Aquaman (2018) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), the human-born heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, goes on a quest to prevent a war between the worlds of ocean and land.

Director: James Wan
Stars: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard
Length: 143 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 236 out of 1000 found boring (23.6%)

One-line Reviews (509)

This one had great elements - directing was good, visuals pretty well done considering, and I did find the main lead actor playing Aquaman entertaining.

Way too predictable and cliché.

Maybe he is excellent in that, but he is unwatchable in Aquaman, delivering his lines in a contrived, shallow manner.

A Visually-Stunning Bore .

This is a trippy watch but so enjoyable.

Utterly mind blowing in every way- sure the story is cliched and old as stories.

And the cliche love-inducing moments make your eyes roll.

Fast forward and Aquaman is born and his mother is dragged away by some angry Aquaworld police in space uniforms.

Overall I think it's worth the watch.

My partner and son enjoyed it lol.

It did have its moments, but it felt a bit "hasted" and the storyline was cliché.

Nevertheless, I'm willing to dip into uncharted waters and say, this movie is whale of a time worth watching, even if its story is just a small drop in the ocean that didn't sail smoothly.

Waste of time if popcorn was not eaten.

Overall Aquaman is predictable and underwhelming.

So what I am saying is we need movies to be entertaining.

Most enjoyable character in a long time.

The introductory scene to The Aquaman character is breathtaking.

Simply cause of stunning undersea world.

Boring plot, a mountain of cheesy lines and some poor acting.

Bad cgi, boring story and very cheap dialogs.

The effects are decent and the ocean looks pretty, but the bad acting and bland seen-it-before storyline overshadows any positives.

So cliche and formulaic they might as well have casted Dwayne Johnson.

The fight scenes were boring.

The best thing about this is that it is a fast paced paced light hearted adventure under water.

Well worth watching .

In addition, the film has a rather pointless subplot centering on Black Manta seeking revenge towards Aquaman, and it barely has much connection to the progression of the film as a whole.

Save ur money, save ur time, save ur eyes this is a complete waste of money.

Very disjointed, almost as though 3 children had conspired to outdo each other then random bits of each story were cobbled together.

This movie was funny, action packed, wholesome, beautiful and fun.

It was filled with mostly stupid violence, crashing through walls, blowing each other up, constant fighting and destroying ancient Roman cities, subs, Atlantis, etc.. and because of all the violence, it was mostly boring.

I want to say first that this movie is visually stunning!


Enjoyable movie .

Became a bore

Every character, without fail, does a slow head turn to the camera and smoulders.

Phew, one of the worst movies i have seen.

Can be moderately entertaining only if you completely switch off your brain.

Unappealing plot and such a waste of time.

All in all this film is beyond entertaining and anyone can have a good time seeing it.

How they must do the underwater look is intriguing.

The dialogue is pathetic at times and a lot of the action scenes feel way too long and only made to fill out time and mask a lack of substance.

It's so lame and boring.

So its enjoyable to watch...

I am glad I didn't pay to see this , even watching it for free I felt ripped off, I was bored and unimpressed , that all I have to say , what a waste considering how good it could have been, SCRIPT you must have a good script , its basic

Story is pretty much predictable but they packed it in a fun way it is enjoyable to watch.

Enjoyable .

The film is predictable at time, and has quite a few cliches, but even with a hard to follow setup (or hard to watch, depending on how you look at it) Aquaman leaves you cheering at the end by a pure sense of an underdog story line.


Since the Dark Kight only Wonder Women has been entertaining in the DC universe.


Totally boring.

However, the plot was weak, the acting was far from perfect and aside from the occasional surprise, the 2 ½ hour movie was fairly predictable.

The pointless CGI, Heard's horrible wig, all the fairy tale characters that seek to show us how they are superior to people on the surface who have grown up reading about single dimensional characters like them, the predictability that one can find in children stories only.

Absolutely Bland .

Feels Like a TV Show - Don't Waste Your Time .


Awesome actors, Confusing storyline .

Jason Mamoa did a decent job capturing this new take on the classic stodgy King of the Seas.

Big dumb ho hum .

I guess movies like this get made because of the profits to the studios and the investors, regardless of how trite these over the top superhero films have become.

The story takes every cliche you've ever seen in an action adventure film and marries it with Superheroes.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

Jason Momoa is charming, but literally all dialogues and the plot are flat/predictable/generic.

Overall an entertaining movie with good story and performance, definitely lacking the punch though.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever.

Too much CGI, boring, just awful really with a poor story.

As of right now, the main plot is kinda thin, bland, and generic.

Poor crap boring turned the movie off after 20 minutes yawn

The camera angles were unimaginative, the lighting was contrived and distracting.

