's stupid, pointless and unnecessary.

And the cherry on top, after being bored out of your mind and irritated with how illogical this movie is , comes the scene at the light house...

I did like how the source of scariness came from the unknown, the beauty of nature and the mundane.

Empty and lost .

As Lena tries to find out why her husband has become an empty shell of an existence, he starts to vomit blood.

When one of them gets dragged away the women are hysterical and breathless and screeching.

The movie just falls flat on its boring face and you can see straight through all the artistic nonsense to see the movie for what it really is...

The movie has quite an original premise, or at least I've never encountered anything like this, and it is visually beautiful, therefore in the theater, it is probably breathtaking and diverts attention from the fact that it has nothing else to offer.

This movie had the potential to be a solid flick, however the plot went nowhere.

Great movie,visually stunning,creepy keeps you guessing.

I used this movie as a '4K Demo' on my TV :P BORING!

For all its pretences of being 'highbrow', meditative and 'smart' science-fiction, 'Annihilation (2018)' relies so incredibly heavily on overt and repetitive exposition that it would be difficult to call any aspect of it 'ambiguous'.

A pointless plot holed pile of putridity .

It's not the typical sci-fi that devolves into everyone running from some monster (not that there is anything wrong with that, I'm as big a fan of Alien as anyone), it's far more thoughtful, interesting and unpredictable.

The movie is tight and spare in its synthesis of the story, but is also entertaining, action-packed and beautiful to look at.

If this part is off, it's just another CGI snoozer.

Flawed but compelling .

This time I tried to ignore the plot holes, and just focus on the atmospheric qualities of the film, and I enjoyed it even more.

Confusing, jumping back and forth and do not have a good ending.

This film wanted to be great it really had it's moments but with its narrative it got a tad confusing to follow .

The not so good: Once again, what was a potentially decent idea/story is completely destroyed by Leftist Propaganda mixed with a generous helping of stupid.

I find this film engaging, different and that alien look is hypnotic as well as scary.

A salute to Alex Garland for giving us a compelling story and women (lead) characters that don't feel like sugar coating.

That scene was so intense and frightening that it made me cringe the whole time.

I believe the film's ending made up for its slow start.

This was a complete waste of time.

Take my advice and watch paint dry- at least their is a happy ending.

And dont even start me on the cringe and cliched wantedly overtwisted but still boring ending.

As you can probably surmise from the trailers, this is more of a slow, melancholy wander through the unknown than a guns-blazing action thriller, though there are some moments of noisy chaos.

Things go downhill toward the end in a far too drawn out allegory of sorts that finishes up in a ridiculous way out.

The pacing of this film is really slow and I was bored for the majority of this film meaning i checked out and didn't particularly follow the bizarre ending.

Overall it was confusing and I fell asleep multiple times.

It does this by employing various types of tensions:- playing with tempo, juxtaposition of acting styles and experimental camera work - but it doesn't achieve any greatness in this regard and just comes across really, really boring and at times reaches the heights of actually being infuriating.

If I'd gone in expecting a dumb monster movie with cool effects, I might have enjoyed it a lot more.

This movie is meant to be "Confusing", and it's meant to make you think, and I respect that direction, because sometimes it's good to have an unexplained ending.

There were some rocky places in the plot sure but overall the movie held my attention and was pretty damn entertaining.

The ambiance is suspenseful and eerie, as you find yourself actually concerned for the future and welfare of all characters involved.

I loved the tough and brave military women, and it was a fascinating movie where you didn't really know what to expect.

It's been said before, but the ending of this movie was prime evidence of the screenwriter falling into a coma and I found the entire movie a gigantic yawn fest.

Overall story was meh and predictable.

Standard Hollywood Cliche .

The movies had it moments where there was a lot of intriguing and unanswered explanations as to what they were up against in the world not know to man.

I want to think that the last sequence tries to leave some kind of mistery?

I really wanted to like this film because the concept seemed fascinating and Alex Garland's previous film was excellent.

It's worth the watch just to see Natalie Portman shooting a machine gun.

Another waste of time.

Boring, boring, boring.

All tech stuff about movie are just fine, but I honestly think fishing or cooking or even just sitting and looking at the clouds move is more "action packed" and interesting than this rubbish of a movie.

Its more of a fantastic movie, stunning to look at .

