Ares (2020) - Horror

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Dutch students in Amsterdam accidentally open a portal to a demonic world from the Dutch Golden Age.

IMDB: 6.3
Stars: Frieda Barnhard, Robin Boissevain
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 35 out of 139 found boring (25.17%)

One-line Reviews (80)

Unsure why this has mainly bad reviews, I found the series thoroughly engaging and had to watch the whole thing in one sitting.

Though it's an engrossing show, the incentives in the story are weak.

what a waste of time!

A slow burn that pays off .

The mood was very consistent and the story intriguing.

I enjoyed the slow pace of the series.

I watched the whole thing in one evening and I found it highly enjoyable.

it seems to spiral out of control as uninteresting characters keep hogging the screen and mostly nothing happens.

Something exciting.

Overall thrilling enough, and quite a fresh take on the genre.

Dont waste your time watching this

Unbearable to watch .

Did not expect this show to be good considering the whole premise is a bit overdone, but I was suprised by both the plot and the cast in creating such a tense and suspenseful atmosphere which left me wanting more!!

While in this show Most of it feels bland.

Very intriguing and interesting till the end.

Susperia like slow burn .

As a true horrorfan, I love a serie that's unpredictable.

It is well worth the watch.

Definitely worth watching .

It's fairly easy to make up an exciting story about what dark deeds go on behind the closed doors of a secret society.

It was a little questionable in the editing and acting of a couple of characters sometimes, and maybe a few holes in the story content, but I let that fly, and led me to continue watching, mainly because of the story, as this was the main area that kept me there and continued to binge through and enjoyed it, until the last scene....

Slow start, speeding up in episodes 4-5 .

Its just the same boring twists and turns you find in most supernatural shows today.

The motivations and actions of the characters were quite confusing at times which sometimes resulted in unrealistic and sometimes even awkward moments for both the characters and the viewers.

The soundtrack was compelling and there was a lot of mystery so I enjoyed that.

A real waste of time watching it.

This series had me on the edge of my seat from the start.


Hard to follow, no clear plot etc.

Eprisod 1: very good episode 2 and 3: bit slow and boring episodes 4-8: the story gets better and better!

I was bored stupid.

A waste of time.

Visually stunning ending.

A show with flat, dull characters (except Lisa Smit), vaque plotlines and a totally inconsistent, narrative structure with no significant suspense, twists, jumpscares or mystery.

AND, it's all done in a VERY boring manner.

Very dark, intriguing, promising and full of mysteries.

Don't waste your time on this dribble.

Don't waste your time.

The structure of the story is so slow that we both lost interest and did not understand the bad story.

Bad acting, bad writing, slow and boring and above all, a ridiculous story.

Nice to see Dutch series, but sorry to say this is a waste of money, time and talent.

Boring .

Very boring !!!

Very boring .

Boring dialogues, vague relationship between main characters and a weird ending (to say the least).

Enjoyable combination of atmosphere, historical sites and a slowly building plot.

I have to say I was very interested when I saw the trailer since most dutch movies and shows are awful romantic comedies and for me personally, they're all unwatchable.

I have to disagree, though the show doesn't hold your hand and reveal every question, it also has just enough, I found, to be enjoyable and suspenseful.

Creepy and exciting!

Stopped at episode 3 because it was so boring, waste of my time.

Boring .

waste of time .

I wanted to like this but as has already been said it was so boring I could not.

Boring .

Engaging series.

The few 'holes' in the story, make you wonder what everyone else does during the day and where, but you let that pass and continue watching the main characters, but all up, it kept me glued and enjoyed it.

There is something about this show that had me immersed me in the dark world, in it's eerie atmosphere, from one episode to the next.

I gave an extra star for some cool visionary effects but what stood very far from other stars being given is the boring lackluster same college secret society plot.

Overall, it's boring with little new information revealed in each episode and a lack of key plot twists/surprising factors.

Bad acting, no plot, at the end you understand what's happening or why is happening and it made me want to hit the producer and his team.

Don't waste your time with this.

Really very enjoyable.

Off course the decor was stunning: dinner in front of De nachtwacht in het Rijksmuseum and for me, living in Amsterdam, it is allways fun to see my home town :) Because of the end of the film I am looking forward to part 2, for me this is an open end and leaves me with a couple of questions.

What did I just waste my time on.

Waste of time this seriesSad to know Netflix paid for this series

Dark, atmospheric slow burn .

Don't waste your time.

👎 waste of time- 👎 waste of time- 👎 waste of time-

The first season I see more as a starter, it is still too slow, unclear and vague.

Bad and boring .

problem is, although the 8 episodes are quite short, the series is still painfully slow and quite boring: it takes three episodes to build up, probably 10% of the whole time is taken by people walking slowly through beautiful rooms, 20% is made of opaque dialogs, 20% of "intense staring", 10% of suicides, 10% of vomiting, 5% of coal-covered BDSM scenes, 10% of existential drama about Rosa's choices of life, and the rest is nothing at all.

Symbolically and visually stunning .

Illogical, badly acted and dull.

Weird, vague, confusing, lot of wtf, difficult to find out what it's all about .

Slow, boring and confusing .

There are barely any explanations for events, probably for the purpose of mystery, but it just makes this show look pretentious and it shows bad writing.

I enjoyed it.

Dull and poor .

Don't waste your time.

No plot.