Thankfully, I was able to fast forwarded most of the pointless battle scenes

CGI overload - Check Super predictable schlock - Check Main characters yelling every time something important happens - Check Things that make drunk/stoned people go "oooohhhh" - CheckWell developed story - Negative Ability to identify with any of the characters - Negative Mystery, subtlety, charisma - Negative Desire to see a sequel - NegativeSuper disappointed with this one.

The problem with all those superheroes flicks and their spin-offs is the fact that most flicks are way too long and do have a mediocre storyline.

Unbelievably dull and lacking substance .

The movie was filled with poor acting, dull dialogue, far too many hair flips, and one liners meant to be funny that completely fell flat.

Worth watching it.

The movie is certainly like a live-action cartoon, and though sinks initially holds on to its grandiose bravado enough to become entertaining with the help of an underwater mishmash of medieval and scifi that works .

This is an enjoyable movie.

Worst Movie Ever.

A simplistic cartoon of a story, with shallow, two-dimensional villains and predictable cardboard cut-out heroes, speaking painfully-feeble dialogue between the frequent and overblown fight scenes.

The visuals are stunning.

This has to be one of thd worst movies i've ever watched.

The two stars, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, are pretty good eye candy, as were a couple of the second-stringers, gorgeous Patrick Wilson and still-stunning Nicole Kidman.

The Black Manta storyline goes nowhere and is totally pointless, they could have saved this classic villain for another film instead of diluting his contribution in this!

It's a fast paced, thrilling adventure that puts the DCEU back on track!

as popular superheroes as Superman, Batman and Spider-man - this movie was below average - horrible shiny colorful suits - continuity errors, immensely predictable and done to death with story line, childish humor, high pitched noisy sound almost throughout the entire movie - the production, the script and the direction all seemed lazy.

This has to be the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire lifetime horrible who the hell is doing this

Wan and his team created an entirely unique aquatic world for us, certainly embellished by Don Burgess, which is over-the-top, dazzling and exciting, absorbent and carefully designed, is pure visual ecstasy crowded with creatures, altered animals, Atlantic beasts and, why not, an octopus playing the drums.

It had fun action, a brisk pace that took you all over the place, a light tone that didn't take itself too seriously, enjoyable characters to go on an adventure with, and breathtakingly beautiful colours.

The special effects and design were cliche to say the least, which is why one generally wants to see this type of movie.

Boring and fell asleep.

Aquaman, the character, is at least engaging and charming.

Some of the visuals are impressive but its a 95% CGI movie and despite the sheer amount of onscreen action its neither engaging or exciting.

Engaging and moves along at great pace.

People who write screen plays know one thing, how to make a boring movie.

As others have already said, it was predictable.

Pathetic characters , warned out plot, boring fight scenes.

The story was predictable.


A complet waste of time and money.

Atlantic Empire that is empty .

dull over did special effect .

) than Snyder's dark, grim and rather dull efforts this far.

Such a bad writing, everything was too banal and chaotic.

From that premise alone, the film has a very predictable narrative, and its not hard to figure out what happens throughout the runtime.

It presents the depth of Kingdom of Atlantis in a very fascinating way.

A waste of time

The most confusing and disgusting point of the movie was the build-up of the villain that has never been finished, which can only mean the path for a sequel, and on this the curse of abruptly cut stories continues.

Leaving the action on one side, I think that the rest of the film during the moments when nobody is fighting, are then, boring, full of dialogues and performances that sincerely do not contribute anything to the importance we have on these characters.

What a waste of perfectly good time .

Besides acting being bad, the action packed scenes keep you immersed.

A wheezing, sickly bore .

There were no laggy, over-drawn out sequences, it was interesting visuals and effects.

the graphics were good and CGI was defo enjoyable...

There are great movies within this line of story (superheroes) and this one isn't as funny, as exciting nor as beautiful.

The writing is at a solid 1 star with boring bubblegum story lines.

a waste of time and money, good only for long air trips and in-flight entertainment (perfect for sleeping!

It's all a bit silly but still immensely entertaining and rather inventive.

Boring movie.

Visually stunning with a great storyline and great actors add up to a fun action-packed entertainment

The fact that Jason Momoa is a badass, snarky, and overall entertaining actor to watch in the role speaks to their awareness of "image management.


Has similarities to the first Thor film but as you know by now the way these two franchises have been handled is vastly different and such Aquaman is a toothless and dull release

Younger brother storyline was kind bland aka his motivation for wanting war was meh,something people cant relate to at all.

For all the highs and lows Aquaman was quite enjoyable to me; more than I thought was possible.

Everything about it was entertaining and left my attention closely tied to the screen.

One of the scenes that I felt particularly stunning was that the male and female protagonists encountered many monsters in the trench kingdom.

Slow down the speedy, soulless banter and get some good actors to carry the scenes.

Started off ok, but quickly turned into an over CGI'ed dull movie with terrible acting.

There is no element of surprise, no plot-twist, nothing.

