Apollo 13 (1995) - Adventure, Drama, History

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NASA must devise a strategy to return Apollo 13 to Earth safely after the spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage putting the lives of the three astronauts on board in jeopardy.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Ron Howard
Stars: Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton
Length: 140 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 37 out of 382 found boring (9.68%)

One-line Reviews (278)

Possibly Howard's best movie to date and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to check on their space history.

It is easy to tell a true story that is fascinating.

Pointless and boring .

The beginning of this historical drama features archive footage narrated by journalist Walter Cronkite, and this is an intriguing sequence.

It's not the kind of film I prefer, but Apollo 13 is epic: excellent representation of the event, excellent acting and exciting ending.

Ron Howard's Apollo 13 tells the riveting true story about how the Apollo 13 space mission happened.

This movie is over two hours long, but it is so absorbing, so interesting, and so riveting, that not one milisecond is boring.

Its last third is particularly full of real and intense suspense.

It's a fast paced and hard boiled movie that you will enjoy if you shut off your brain and let it tell you its story without expecting much.

So in all, with a tremendous cast with a truly unbelievable story, this film can be enjoyable and thrilling at the same time.

The near tragic flight of unlucky Apollo 13 galvanized (at least for the duration of the crisis) a nation grown predictably bored with the Space Race after Neil Armstrong's historic one small step on the Sea of Tranquillity one year earlier.

A Fascinating and Compelling Re-Creation .

That was easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Other than that, the movie was exceptionally thrilling.

Gripping story professionally rendered .

You can enjoy it as an engaging dramatic piece full of tension, suspense, and emotion.

The film manages to be educational, inspiring and entertaining.

Keep falling asleep during 2 other highly rated, current released movies, flipping channels paused and I was caught.

He uses some excellent special effects, has some wonderful camera, shots in real locations and uses low gravity, a good use of real news footage and after a slow build up makes a interesting and exciting film about how NASA got the astronauts back against the odds.

On the edge of my seat the whole time despite the spoiler alert of history.

Last hour - dragged on a little.

Especially Ed Harris makes the movie enjoyable with his very fine acting.

It's kind of a visually interesting movie at some parts, but its extremely slow which is a dealbreaker for me.

Cliches pile happily on cliches as Howard manages to drain the life from every bland minute of this tiresome yarn.

Overall, Apollo 13 is a magnificent movie - well worth watching time and again.

Like all Hollywood stuff, there are some added attractions with the idea to make the movie more entertaining.

I trust Chazelle to inject a sense of danger in the epic odyssey, but will it be as intense and palpable as when the lives of Apollo 13 men were at serious stakes when an explosion deprived the spacecraft from oxygen supply and fuel?

Mind boggling.

Exciting if you're into space and astronauts.

A gripping real-life story of a near disaster in space .

Incredibly entertaining .

It takes real talent to make a movie that, even though you know the ending, really puts you on the edge of your seat getting there.

This movie recreates that intense sense of fear, awe and trepidation that burned in my young mind while the world fretted over the fate of the three astronauts in such peril.

Gary Sinise is always a gripping screen presence and you really get to sense the disappointment he feels at missing out on the voyage.

Apollo 13 was definitely worth the watch.

Apollo 13 (1995) is the hero movie; family friendly, thrilling, emotional, with an inspiring and pleasant message.

The technical glitches and maneuvers seem to present challenges to the film makers as well -- how quickly can we get rid of the uninteresting metallic junk and get back to the suffering of the crew, the ground support, and the families?

Ron Howard's riveting and dramatic APOLLO 13, a terrific recreation of the famous events NASA near-failure, should be the answer to all those questions thrown in by those too young or too old to remember that fateful day when NASA's "routine" flight to the moon turns into the most memorably tragic one in their careers.

I have watched Apollo 13 many times and each viewing seems as fresh, as fascinating and as gut-churning as the first.

The performance of Hanks, Paxton, Bacon, and Sinise was very compelling and realistic.

