Atomic Twister (2002) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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The staff of a nuclear reactor must struggle to avert a disaster when tornadoes cause damage that threatens to start a meltdown.

Director: Bill Corcoran
Stars: Sharon Lawrence, Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 15 out of 57 found boring (26.31%)

One-line Reviews (34)

The climax; when the town is about to explode in a nuclear holocaust, a tornado is baring down on a over-turned car that is leaking gasoline and sitting on the edge of a cliff, with a young girl in it, when Jake heroically put himself in harms way to save the girl, who was his ex-girlfriend, just in time before the car plummets over the cliff.

All in all an engaging movie and with popcorn and snacks added it makes for a great Saturday night.

This movie was so predictable as to be laughable!

The scenery and settings are as contrived and poorly assembled as the directorial staff and the miscast cast.

"Atomic Twister" contains all the ingredients that make crummy film so entertaining, and reminds us why we were attracted to "Plan 9" in the first place.

Fun and exciting disaster movie .

The story line was entertaining and exciting even if it was not based on hard core reality in all areas.

Don't waste your time.

I found this movie to be entertaining and a lot of fun and after all isn't that what movies are for: fun and entertainment?

Entertaining .

Overall I would give it a rating of 0 out of 10 because in terms of seriousness, Atomic Twister is the worst movie that I have ever seen.

In this stage the pro's starting waste all the valuable time with apologies for al the unbelievable error's they made or start looking at parts of the machinery with, I'm guessing at this point, high hopes that plant saves itself.

The beautiful people in perfect makeup must have been airbrushed by the first tornado, because the busting bosoms are pointless.

ho-hum, except for Sharon Lawrence .

I must have been bored, since I managed to watch an entire movie that I rate at one-half a star, at best!

The movie comes to a suspenseful end as the nuclear supervisor shows her skills as a diesel mechanic to save the country from disaster.

I was bored and decided to watch this, despite knowing what Ted Turner's network would produce, anti-nuke propaganda.

Atomic Twister also has the increasingly contrived relationships that formed the very predictable and already far-fetched in concept story, the unlikeable and stereotypical characters and the terrible acting from all involved with Sharon Lawrence overacting and Corbin Bernson has been much better especially in Psych, where he's used much better.

It was just too boring.

Atomic Twister is an enjoyable film with suspense and humor here and there, I recommend you check it out.

) Investigating this priceless slice of cinematic history on IMDb has incidentally brought up a fascinating piece of trivia - that Carl Lewis was born on the same day as Princess Diana, so I'm very thankful for having stumbled across 'Atomic Twister' for that 'factoid' alone.

Cliche after cliche follows characters we don't care much about to begin with.

It's a cute movie, something to watch if you are really bored.

The characters and their relationships seem very contrived.

I fell asleep the last 5 minutes of the movie.

Amusingly, they run RIGHT PAST a diesel fire truck sitting abandoned, and the movie goes into whats supposed to be a suspenseful action scene of the heroes running a random diesel fuel truck off the highway to hijack his cargo, getting into a pointless gun battle in the process.

Poorly acted, poorly written, completely predictable, highly unrealistic, irritatingly clichéd...

Trust me, it's the best part of this vile waste of time.

They could have added a bit more to the movie and made the movie a lot more powerful and gripping.

"If you turn off your logic sensors, this was mildly entertaining and suspenseful.

The plot is contrived beyond belief.

gee did the producer really think this was an exciting disaster movie with twists and turns...


Tornadoes hitting a nuclear power plant, sounds intense .