1) Terrible Dialogue 2) Typical Zack Snyder overuse of CGI 3) A plot as thin as paper 4) Predictable from the start 5) Barely any character development so you never truly care who lives and who dies.

Totally unbearable.

Just awful and uninspiring.

Sooooo boring!

Great: Visuals (costumes, set pieces, and sfx primarily)Good: Momoa & the final actAverage: Ocean Master & Black Manta, Sound editing, and KidmanBad: Patrick WilsonAwful: Plot (convoluted and illogical), Almost all Dialogue (simple, stereotypical, and contrived)I personally have not seen a film with such a massive gap in quality between the visuals and writing.

We didn't even finish watching it because it was boring, and I could care less about any of the characters.

Probably worst movie ever.

What makes the film passably entertaining is that director James Wan throws astonishing amounts of action at the wall, and much of it sticks (though not always together).

Save your money...

The visuals, the storyline, the acting, the humor name is breathtaking.

Trash and Cliche .


Weak but somewhat entertaining .

Unwatchable .

Sadly, a lot of the corny exposition given throughout the movie is highly repetitive.

Under 10 don't waste your time .

Just a rush job CGI fest with no plot, that attempts to coincide money from the superhero dollar created in the last 10 years.

So much is predictable.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

This film is all about CGI special effects, which (for me) are quite boring.

There were some visually interesting scenes otherwise it was as ridiculous and banal as Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Venom etc. etc.It's unfair to the cast & crew (apart from the decision makers) who work their behinds off in trying to make the trite formula work albeit in vain...

Soooooo boring

Ignore the desensitized, crybaby bores that have no imagination.

In the interest of full disclosure though - I walked out of Avatar because I thought it was ridiculous and unwatchable as well, so take my opinion with a grain of salt if that is your kind of movie.

One of the worst movies ever made.

The movie was was an mix of cliche's and highly predictable.

It's no secret that the DC Extended Universe went from bad to worse within American comic book film landscape; diabolically histrionic, unnecessarily drawn-out, fiercely dark, overly serious; whatever the dilemma may be, Walter Hamada, the new president of DC-based film production after legends Geoff Johns and Jon Berg stepped down in early 2018, had to move quickly and wisely his cards after "Justice League"'s inglorious financial outcome and poorly critics' response.

Extremely bad and cliché storyline.

Predictable storyline embellished with eye candy (CGI and the leading ladies, Kidman and Heard)

The plot and dialogue was neither believable or entertaining.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

Cliche to the max and a god awful storyline.

The bottom line is that this movie is fun and engaging, visually stunning with great action sequences supported by a compelling enough story without leaning too heavily on comic book tropes, all while staying very faithful to the source material.

Wonder Woman was a huge improvement for DC and I had high hopes that this would learn from those lessons, but IMHO we're back to weak story, characters I don't ever get asked to care about, terrible pacing, disjointed and jumpy transition between acts, and a terrible script.

All this makes the dullest film I've seen since the other DC disappointer Man of Steel.

Up There (in my Worst Movie List) .

The visuals are stunning.

The plot was convoluted and contrived.

but it was enjoyable..

The story is almost non-existent, predictable and filled with cliches.

The majority of the pivotal points of the movie were very cliche.

Aquaman is just a terrible moronic movie that is a solid waste of your life if you choose to watch it.

"Aquaman" is a stunning miracle; the most visually oddball and mesmerizing big-budget superhero film the world has ever seen.

This movie was exciting in the theaters and even exciting on my 65" screen TV.

Undersea world looks stunning and there are a lots of details.

Poorly written and cliche .

Don't waste your time on this movie.

The film is unpredictable and sometimes action abruptly ends tranquil moments.

Ho hum.

Complete waste of my time and a waste of money for the people who produced it or pay to see it.

I found Mera to enjoyable to watch, despite the controversies surrounding the actress's personal life.

The CGI is beautiful, but the plot is boring.

The visual effects were so breathtaking.

This was one of the worst movies I've seen in awhile.

Ppl love boring sea movies.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

It really is a gripping watch from start to finish.

Definitely worth watching a couple of times.

Some of the visual ideas are breathtaking, the CGI is incredible and Jason mamoa and amber heard have charisma to spare, unfortunately what they have to work with is a script not even worthy of a bad B movie and a storyline so hackneyed and obvious it will literally make you groan in places.

On the surface is everything you want from a popcorn movie: big fights that makes you yawn, sexy topless superhero, sibling rivalry, silly villains with crappy plans, awkward moment of comedy.

Puddleman is surprisingly entertaining .

That said, the movie is packed with thrilling, kinetic, and meticulously designed and choreographed action set-pieces, in which you really can follow the action and the liberated fight sequences buoyed by raucous deluge of dazzling array of visual effects.

Bland mushy effects.

Damm this is second best bc film it's just cgi mess with a boring story line.

This is a common and quite predictable movie with a poor story.

It was so predictable.

CGI Treat, Predictable Story, Good Movie!!.

