Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Dr. Evil is back and has invented a new time machine that allows him to go back to the 1960s and steal Austin Powers' mojo, inadvertently leaving him "shagless".

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Jay Roach
Stars: Mike Myers, Heather Graham
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 122 out of 765 found boring (15.94%)

One-line Reviews (252)

That film scored with the fresh concept and the unexpected silliness.

There is very little plot in this film.

Heather Graham delivers hopefully the most boring performance of her career (if it gets any worse than THIS.

The Great, Plotless Gut-Buster.

My least favorite of the three but still enjoyable.

movie was nothing more than a self-absorbed tribute to the first movie, an inside joke reduced to the level of sickening cliche.

Despite the bright kitsch fun (and it is supremely enjoyable), the characters are trapped in a tragic loop of conformity.

) When you get into the plane it's exciting.

The addition of Minnie-me was so creative as was the performance of Seth Green as Scott, as a silly comedy, it is what it is silly and entertaining, it just does not get old.

He just rams this trite stock character into the ground.

They are designed to be entertaining.

On the entertaining side: Scott Evil and Doctor Evil on Jerry Springer, Doctor Evil's attempt to show his mastery of hip 1990's dialogue ("don't go there, girlfriend"), the scene of the Big Boy in space, Starbucks' corporate HQ as the headquarters of international evil, Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello, Rob Lowe as the younger #2 (he does a perfect send-up of Robert Wagner), Tim Robbins as the 1969 President, Heather Graham before she opens her mouth, the "words for penis" sequence.

I thought that some of the scenes were dull and slow and that there wasn't enough actionBUT!!!!

Boring, made the bond film 'The spy who loved me' (which I'm guessing is the film the spy who shagged me is trying to make a fool out of) look like it should have never been made, when the bond films as a whole are very good.

The new female role is played by a terribly flat and dull acting model who should not have been even considered for the role.

Frankly I was shocked and disappointed given how original and compelling the 1st film was that they didn't take any risks with the 2nd.

) I was just on the edge of my seat, waiting for it to be over!

I thought it was hilarious for the first hour or so, and then became rather boring towards the end.

Like before, I found his inability to react appropriately to the time he was in very entertaining, from the usual confusion regarding currency to the recycling of 80s/90s pop culture (his speech to Tim Robbins was brilliant on both occasions, the "talk to the hand because the face don't wanna hear it" and "don't even go there, girlfriend" *snaps fingers*, as well as Mini-me humping the lazer...

The movie ends up being a film that elicits only a few chuckles and an empty feeling at the end...

At it's worst, the movie is just plain boring.

The first movie was unique, original, and entertaining.

I was surprised to find this first Austin Powers sequel tired, repetitive and frequently eye-avertingly disgusting.

Plus, the old jokes, and the few new ones, go on way too long, just to fill the running time with something, I guess.

Other than that, a very enjoyable movie ( especially the clever "Censor-Cam", and the Penis/Rocketship sequence!

I find it amusing that the advertising campaign in 1999 for Austin Power's second adventure recommended seeing STAR WARS EPISODE I when, in my opinion (sure to irritate many) was that THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME was a more entertaining movie.

However, they didn't, but I have found that movies are much more enjoyable if you look past the flaws, ignore those jokes that don't work, and laugh that much harder at the ones that do.

By introducing time travel, this movie added confusion.

A visually entertaining comedy for most scenes.

Though lacking the sophistication and humour of the first, this sequel does have many giggles and a fairly gripping plot to keep you hooked, though inconsistent there are twists and turns as well as many jokes for the more adult viewer.

Mike Myers, like all the great comedians he plunders, balances ingenious comedy with unexpected pathos - his gift is wayward and breathtaking.

Some of the gags were rehashed from the first one, but all in all, I enjoyed it immensely.

For everything else, the response ought to come in the form of a mumbled agreement that Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is a bit of a waste of time and just not particularly funny.

He is enjoyable.

Hurley, but offing her that early in the film was pointless.

I knew we we were in for a tedious movie full of crap.

AP2 is very fun, colourful, and enjoyable to watch.

They are really quite breathtaking!

Nowhere near the original, but entertaining enough .

The guys behind us were in stitches through most of the movie, but I was bored most of the time.

The humour is fairly puerile at times… sometimes this is funny but some gags are a bit weak and are dragged on far too long; most notably the comments about Dr Evil's somewhat phallic rocket.

It has lost some of it's funnyness over the years, being overplayed on tv, but it is still enjoyable.

I admit, I do get a kick out of seeing a small fellow like him, but stretching that gag throughout the movie is tiresome.