It takes guts to travel through space and if you get into serious trouble aboard a space craft you`re in danger of suffering a quick spectacular death or a slow lingering one APOLLO 13 is the Hollywood blockbuster treatment of the ill fated mission to the moon and is a testament to the courage of astronauts everywhere .

The acting is spot on, very realistic, and the movie, once it gets to the spaceship launch, is absolutely thrilling to the finish.

Effects are breathtaking (all of the launch scenes, for example, are computer-generated since the stock footage was all unacceptable).

The film captures the disappointment of crew members (especially Lovell) in being denied their exciting moon landing, so long anticipated and trained for, and also portrays the effects of this potential tragedy on their families, particularly Lovell's devoted wife, Marilyn (Kathleen Quinlan).

In fact, if it weren't based on a true story, it might seem so ridiculous it could be attributed to American propaganda.

You know the ending, but it is still riveting each time you watch it.

"Apollo 13" is a thousand times more thrilling than a lesson in history.

With a brilliant cast led by Tom Hanks, the masterful direction of Ron Howard, and a gripping story based on true events, Apollo 13 is still an excellent movie.

Before that the movie was a little bit too slow to my taste and it didn't have that much to say.

The harrowing mission around the dark side of the moon and back home left everyone on the edge of their seats, fearing for the lives of Lovell, Swigert and Haise.

This movie is really entertaining and understandable.

Everyone involved with this film deserves credit because it really and truly comes together to be a wildly engaging film.

Digital Domain also deserves credit for the breathtaking visual effects on display.

An American classic, gripping from beginning to end.

Overall, not a good movie, would recommend to a space nerd or someone who wouldn't mind the slow build-up.

As we move into the 21st century, which will bring many exciting space missions, there will undoubtedly be other incidents like Apollo 13, which technology will enable us to see live as it happens.

There's something incredibly fun and fascinating about the way these characters speak.

This is a compelling story on its own.

The launch scene is intense, with a fitting musical score to go along with it, and after this, it's hard to stop watching "Apollo 13", as we see the three astronauts in peril far from the earth's surface as Mission Control tries to help them, the news reports on the spaceflight, the reactions of Jim's wife and offspring, etc. This 1995 blockbuster also has great visuals, showing the space shuttle in orbit, and also well designed sets.

The great thing about 'Apollo 13' is that it tells a true story essentially as it happened, one that most people over a certain age are at least somewhat familiar, a story of which everyone knows the ending, and yet makes it as fresh and exciting and even tear-jerking as if the idea had just popped out of some talented screenwriter's head.

The build-up to the space mission was dull and padded; Howard feels the need to show some syrupy family dynamics and topical references such as Lovell's daughters being upset about the Beatles breaking up (which seemed to have just been thrown in there to remind folks that it was set in 1970 and to give the film some soapy slush).

A touching yet thrilling action-packed story of hope and beating the odds.

A most thrilling ride .

It just goes on and on (it's because the movie goes on very slow).

All in all, I found the movie to be interesting and enjoyable and I might watch it again.

These instances were aided by stunning visual effects, which still convince to this day, and a beautifully stirring score from James Horner.

Given that this film is based on real events and I knew how it ultimately ended it is surprisingly gripping.

Even though i already knew the outcome of the movie, Ron Howard finds a way of keeeping you on the edge of your seat throughout much of the movie.

All the technical jargon, all the confusing buttons and all the convoluted procedures have a convincing air of authenticity.

The movie is very gripping and intense and with excellent direction and tight screenplay the movie will keep you on the edge of the seats.

Overall, Apollo 13 is a compelling drama and one of the best around.

Each piece of the movie contributes to make a riveting story even with the known ending.

Although we can't inevitably escape the fact that we already know the outcome, it is still a very rousing experience.

Still, the way the producers handled the re-entry was absolutely breathtaking.

Movies need to be a certain level of unrealistic in order for them to be exciting to watch in my opinion, and this movie just isn't exciting.