Trite .

Twenty minutes in and I'm already bored.

If it wasnt as long, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Probably one of the better DC films, just wish studios would keep films to a 2 hour runtime and lose some of the unnecessary filler for a predictable ending.

The CGI was slow & terrible.

Utterly Boring and Cliche .

Literally walked out of the theater.


Visually excellent, Wan's direction clearly focuses on Momoa outshining the other characters, which he certaintly does, and individual artists being given liberty to amaze the audience with stunning details.

The plot, if there is one, is a mish-mash that is too hard to follow.

Visuals: The visuals and graphics works are stunning.

we didn't get to know them, because of bad writing and too many fight scenesthe cliches- you can get drunk everytime you notice a cliche stolen from other movies in this one.

The story is predictable just like every one of these dumb @$$ super duper hero movies and the ending was a bit anti climatic.

Boring .

This movie was a failure, I waited a lot more of this, because of the trailer, this movie seemed to be epic, but it was boring and pointless, aquaman cartoon was so much better than this movie, and that is sad :/ A 7 SCORE IS SO UNFFAIR!!!

I fell asleep 3 times trying to get through this movie.

The excitement was quickly replaced with boredom.

Aquaman is text book formulaic and reminded me of a combination of Gladiator, Star Wars and Finding Nemo - lol.

A cliché story saved by CGI .

It was so uninteresting, boring, and predictable I could stay focused more then 20 minutes at a time.

It is long and boring.

All CGI no story .

it jumps all over the place, it has every single super-hero cliche possible and a ton of things just dont make, they just dont.

It was enjoyable .


Sound stage is wide and energetic making for a truly exciting surround sound experience.

Some of the scenes looked great, especially on the big screen, and the few witty moments were delivered well from Momoa but I found the core of the plot to be predictable and a bit annoying in places.

Major disappointment and frankly just plain boring...

But this dragged, was cheesy as hell, and was definitely not one for men aged 20+ Come on DC, The Dark Knight trilogy got it right.

Honestly this is utterly dreadful, whatever you don, don't waste any money buying this on VOD or DVD / Blu-ray.

Also couldn't figure out if it was self parody or not, every cliche you can think of from other superhero movies is in here, won't list them all.

If you are only going to watch this movie because of jason, save your money and look him up on safari or something .

Here we have yet another "conquer the world" tale, told in an uninteresting way, with overblown CGI filling the screen (dull).

Subversive humor has already been overused in the Marvel series, so even though it was new for the DC series, it still felt contrived and unoriginal.

Has a very power rangers style approach to the wardrobe, the cg is crude in parts, the plot is basic and predictable.

And the extraneous & obvious audience viewing 'shiny objects' plot devices thrown in with red haired (forgettable) underwater princess, dinosaurs, trident seeking, sea monsters, and confusing multi sea kingdoms politics junk pile rehash ruined this film.

A completely predictable storyline, a predictable villain that was not very villainess.

It was boring and cliched.

The screenplay is formulaic.

Enjoyable and refreshing .

If you want to watch a visually stunning superhero movie with great music and a well written story, you will probably like this movie.

However it is a damn enjoyable movie romp.

Visually stunning colors and creatures with a "fast furious" action tempo.

My kids enjoyed it though.

I never write reviews on imdb, but don't waste your time and money on this one.

The Black Panther movie is rated much higher because or that, i mean compare both movies, which one was much more breathtaking?

If you haven't watched this movie yet, I recommend you don't waste your time!

I also probably would have enjoyed it more if dolphins dubbed in all the dialogue.

Don't waste your time on this.

Total garbage waste of time wish i never even tried to watch this tripe

Please there must be Aquaman 2 please, i enjoyed it a lot wow wow wow

Enjoyable .

Cliche AF & Absolute Garbage .

Overall, I think it's a important piece in the DC universe, but the movie was simply boring.

The movie despite of having a running time of 2 1/2 hr, never seems boring or dull maybe because of its energetic tone, tight screenplay, great CGI, decent characters and predictable story line.

I like Jason Momoa, he's very entertaining and one of those actors who is very easy to watch.

Stunning .

A bit like Black Panther the film is rooted in Hamlet and when it sticks to its royal drama structure it is compelling.

Like many of its superhero predecessors it is so over done on constant unrelenting action, violence, and CGI that it rapidly became a real snoozer though impossible to actually fall asleep.

A waste of money, the producers and the people who watched it

Ok we expected to see a cool movie with a super hero but instead we got aquaman with superpowers in unbelievable movie settings, boring storyline and really, sorry, bad special effects.

It was a marathon to stop myself from falling asleep with a terrible script, almost no character development, tinny acting from everyone except William Dafoe (and he wasn't at his best by any means) and a complete lack of substance.

acting was bad , writing trite...

but this was BORING!

This may be one of the worst movies I've ever seen!

