Arctic Dogs (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Hohum Score



An Arctic fox works in the mailroom of a package delivery service, but wants to be doing the deliveries.

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Aaron Woodley
Stars: Jeremy Renner, Heidi Klum
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 8 out of 27 found boring (29.62%)

One-line Reviews (20)

Don't waste your time .

However I enjoyed it.

The characters are unlikable and bland.

The rest of the movie is just boring and bland.

I'm the first one to review this movie, I have seen this movie in the theater and it was really enjoyable to watch, this movie is about the fox who can blend in with the winter snow, he has a dream job of pulling a sled like the 3 big dogs, he works his whole life to get to the mail job.

Pretty dry and bland.

This movie was boring while lacking humor.

I hope people will go see this movie since it was entertaining as John Cleese was in the movie who's also in The Swan Princess 1994.

I know this movie was not made for me, but even in the nearly empty theatre, there was only a huge laughter towards the end.

Boring and bland...

It's a waste of time and money .

And all were unbearable.

The characters felt like a character cliche everyone had seen before.

Skip this movie and don't waste your time.

I have to say, while he laughed and enjoyed it - I was very disappointed.

And thats why this waste of time movie is the worst of them all.

So much aspects of the film, ranging from the plot, the characters, the setup, and so on - just feel so uneventful.

Directed by Aaron Woodley, this family-friendly movie is a BIG snore.

A disappointing snore .

You could make the argument that this movie was intended for children and not four 17 year olds, but even then i think the movie failed at that cause we never heard one chuckle from the audience and a 3rd of the families there walked out of it.