)Sometimes it's just easier to like cheap fun for what it is, rather than hate it on a bunch of pesky, pretentious principals.

Make sure you watch this with a group of 3 or 4 friends and you'll have a wonderfully entertaining, sickening & gross time!

I personally don't think "The Spy Who Shagged Me" was as good as the first Austin Powers, but I still really enjoyed it.

The Spy Who Shagged Me is better on video and Mike Myers should call it a day for Austin Powers before the character becomes boring and/or irritating.

The problem is that they aren't funny nor do they save this movie, which for the most part is actually boring.

Rob Lowe's impersonation of Robert Wagner is dead on, and Heather Graham is fascinating as she straddles the boundary between wholesome and naughty.

A complete waste of time and money.

Apparently the cliche is back in effect again.

That was my reaction as I left the theater that Saturday night.

I saw it again on video and enjoyed it very much.

Other than that, the humor is moronic, repetitive, and obnoxious.

One of the worst movies of the summer .

I love the drawn-out pause that followed each of those lines, as Austin and his listeners are embarrassed--Austin knowing that he's said something naughty and that no one laughed, and his listeners trying to decide on a reaction.

Predictable and Annoying .

I get so angry with people who say it's stupid and pointless.

Most of the jokes were repetitive and not hilarious at all.

Save your money.

My friends and I literally found a couple sections of this movie unwatchable.

it was worth it,, I thought it was thoroughly entertaining,, I loved the part about where he says nothing really happened in the 70 and 80's except for the Gas Crisis,, and some Seagulls,, thought that was priceless as I'm old enough to remember both,, Austin defeated Dr. Evil previously and has sent him back to the freezer in exile,, well the dead don't stay dead for long,, transport Austin from 1969 to 1999 and now the fun starts,, the two do battle once again,, I love the Mini Me character how lovable.. and the character Fat Bastard,, gotta love that one,, Heather Graham is sexy as ever, in those cute little outfits she wears,, I thought the comedy was pretty darn good in this movie,, thumbs up

All this takes about 30 minutes until you are simply cruising at a fixed altitude and becoming pretty bored.

Waste of time .

Ok, a few of the jokes were over the line between funny and disgusting, but beyond the few bathroom humor moments, this movie provides a very entertaining night of grins with just as much wit in the farce as 007 provides in his spy flicks.

The Movie That Bored Me .

All in all a hilariously exciting flick worth the wait.

The Jerry Springer appearance was amazing, Mimi Me was much more entertaining than I had thought and all of the movie references were hilarious!

The leading lady, Heather Graham, was stunning.

Also, the stupid Star Wars jokes throughout the movie got tiresome.

While scenes that ran long in the first movie were acceptable, it just made this movie more boring than it already was.

This movie is enjoyable to watch.

Okay, in a film like this, there needn't be a spectacularly compelling plot.

This sequel to 1997's 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery' is funny at times - but the crude and vulgar humour get repetitive after a while.

It has absolutely no plot whatsoever, NONE!

worth watching again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again...

Save your money and go watch The Phantom Menace again - that's the only true blockbuster of the year.

The dentally-challenged Brit is instead lumped with a dull romance with Shagwell, which is a carbon-copy of the relationship between Powers and Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), only with the roles reversed.

One good comedy bit and the rest is ZZZzzzzzz....

It's worth watching, if only for Mini-Me, a young Ferrell, Lowe as a pitch-perfect young-Number Two, a scene involving definitions of male anatomy and a lot of time-travel-paradoxes that mock other time-travel movies.

The laughs are more frequent and the film gives more depth to Dr. Evil than Austin Powers and that is its strongest points because Dr. Evil is a more intriguing character.

A waste of time and money.

Two I thought Heather Graham gave a bland performance.

Boring beyond belief: go and see "The Mummy" again and enjoy the special effects even more---otherwise just burn your $10 and be better off!

(I did not see the first movie, but loved the commercials, etc.).The sex jokes in this flick (OK, I realize now that IS the movie) were in such bad taste I couldn't stand it and walked out 10 minutes before the end.

This movie was a big disappointment, especially since the first one was so entertaining.

Even if he does give off an "Oompa-Loompa vibe", he makes several scenes of the movie enjoyable (his and Meyers' fight scene is the stuff of legend.

The most of the jokes were really bad and the plot was so predictable.

" Austin Powers (the character) was boring.

Her chracter Felicity Shagwell was uninspiring.

The humor in the movie recite from the first film; they lost their freshness and bore me already.

No jokes, but stupid and boring laughing on repeated disgusting stuff.

First, we have "mini-me", who was the most pointless character in this whole flick.

Great But A Bit Repetitive .