Latest addition to the DCEU is chock-full of conventional elements like action, globe-trotting adventure, romance, and cheeky humor (much of which you can see coming a mile away) yet somehow still manages to be engaging thanks to effective casting, a spectacular view of the aquatic world, and a good decision by director Wan to never take things too seriously.

Terribly cliche dialogue.

), does lift the movie out of the normal, bland, macho bravado dialogue and action that takes place as our hero battles his way from one perilous incident to the next.

Don't waste any time with this movie

Visually it is fascinating 3 stars.

enjoyable despite being fairly routine .

Spectacular effects sunk by a predictable and cliched plot.

Even watching paint dry is more exciting, thrilling, and interesting than this movie is.

The movie was boring.

It's patchy and weirdly paced, with parts that have too much pointless detail while other sections rush ahead and ruin the moment or just execute it poorly.

Agenda, propaganda, the things that pollute Martian, Wooden Woman, Nibber Panther, Zootopia, Frozen - they are the first and foremost things that inhibit the suspension of disbelief.

Trash lame cheap cliche .

all in all the characters are without soul and sense, all in all it was a waste of time under water, where everybody can talk and shake out their hair and if you fight down there it's like up in the air, so the only difference is your hair will be flying and this makes it look like a roughed up version of the mermaid meets star wars meets the lego movie without lego figures.


One of the most boring films I've ever seen.

Boring tripe, even for lovers of dc and marvel comic adaptations.

In this stand-alone story, he's surrounded by cliche-ridden set-pieces, bad dialogue, Nichole Kidman (bloody awful) for a mother, and a lame quest to find the trident (yawn).

We really enjoyed it despite a few songs that were horrible!

I expected a lot more from this film, but it was truly terrible, almost every line was a clichè that you just wouldn't expect in 2019, complete lack of depth or excitement - a complete waste of time.

Sorry, I fell asleep.

Dragged out story Nicole Kidman looked like a wax work dummy too many unimportant charaters.

Full of every poor movie cliche in the book including a "car" chase done underwater in fish subs.

Worst of all, this whole film was predictable.

On the whole a very entertaining film with marvellous photo.

This is quite possibly the worst movie ever created.

Bad directing and bad script make this 2 and a half hour cliche feat unbearable.

This film had every cliché moment and cheesy line in the book.

Wooden acting, wooden dialogue, wooden storyline, wooden baddies, and way too long.

The colours and effects were very engaging.

At the end of the day a movie is supposed to be entertaining.

With it's stunning visual effects, amazing costume designs, a perfect actor playing the superhero, and a new interesting world that I can't wait to see more of, Aquaman succeeded giving me one of the best cinema experience ever.

All the slow mo.. The terrible jokes...

This is a good movie and is worth watching.

Terible movie, poor acting, awful CGI, boring plotline .

The birth of their son Arthur and his eventual maturity into our land and sea hero Aquaman (Jason Momoa) was very entertaining as well.

These are boring and over played.

No story at all.

too much hype, very slow and gets boring sometimesit's a typical masala Hollywood movie

this film was fast paced action and i loved it, will look forward to the follow up

The movie has its moments but sort of bland.

As the movie went on, I found myself bored a times and able to predict scenes fairly consistently.

Set in their extended universe, this fish out of water hero's journey story of a humanoid merman, Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) being reintroduce to his culture's origins in order to reclaim his birthright before his half-brother Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) takes the throne & seek revenge on the surface world, was entertaining.

Fantastic action scenes, Mamoa's endless supply of fresh charisma, a compelling villain, a romance that feels genuine, what else could you ask for??

I also found the underwater Atlantic conflict contrived and forced.

I mean, they even handled everybody being all floaty underwater VERY well, I mean the hair, clothing, jewelry, the detail is stunning, from big and small!

Don't waste your time with this one.

It's cliché, corny, has too much CG, too many colors, is weirdly paced, so many explosions and screams and a childish plot...

Enjoyed it .

It's certainly better than many of DC's dark and dreary superhero movies, a visually impressive treat for the eyes (and I'm not just talking about Amber Heard in her green skintight costume!

Waste of time.

Aquaman is fun and enjoyable movie that everyone will like.

The story was too predictable and writing of the characters was weak.. though the visuals were one of the good parts.

Boring, incredibly underwhelming experience.

The first Orm Vs Momoa was bland and contained no gravity and the stakes felt artificial.

From underwater cities to breathtaking landscapes this is one spectacular looking movie.

I would rather go to the dentist than sit through that snore fest.

I don't know why this is rated so high, when it's a complete waste of time.

A linear but enjoyable storytelling that isn't convoluted with exposition heavy dialogues nor peppered with the 90's laugh track.

The best bit was getting bored and looking up Moana comparison memes (Atlantis is shiiinyyyyyy).

predictable from start to finish, boring 2d characters, plot holes, and flat acting.

