Article 15 (2019) - Crime, Drama

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In the rural heartlands of India, an upright police officer sets out on a crusade against violent caste-based crimes and discrimination.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Stars: Ayushmann Khurrana, Nassar
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: Not Rated
Reviews: 16 out of 277 found boring (5.77%)

One-line Reviews (75)

Gripping Display of Indian Society .

It's a film that's always going to be remembered in years to come, a socially relevant film which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Propaganda .

The movie is too gripping & never misses a beat.

Unabashed, Sucker Punching Intense .

Must watch for all Indians and a slap to Akshay Kumar kinds propaganda movies.

Ayushmann Khurana has you hooked instantly, belting out a riveting performance as the sincere, determined police officer.

You may feel engaged to it at times but it's definitely worth the watch.

Scenes are scattered & more than required characters, their names are very confusing.

This movie is a perfect illustration of the false propaganda some awful film makers are trying to propagate.

i cant promise that this film will be entertaining.

Story is very gripping.

Movies concept and story was nice but it's boring .

It is very important to have diffrent things in screenplay and quality in execution when it comes to a predictable plot where we already know that Protagonist gonna win at the end, and fortunately that something different and Quality is Found here.

After mulk, was expecting extra ordinary performances,but average except khurana, who is impressive throughout cinema,it's dark,slow story about casteism existing in uttar pradesh,india.

This is a gripping social commentary on social evil of Caste System which we Indians grew up with and need to get rid of.

It's totally a propaganda based movie aimed at dividing Hindu society

A thrilling & intense journey with Ayushman.

If you loved True Detective kind of slow murder mystery then Article will make on the edge of seat Otherwise also it's an amazing film with top notch star cast & acting by each of them.

Boring & Thoughtless .

Exciting time in indian cinema when so called low budget actors are making such brilliant movies.

It's compelling crime thriller you shouldn't miss.

Five-line review: Article 15 works both as compelling cinema and solid reality-check and therein lies the beauty of it.

Story may be about delivering the same old plot-line, but in a refreshing, interesting, thrilling package: the govt trying to stop the idealists, the border line suspects turning out to be the real evils, and the revolutionaries disguised as the threats to the society.

So go and watch this entertaining crime drama.

If you have not watched this movie, then save your money.

This movie will keep you engaging till the end.

Really thrilling storyline.

Anubhav sinha Truly deserves applause for such a gripping movie!

I felt it was slow little bit and it should have contained more suspense.

Same nonchalance and ice cool languid physical presence.

Waste of time.

It was gripping from the start till finish.

The film is very well directed, have gripping screenplay, no nonsensical songs, upto the point, straight-forward and hardest slap to India's fake secularism agenda currently in news.

Weaknesses: Some events were a bit abrupt (especially in the beginning), some parts were little dragged (towards the end), less time was committed to develop some of the important characters and relationships.

However the writers job is very commendable too for research, detailing and than creating an exciting script out of a sensitive subject.

Really enjoyed it!

Nice but too slow .

'Article 15' is not a light watch, but it is definitely relevant, compelling and a film that will spark conversation.

waste of money.

I am enjoying the reviews by trolls who are triggered and claiming this 'work of fiction' a Propaganda.

Regardless a very entertaining movie with very crucial message: must watch!

It's simply a powerful, compelling, and spellbinding storyline that leaves you in a place of love for your country.

The constant use of darkness and dark colours presented such a disturbing and intense atmosphere that felt very fitting to the tone of the movie.

Thrilling and Intense .

Hard hitting, compelling and gripping story which slaps you with the reality of our rural India.

I do feel that the film rushes into things a bit, but needless to say it is compelling enough to start a conversation among the populace about these issues which are holding back our country.

screenplay is engaging and keeps one hooked from start to finish.

This film has a compelling story with a very dark tone which is very rare in bollywood cinemas now-a-days.

Compelling, bold and social change .

Tedious towards the end.

Gripping, thrilling, moving, and realistic.

Powerful, Spellbinding, Compelling , Strongly recommended.

They stretched it and made it boring after first hour.

you need to watch this awesome movie it's worth watching it.

Worth watching indeed.

But this indeed an engaging film.

A hard hitting, compelling film on Indian caste system and the discrimination.

The movie keeps you engaged through out with intense anticipation.

Worst movie .

During the movie your heart will be on the edge and you'll hate the caste system in india.

Raw, gripping, realistic and I can add many more adjectives to mention how well made this movie is.

Stunning Movie and a Must Watch movie for all.

Story is very gripping.

The movie is entertaining for average audience who are not looking to take home any social message from the movie.

A more bitter tale would have made the film more compelling.

Later on predictable things like Political pressure, resistance in investigation, suspension and ofcourse conspiracy takes over the scenes.

A Brave Telling and a Compelling Watch .

his intense looks....

In the end, I would say this was still one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in the recent times.

But the script isnt very gripping n doesnt keep u on ur toes.

Article 15 hits you hard with its unabashed, sucker punching, intense portrayal of Indian society.

It's an intense, gripping act as he gets under the skin of his character.

Another propaganda Movie .

They Stretched the Movie and Made it Boring .