The fusion of the event with the more mundane aspects of family life add to the realism.

Although in this movie he goes that little bit further with an added intensity that gives a lot more human impact to the movie than perhaps Hanks offered, who's dialogue at times seemed to drone on in a robotic-like monotone.

What do you mean this movie was boring and unoriginal?

In real life, the three astronauts remained surprisingly cool under pressure in real life, but the movie ramped up emotional tensions between them to make it, more thrilling.

After a while it became boring and I didn't even see the ending because of that.

How sad is that, that we must inject profanities and swearing into an action packed, true story for no reason whatsoever.

Director Howard's bland direction deadens an already overlong movie, which tries to liven things up with a bombastic score and the casting of "stars" in the pivotal roles.


Tom Hanks gives one of his many appealing performances as leader of the mission, while Ed Harris gives a muscular, intense performance as head of mission control.

The entire movie in itself was very boring, especially the opening and before the launch.

This movie was very boring.

I was getting bored at a few parts in the last hour, although the last 10 minutes or so are quite good.

Somebody may tell you, because frontier life is extremely exciting and excellent.

It's really amazing when you think how intense it is to just watch a movie so just imagine what it would be like really being up there not knowing your fate or being a family member on the ground not knowing if they are going to see their loved ones again.

Without spoiling the movie, too much; since the movie is based on true events, the movie does have a predictable outcome.

I love this movie, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Howard is a demagogue, he's rather predictable and knows just what the masses want.

It´s a big surprise to me, that Ron Howard did this one, after he has become famous for more entertaining than pretentious stuff (Cocoon, Parenthood, etc.). I guess this film was an important turning point to him.

If you've been burned by dopey space flicks like "Mission to Mars", or maybe thought "The Right Stuff" was OK but a little slow and unfocused, dare to try Apollo 13, which is the best of the crop.

The take-off sequence is especially well produced thanks to some stunning special effects and clever cinematography (Dean Cundey - who wields with effect throughout the pic).

These are the intense sequences that really make you pace and wonder what will happen next and wonder if the crew will make it home alive.

The Verdict: Apollo 13 is a splendid little film, thrilling when it has to be, comic at times, and carried all the way by splendid performances from all the actors.

Regardless of the fact that we all know the outcome to the story before we start viewing, this is compelling edge of the seat stuff.

A dull film that feels real .


This is a good movie with solid performances by the whole cast and I also found it really exciting to watch the inventiveness by the NASA ground crew as they bumped into all kinds of unforeseeable problems.

The first and the second act is so overlong and dull.

It's well acted, offers a compelling story, and dramatizes how team work can achieve positive results.

3/10 - very boring and uneventful.

Also I was bummed they spent the whole time in the space ship having purposely avoided knowing what happened in the mission (as it was 37 years before I was born) either way it was a good watch and pretty suspenseful overall.

This movie was more exciting than I at first thought when I heard about the scenario.

You know what could be gripping?

Unfortunately, this effort to synthesize and simplify has made the plot unrealistic, predictable and forced, especially if we take into account the jokes around number 13 and other minor situations like that.

It is suspenseful, thrilling, and touching.

Just the fact that this film is true makes it even more enjoyable.

I thought it was thrilling the way they floated in space and it was real exciting when the problem occured.

The way he tries to keep up the spirits of his crew while trying to mastermind the success of getting back to Earth is tremendously entertaining.

A real sense of team effort developed, which is very rare in Hollywood, where 90% of films feature one or two main characters saving the world (boring).

Trust old baby-face Ron Howard to turn such a potentially interesting narrative into one of the most leaden, dreary pieces of celluloid in many a long day.

Ron Howard's "Apollo 13" (1995) is a compelling account of the bravery and commitment that men of character faced during the initial and dangerous days of the space race.

This film proves historical films can be accurate and entertaining at the same time.

He always have a big budget, nice actors, and he knows how to shoot so at least his movies are entertaining.