Inspired comedy and well worth watching .

Beyond that, Verne Troyer is amazing as Mini-Me, turning in a compelling performance without a word (when oh when will Hollywood cast a little person in a "real" role?

Add gross to boring (can you say "Fat B------") and it all becomes very painful.

It was a completely entertaining movie and I promise that if you can bear with it's few down times the movie will more then make up for it in the end.

Most of this movie was just too boring and repetitive.

It is ridiculously repetitive, and the jokes that are used constantly throughout the movie aren't even funny to begin with.

Austin Powers: The goof that bored me.

If these things sound entertaining to you, watch this movie.

Silly, plotless comedy with a few good laughs .

Boring and dumbed down, with rare cases of true laughter .

However, it's been six years since I first saw this Austin Powers sequel, and there are comedy films I found highly amusing at the time which I've found rather dull in recent years.

It inevitably will become dull after a while because the shock value will be gone.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen ...


Austin Powers makes the movie action packed.

While the original's flavor seems to be getting steadily diluted by the "franchise effect" of sequels(in other words,the effect that kind of makes a movie more of a "product" than a piece of entertainment),it still has the same sass,cheeky humor and fun to keep it quite enjoyable.

Instead of stagnating the characters in this comedy become more fully developed and the story is that much more enjoyable for it.


Austin's role seems rather boring by comparison, particularly his relationship with Felicity Shagwell.

The character known as "Fat Bastard", is a disgusting character who serves no plot function other than to remind us that it was we who chose to see this film, and for that choice we should be punished.

The humour was innovative and hugely entertaining in the first film.

Unfortunately, this is probably the lamest, and most boring "comedy" I have ever seen.

The original was much more fresh and entertaining.

Highly entertaining.

She's absolutely stunning here, the best she's ever looked.

Why waste your time watching this one when you can watch the best parts on the trailers and T.

A dull contrast next to Elizabeth Hurley.

I didn't find the first Austin Powers movie great, but it was different than anything I had seen before, so I enjoyed it for it's originality and weirdness.

Its worth watching the films just for them.

Its boring baby, yeah.

Using every cliché imaginable (and indeed: unimaginable), "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" is just one of those films you hate.

Austin was pretty boring for most of the movie, and Fat Bastard would be better named Stupid Character.

But she comes across as so cold and bland that I, personally, would prefer to shack up with one of the fem-bots from part one.

"The movie is also very action packed with a little comedy worked in to every fight scene.

This movie is a waste of time and money.

The only other movie to his credit before AP: IMOM, was "So I Married An Axe Murderer," and if you haven't seen that one, I highly recommend it, if you like Mike Myers.

Don't waste your time .

My view of the first one is that it was good, not as great as everybody said it was, but an enjoyable flick.

All in all, worth watching just for the Dr Evil scenes, though the undeniable brilliance of Evil doesn't detract from the film's overall shabby feeling, which Myers himself should never have allowed to occur.

They are trite and unoriginal, and are the movie's greatest hindrance.

Mini-me was hilarious, as was a pardoy of Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us," and the addition of Heather Graham made the movie oh so much more enjoyable.

Considering that this movie is basically a spoof of OUR MAN FLINT and the JAMES BOND movies, the plot is pretty entertaining and funny.

) is a one-joke character; he's there to be, well, fat and disgusting, and not to realize it, until the predictable scene where he starts berating himself for his obesity (hey, Mike--leave the fat jokes to Weird Al Yankovic, he's better at them.

This installment is just slightly better than the original, but overall it is another waste of time and film.

There are also several cameos which are unexpected and made me laugh.

The movie is a bit slow towards the end.

The problem was that a lot of the jokes were very similar in nature, and so after a while I just got bored.

I highly recommend it.

it's breathtaking!

Well after seeing this movie, I have to say it's the worst movie ever made.

Score one for Dr. Evil, as he and Mustafa (played by Wil Ferrell) were the only things about this movie worth watching.

His new creation, Fat Bastard, was amusing for a while but soon became boring.

You'll laugh so hard, you'll have a headache when you leave the theater.

I rented it one night when I was bored and it is simply dire, puerile and unfunny.

Short visuals that might generate a laugh are on screen way too long.

He did a great job and was, in my opinion the most entertaining character in the film.

And yet, it was still enjoyable for the most part.

perhaps not as funny as did the kid "picking his nose" in front of you, but perhaps many people find humor other than the falsely-highbrow likes of "Frasier" entertaining.

However, it somewhat lacked in originality of the jokes and lack of plot.

There were some genuinely laugh out loud moments in the film but I felt these were rather disjointed and at times it was like watching a sketch show rather than a story.