The moments of "triumph" are so contrived and hokey that the obligatory orchestral score which swells up on cue is downright embarrassing to sit through.

DC have such a wealth of characters and stoeylines to choose from but with the exception of wonderwoman, have really dropped the ball in a lot of areas Dont waste your money buying this film just wait for it to come out on freeview Such a shame as this film could have been awesome given the £160m budget!!

The worst movie ever if you see anyone that give this 10 points it must be his first movie.

When series are getting some budget and do a great job entertaining me.

A waste of two and a half hours of your life

Such a cliche .

Save your money!

Visually exciting .

Direction of James Wan is mind blowing with wonderful cgi specially in Mariana trench scene which i 100% guarantees will blow you away.

Despite its cliched storyline and hit or miss characters, Aquaman might be the most entertaining DCEU venture next to Shazam, although this one is more entertaining from how nutty it all is.

Dull .

So many bad lines, so many holes in the plot, so much content crammed in that they forgot to mention some of it, so many pointless bit of action, and at leat 20 mins too long.

Aquaman is a flat and one-dimensional character with a predictable journey, which is fine.

It's entertaining if you can look past it's stupidity and put your brain on autopilot.

This movie is boring, has some of the worst CGI I've ever seen in a movie that costs this much and has the stupid wannabe Marvel "comedy" that falls flat much more often than it works.

The cheesy over the top moments just made this film more entertaining in my opinion.

If you want the worst kind of cheesy and cliche, watch Battlefield L.

The movie really is stunning.

But, man, was that story lame and cliché.

The dialogues are so stupid and pretentious, and frankly the protagonist is this big guy who never learn how to act.

But, if you want to watch an entertaining and fun movie that can keep you engaged for 2 & 1/2 hours, then you may enjoy this movie.

The visual, actions, characters, & message of the movie can make it 10/10 but movie is little bit boring (I mean this movie need more funny things or anti mainstream jokes).

The only reason some people BELIEVE this movie made sense was that it tried to follow every cliche of other poorly written superhero movie ever created.

Visually Stunning!.

It makes for a muddled and confusing cinema experience and dulls the sparkle of the attractive and talented cast.

Slightly entertaining big budget B movie.

The dialogue is very boring there is nothing entertaining about it.

I was really hoping that this was going to be an enjoyable movie.

James Wan certainly produced a better enjoyable DC film than the previous ones in the line.

Still as a whole it is more consistent and definitely more enjoyable and well executed than BvS and Justice League, so it's safe to say that DCEU is finding what it needs.

My daughter and I kinda looked at each other during hokey parts and were bored.

Extremely predictable too.

This was fun Hollywood action fluff with a decent story and oodles of 'mammouthly' majestic and spectacularly cliché shots that came with such frequency it was a little bit corny and silly while mixing in intended dashes of humor.

I fell asleep.

But it's at least twenty minutes too long and over indulgent, with a threadbare, unengaging story and empty, soulless performances.

And the acting is uninspired with uninteresting character that gives you nothing worth to remember.

Very entertaining .

Have tried to watch this movie about 5 times and cannot stay awake until the end.

In fact, they just might be up there with the worst movies I have ever seen.

Fast paced with a lot of action and highly enjoyable.

Much like Jason and Amber, this movie is very pretty to look at, but ultimately boring and a waste of time.


Even if you're a fan of Aquaman, please don't waste your time.

At points reminded of the Scorpion King, and that was rather bland and boring.

I literally walked out on this.

Spoiler alert, this movie is terrible and i fell asleep twice watching it!

What most people want is a good captivating entertaining movie period.

don't go and see them, go and watch something slower and boring, something easier to follow.

A really expensive and visually stunning joke, which isn't entirely a bad thing .

A thoroughly entertaining ride.

There is no real plot, we are told the outcome in the first 3 minutes, Nicole Kidman has a fish suit that appears to age, there is no real explanation of what she had been doing for the 20 odd years that she went off grid.

First of all, I think it was an unexpected film.

This is one of the most entertaining movies you will find .

The two villains have quite compelling background and convincing motives.

the worst movie ever".

The plot is honestly a mess: over-complicated yet predictable.

Although Momoa gives us a good Aquaman, Patrick Wilson gives us a (yawn) boring main antagonist.

Tacky & ridiculous but entertaining .

Trite dialogue and a stereotypical plot line, lots of mindless action and I'd have expected better from some of the actors who were in the film.

The humor is off, the cgi isn't good, the poses are cliche and forced.

Don't waste your money .

The scenes are shot beautifully and the underwater world looks really stunning.

Aquaman is just a boring,utterly overrated teen targeted CGI on steroids cliche collection.

Very Entertaining .

Generic, embarrassingly bad jokes, cliche but in the end still very entertaining movie .

This Aquaman movie has to be one of the most overly cheesy and boring movies I've ever seen.

Boredom is the name of this film...

I watch 90 minutes, then I got so bored that stopped watching.