Plot of movie HORRIBLE AND BORING!!!

Beautiful but boring .

Then, you factor in the confusion, and you've got one frustrating mess.

A boring build-up to the mission; some brief excitement involving the mutated animals; a smattering of gore; lots of introspection and ponderous pretentiousness; plenty of scenes that take an awful lot of swallowing; and an ending that makes very little sense: Annihilation is the perfect companion piece to Danny Boyle's even more disappointing and even more perplexing sci-fi Sunshine, which was also penned by Garland.

Visually stunning...

This is the worst movie ever.

Don't waste your time life is short .

Slow start just get to the weird stuff .

If you want to see an entertaining, thought provoking, imaginative piece of science fiction story telling, save your money and wait for Netflix to buy this garbage special effects dribble.

The only way to enjoy this film is having it play in the background while you are doing something just to catch a glimpse of the funky scenery once in a while, if you are someone who likes to analyze and thoroughly understand movies, this is surely not for you, as soon as you begin watching questions of confusion will arise and they will never stop until the ending, which is really weak too, the ''twist'' if you can even call it that is so pathetic a toddler would laugh at it.

Pointless, boring and disappointing, to say any more would only waste more of my time.

It would of been a much more eventful and intense movie.

First half of hour is boring, than you look again when weapons come into picture, than it is again boring, than slight moment of "oh maybe there is somethnig" when croc comes into picture, seconds after boring again, thang some guts, than again boooorrrriiiingggg women.

A very boring horror .

Waste of time .

It just dragged on and on.

Don't Waste Your Time .

Jennifer Jason Leigh though just looked bored for 95% of her screentime.

Warning - you may die of boredom and confusion if you watch .

A waste of time .

An intellectually ridiculous piece of boring entertainment.

The backstory of this film is as compelling as the story seen on screen.

Boring .

That one started with an 8+ rating and had a bunch of glowing critics' comments on the poster, so I dragged a friend to see it.

Slow paced sci fi think piece .

Worth the watch if you like this genre

Its sci-fi elements take centre stage throughout, but alongside that, there's a distinctive haunted house-style vibe surrounding the scientists' journey into 'The Shimmer', creating great tension that far surpasses typical horror movies, and makes for an even more thrilling watch throughout, as you feel deeply unsettled by the potential for danger in this new world alongside the wonders and marvels that have been created.

This was probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

The script is also extremely creative and exciting to watch.

Seeing women on the screen isnt that mind blowing.

Plus, the pace at time was unbearably slow, further killing any joy from the movie.

Also the sex scenes were a bit pointless and didn't REALLY add much to the main character, nor did they somehow affect her actions later on.

The plot was quite interesting at first when it's essentially a sci fi mystery, but they made the characters very boring and unlikable.

So when you eat the cake you feel nothing, empty...........

The only redeemable quality of this film were the visual effects and the fact that it was female centric, but that makes it pointless when they are characters that you don't care if they live or die.

A stunning achievement from director Alex Garland, this adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's science-fiction novel is a rare breed of big studio filmmaking: It's an impressively cerebral, nearly literary genre entry that keeps things moving without sacrificing its deliberate pace for unnecessary action sequences.

It was a complete waste of time without even a cool or interesting pay out at the end.

When the investigation team asks Lena if there were any aliens left, she gave confusing answers - because there weren't any alien life forms present in the first place.

The final sequences are just breathtaking from an artistic perspective and the movie has lingered with me, perhaps because it is just so different from anything else I have ever seen.

It is a horrible movie, a complete waste of time for the actors (who gave it their best) and the viewers.

A wonderful if pretentious movie that you very well may not like .

Though based on a novel, it's an original and really cool concept I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the ambiguous ending.

Disjointed plot is an understatement.

I found this film incredibly disturbing and also extremely entertaining.

They are pretty bland.

I will say it is visually stunning, so that makes it not suck...

It is visually stunning with some incredible set pieces that are both gory and simultaneously beautiful.

There are interesting and disturbing moments but it's a bit boring and the characters don't help you like this movie.

This movie had a few interesting graphics but all in all, it was slow to get to any interesting parts, slow and boring, Spielberg light show, and then a scene where the alien self mimics the moves of Natalie Portman, mildly entertaining.

