Atlantis (2013) - Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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Far from home, Jason washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis.

IMDB: 6.6
Stars: Mark Addy, Jack Donnelly
Length: 45 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 14 out of 98 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (66)

Totally Enjoyable .

Season 1, as mentioned in other reviews, is a little slow, cheesy/cringe worthy at times, and the writing/acting could be improved in parts.

Nothing Superb, but Entertaining nonetheless .

I enjoyed it for a bit of fantasy and action, essentially replacing what was Merlin's demographic.

I have just recently finished watching Atlantis and really enjoyed it.

So what could be unique and enjoyable show turns out to be wall mess of nothing with time-worn humor,very bad scripting,shallow characters (expect Hercules and Medusa ),the main character was such disappointed...

For the rest: great fun in this very entertaining show with some very good-looking and fine young actors.

There is plenty of good TV out there - don't waste your time with this festering pile of nonsense unless you have 1 hour to kill and learn how NOT to do a TV series.

The Fades was a wonderful series that was canned in spite of good ratings and an entertaining premise.

True, the writers have taken a LOT of 'artistic license' in weaving mythological characters into the story, but if you take it all with a grain of salt, it's still very entertaining.

The plots are thin and drawn out.

Meanwhile other genuinely entertaining shows like Atlantis get cancelled.

I know too well that season one might seem a bit slow and not very interesting, but season two is beyond stunning!

Very entertaining with some good acting.

Its a fun, light entertaining show with an interesting historical take on ancient Crete (just my guess that this Atlantis is modeled after ancient Crete with the bulls and Egyptian meets Greek Mediterranean cultural style).

Bottom line is that it's entertaining.

I had been looking forward to watching Atlantis, with the lack of thrilling action/adventure shows on weekend television, I was eager to try this brand new series to replace Merlin (which is my favourite show).

Perhaps worst of all is Jason, a uninteresting semi-illiterate; that seems to have forgotten he's just arrived from the 21st century.

For those who like fantasy stories, are interested in history and just want to have some entertaining: I would definitely suggest to watch this series.

They mixed up some myths and made kind of a new story out of it, in my opinion quite entertaining.

I found Atlantis to be very fun and enjoyable .

The first episode was very entertaining, I ended up watching the whole season with two days.

My grandson who is in 7th grade could write a more engaging script.

To be sure, this isn't on the same par as I, Claudius, but it is entertaining and definitely above the spate of reality show drivel that permeates the airwaves these days.

Everything was predictable - especially when his new 'best friend' picked out the black stone.

but it's not so much that its overwhelming, the show is entertaining, moves at a great pace, and it fun.

Of course its to early to bargain about that so i will move on but i really hope that rest of season has stronger plot and to slow down a little bit,its way too fast paced.

Entertaining .

It's ridiculous and pointless, much like the lineup of the show.

I'm grateful for a series with a little culture and anyone who loves mythology in general will love this exciting new angle.

Ultimately its annoying how little attention to detail they pay for a large budget TV show but its still watchable when i'm bored and there's nothing else to do.

As a senior citizen, the graphic trash depicting evil simply disgusts and bores me.

First season was funny and very entertaining if you do not pay attention to all those Greek myths and names.

Excellent and entertaining just like the haters .

It's a rousing, fantastic thoroughly enjoyable romp with enough thrills, danger, pathos and humor to keep viewers interested.

I'm getting pretty bored with watching shows about terrorists and murderers.

The only positive review of it you'll find in the media is from the Sunday Times who declared it "an action packed buddy movie" having presumably copy pasted their review from the wrong press release.

The mystery of the strange disappearance of the father of the main character: Jason, is intriguing and the special effects used to create the legendary minotaur is perfect.

It's offensive and it is incredibly dull.


Entertaining show with few flaws...

I find this series to be thoroughly enjoyable.

Atlantis definitely does not reach the status and quality of Merlin but still it is a nice, entertaining show worth watching.

The story lines are predictable and childish and the acting is poor.

Exciting adventure...

The dialogue is predictable and intellectually suited only to children.

Second Season is well worth watching.

I have found Atlantis to be a very enjoyable piece of Saturday night entertainment.

The storyline is entertaining and evolves with every new episode in more and more exciting and unpredictable twists; the settings are sumptuous and extremely convincing (partly very authentic, shot in Marocco!

The first season as a whole was an engaging and entertaining ride that seemed to set the stage for an even better second season.

It was very entertaining.

With so much better fantasy on TV to study as a template and inspiration (DA VINCI'S DEMONS, GAME OF THRONES) why did the BBC waste time and money on this?

To anyone more mature it is an insult that the writers thought such banality would engage them.

If you are looking for a solid and addicting fantasy drama, season 2 of Atlantis is well and truly worth watching!

Yes, the fact that Ariadne and Jason love each other is cliché.

Refreshing, thoroughly enjoyable...

It will come down to how bored I am at the time.

The plots are at times exciting and at others humorous especially Hercules.

Waste of space on the hard drive, waste of time in life.

However I will rouse myself from my torpor to add these other very good words: flat, uninspired, derivative, boring, predictable and seemingly written from precepts created from a computer programme.

It's likable characters and engaging stories have me hooked and waiting for more.

"Atlantis" is a well-made, cleverly written, exciting adventure show.

I was expecting this show to be cheesy and lame, like the ones that have become before, and to be honest I did stop watching after the third episode because I wasn't sure, but when I picked it back up again I actually found it great fun, simple entertainment with the right amount of humour, action, special effects and plots to keep you watching, an enjoyable fantasy adventure drama.

The show is not a literal retelling of the related Greek fables, because that would make it as boring as a Titanic remake (spoiler, the ship sinks).

This at least is entertaining.

This is entertaining in itself to see what they change next.