I still like Dr. Evil the best, and Rob Lowe's impersonation of Robert Wagner was one of the better characters in the movie, but the overdone parody of the original is unnecessary and ultimately tiresome.

Now, he is just boring.

After experiencing a relatively dull first installment, Mike Myers delivered with a great performance as Austin Powers.

It was inevitable that, as a sequel, it would have a self-conscious, contrived feeling, in contrast to the freshness of the first.

As well, Mike Myers' once-funny characters began to irritate me and became tiresome.

god awful, don't waste your money .

Definitely not as good as the 1st, but still enjoyable .

This is a particular stereotype with comedy films; the energy expended on making the first movie humorous becomes dried-up and dull by the time the creators get around to scripting the second.

It is worth watching i give 6/10.

I almost walked out.

When I saw the original, the theatre was empty except for myself and my friends.

While this is actually the worst you can do in a sequel, it works here and makes, combined with fresh, new ideas, an extremely entertaining movie.

same jokes, same humour, waste of time .

It is funny, I love that there is more Dr. Evil background but at times there were repetitious parts that fell flat and at times it was too slow.

Mike Myers was enjoyable playing three different characters, and demonstrated some real acting ability in places(Fat Bastard, explaining his eating problems).

Dr Evil (Who is by far the most entertaining character)'s sidekick, mini-me quickly becomes very predictable, and the final battlescene between Austin and Mini-me isn't that much of a show.

I know this goes against the grain of current popular comedy,but..the embarrassing,repetitive fecal-humor just about ruined it for me.

Whereas before he came across as a slightly off- centre semi-hippy, stuck in the '90s which he couldn't quite figure out, this time round he just seems like a boring old fart who is trying desperately to hold on to memories of the '60s.

With endless product placements and cringingly bad dialogue by Heather Graham's character, this movie is almost as big a disappointment as "The Thin Red Line" (which is, incidentally, the worst movie I have ever seen).

Aside from that, this is 95 minutes of tedious jokes, sendups aimed at 10-year-olds, and pointless characters -- the worst of whom is Mini-Me, whose only apparent function is to look small.

Don't waste your money.

Jay Roach's direction is more energetic then the first one as he tries to put in more parodys and has a slower pace.

Like I said, I thought much of TSPWSM funny, but other aspects I found tiresome and I don't think I'll be interested in a second Austin sequel; the franchise has just about already burnt itself out for me.

And although Heather Graham is very pretty, her acting seems hollow and dull.

more entertaining,and funnier than the first one.

I even enjoyed it more than The Phantom Menace, even though that is not saying much.

Just one long and tedious penis joke.

Director Jay Roach also knows what sells and he fills the frame with very recognized material along with rousing new comedy bits.

Very funny in parts, very slow in others.

Of course, many of the jokes were variations of those from the first movie, which was predictable.

Like Wayne's World 2, Austin Powers 2 is contrived, slapstick comedy.

It'll be fascinating to see how Myers tops this.

This movie is fast rising on my WORST movie of all time list.

She seems to have better chemistry with Myers than Elizabeth Hurley, whose role was too much of a romantic cliché.

The rest of it is really enjoyable, laugh out loud type material.

I think the movie can be enjoyable, as long as you don't expect it to be as good as the original.

The movie suffers most from no plot and poorly-recycled gags from the first movie.

Dr. Evil's fat Scottish henchman (whose name cannot be mentioned because it is an obscenity) is simply a framework on which to tack on crude shock humor and fat jokes, which grow boring really quickly and insult the viewer's intelligence.

The character of Dr Evil is fuzzy and 2 dimensional(flat X Boring) the cuteness of mini-me wore off in about 5 min austin, himself, went boldly over the line to annoying the fat bastard character was just distatefully gross.

The second one was gross, not funny, and worse yet, very very boring.

But when the whole movie is on this and toilet jokes it becomes kind of boring.

Which is not all bad, but it does become somewhat predictable and tedious.

Shameless/pointless/tactless (take your pick) plugs and references permeate every scene, there's so much material that it has no focus, there's too much recycled and overused material from the first movie, it has poor scripting, poor editing, loose ends, hacked-up scenes and continuity, lame plot devices, and Myers simply can't do Austin like he used to.

Do yourself and favor and don't waste the money on this one.

Perhaps it was sheer boredom, or that good old attention span problem that all American's have.

Like any comic character, bizarre, childlike and surreal characterizations are always more fun to watch than trite parodies of stock characters who rely on shock humor and boring catchphrases.

Some of these re-used jokes were funnier 2nd time round (Zip it..) but most fell flat; Mustafa's cries for help when we think he's dead were nowhere near as amusing as they were when they were fresh and unexpected in the first movie.

