Arthdal Chronicles (2019) - Drama, Fantasy, History

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Arthdal Chronicles depicts the birth of civilization and nations in ancient times. It is a story of mythical heroes, their struggle, unity and love of people living in a virtual land called Arth.

IMDB: 8.1
Stars: Joong-Ki Song, Ji-won Kim
Length: 80 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 0 out of 67 found boring (0%)

One-line Reviews (12)

The locations are intriguing, the filming style is intriguing, and the story I think has started off with great potential.

If you enjoy the fantasy genre, (D&D, LOtR) you'll experience a fascinating look into this Korean drama's world about an early civilization with differing tribes and races that exist.

So many twists and unpredictable turns.

With stunning cinematography and brutally raw storytelling, this innovative fantasy fiction surrounding how a K-centric society and kingdom originated is so addicting.

Just Perfect and Intriguing .

Fantastic acting , script and gripping story .

It's intence, intriguing, funny, sad, and heart breaking at times.

As they only presented the universe of arthdal and the characters, the last few episodes were only entertaining when it comes to the story.

Offering stunning cinematography with a captivating story to tell, this is a must see, currently streaming on Netflix.

Super interesting story line and very thrilling!!

Every episode has twists and leaves a cliff-hanger ending keeping you on the edge of your seat for the next episode.

Extremely Enjoyable .