Completely uninteresting and sometimes ridiculous .

There is time for natural, majestic landscapes as well, such as a beautiful Italian village, the stunning Sahara desert or the claustrophobic Trench.

It had lots of exciting moments.

Really cringy dialogue throughout, bad cgi to the point that it just looks like they are standing in front of a green screen most of the time and just overall a really boring slow movie.

Boring .

This is easily the most enjoyable film in the DCEU.

The visuals were outstanding, the movie moved along briskly and the action scenes were always entertaining.

Its enjoyable to watch with actionpacked scenes.

Over all it was entertaining and no boring momens!

Despite the harsh criticisms that the cinematic universe of DC has received over the last few years, they have managed to remain stable and again and again have tried to meet the expectations of their audience, yet again and again failed; now, as for Aquaman, it seems to be a green light to a ray of hope for the future of these movies, because they finally offer us something that is both entertaining and decent, without mediocrity or folly.

BUT I actually enjoyed it.

Stunning visual effects and costume design, Jason Momoa is Aquaman.

This movie falls into the latter, with stunning CGI, Great music and score, and action sequences design for the big screen (think IMAX big).

Not a single time I thought "cool", all the time I thought "hey this is like shooting scenes in the 70s: long, drawn out, completely meaningless without anything really happening for minutes".

The film is already confusing enough, with people not believing Atlantis exist, despite that there has two alien invasions, an goddess running around, and a enchantress attack.

It's about as cliche'd as they get.

Fascinating movie with stunning underwater effects and amazing performances by Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman and all cast.

Yawn.. worst superhero movie ever.

Effects were breathtaking.

I'm sick of stupid/full special FX movies with poor developed characters, macho behaviour, nonsense scripting etc. This movie is like tons of low quality production in Hollywood, just to impress the public with visuals (that are good indeed, like all the superhero & sci-fi movies of the last 20 years), but in the end it is always the same s..t. Boring story with same construction and development...

His charm kept the movie entertaining.


Corny, predictable, boring, cgi dependant rubbish .

Humour was below average, action sequences were boring and the scenes would just cut off and not merge into one another.

Oh please such a waste of my precious time.

Worth watching just for Jason Mamo's opening shot; shirtless, from behind, he stands, flips his hair back and gives a cheeky grin.

The story is predictable.

Ambitous, stunning and amazing .

I was so bored!

) and, ignoring a few contrived plot details, a hugely entertaining romp.

The sequences are laborious and dull.

The only problem is the villains and supporting cast are more boring than him.

But not just the worst superhero movie I've seen in a while, but the worst movie in general I've seen in a while.

When he grows up, Arthur is convinced by stunning redhead Atlantean Mera (Heard) to claim his rightful place as king of Atlantis in order to prevent a battle between the sea folk and the land dwellers.

I mean, im laughing at how cliche it is.

It was an entertaining movie, which I can see again once blue-ray comes up.

So predictable and so boring.

Stunning visuals, not a moment of bore, frenzy pace and a "coolness factor" turned up to eleven.

Mera and Arthur going on a short quest to find the sword was fun and exciting and I really liked their chemistry.

I am almost certain that if the CGI had been great, it would have changed my vision regarding the picture as a whole, but to me it was entertaining nonetheless.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

'Aquaman' is visually stunning!

Amber Heard is great, and the chemistry between her Indiana Jonesian character, Mera and Momoa's Aquaman is electric and gripping.

Worst movie ever!!.

That was unwatchable.

The movie was fun, action packed and the CGI was amazing!

This film is worth watching if you're a film student whom needs to know what not to do.

Nicole Kidman was actually pointless in this film - anyone could've played her character for the little she did.

I felt the "big bad's" were a bit disappointing and the plot was really predictable, but it was still entertaining and a decent superhero movie.

There's no mystery or anything because of how generic and predictable it is.

Aquaman was entertaining from beginning to the end, visuals are beautiful, a lot of epic moments here and there, People this days are ruining movies by trying to act too smart!!

When Arthur's dad save his mom fron the sea, I know exactly what gonna happen yeah basic thing they get married etc.the story is sort of predictable no brainer.

The writing is poor, the screenplay is poor, the cgi is fantastic, the acting is bland, and the movie lacks any memorable moments except for the eye candy fight near the end of the movie.

The action scenes are like an action packed shampoo commercial you know how they be flinging their hair about?

This is another Hollywood formulaic superhero junk that completely misrepresents the core philosophy of Atlantis.

Waste of Time .

Props to DC for including every conceivable cliche in this movie, combined with terrible dialogue and writing.

The King of the Seven Seas has chances to become the most outstanding, fascinating and exotic superhero of the whole combo out there.

The story was completely predictable from minute one.


It has beautiful cgi and scenery, the action is intense, and the story is lovely.

Stunning and amazing underworld and of course Jason Momoa was super !


