Armour of God (1986) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

Hohum Score



Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) and his bumbling sidekick are sent on a quest through Europe to find a mysterious treasure held by a shadowy organization of monks.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Jackie Chan
Stars: Jackie Chan, Alan Tam
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 6 out of 54 found boring (11.11%)

One-line Reviews (48)

But PART 2 (the first of the films) is definitely a must-see (despite the confusing title).

There's something charming about the original text - Jackie is actually more arrogant and aloof in the original version, and it helped create a more exciting "mercenary" feel to Jackie's character, rather than the more confusing humanitarian/treasure-hunter feel to the new version.

Very Enjoyable .

The monks are fairly inept and it must be said what was really needed is a big boss at the end for Jackie to fight but other than these small complaint its a very enjoyable action flick.

There are some incredible sequences at the start (an action packed chase)and at the end of the film (infiltrating the enemy base and a crazy escape plan).

Really slow middle saved by great fun fights .

The next 30 minutes are boring storytelling before leading up to the car chase scene.

The movie has a great beginning, and then it is destroyed by an agonizing slow middle, and then it picks up again with an action packed ending.

There are many memorable scenes, the ones where Chan uses a huge log to fight off the monks, the huge food fight - where chan must face the monks in his typical, and breathtaking - one man vs the world fighting style...

Very enjoyable.

After some fairly drawn-out and redundant sequences, we follow these guys (with another girl May) on their rescue mission.

I am mentioning all this because this is the reason the middle of the movie is so slow.

This is one of Jackie's most enjoyable films.

Spotlights movie include spectacular brawls , car chases including bounds and leaps , impressive and interminable fights , a breathtaking final struggle between Jackie Chan and several monks and warrior women ; in addition other fine action sequences in overwhelming style .

The film features beautiful locales in addition to being bright and entertaining.

And good stunts there are many, including the opening sequence (in which Chan was infamously hurt during its filming), a breathtaking multi-car chase in the middle, and a death-defying leap onto a passing balloon at the end.

Made during the mid 1980s, a period which I consider to be the most productive (in terms of entertainment value) in Jackie Chan's overall filmography, ARMOUR OF GOD is another hit and a perfectly-paced movie, offering up varied locations, some wonderful action sequences, tons of stunts and breathtaking martial arts work.

There is the little matter of the armour he has been tasked to retrieve, and other stuff that may go above your head, but forget the silly plot, this is Chan at his vintage best with ridiculous over-the-top comic book fight scenes and breathtaking stunts galore.

Fairly mindless, but fantastically entertaining.

Enjoyable and classy .

Then comes the exciting ending.

Otherwise the whole movie is action packed at the end.

The problem is with the "linking material", which is weak and sometimes even boring.

Overall the first version is actually more exciting because of the music - the music makes all the actions scenes more heart-pounding and is an excellent example of how sound can affect a scene.

By the time you get to the second act the movie has worn out its' welcome and even the exciting car chase or final battle against martial arts Amazoness dominatrix's (I'm not kidding)can't save the movie from being merely average.

It's exciting, funny, and has everything you could possibly want.

Stupid but enjoyable .

A waste of time .

The film is topped off by a jump onto a hot air balloon which is also highly impressive, and if you watch the closing credits you'll see that Chan nearly died after hitting his head on a rock - thank goodness he survived and went on to make more enjoyable movies like this one.

I have seen it about 7 times and it is still entertaining.

Crackerjack action movie filled with adventure , humor and breathtaking fights .

Good, enjoyable film .

Armour Of God is an exciting action-adventure.

great start, slow middle, awesome ending .

Jackie's pre-USA movies which were hk based were so much better and enjoyable in my opinion and the fights were so much livelier.

A very enjoyable action comedy that impresses with every second of it.

it was a little slow in spots as i have watches the 97 min.

The fights are fast and exciting.

), this thinly-plotted action-adventure boasts a series of death-defying stunts (watch out for a truly breathtaking car chase early in the film) and brilliantly choreographed fight scenes, set against the backdrop of various far-flung European locations.

The middle part of this film is boring.

Not was well as I did Operation Condor, but it was still quite enjoyable.

Its all good fun to watch, I certainly enjoyed it, and I still enjoy it - even with its problems with script, dialogue or humor I just didn't get (remember this film was made for a Chineese auidence not a Western one!

We get an insane opening with some death-defying stunts from Jackie (Including one that almost killed Jackie) , some exciting car chases that will have action fans foaming at the mouth, and great fight scenes that are filled with creativity.

The middle is terribly slow.

This film, although quite patchy, is worth watching.

So, the story is stupid, the characters are bland, the humor is forced, the direction is flat.

So fast forward through the middle if it's too slow for you.

I found it to be boring and only got through it as I was watching with a friend.