Asur (2020) - Drama

Hohum Score



Tribute to Ramkinkar Baij, the film explores the relationship between three friends Kigan, Bodhi and Aditi.

Director: Pavel
Stars: Jeet, Abir Chatterjee
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 1 out of 51 found boring (1.96%)

One-line Reviews (14)

A must watch for all ages people and it's worth watching.

Offbeat, dark, intense format highlighting the culture, the artforms and typical human nature.

This movie is engaging and at the same time its thought provoking.

Asur is a fantastic mind blowing thriller web series.

A bit of thrilling moment is also there before the climax which makes the movie more exciting.

A mind blowing movie by Pavel.

Mind blowing Movie .

Gripping till the end.

No logic.. no common sense, no story just bunch of high paid actors.. only good thing is Abir good performance

And will highly recommend it.

An engaging movie.. worth watching .

I personally enjoyed it.

Mind blowing .

Jeet gives us stunning performance.