Annihilation is an example of a film so disjointed and jarring, that I truly believe the sole purpose of its creation is to frustrate viewers.

This story takes way too long to tell and should have been an hour.

Natalie Portman does her best to be an engaging action hero, yet her one-dimensional and boring character is tough to care for and root for.

This movie was a waste of time.

Don't waste your time.

Extremely boring film.

If the picture is good, it will be entertaining the first time around, even if it is more so the second (with the knowledge gained from having already seen it).

Boring film .

All in all, the movie is entertaining, it makes you think about a possibility that could be out there for all we know, and the ending makes me wonder what is next.

My definition is a movie that makes you think, a movie that is original and unpredictable.

Absolute waste of money.

And the characters half dimensional and BORING.

This film is engaging, amazing and skillful.

Waste of time .

It also takes far too long to finally enter the anomaly, about a half hour into a film that is barely two hours in length.

Po-faced and 'intellectual' sci-fi that thinks it is smarter than it really is seems to be the in-thing now, with 'Annihilation' and the much-ballyhooed 'Arrival', but this is probably the more enjoyable film.

The visual effects were frankly stunning and off the charts.

The final act is worth watching just for the cg.

That's ok, for some I guess, because It is entertaining throughout the process.

Don't waste your time on that one

Pretentious .

Slow To Start, Hold On Till the End.

First of all, this film looks absolutely stunning.

painfully slow pacing, oh my.

Even great special effects, interesting music and a decent cast cant make up for what is a pretty mundane storyline.

Left me feeling empty and cheated.


I tried to like Annihilation but just found the film to be extremely slow, just barely keeping myself interested by the ideas and themes the film presented.

I came out of it with some annoying confusion.

Amazing visuals, breathtaking cinematography, and a story that keeps you thinking.

The story it COMPLETELY logical, and it seems many viewers want to bash the story for being not a big action movie, but instead a VERY thought provoking and intense suspenseful story that is very simple to follow.

Other than that, it was uninteresting and suffers from poor pacing, as well as undeveloped and uninteresting characters.

total waste of time,made no sense,and terrible ending.

What a complete waste of time.

Annihilation is worth watching purely to give credit to the visual effects on show, not to mention if you are partial to a sci-fi flick.

This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen!

It was confusing,inconclusive and generally bad.

Boring Action .

Boring and slow, even the 'action' scenes seemed drawn-out and did not create excitement or tension.

Someone took LSD, remembered their awesome trip, and turned it into a movie worth watching.

Slow and ponderous .

This is one of the worst movies i have seen in a long time.

A very boring and sometimes very un- interesting horror here.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I found it gripping from start to end.

I enjoyed it.

Most of the film actually nothing happens, except for one of the girls (physicist?

Annihilation has good acting, and a unique and intriguing plot- -though troubling at the same time.

It is mesmerizing, atmospheric, suspenseful and sometimes, downright creepy, with mystery and depth.

It only adds to the confusing.

Other than that, the film is visually stunning to the point that it feels like a massage for your eyes.

CONS:The backstory of Lena (Portman) is slow and nuanced to the point of being boring.

But it just comes out weird and confusing with an ending that is plainly unsatisfying and does not make any sense.

It took everything I had to keep from falling asleep.

There's a few efforts to scare the audience, which are predictable and unnecessary.

I don't write review, this is the first time I do this and might the last time, but this movie is annoyingly terrible, really the worst movie I've ever watched.


Yeah, Natalie Portman and people behind this movie are sometimes more pretentious than they're supposed to be.

Like Ex Machina it is a slow, plodding movie, it's meant to be a slow burn kind of sci-fi.

It's an adventure but with so many possibilities, which is either way ends with confusion and This movie exactly did that.

It is disjointed, amateur, and almost irritating ...

Starts out slow with jumping around with scenes that make little or no sense.

I understood the premise it's just such a dull and tedious movie

Admittedly I am one of the few people who were not blown away by Garland's last outing, the enjoyable but, I felt, too ponderous, Ex Machina.

Unfortunately, her character is just so bland and boring, there just isn't much about her that makes her interesting or to make you care about her character and her plight.

I've wanted to watch this film for some time now, the trailer was intriguing to say the least.

Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring

Over dramatic, slow paced, and a severe lack of intelligence shown by the characters at several occasions.

