Approaching the Unknown (2016) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A U.S. astronaut prepares for a mission to Mars.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Stars: Mark Strong, Luke Wilson
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 43 out of 104 found boring (41.34%)

One-line Reviews (106)

What a bore.

Don't waste your time on this ...

Leaving that aside, we spend the whole movie in company with the lonely astronaut, listening to his doubts and hopes for the mission, while trying to solve uncountable problems arising from the slow journey to the red planet.

This was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Probably director's intention was to let us know how boring a journey like this might be and no doubt its goal has been achieved.

And if that sounds boring, it's because it unfortunately is so, despite the solid performance from Mark Strong in the leading role.

It's the most boring movie I've ever watched, especially for a Science Fiction genre.

What a waste of time .

It's just that NOTHING happens...

I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that it feels like nothing has happened.

The overall pace of the film is slow burning and there isn't too much going on even at the climax of it all.

For the most part, the film is total propaganda for all of us who support getting to Mars.

I enjoyed it a lot.

I had serious trouble staying awake as I watched and think it's not the sort of film with widespread appeal.

Wow this was the most uneventful boring letdown of a movie I have ever witnessed.

Long tedious monologues make up a very poor script.

We witness how Stanaforth (Mark Strong) handles his daily routine in a monotone manner.

I am mad at myself for watching a movie about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Finally when the story gets way too boring for even the writers - they spend minute after minute on shots of what can only be described as glitter in colored water.

"If that doesn't make you think golly gee how profound, just imagine listening to the ridiculous mundane voice-over of the main character in this movie for an hour and a half.

Genuine waste of time .

It is just a waste of time.

But the reality is that space travel, at least as we know it, is very, very slow and space is far, far bigger than we think.

I enjoyed it and the film made a good impact on me.

40% of 2001:A Space Oddysey is like Space,empty.

Boring 1 hour , Terrible ending .

If you want to see an exciting, deep, or even entertaining sci fi space film, look somewhere else.

Pervasive boredom.

Huge disappointment and a waste of time.

but upshot is that it's sort of worthy but boring.

This was a complete waste of time.

It's a fascinating character study, one man (Mark Strong), an engineer who has created a process for extracting water from dirt, is on a mission to Mars.

How we are One with Space and more that Mark's character points out in his extensive pondering about life and the universe, is fascinating and makes for an interesting movie.

Well, everybody said it: it is a very slow movie that is so scientifically incorrect and the effects were so cheap that I was angry at the end of the movie.

totally.. This film is boring beyond belief.

As exciting as watching grass grow...

This guy is obsessed with his little water machine and that's it, no more, no script with random colour pigments in water.

A real waste of money.

as opposed to huge budget Special EFX laden rubbish like Star Wars, etc. Or even a more decent present tech possible movie like the Martian which was a plodding teamwork movie marred by disco.


Utterly Boring .

Budget isn't the problem with Mark Rosenberg's movie, it's that the movie is so unimaginative and dreary that it never captures the viewer.

I like Mark Strong, but boy oh boy this was a true waste of my time.

I like the actor in this movie and have seen him in other things, but I'm afraid I must say that this is one of the most boring movies I have ever seen in my entire life.

Approaching boredom .

The slow descend into madness, his monologues, it is good.

Literally nothing happens.

Even an intriguing duo on a resupply station couldn't stop that.

I would not recommend, even though its somewhat entertaining at times.

Boring Sadness .

And then nothing happens.

Ninety minutes of nothing happening at all.

The rest was a miserable waste of time that I wish I could get back.

Don't waste your time - you've been warned.

But if you cannot do this, this kind of structure might really bore you.

In the beginning, the plot seems way too cliche.

For it is a slow movie, and there are very few actual happenings.

Sci-fi movies are highly entertaining and much of it is because they are NOT realistic.

The only reason this snooze fest gets a 2 instead of a 1 from me is like I said I like this actor and it's not his fault he had nothing and nobody to work with.

I'm on the same boat as Approaching the Unknown as I would love to see Mars even if it means never coming back to Earth, and I wished this movie was better, but it's boring.

Considering that people defined "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick, when it opened, as incomprehensible and boring, I would say that this was an insult to a masterpiece in story telling.

Is there a point to all the inner dialogues of the guy or is he just losing his mind in this really slow movie?

The movie at the beginning was a little good and promising but then it turn into a waste of time because all it's talking about just reaching mars not how he's going to survive in mars what he's going to do , in the last 3 min he reach mars that's it ?

Regarding (boring) existential and psychological reflections: it could be performed on Earth without wasting matter, space and time.

and watching him and listening to him talk to himself becomes tedious.


Eventually it looked like a self study about loneliness, routine, boredom and obsessiveness.

In between all that literally NOTHING happens.

Throw in tons of silent shots of him sitting by the window, reading, trying to sleep, bantering with one of the Wilson brothers pointlessly about nothing, working with tools, watering plants, and writing in his diary, and you've got a super long and boring film.

Chances are that loneliness and boredom can have a psychological impact on your mental system.

To be honest, it's mostly dull and boring.

I wasted 90 Min's of my life watching this movie and my wife was smart enough to fall asleep during it.

There is no plot.

Save your money for netflix .

Worst movie I've seen in a while .

Unfortunately, it's only a fraction as engrossing as either.

I rather enjoyed it even if lacking any real action scenes as such.

After a solid hour of intense boredom, in which we have a 5-minute scene of the astronaut back on earth, testing the machine which gives him water, which he then subsequently operates several times while on the ship .. a brief conversation about nothing with earth control .. and a 2-minute Skype session with earth schoolchildren who ask about the machine...

This is not Captain America:Civil War, thank goodness, but slow?

What a gripping performance by Mark Strong .

And secondly the rousing action of "Gravity".

And, if films were that realistic they'd also be incredibly tedious...

Very Boring, Little Point .

It's so monotone with him talking you will fall asleep.

I also liked the lack of CGI and found the claustrophobic capsule compelling.

Approaching The Unknown is a film where an astronaut, on his way to Mars, alone, sits in his 1-room space cell and fixes cables, operates distillers, sighs a lot, and eventually looks into space after 1 hour of said fixing, operating, and other daily duties which would be boring to perform, but are mind-numbingly dull to watch being performed.

In 1964 there was a movie called "Robinson Crusoe on Mars", and that specific one, was much more interesting and visually enticing, than this mumbo-jumbo of self-pity, introspection, and as someone else has said, a zen-like attitude, forgetting that we are not all oriented toward Oriental spiritual values and therefore don't have that time, or money to waste for utterly boring and useless considerations.

If you are interested in space travel, I consider watching this film is a waste of time.

Don't waste your time on this.

Worst movie I've seen in a very long time .

Extremely boring on every level.

Tedious, error-strewn and cheap .

There was a fair bit of introspective and psychological goings on during the journey and a few moments of drama, but in general the entire thing was very slow and disappointing.

The worst movie ever.

I actually quite enjoyed it for the most part.

and, as a result, glacially slow.

And nothing happens in this movie.

Please don't waste your time folks, it drags on and on and gets you nowhere.

Mesmerizing or boring.

Don't waste your time, the movie can't be more awful!

"Nothing Happens" Get a grip.

Besides the hard to ignore tech goofs, there is no story whatsoever.

Boring beyond comprehension .

He has to fight boredom, madness and growing technical issues he is partly responsible for due to his overconfidence and his belief that he can solve everything on his own.

I nearly didn't watch this movie, it's attracted a lot of negative reviews complaining it's "slow","unrealistic" and "nothing happens".

Approaching the Unbearable .