There's a large slice of American cornball every now and then, but on the whole it is a compelling drama and still very much worth a look.

Even though you know what's going to happen, it is still very suspenseful.

In short, it was just a very dry film and a long film to sit through.

Breathtaking in every moment, altough you know the ending.

The effects are OK but are a little dated even if the novelty of the weightless scenes is still there, but what I would have given for more of a human touch to what is otherwise an enjoyable technical product.

Just the sound of the alarms and the sight of Oxygen levels dropping are enough to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Definitely a very entertaining movie and I recommend it.

Yes, you know how it end BUT OMG INTENSE.

James Horner is one of the top composers in the business and his score is moving, breathtaking, and spiritual.

This is an incredible movie of intense emotion, suspense and warmth that brings unity and appreciation for life.

However, from the moment the problems with Apollo 13 started I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

Apollo 13 overcomes this problem to become a terrific, suspenseful space opera staring American astronauts that we know came back to Earth.

Solid, gripping and realistic .

Intense stuff .

Ron Howard & the acters did such a fantastic job making the movie, it is exciting and educational, and still bring a tear to my eyes every time I watch it.

When you know what's going to happen at the end, you get bored with the film.

eventually boring .

Apollo 13 has great potential, but Ron Howard's paint-by-numbers directorial style make this a plodding, documentary-esquire TV movie.

In this field, the film is engaging and leaves the audience stuck to the screen.

Totally engrossing .

Not only was the movie highly accurate from a technical & historical standpoint, but Howard's direction of this tale I knew so well STILL had me on the edge of my seat for the duration.

Apollo 13 is so well crafted, it is gripping from the start and all the way through.

Overall I'd certainly recommend this to anybody interested in the Apollo 13 story or gripping tales of men struggling to overcome adversity in general.

It's an entertaining film in any case that features a wonderful film score from the great James Horner.

Boring .

An accurate, gripping and touching story .

An engaging, realistic and emotional ride into outer space .

The movie is not only just dramatic, it also is tense and exciting.

Characters that we've gotten to know and care for are then involved in one scary series of events, making the film that much more thrilling.

But the movie is really slow and is not my type of movie.

"Apollo 13" is worth watching for the star quality acting performances, or if you are not already familiar with the actual historical events.

A good movie that deserves to be seen, but I cannot say that I was on the edge of my seat during the movie.

My summary above does give a basic foundation for this film, but unfortunately a lot of what I describe above occurs in the second half of the film (which I'm prepared to admit was pretty engrossing).

And yet the film is filled with a tremendous sense of drama, placing you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

I'm sure someone more immersed in film technology could tell me the exact reason why I feel this way.

It was their performances which make every scene so intense and lively that you could not afford to blink your eyes.

Pulled by compelling performances by Tom Hanks and Ed Harris.

At 140 minutes, it's certainly not a short movie, but despite occasional stumbles in quality, it remains intriguing for the vast majority of that time.

An exciting time .

One of the most successful film of the 90s was this stunning recreation of the near-tragic flight of Apollo 13 to the Moon in April 1970.

Now this film is certainly not to everyone's taste, it is quite slow in the build up and the film relies almost entirely on the script and ability of the cast.

This is probably the most interesting, thought provoking, and thrilling films I have ever seen.

The Jim Lovell story comes to life through strong performance and a clear vision that remains as awe inspiring as space travel itself was in its youth.

Like others who wrote comments, I do recall the events - I was in 9th grade - but (again like others), the suspense is still so taut, so thrilling.

The bad: it's slow and coated with so much sugar, my teeth start to hurt.

Not always great throughout its 140 minute run, but very often an exciting blockbuster about a major historical event .

The Deke Slayton in the film was far too bland for me.

Exhilarating and absorbing true life account of the 1970 mishap of the American space program's Apollo 13 that nearly became a tragic catastrophe based on astronaut and team leader Jim Lovell's novel "Lost Moon".

The problem with Apollo 13 is the slow pace of the film and the length of it.