Frankly the plot is rather dull backed up by shallow writing, an unbelievable set-up and actors that don't feel 'right' in their roles.

Stunning .

Packed with subtlety and riveting storytelling.

Don't waste your time to try watching this movie, period.

After just my second watch the experience of the film was far more enjoyable and I got a lot out of it.

Don't waste your time.

This movie is incredibly fascinating an eery .

Definitely worth the watch for any sci-fi fan.

Some were tedious, some pointless and often confusing.

It's exciting and thought provoking and complex.

What a waste of my time.

An absolute bore and complete and utter waste of time.

It's a different sci-fi, unpredictable, new, which is why it kept me interested until the last second.

Somewhat in line with the recent 'Interstellar' when combined with the slow pace.

You might be annihilated from boredom...

Alex Garland's previous film 'Ex Machina' was an absolute classic so I had high hopes but while this sci-fi is audibly and visually beautiful, I found it far too slow paced to really enjoy.

Complete waste of time .

The interesting moments are overshadowed by an intentionally confusing and pretentious plot.

Not the worst movie I have ever seen, but one of the most boring and definitely the most disappointing.

Don't waste your time on this boring dreadful movie.

An excellent soundtrack, visually quite lovely, it ranges from tediously dull to tensely suspenseful with moments of amazement and horror.

The ending is very good, intriguing and subject, as I said before, to various interpretations.

Awful and absolute waste of time .

Nothing happens on thousand pages.

Natalie Portman is as compelling to watch as ever.

This is not the best sci-fi movies, it took me 3 days to watch it, I just keep falling asleep while watching

Throughout the movie, it's walking the line between science fiction and horror, and then the last 20 minutes turn hard into the science fiction aspect in a very unexpected way.

On top of stupid things it became very slow in many scenes.

So I give it points for be confusing, creative and different, I just wish they would've may be toned it down and made it more relatable or understandable .

And though we sometimes like movies that make you think, the movie itself failed to be entertaining enough to provoke such thought.

Pretentious, incompetent drivel, good only for the special effects.

It's just horribly boring.

There is just nothing that would even make it worth a rental and I really wish we had a rating for Zero on here because that's what Annihilation deserves it is one of the worst movies I ever seen in my life and I will be sure to avoid this one at all cost.

Boring: Oh look I am a biologist so I must talk about cells a couple of times to make it clear that I am a biologist; even when I am in home.

However, it might be too boring.

Atmospheric, tense and engrossing .

disappointing, boring, cheap .

Don't waste your time...

What a boring slow piece of garbage .

I'm not sure when this style of acting became popular, but someone needs to tell directors that having actors stand perfectly still while speaking in a monotone makes the film LESS exciting.

It's often intense , usually beautiful, well acted, and had some really weird and mesmerizing moments.

The characters are boring as hell.

Pretentious boring boringness .

Worst movie I've EVER seen .

Seriously don't waste your time.

"Annihilition", while utterly beautiful, haunting and fascinating, during its best moments, suffers of very unbelievable premises.

Just a waste of time being labeled as "deep" because the film made no sense.

The ending is still something awe inspiring and left me staring at the screen in a state of wonder until the credits rolled through and then some.

This has those things, but manages to be utter nonsense and a waste of time.

The ending scene is a little confusing until you remember the idea they've been trying to drive home for the last 20 minutes.

Just an even more pretentious "artistic" and "deep thought" movie like gravity.

She's bland and boring.

This becomes very grating, very quickly because all of its ideas are spelled out through stunted delivery of a subpar script, one that's over-explanatory, repetitive and totally not representative of how actual people speak to one another.

just know i'v warn you if you'd find it boring...

I loved the idea of this movie and really enjoyed it, in fact I'd have loved it if only they would have had any sane person working on it who could point out the glaringly obvious issues!

In short; watch this as a sci-fi drama, marginal horror and above all, try to keep up with the plot despite the pointless flashbacks.

A complete waste of time.

The plot is a very intriguing one from the get go as it is about a biologist that served in the army that decides to sign up for a secretive expedition into the strange Area X where the laws of nature that we are familiar with don't apply.

Sometimes hard to follow and sometimes it falls flat.

It's fascinating and more than a little unsettling to watch how each of the main characters slowly become unhinged as they try and fail to come to terms with what they're experiencing.

Worth watching just to come to your own conclusion.

