Arsenal (2017) - Action, Crime, Thriller

Hohum Score



A Southern mobster attempts to rescue his kidnapped brother.

Director: Steven C. Miller
Stars: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 44 found boring (29.54%)

One-line Reviews (27)

But, the film suddenly lurches away from the human and family element into a predictable and excessively violent action picture.

there's a lot of little things wrong about this film but in all honesty it was still quite enjoyable.

Generic and predictable.

This is a very good action movie, love the slow mo make all the shootings look sick.

Stupid because the plot is so childishly contrived and derivative you'd have to be a moron to believe it.

Slow mo splatter gore with actors you know .

Good movie to pass the time (1.5 speed on VLC) Some shots are WAY too long (kid walking in arcade????

Dump and uninteresting.

This needed more wild personality and insane dialogue, but instead it's an illogical bland plot orchestrated by, surrounded by, and full of morons.

Bland Action That Is Mildly Entertaining .

fairly basic plot but who cares, i totally enjoyed it.

John Cusack plays a backseat to Nicholas Cage whose presence is at times displayed in a cagey fashion while Cusack has a role similar to his more engaging one in the action thriller The Prince (2014).

Overall, the film is over the top in its violence and everything is predictable.


To be honest it's mostly boring and meaningless.

Rivers of Blood Flowing in the Slowest of Motion Resulting in a High-Def Deluge of Jaw-Dropping, Gonzo, Grind-House Movie-Making.

Dialogue was trite and contrived.

Overall, generic and predictable.

Yet it still disappointed, with the slow boring script and the pointless scenes.

Trust me, it sounds more fascinating than it looks.

One of the worst movies ever.

Miller's ARSENAL is a mildly entertaining action movie that is one of those films that might be worth watching if you can catch it free on television or perhaps a $1.50 Redbox rental.

The final result is a poorly titled, pretentiously boring - frankly silly gangster thriller.

Arsenal or southern fury is a surprising adrenaline crime and betrayal film that is much better than you think.

The simplest way to put this film is simply slow and dumb.

Slow and dumb .

There are perhaps intriguing aspects to this, which manages to keep the film going to a particular standard, there's some dizzying action, with some fresh slow-mo shots, which we haven't seen before like a man being shot by a shotgun in his nether region.