Apollo 11 (2019) - Documentary, History

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A look at the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon led by commander Neil Armstrong and pilots Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Todd Douglas Miller
Stars: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 9 out of 156 found boring (5.76%)

One-line Reviews (65)

The editing and added graphics help with keeping the footage engaging.

The images were great mind blowing at times the narration wasn't great though and it felt like we were just watching largely uncut footage rather than a directed film.

Highly Riveting .

The filmmakers here have done an almost impossible job, condensing thousands of hours of footage into a gripping 93 minutes of one of the most astonishing achievements mankind has ever done.

And it was thrilling!

It's one of the most exciting and beautiful documentaries I've ever seen.

When you combine all of these elements, it makes for outright compelling viewing.

With no narration and just the words of the astronauts and the people at Mission Control to guide us, I was on the edge of my seat watching velocity numbers increase and decrease accompanied by a pulsating music score.

They are breathtaking in their vantage points, clarity, and impact.

That being said, the film is also really, really really boring.

Technical competency aside, it is just incredibly tedious to watch all the shots of people looking concerned at computer panels.

Fascinating styles and substance comprise this glimpse of 1969 humanity in its purest, unaffected form: Americans and tourists and their children elated, in a dignified way, to watch history in the making.

's was entertaining enough.

Up there with them now is 2019's Apollo 11, an exciting new film from Todd Douglas Miller that is begging for you to see it on the biggest screen possible.

Visually Stunning Feat, Emotionally Stirring.

Stunning assembly with electrifying, gripping moments.

This also makes for an adrenaline pumping sequence with the long buildup to the launch.

It is an incredible documentary..Amazing! Breathtaking moments..

IN BRIEF: A visually stunning documentary that captures America's glory days most effectively.

It's always interesting but the pacing sometimes makes it seem a little dull, usually just after it has been at its most exciting.

Bored to death!

The look of the film is stunning, as Mr. Miller and his crew enhance the aging footage with their adept high resolution techniques, renewed sound design, and dazzling state-of-the-art technology.

"Apollo 11" is a start to finish riveting documentary of the first manned mission to the moon.

As in any NASA documentary-it cannot be left out- is the dance, perfectly choreographed, in the fluorescently-lit stage of the control rooms, at Houston and Kennedy, of man after man, in rapid succession, giving the thrilling order: "Go.

Exciting material, dull presentation .

Stunning .

The whole film is absorbing, you live every moment.

And it's fascinating.

Amazing footage, but much of the movie we found too slow .

Stunning as was First Man last year.

SO boring .

You know they make it but the tension was intense.

The whole idea of putting a man on the moon is mind-blowingly fascinating, and should have presented a more dynamic effort than what is related by this picture.

"Apollo 11": Stunning Tribute to one of America's most Glorious Moments .

Final Say -As close as many of us will ever get to experiencing the world from an entirely different view, Apollo 11's captivating real life footage provides a thrilling, heartfelt and memorable examination of a very special moment in mankind's history.

It's a captivating production that blends restored multi-sourced archival footage and audio into a gripping documentary that brings the viewer back to the first moon landing in 1969.

For someone who wasn't alive to witness this when it happened, this is an astonishingly well put-together collection of archival footage and sound clips that results in a seamlessly breathtaking recreation of the Apollo 11 mission.

Quiet, absorbing .

The fact that this film is comprised of all archival footage and sound is stunning.

His flat film made the climax of Neil Armstrong taking that giant leap for Mankind about as exciting as ironing a nylon shirt.

This is little more than propaganda.

The overall effect is simply thrilling.

Kind of boring in the middle.

It's amazing that it's taken 50 years for this to be released, but it is truly nerve racking and exciting at every moment.

So if you're attentive, you'll pick up fascinating bits like that, but otherwise the documentary approach is somewhat bland and not as inspiring as one might expect.

And yet every rocket burn has you on the edge of your seat.

Absolutely Breathtaking.

Seen much better documentaries that portray things from a storyline perspective but still like I said worth it for the stunning footage although again felt there was a large amount of just showing crowds standing around to.

However, the flick is certainly intermittently compelling, thanks mainly to its confident editing and rousing score.

Breathtaking images and no annoying commentary.

Completely Absorbing .

I hope they found it as intense and thrilling as I did.

While this movie is entertaining and enthralling at times to watch I think it was an attempt to convince us that America in July 1969 was totally responsible for the Moon Landing and was to coin a phrase from "He Who Must not be Named " Great Again!

The film is loaded with breathtaking never before seen footage.

Apollo 11 is a fantastic example of making an engaging documentary while primarily using archive footage.

With the clear image and modern soundtrack, it is a thrilling experience to see on the big screen.

Strap yourself in to be bored senseless.

After recently re-watching Apollo 13 and marveling at how accurate the special effects looked, to see the real deal is breathtaking.

The producers blend all that content with extraordinary care so the on screen presentation is well layered fully engrossing.

BUT it's more than worth watching.

The movie is good in avoiding 'man-splaining' the art of space travel, but this might be confusing for the young and uninitiated.

Apollo 11 (2019) 7.5 Act 1 - 7.7 Act 2 - 7.3 Act 3 - 7.5Good Incredible archive footage Pieces together beautifully Incredible shots Starts days before launch and ends on returnBad A little boring at times Wish it went a little deeper into who the astronauts were

The film was boring that I ended up using the length of the film as a timer for my nap

The best you can say about this incredible film is that it is completely absorbing from beginning to end and you have the feeling that it was filmed yesterday, let alone 50 years ago.

From the onscreen countdowns accompanied by an intense score to the parallel screen cuts of both Earth and the Moon.