In the days during the Aplllo missions, it was something exciting to hear about men being put on the moon.

The true story of the astronauts of the Apollo 13 mission back from 1971 captured the world and its people at the time gripping them with death-defying suspense.

this was for all intensive purposes one of the best space movies ever made.. Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, Joe Spano, Gary Sinise, Kathleen Quinlan, Kevin Bacon, and a host of other top notch actors , and actresses,, the film follows the near fatal mission of Apollo 13, from a couple of months before all the way to splashdown,, the film starts out with clips from the first Apollo mission where the hatch didn't come open and 3 astronauts lost their lives, this is a very harrowing and surrealistic film,, Ron Howard is one of my favorite all time directors,, he seems to get so much more out of his actors and actresses than most directors do,, he also hires the best people to do the cinematography, the music in this film was also very well done,, the shots from the top of saturn rocket were unbelievable,, the shots of the moon and earth were also very good,, overall a very good movie,,

I would recommend to you to watch this movie because it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The audience is literally taken back in time to the 1960's, and all of these universally exciting events are brought back to life, and this is one of the things that makes this movie so special.

) The film would still be fascinating, entertaining, dramatic, humorous and emotional if it were merely fiction.

Examples: having NASA dudes talking politics two feet away from the tonnage-heavy 'wheel tracks' of the 'crawler' (the vehicle which transports the rocket to the launch pad at 1 mile an hour); making astronauts Haise and Swigert argue and point fingers at one another concerning the accident in the spacecraft; mission commander Lovell (Tom Hanks with his squirrelly voice in tow) losing his temper and yelling in a NASA space center meeting; flight director Kranz finding a little corner to sit in so he can sulk; the predictable changing of original verbal transmissions; much more fictional silliness.

When Jim Lovell's wife Marilyn (Kathleen Quinlan) asks why, the answer says it all: the audience finds moon missions as exciting as a trip to Pittsburgh.

parts of the lift-off scene are not that good), but still immensely enjoyable and thought-provoking.

In fact the entire cast, especially a whole lot of people with small roles as part of the nearly anonymous support techno nerds at NASA, gave believable and compelling performances.

Really Exciting .

Exciting film.

"Apollo 13" is a docudrama that has you on the edge of your seat even if you may know what's going to happen.

How many more of these dull patriotic pieces of crap will we have to stand ?

Apollo 13 is a truly thrilling film from start to finish as we watch the wonders as well as the risks of outer space come alive.

The film is a little long and a little boring.

For an interesting tie-in to the current film culture, I highly recommend it for anyone who really enjoyed 2014's "Interstellar".

It´s an intimitate play in space, so don´t expect an action packed movie like "Armageddon".

I probably won't want it again because it was dull.

A rather straight but enjoyable drama with a good cast that could have done with a more human touch .

), gripping and exciting.

The music also provides a nice, suspenseful atmosphere.

Contrast and shadow delineation is stunning with fine details appearing throughout both versions, even during the darkest scenes.

Especially the ending is done great, even though you already know how it's going to end you're still on the edge of your seat.

All in all, very well worth watching.

Some refreshing aspects make it really worth watching.

And when the astronauts were all portrayed as boring suburban commuter dads with no apparent intelligence above the level of your average truck driver, I could tell accuracy was not a major concern of the filmmakers.

Worth watching and thinking about.

Stunning and unforgettable .

It's tedious and slow at the beginning.

A historical film that is still just as powerful and intense as it was in 1995.

Having said that, I found it quite gripping and involving on both of two viewings.

Actors save trite screenplay once again .

Boring .

First class directing, a cast that is simply mind blowing, character interactions you actually believe and a good soundtrack on top.

It was a very compelling, smart and suspenseful movie.

However, the kids should enjoy this, and it's worth watching for everyone, if only because it is based on a true story.

They are always entertaining to watch and I like the type of movies they have been in (at least the ones I have seen).

in fact,i even fell asleep while watching it.