You could call it ground-breaking to cast a bunch of actresses in the traditionally male roles of a team of scientists and explorers checking out an unexplainable phenomenon, but in this case you could also call it boring and unbelievable.

Accent not on feminist, but on pointless, (although I know everyone who's out for revenge for thousand years male domination, will deliberately misunderstand and will vomit blood on me).

Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac deliver wonderfully compelling performances throughout, and right off the hop the movie demands our attention and leaves us yearning to see where the story takes their characters next.

Once they are in the 'Shimmer', the visuals are remarkable and the scientific possibilities presented are intriguing, but the gross stupidities of the writing ruin the effects, along with the utterly pointless flashback sex scenes.

He also writes intriguing character arcs that evolve around the idea of Annihilation itself.

Appropriately building from what is known into something fundamentally new, director Alex Garland fuses equal parts Big Questions science-fiction (the film's closest spiritual sibling is 2016's Arrival and its rendition of a sentient consciousness that is fundamentally non-human) with inventively disturbing body horror, and intertwining, fatalistic environmental and psychological allegories, all stitched together through a slow, Kubrickian creep into the metaphysical.

portman & 3 other woman Good Actress but movie Was Slow!!!!

Well-shot and effectively suspenseful .

Having said all of that, I still highly recommend it because of its originality and weirdness.

Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh make for an effective, strong duo, and they're well-matched by a compelling supporting cast that never lets an opportunity to shine pass them by.

It is very nuanced and affecting in the scenes between her and Kane, but is far from successful in the stuff with the affair, which felt out of place, pointless, came out of nowhere when introduced, was ended very quickly and never heard from again.

The imagery is stunning and also truly horrific.

I fell asleep trying to watch this thing.

I truly enjoyed it, this is one of the most perplexing and thought-provoking movies I've ever seen, it has too many lectures, and none of them cancels the other It will take forever to tackle them all.

The slow pace, dramatic scoring and detailed effects are all geared towards the common cause of immersing its audience into an alien land, making the bizarre familiar.

This movie is pretentious.

The characters are all uninteresting sour pusses.

Some pretty effects but mostly boring .

Pretentious and ponderous series of nonsensical scenes featuring an overload of uninspired CGI.

And it's also very exciting and super mysterious.

Political, pretentious and coarse .

Intriguing concept.

*Overall* the story is pretty engaging and kept my interest.

boring movie.

If you have high expectations for this to be even a so-so Sci-Fi flick, then don't waste your time....

I left the theater with questions that I still don't have the answers to, and that in itself should be a reason to see this movie at least once.

this was one of the worst movies i have ever rubbish

Don't waste your time, just read the negative reviews below, im not gonna repeat them here.

Ultimately, the warped scenarios she and a crew of outcasts (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson) come across are a mix of disturbing, fascinating and breathtaking.

The only truly exciting scene was in the house with the mutated bear.

If you like your sci-fi with a slower pace, and a thought provoking angle, this could be for you.

And the way of absorbing energy inside is changed, and it can absorb energy through contact.

The first 30-45 minutes of the move worked for me, but after that it went way off the boil and became in my opinion a disjointed mess with a incomprehensible ending, hopefully they'll be no sequel

So I think it's totally worth watching So good luck with it, maybe you understand it way better than me

It was forgettable and pointless.

The setup is interesting while being boring.

I understand that it was meant to be open to interpretation, but this wound up being very confusing and seemed to be more of a demonstration of cool visuals rather than actually bringing closure to the story.

Like always.. the movie which all actors are women is boring and a waste of time, thats will be fine just for a women or family movies not any

Her also-cheatin' paramour expressed even less pleasure in the act, if possible, and bore the hallmarks of being in a "waking" coma or being otherwise stunned and immobile.


To think about what is happening is very exciting.

Thankfully, director Alex Garland shows a knack for cinematically transmuting the dreamlike dizziness of VanderMeer's prose, with atmosphere and mise-en-scene so evocative the theatre air feels damp, and sticky, and our skin begins to itch.

One has to be pretty jaded to rate this badly and to look for 'scientific logic' and flaws etc.. Entertaining on all levels, excellent imagery and sound.

Pretentious and not at all cerebral.

So glad I did as I found it very thought provoking and visually stunning.

