Assimilate (2019) - Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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Three friends making a web series about their town discover that their neighbors are being killed and replaced by creatures who are perfect copies of their victims.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: John Murlowski
Stars: Joel Courtney, Calum Worthy
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 27 out of 139 found boring (19.42%)

One-line Reviews (78)

Very predictable.

Overall it's just lackluster and kinda boring.

Still, I liked it overall and for a 6 pm Nerflix type of movie, I feel like a well spent 1.5 h of my life after a boring day at work :)

Overall, the movie is cliche and unrealistic.

Enjoyable .

The firehouse scene was the best scene in the movie..very emotional and intense!

but comes across a bit cliche in the "Youth vs Adults" mindset.

It's not a bad film, the problem is it's predictable from start to finish and there are no surprises, frankly it dragged out.

I was on the edge of my chair for much of the movie.

And have more dialogue in places where it's slow that helps audience relate or build a relationship with characters...

Bored to freaking death!

In conclusion, this is enjoyable, though it relies heavily on the 1978 film.

This movie worth the watch!

Unoriginal storyline, bad acting and ridiculous outcomes make for a waste of time.

It is worth watching and if you can come to it with an open mind and not try and hold it up against other similar movies you will probably like it.

The scene at the beginning - with the really lame (and unnecessary) CGI and an actress who can't act - makes you think it's a zombie flick, then nothing happens for quite some time.

The film is entertaining and the characters did a good job with their roles.

If you've not seen the originals, I think you'll enjoy this newest version entertaining, especially since It doesn't give us any idea of who or what was behind this latest invasion.

Does this mean this is the worst movie ever?

The movie feels really slow, tired, old-fashioned, and at times really dull despite a few modern elements thrown in like the Internet.

It's a suspenseful film with unexpected twists and the acting's good, so what's the problem with this film then?

It's exactly as you would expect it to be but still an entertaining enough movie with likeable leads in their 20s playing high school seniors.

Very boring clone of "Bodysnatchers", with modern tropes added for modern idiots' viewing pleasure.

Don't waste your time.

As a story there are some entertaining risks taken, particularly with the film's ending which I wasn't expecting.

Definitely worth the fast-moving hour and a half runtime.

Well acted and shot but ultimately kinda boring.

it's enjoyable.

Complete waste of 90 minutes, find another movie on Netflix to pass the time.

Despite being a rehash of its predecessors this little slick is definitely worth watching .

A bland copy of the original...

It's worth watching .

Boring Invasion of the Body Snatchers Ripiff .

I enjoyed it very much.

It was intriguing, even though, I know the "Body Snatchers" movies quite well and it was fun to watch.

The beginning is a fun set up to the predictable events to come.

There are no surprises, zero suspense, and 100% predictable right down to the end.

I mean, a bored non-fan discussing baseball (which is boring).

Body Snatchers the boring version.

Just super straightforward and predictable.

Teen Flick but still enjoyable .

It is predictable till the last line, the acting is below average, special effects are poor, and chances are you'll be bored half way through.

I was just bored most of the time.

Just the opening scene where the actress was directed so poorly and is overly freaking out and such a cliche had me wanting to turn it off.

I enjoyed it and iam one to NOT like my time wasted watching wack movies!

So boring it hurt.

Cliche .

I've seen tons of similar boring "horror" movies like that.

Thankfully, although the story involves teens making videos, it eschews the tiresome faux verite video POV format in favor of traditional cinema technique, making for a less obtrusive viewing experience.

The acting is bad, the production tries too hard with the obvious low budget that they had (bad CGI), the plot is predictable, and there is no explanation to anything whatsoever.

The show kept my interest that was good #2 it was very entertaining #3 I kept wanting to watch it because it did not slow down in #4.

It takes the cliché nobody-believes-me-it's-aliens premise to a whole new level of absurd, treading boring idiotic paths we've all seen in countless monster-invasion flicks.

Slow like hell!

Total waste of my time.

Lol don't waste your time .

Entire film really very slow!

Highly enjoyable.


Worth the watch.

" I would let me teen daughter watch it ~ however, there are some intense scenes that she would probably have to keep her eyes shut as she really isn't my "horror flick" partner.

Yes, the story has been told and retold at least three times on film before but, this one is cleverly written with enough twists to make it definitely worth watching.

If they have then it will be harder to be immersed in it as the similarities in the movies will deaden immersion.

Better than the original, but still predictable.

Despite the familiar territory it treads, its clean dramatic focus, smooth pacing and likeable characters keep it entertaining from beginning to end.

Worth watching.

Boring clone of "Bodysnatchers" .


It's formulaic to say the least.

The film is engaging although its just a teen flick talking about a infection being spread and taking over the world.

I watched with with my daughter and we both enjoyed it.

Not a masterpiece by any means, but very entertaining movie.

It made for a spooky, fast paced and high tension thrill ride.

The low-key (and low budget) effects mostly work well and don't get in the way of the story, and there is a sequence involving a mobile home/trailer (we're in small town America, after all) that practically makes the whole thing worth watching.

Amateurish acting & a plodding story make this one tough to get through.

Very entertaining .

Don't waste your time.

Unfortunately for Assimilate there some cliché moments too.

I actually really did like the very end scene, but mainly it was a snooze fest.