From the man who gave us such crap as the annoying "EdTV", the indescribably dull "Cinderella Man", the schmaltzy "Parenthood", the George-Lucas-wanna-be "Willow", the Tom-Cruise-sounding-daft-with-an-Irish-accent "Far And Away", the nonsensical it-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-real-Da-Vinci "The Da Vinci Code", and the terminally unfunny and unsexy "Splash", comes the story of three U.

The liftoff is breathtaking, with multiple views of the size and grandeur of the Saturn V rocket.

The movie dragged on a lot to me.

A taut and polished studio film from Ron Howard that manages to be quite suspenseful even though we all know the ending from the start.

What more can be said about the special effects than the fact that they were absolutely breathtaking!

Now I understand it may have been used to say something about the comradeship, but that is just so cliché and outdated, even to a film made in say 1950s.

The movie is exciting and sympathetically poignant as the audience joins the three men in a life and death struggle.

Apollo 13 is exciting each time I watch it.

A brilliant film, and well worth watching.

Compelling drama .

Director Ron Howard intelligently chose to have nothing more than true-to-life events provide the drama of "Apollo 13"; as obvious as this may sound, very few "true" or "inspired by" films refrain from inserting Hollywood subplot and cliché to ramp up the stakes – with this tale, Howard did not need to.

The build up is excruciatingly slow.

It's not glitzy, it doesn't over-glorify space and while it might have taken a hit on the entertainment value one might expect from a space movie, it more than makes up for with great, engaging storytelling.

It's a movie worth watching.

It's a cultural artifact but too boring too see it until the end.

Tom Hanks and Ed Harris lead their respective crews in riveting story of Apollo 13's life and death struggle in outer space.

So patriotic, but thrilling .

An exciting and fully entertaining history ride.

I really enjoyed this movie though, it was thrilling and had you on the edge of your seat waiting to see if they'd make it home or not.

This movie is what I call an exciting, action-packed, almost great movie.

I saw this movie when i was 7 for some strange reason and it was very enjoyable!

Just the engrossing drama on centre-screen.

Apollo 13 (1995): Dir: Ron Howard / Cast: Tom Hanks, Kathleen Quinlan, Ed Harris, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon: Stunning and overwhelming achievement about the Apollo flight crew launched into space and the oxygen tank that blows out the side of the spacecraft.

But it's great to see how a movie can show with so much respect and keeping the rhythm what happened during those very long seven and something days into that tight space ship while down to earth and in the middle of the empty ocean outside our planet the technicians and astronauts tried to keep them alive.

In a way it is sad that the one unsuccessful Apollo mission would be the one made into a hit movie-- but the movie brought out such a range of emotions (like most good movies do, in my opinion): a child's curiosity, the overwhelming excitement mixed with apprehension and fear of the adults, and the way public apathy suddenly gave way to intense interest.

But its unlikely Ron Howard's dramatic re-enactment will have the same effect on moviegoers, however well crafted and exciting it can be.

It's difficult to find a flaw with this film, because it is very realistic and the only "weaknesses" are due directly to this realism: a lack of big moral points to make, sometimes slow plot development.

Predictable and sometimes slow, but still thrilling.

This movie was intense!

Apollo 13 is a drama that takes place in space, and winds up being more suspenseful than many of the science fiction/action movies today.

Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring (got me so tired I couldn't find the strength to reach the remote control).

And so it's essentially this repetitive chain of events, capturing the exhausting 5-day redundancy of the historical incident.

Directed by Ron Howard, this out of this world movie was very successful on bringing the exciting and the entertainment value.

It's always a wonderful achievement whenever a filmmaker can take a story that everyone knows the outcome to and still manage to make it intense.

Ron Howard easily ranks as one of the most compelling directors ever to work in Hollywood.

And yet to me the best part about this film is that you know what is going to happen and you are still on the edge of your seat the whole time?

However, Ron Howard does an excellent of making this "remake" even more breathtaking & astounding than the real event!