Pointless sequel .

Where I was rolling in the aisles during the first one, the second one left me kind of empty.

This is absolutely the worst movie I have seen this summer so far.

With his confusion over the decades (money-wise) and his "compassionate & sincere" duets with Mini-Me, he definitely made the movie worth seeing.

The repetitive jokes are lifted directly from the first movie and have not been improved upon.

Mini-Me's confrontations with Dr. Evil's biological son Scott (Seth Green) is an entertaining subplot throughout.

In truth I had a hard time staying awake.

Even the 'mini-Me', a cute concept, just becomes a dreary, hyperactive ass joke at one point.

Through its witty comedy and unpredictable excitement, this movie keeps you guessing.

Last hour- boring .

The plot, gleefully aware of its own inconsistencies, careens between genuinely funny characterizations and set pieces, sick-o bathroom humor, dumb puns, psychedelic musical sequences, pointless cameos, groovy costumes, rapid-fire verbal witticisms (the "zip it" exchange between Dr. Evil and Scott) and limp movie parodies, punctuated all the while by Austin's trademark "yeah, baby!

The knowing look at the audience before Austin goes back in time as Basil and he discuss the confusion of time travel is almost a knowing joke on the audience: "Yeah, so what if it's asinine...

All in all, "The Spy Who Shagged Me" is a brilliant waste of money on a piece of junk that is better off left in the editing room.

He tries to add new things to "laugh" at but can only come up with the snore-causing joke of Fat Bastard (using his old SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER Scottish accent, slightly better than his English one) and Mini-Me, the best part of the whole movie.

James Bond meets a long and dragged out SNL skit.

Why waste your time.

When I first saw it I thought it was weak and dull although I still thought it had some good stuff in it.

It's worth watching multiple times on TV if there's nothing else good on TV.

Very Entertaining, laugh-out-loud comedy and groovy baby!!!

These gags and catchphrases, as well as Power's playboy persona, bore rather than entertain.

But an entertaining and some what silly sequel for sure.

'ing someone, but it's a bore to everyone else in the room.

That the timing of the jokes was off and they were predictable.

Very enjoyable.

Save your money and go rent the original .

I could even dare to say that is worth watching just because of Dr. Evil.

What a waste of time.

It's disjointed, slow, and not nearly as funny as the original.

The permanently bland Heather Graham is almost a bad an actress as Elizabeth Hurley.

True, Heather Graham could take some acting lessons, and it's also true that there are a few slow spots in the film.

One of the worst movies ever made imo: 1/10.

I personally recommend you avoid this like the plague, though several friends of mine enjoyed it (maybe they were blindfolded at the time).

The evil in this movie really keeps you laughing while the Austin Powers parts get a little tiresome.

There were scenes I liked, such as Dr. Evil imitating 90s talk show lingo, and Austin and Felicity slow dancing to Bacharach's "I'll Never Fall In Love Again".

second time i saw it late sunday night in a practically empty theatre with some friends, and boy what a difference.

In these incredibly boring, politically correct days, a comedy like this that makes you all at once snort your coke through your nose and say "ewww gross" all at once reminds you that you are alive.

The Jerry Springer Show scene was excellent, but then after that I found a lot of the jokes quite tiresome.

Mike Meyers is quite entertaining as a character actor, and I loved him in this almost one-man-show.

However, Mike Myers apparently decided to abandon the cleverness of the first film and write a bland commercial movie instead.

Director Jay Roach takes too much advice from Myers and keeps on-and-on-going jokes in his movie that make you want to strangle somone (preferably Will Ferrel in a tedious skit that lasts longer and grows more stale than his burning-body bit in the first one).


What a waste of money.

it seems the screenwriters including Myers himself got bored with the script after the first hour and just bombard the screen with tasteless jokes.

thus i enjoyed it.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, I just expected a little bit more.

If the first one seems a bit dull, I would still recommend someone see the second one anyway just because it is a lot better then the original.

Mini-Me was definitely the most entertaining of the new characters, stealing more than a fair share of the scenes.

Should I have laughed at the midget thrown into a steel pole, the unhappy fat man, the predictable sexual jokes, or Austin's stool sample drinking prowess?

Juvenile, tedious, strange, sleep-inducing...

This is easily the worst comedy sequel since Nat'l Lampoon's European Vacation, and for many of the same reasons: Overdone, infantile gags; unfunny leading actor, who is normally funny; and (its worse offense), it is BORING.

Austin Powers, however, was a complete bore and while Heather Graham looked the part, her performance was lackluster and she and Powers lacked chemistry.