Arthur & Merlin (2015) - Fantasy

Hohum Score



A young Celtic warrior and a hermit wizard must unite to defeat an evil druid.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Marco van Belle
Stars: Kirk Barker, Stefan Butler
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 46 found boring (10.86%)

One-line Reviews (42)

Highly recommend it for a wide range of audiences.

A great action packed movie re-telling a familiar legend:A Great cast - Lovely locations - a fantastic movie taking into account the budget restrictions - superb value for money!

A surprisingly well-acted and entertaining film.

This is still economic movie, but very good and very enjoyable for every fan of elemental wizardry :)Best wishes from Poland!

Acting was believable enough to allow you to get immersed in the story and that's all I ever really ask for.

I'll definitely be watching this movie again at Christmas as it's a safe bet for an entertaining movie for the whole family.

Quite entertaining despite being "indie" .

Solid, exciting and touching .

After wasting my time watching this, I can say this is the worst movie I have watched ever.

As for the film, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Intensive CGI scenes, like in the ending were handled better than expected.

The cast give bored performances, there's no attempted characterisation, and the story just drags and drags.

Unfortunately the film itself is clumsily plotted and quite boring, lacking the most basic elements of structure and narrative to make it remotely watchable.

He does a capable job for a first outing, and some of the plodding might have been avoided with a little more experience.

The film has high production values and is engrossing from the off.

Really enjoyable .

The filming locations were stunning, I thought the actors did an amazing job and I thought the costumes were pretty good too.

Considering the budget a job well done and entertaining throughout.

What you *can* expect on the other hand is good entertainment and a quite unexpected perspective of the myth about Merlin and Arthur.

I can see from some fake reviews that it hurts them badly - a movie with tiny little budget far more enjoyable than marvel-like "blockbusters".

It's a slow moving take on the Arthurian legend, clumsily filmed and badly acted.

It works very well as a family film as I watched with my kids and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

The use of colour and the cinematography was the most enjoyable aspect of this film.

I found this take on the King Arthur Legend very entertaining.

A waste of money, and our time, literally.

Its worth watching.

An entertaining interpretation of the Arthur legend before he became a King .

This is a fantasy feature worth watching for any and all ages.

There are too many similar contradictions in the plot to make this truly enjoyable for me.

Rich imagery and well cast with an engaging storyline - a film with real ambition.

Enjoyable film with a bit of everything.

Those who want massive battle scenes, high end CGI and typical Hollywood budget films shouldn't waste their time.

) but the storyline, striking image richness and overall vision behind just about every scene shines through and make this an unexpectedly enjoyable little gem.

The story is entertaining and kept my attention for most of the movie.

A solidly entertaining independent feature .

A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I watched it with my kids and they enjoyed it.

All it lacks is a compelling exploration of the political conflict between the old, pagan gods and the new Christian ones, that it implies is central to any abstract understanding of the culture depicted and the non-material reasons one might have for defending it.

I like the fact that it's not an overblown special effects extravaganza, relying instead upon some stunning scenery and a generally pleasing look.

The worst movie ever .

It's a boring movie about a theme that has been done like a thousand times, with the quality and acting of twenty years ago.

Although this film may not compete with Peter Jackson's fantasy series, it's budget is a fraction of Hollywood features and it is still very enjoyable.