The plot was slow and unengaging at times, especially the beginning and the wife at home subplot, which I felt was bland, but it definitely picked up around the middle, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat from there.

With the extremely limited technology of the time (the average iPhone has million times more computing power) the astronauts on board, the increasingly exhausted team at mission control, and the rejected third crew member struggle to keep things hanging together as they slingshot around the moon (so close, yet so far, in a bittersweet scene), and head back to Earth running on empty.

From the moment the problems started I was sitting on the edge of my seat .

The training aspect before the space mission was dull and I've got to be honest that I did find the film a bit tough going in the first hour....

He's capable of making enjoyable films, but they often feel trite and uninspired.

I also found it fascinating how many steps go into just one particular task while aboard a spaceship.

The premise surrounds the historic "successful failure" of the Apollo 13 shuttle's attempt to land on the moon, a mission lead by Jim Lovell, played by Tom Hanks, whose patience and poise make him a fascinating character.

With a stroke of a pen some uninteresting state bureaucrat unrecognizable by the local cheese monger could be propelled to the highest levels of TV stardom.

William Broyles Jr and Al Reinert provide an excellent script, which makes absolute sense of the potentially confusing technical dialogue, and also explores the emotional toll of the ordeal realistically and effectively.

They're often enjoyable viewing and they're suitable for children of all ages.

Thrilling .

It is emotional, inspiring, and exciting all at the same time.

I think this film is good, but I would have taken some of the slower, less interesting events out and possibly added more of Ken Mattingly, played by Gary Sinise, after he was denied the flight.

Even though we know how the events unfold and how it ends, I was still completely immersed in this great experience.

With the help of Cameron's effects company Digital Domain and the Midas touch of Tom Hanks (as Jim Lovell), Howard brought to the big screen a gripping tale of three astronauts trying to get back to earth when all hell breaks loose on their eponymous spacecraft.

That is just stupid and confusing, especially when Tom Hanks takes off his medical things and the other two crew members follow.

Although some of his lines of dialogue are very "all American", he is still very rousing as the head of Mission Control.

Even though we know in advance the outcome, it still has a riveting plot to keep viewers glued to their seats.

The "corridor control burn," where the astronauts have to floor the engines and get the LEM back on course was especially exciting in the theater.

This entire flight was a topic I knew very little about (though I was probably a teenager at the time), so found it both an informative and gripping drama.

Tom Hanks, once again, playing astronaut Jim Lovell, once again took a character and filled the shoes perfectly to make a jaw-dropping and powerfully intense film.

The movie is rather slow to begin with, and there are plenty of the family scenes that should have been cut.

Adapting from the novel "Lost Moon" by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger, screenwriter William Broyles Jr. and Al Reinert has written a riveting and gripping screenplay toying with the techno-jargon and human drama of the fateful days of the monumental disaster, while Howard stuck to the facts.

Ron Howard really made me feel like this was real, and I know it was, it's just that he retells it in such a believable and suspenseful way.

I am amazed at the few who have written of the dull direction of the dialogue, or the so-called cheesy effects.

But that's only half the movie, as it is complemented by the stunning visual effects and brilliant soundtrack.

While the film, quite literally, takes a little while to get off the ground, once the spacecraft takes off Apollo 13 is an absolutely thrilling journey.

It's the most engaging film I have ever watched .

A Riveting Survival Story .

It was really thrilling and scary in the beginning not knowing anything about it.

Even in moments of utter silence, with nothing happening, the tension was still obvious.

Hopefully some of the folks seeing this film will be interested enough to read up on the subject, and then look at other missions of the Apollo (and Mercury and Gemini) programs, because it's all fascinating stuff.

The in team conflict was supposed to go through the roof, after all uninteresting technicians had a chance of stardom.

The good: it's definitely (Hallmark / Disney) kind of feel good and the second half is quite suspenseful.

There is something innately fascinating about films that are based upon real historical events.

The interaction of the characters is sincere and entertaining.