At First Sight (1999) - Drama, Romance

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A blind man has an operation to regain his sight at the urging of his girlfriend and must deal with the changes to his life.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Irwin Winkler
Stars: Val Kilmer, Mira Sorvino
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 25 out of 102 found boring (24.5%)

One-line Reviews (59)

It's full of emotions, it jumps around from sadness to frustration, confusion, happiness...

Much of the dialogue, during these dreary lovers' quarrels, focuses on blindness in love and living with one's blind spots and limitations (she has a too-symbolic chunk of unfinished sculpture she started in college).

In this case, though, the scientific context of the movie -- about a blind man who regains his sight with unexpected repercussions -- makes for a subject considerably more interesting than the romantic drama to which it is attached.

This movie dragged in too much sex, too many tears, and way too many moments that had no significance whatsoever.

It is: pretentious, boring, stupid, very bad acted, truly nonsense, every scene can be taken for granted, etc.. Who gave an Oscar to M.

The best scene is in the first quarter of the film when Mira Sorvino and Val Kilmer find themselves in an empty old building during a rainstorm and he describes how the rain helps him to "see" his surroundings by giving him audible dimension clues.

It was long, boring, and sappy.

I reckon I saved myself a horrid unfolding of a predictable plot with a semi-artsy attempt at an unbelievable story.

Don't waste the time .

The film is long, but the romance leading up to Sorvino's determination to get Kilmer onto the operating table one more time, is strongly compelling.

Amy tried to make him part of her world and regaining his sight became very frightening and confusing for him, especially in New York City.

Boring, predictable, and Laughable.

A really fascinating subject that deserves better treatment than this.

Also it was free on a channel I have cause it was older:), but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

He went from serenity and peace with his life to confusion and anger.

It is based on a true story which is interesting but it goes too slow and is somewhat boring.

One was intelligent and fascinating; one was stupid and boring.

The basic facts have been moulded into a trite romance that could easily fit between a pair of Harlequin covers.

While some reviewers say the movie is soppy, slow, poorly paced and trite, others say it is genuinely moving, technically well done and inspiring.

" Instead we sit through a contrived melodrama, with two romantic leads who lack any hope of chemistry.

Don't waste your valuable time on this poor effort.

You will be bored, you will be tired, you will be wondering when this film will end.

Slow-moving love story .

I found this movie equally enjoyable to the excellent Scent of a Woman.

I found the movie boring, predictable, and way to fast.

During the operation there are boring scenes, which go on much too long between Sorvino and the sister.

If I hadn't been with friends when I saw this movie, I would have walked out for sure.

And the ending was the slowest part of the movie.

** stars A little boring .

For some reason the two stories both separately compelling did not seem to mesh well--or as well as I expected.

I really liked this film for many reasons, and thought it a most fascinating subject.

When I saw that, I was really sure that I would fall asleep during the movie, because there doesn't seem to be any story in it.

In truth, learning to deal with the sighted world for a person once blind is a process 100x's harder and slower than depicted in this film.

In short, those who adore romantic dramas will not want to miss this one, as it is compelling story of true love.

Although this movie is a true story, it was made as the someone had come along and gone "wow" this would make a great movie and about 1/4 of the way through got bored and didn't care where it was going!

I watched this film on late night TV and definitely enjoyed it.

***SPOILER*** then the last segment makes an unexpected,tragic and cruel turn.

It was dragged out for the sake of it with lots of valueless scenes included.

The film also outlined the pain of his loved ones, as they tried to help him adjust to a new environment, while facing pain and confusion themselves.

By the time the movie was over, I had enjoyed it more than she had.

He brings to life the confusion of lack of sight.

It moved slowly, and although there were some good scenes scattered throughout, there were slow patches between them.

This drama hit at the heart of a compelling human experience .

All in all, well worth watching.

It is very enjoyable.

Sorvino was predictable and spacey, which became a lethal combination.

He also portrayed well the confusion and bewilderment of entering what most people would consider the "normal" easy world of sightedness.

Perhaps, but it is more likely that it is dull to the senses when factoring its giddy delivery.

I felt empty not full...

There are no surprises, no suspense, no plot twists; in short a flat film.

The film jumps around from rejoicing, sadness, frustration, confusion, and happiness.

At First Sight is the type of movie you would watch on a boring day if it was on tv.

It dragged 15 minutes to long.

Nathan Lane gave an uplift to this movie when it really needed and probably saved it from being mundane.

Mira Sorvino is the architect, who is so tired and bored from her life, and visits the town for vacation, falls in love with the Kilmer, and tries to help him.

-- Dialogue: Horribly contrived and stilted.

We went for different reasons, her for the romance, me because the notion of gaining sight after not having it, and the difficulties that might pose, seemed quite intriguing.

I found this film to be both exciting and touching.

Unlike so many of those contrived excuses of love stories that I see in so many movies, I *believed* in the love between these two characters.