This movie bored me to death it was so slow and i don't understand how it has a 7/10 rating for something so poorly done.

The movie was boring.

A very engaging plot/story...

The overall message and theme of the movie is really fascinating to me.

The filming and acting and story are all top rate, and it is suspenseful and scary and wonderful and beautiful all at the same time.

The sense of "danger" was almost overwhelming, but the pace was so slow I was thinking "Please, just go ahead and end the world already!

Annihilation is not unwatchable, but it is disappointing and somewhat pretentious with a good film buried beneath the pretensions.

It's very slow moving, and frankly, quite boring.

Pretentious load of rubbish .

The climax is a long scene, with no dialogue, that had me on the edge of my seat.

Intense !


Really slow and pointless.

It was great until the totally confusing ending.

They try to combine Science fiction and horror and they fell miserably they focus too much on the gore and even going so far as to cut a man open on screen that was when I got up and left the theater because I don't want to see that kind of junk in a movie it was just disgusting.

and just ended up with a tedious mess of nonsensical scenes that barely quality as a movie.

I left the theater with so many questions.

Slow burn , left me thinking .

The story in the film is both familiar but also confusing and nonsensical, seeing this group of women together makes you think of more interesting movies where you actually care about the members of the team.

I see a lot of reviews talking about how it's "Confusing" and "It made no sense".

Wow, probably the worst movie I have seen .

There was no dialogue that made me invest in the characters and the beginning act, based on Natalie Portman's character's life just bored me so I actually skipped to a scene I would be more intrested in.

There's a difference between an engaging, confusing movie, and sheer nonsense.

The plot has huge holes in it and the screenplay is boring, predictable and stretched just to make some 120 minutes.

The storyline is very bland, you don't really care about the characters or their motivations.

Endulge in the stunning setting.

Fascinating to see this kind of science fiction writing so well realized on the screen.

The characters were all colourless, unattractive and uninteresting.

Annihilation is a stunning and meaningful film, and so far one of the best ones of the year.

This was just such a superficial, pretentious and - worst of all - predictable piece of nothing: the SFX were childish, the hackneyed story-line barely existed, the characters were just cardboard cut-outs and the ending was so obvious that I had to keep watching just to see if the audience's intelligence really was going to be insulted.

Entertaining, thought-provoking and very weird .

The rest of the film was boring and generic, and the wild contrast between these two scenes and the rest of the film is really strange, and makes it feel like two different films unnaturally spliced together.

It's up there with "AI: Artificial intelligence" as a generally enjoyable and thought provoking film that's entirely undone by the decisions made for the last half hour.

but we came up empty handed.

It was visually stunning.

It feels important to a stagnating genre, offering both riveting set-pieces and exploring areas of science that will have you constantly engaged in order to have any hope of understanding the story's revelations.

") or its the worst movie ever made and gets 1 star.

A bad team with bad chemistry, with boring adventure, with lackluster backstory and you figure out at the end that the story is meaningless, that's my conclusions.

I liked this because it was science mixed with confusion.

The concept is really mind blowing, storyline is good.

not because it's actually an entertaining, or particularly important, movie.

Slowly beaten down by the slog, the bland, frank, matter-of-fact leads and the lack of real answers.

If you like a slow walk thru the forest and beach this film is for you.

Though the first act is quite slow and may bore some people, the end result for me is a modern day masterpiece.

The atmosphere of the film was very different and the color scheme was actually cool but you feel like the story is just empty.

I seriously don't why I watched this movie or any of Natalie Portman's movies, it went so slow.

A suspenseful mystery .

Dragged on .

worst movie ever!

they saying each to his own,well if you enjoyed this film then i think you must have no real grip of what a movie going is, entertainment,getting away from it all,this movie was boring,crap effects and and a totally bad script

I still really enjoyed it and loved the atmosphere , sort of reminded me of Stalker.

dont waste two hours of your valuable time on this piece of trash!

Although not all of the main group of five are as interesting as one another, Natalie Portman's character is indeed a riveting lead, bringing emotional depth to the story as well as an endless curiosity that drives you, the viewer, to want to venture deeper into The Shimmer, something that makes what would normally seem like stupid horror movie decisions feel a lot more understandable, and much easier to relate to.