Having said that the other moments in the film are also polar opposite to Black Panther, where in that movie slow dialogue heavy moments felt like they had real weight here they are usually laughable (and not when they mean to be).

- But as Ryan Coogler diligently proposed to make a stand against racism, politics, Hollywood's diversity and some other highly important social matters, Wan loosens up and never takes the material too seriously; it's simple: a silly, funny, over-the-top fantasy actioner with two specific purposes on its mind: a message of solving your problems peacefully and an act of redemption for DC; its fuzzy proceedings are what makes it so enjoyable, so strangely magnetic and carefreely brilliant.

Bad acting, terrible lines, poor cgi and boring storyline .

Don't waste your money, don't waste time.

Too much cliché .

Now, the story was generic, the pacing was off, the dialogue was more cheesy then it needed to be.

However, the storyline was a bit confusing.

A great coming together cast, an engaging young director plus a skilled producer on a budget.

The CGI were over the top but incredibly entertaining.

Even if my voice is shaking, I dare say it is the most eye-catching, wildly stunning sci-fi show I have seen into a big-impact Hollywood production since James Cameron's "Avatar," visually speaking.

The lines are lame the humor attempts are cliche and not funny in the least I also felt a bit childish like some executive let their son help with the writing cause its that shallow and the only thing that is funny about it is the costumes and .

I do not like this combination of so many tones, it gives me a feeling of confusion proving that I can not adapt to the storyline to enjoy it.

So much of the same crash and burn CGI as in many other prior Marvel films it is quite frankly a bore.

The storyline is very predictable and the acting was really bad.

boring .

I love this type of action movie (fantasy) and this one, though enjoyable, didn't meet my standards at all.

It has fully predictable plot, full of cliches and bad jokes that don't fit in.

People must love boring.

The underwater talking and flying and armpit sniffing was unbearable.

First the bad: It's way too long, that desert scene was really trash, some music choices were questionable to say the least.

Amazing movie enjoyed it so much .

Like any marvel movies it was enjoyable.

Worth watching despite knowing Aquaman's origin story .

I also think there was a lot of cliche moments, which I feel is typical DC to do.

Stay home Save your money and your time...

Terrible acting, terrible plot, nothing makes sense and I don't find the special effect moving or shaking, boring computerized movie, changes from he's got a nice life to being chased around by the all of a sudden bad guys (whoever they are).

The scenes with the Trench were incredible and very engaging.

It's the biggest cliché in the 21st century.

it was fascinating .

The story is great, the effects are stunning and even clocking in over 2 hours it's still full with action.

My wife fell asleep and I really want my time and money back.

A wheezing, confused and sickly bore.

A few times was I checking my watch and feeling as though it dragged a bit.

DId I fall asleep.

This film was very entertaining, effects, story and acting (Although ropey/cheesy sometimes).

The storyline feels mindlessly lightweight with it's cliché violence and predictable romance.

Summary: A fresh and entertaining take on Aquaman's origin story.

Once you realise any injuries he sustains will barely slow him down, any sense of 'danger' fades away.

Stunning CGI, though!

Overrated Bore .

However, what made Aquaman extra enjoyable to me is that it does not fight the culture war, except for a soft jibe at polluting the oceans.

It was slightly boring.

Bad choice of actors, boring story, costumes & special effects all about.. .

Many viewers are hating this movie based on their personal opinions like bad story, few superstars, Jason Momoa's bad acting, slow SFX etc. It is true that just like tipical Marvel or DC movies, the count of superstars are very less in this movie and that didn't made this movie bad in my view.

don't waste your time.

on a GOOD day I'd give it 5/5and just to confirm, i LOVE fantasy, marvel, adventure movies but DAMN this I felt was a waste of my time.

What a waste of time and money, undoubtedly the worst movie of the year.

But the main issue, which makes this movie unwatchable without at least 4 cans of beer, is the fact that its linear as hell, there are 0 unpredictable plot twists, from the beginning of the movie (or even from trailers) you for sure know how its going to end.

Aquaman is more like bucket man, an empty bucket of drivel.

The music score is horrendous and made felt like a 90's action movie The costume design made it feel like a reallt over budget power rangers episode The cast overall id say was well chosen but no matter how good they were, they couldnt save the souless and predictable script from leaving us cringing every few minutes.

Don't waste your time .

The bad guys are boring and predictable and the only 1 demential, a younger brother with mommy issues.

Boring dialogue and too much politics.

Stereotypical bad predictable writing, backed up with horrible acting by respected actors that clearly can't say no to money grabs like this.

Had it been a better film that kept me on the edge of my seat in excitement, I wouldn't even have noticed but this felt like all the epic grandeur of a Star Wars adventure minus the thrills and excitement, and that risks the onset of boredom.

Some of the most cliche and hackneyed dialogue ever to grace a movie.

When a "horror" movie can make me fall asleep, it's an epic fail...