The characters are so bland and boring I didn't care if any of them died whatsoever in fact I was hoping they would so I would see something exciting instead of what was actually on screen.

don't waste you're time .

but Hollywood seems to have abandoned telling stories and shifted to jamming propaganda down our throats as a business model.

I found this film tense, thrilling, beautiful, imaginative and intriguing.

This is a thinking person's science-fiction movie, and it's a fascinating journey from beginning to end.

Instead we get more wooden dialogue from a set of predictable characters that don't evoke any sympathy.

Don't waste your time on this movie .

The only thoughts provoked to me personally from this particular movie is "I am bored".

It is tedious .

I thought the whole thing was much more enjoyable viewed as a truly epic "bad trip," adding a much-needed change of tone and making the manic bumbling of the characters a lot more tolerable.

The directing is super slow and this combined with poor acting and the dreadfully cliched script make watching this film quite painful.

Unwatchable .

An intriguing idea .

pretty enjoyable while watching stoned^^

Waste of time.

A slow moving piece of ...............


This Movie was so Slow (Longest 2 hrs of my life!!!!

Slow .

Visually this is stunning or rather completely speaking from a technical point, I don't think you can find (m)any flaws here.

Incredibly thrilling movie.


Throughout the film (before we loose our minds completely to the world of Area X), the visuals are utterly compelling; the film is unlike anything else I've seen.

TERRIBLE acting and scripting, don't waste your time

Overall the film is interesting and enjoyable to look at and maybe just needed a little more character flare and a longer runtime to allow its inhabitants to breathe.

Awful dialogue, like it was written by someone who's never heard people talk, clunky, clichéd Just unwatchable.

Pretty confusing .

Pretentious and plain boring.

(Pro) Great sci-fi movie that will intrigue you the whole timeThe "Shimmer" and its effect on living things will WOW youThere are some very intense or disturbing scenes, and they were greatBeautiful production design.

I saw this movie on netflix I was expecting Sci-fi masterpiece but it was the worst Sci-Fi movie of 2018 total waste of time, very disappointing

It's the same feeling you get when you feel like you have to take a dump and as soon as you sit down nothing happens.

the most boring Sci-fi movie .

In addition, the director chose to constantly jump from the present, to the past and to the future of the story in such regularity that it became extremely difficult to follow.

That was so freakin pointless.

The repetitive flashbacks are unnecessary at best and annoying at worst.

That at times can slow the film down.

Story is non-existent, pace is slow to death with minimum revelation in any given moment.

Banal acting, shocking plot holes, too much money spent on CGI and not enough on decent script writing.

Ultimately unhelpful flash-forwards and -backs mar an otherwise immersive (viscerally more than intellectually-the ending didn't satisfy) sci-fi experience initiated by the haunting homecoming scene early on: solid turns, an intense score, and monumental visuals carry the film from spooky (see the first wake-up) to grisly (see the bear attack; stomach cut) to weird (see the trippy cave scene), with just an unforgettable sense of "WTF is going on!?

They were trying for suspense but it was just mostly boring.

Slow and strange .

And then on top of that, the film does a brilliant job of being an engrossing character-based drama as well.

The special effects are breathtaking, and the ambient sound that permeates throughout the movie manages to establish an eerie, moody atmosphere that never lets up.

Aside from the stunning visual effects and one horrifying scene, Annihilation isn't worth your time.

Definitely worth the watch as a sci-fi type drama in set on present

The acting is good but the story is too confusing and disjointed.

I guess this movie was meant to be more of a cerebral sci-fi, but I personally found it boring compared to other good sci-fi movies...

Totally plotless movie .

More boredom and then some action.

Entertaining and kind of interesting and intelligent.

Almost all the lead actors are people I like in other movies, particularly Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac, but everyone's lines are delivered in this weird mumbling monotone, which is just bad directing - shocking, of course, since the same guy wrote and directed it.

Waste of time .

I liked this movie not necessarily for the story-line, which was somewhat common, but for the intriguing and terrifying idea that danger could be hidden in beauty and darkness could hide into the light.

I did buy the soundtrack album (and fell asleep while listening to it).

Totally pointless and worthless film .

The closing scene then shows a very predictable hint to a possible sequel.

Annihilation (2018) is a very intense, off the wall sci-fi movie that is filled with death, love, stunning visuals, and a bit of horror.

Slow Burner that ends most unexpectedly .

Pretty and confusing .