Autumn in New York (2000) - Drama, Romance

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Romantic drama about an aging playboy who falls for a sweet, but terminally ill, young woman.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Joan Chen
Stars: Richard Gere, Winona Ryder
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 71 out of 182 found boring (39.01%)

One-line Reviews (126)

"Autumn in New York" is a melodramatic, highly romanticized, and somewhat predictable old guy, young babe love story.

Nothing happened....

The cinematography, for example, insists on redefining the word "bland" - and I do mean the bad "bland".

I nearly walked out after 20 minutes after listening to the banal, flat out awful dialogue.

While I was trying to stay awake I found the Gere/Ryder relationship hard to swallow.

Better make sure you have a comfortable pillow for this one, because you will fall asleep.

The film is too predictable.

Even the plot sounded intriguing...

The tragedies they suffer are likewise boring.

This plot was so contrived and boring I defy any crew to make a better version than this without rewriting the entire script.

There are two kinds of films worth watching.

While the film has potential, you will leave the theater feeling that the story went nowhere.

It's well worth watching.

of course, this movie is predictable, there's no genuine story, the acting is somewhat erratic, sometimes almost admirable and sometimes almost helpless.

Jones' (1993), `Pretty Woman' (1990) and `Officer and a Gentleman, An' (1982), as well as more or less acceptable things like `Primal Fear' (1996) and `Sommersby' (1993), you can readily understand that I am a little more than bored by this actor on my screen.

The plot is totally disjointed, with very little understandable cause and effect established between various actions and reactions.

On the negative side, everything people are saying is true; the dialogue is clunky, the plot is predictable, and the chemistry is weak.

Unfortunately the only thing sad about this movie was the terribly written script, the paper-thin characters and the unbelievably SLOW pace at which the story moved along.

With the exception of the cinematographers, every one involved in this snoozer should be ashamed...

The actors all seemed bored in their 'fluffy' dialogue.

What IS it about Richard Gere that he insists on making these dreary, predictable, snail's-pace "romances"?

I still liked the movie, some scenes, some unexpected flawless pieces.

dull "Love Story" rehash .

So perhaps I should be singing kudos to the actors for delivering exactly what the script dictated: empty emotions and lost, plaintively hollow words.

Second of all, it was the most predictable movie I have seen in a while.

There are things about it that are predictable and somewhat formulaic.

That aside, however, this picture is a lifeless waste of time.

Dear of dear, what a pretentious piece of garbage this movie is.

While the underlying story about Ryder's illness is sad, this film approaches it visually, and it is worth watching.

Scenery was stunning and the whole movie had an escapist feel which I'm a sucker for.

Richard Gere floundered in dialogue which was unbearably boring.

as it is it was boring, choppy and cliche.



" Naturally the story is all the more intense as we know that one of the protagonists's days are numbered, and why not indeed ?

I would not recommend this movie, I think it is a waste of money.

In fact, it's pointless too.

Boring, boring, boring .

A quasi-interesting subplot is thrown in concerning Keane's estranged daughter, and it serves to keep `Autumn' from falling into too many formulaic romance plots.

*Minor Spoilers ahead* The ending is, of course, utterly predictable, and it really felt like a movie and its suffering audience were simply being put out of their collective miseries.

It was so bad, and so boring that I actually found myself saying "Please just go ahead and die!

On the plus side, Winona's always worth watching, the supporting cast (which includes Anthony La Paglia, Sherry Stringfield and Vera Farmiga of "15 Minutes") are good, and Joan Chen makes full use of the New York locations.

Imagine the most cliché "love story" lines and now imagine worse and you still won't come close to comprehending how bad it was.

AUTUMN IN NEW YORK is somewhat overplotted and slow at times.

If this a glimpse into someone's idea of what women might want as a conflict and resolution fantasies - an alternative to Hollywood's male driven macho escapist dreams - it is easy to see why smart men and women may prefer to stick with the unpredictable twists of our mundane reality; this may explain why this film did not meet with success.

Just before she is about to die, and through no intention of his own, she learns that he did in fact spend the entire party sleeping with his ex, supposedly because he was "scared" of his intense feelings for Ryder (huh?

As for Autumn in New York, Long, Dreary, Highly Annoying Winter in New York would have been a better title.

Take a leap into the predictable and discover why it can't be killed by even the smartest contradiction.

When you combine cliché dialogue, with flat, unbelievable situations and poor character development, no amount of glamorous shots or pretty music can fill the chasm between fantasy and reality.

One of the Worst Movies I've Ever Seen.

the "love" scenes were as bland and cold as re-frozen ice cream.

It is too predictable.

The plot is eighty-five percent predictable.

An man gets an unexpected lesson in love and life from a much younger woman in this romantic drama.

Do yourself a favor, and spend the two hours you would have invested in this abomination doing something more enjoyable, like pounding nails into your kneecaps.

I reached my limit when she responded, 15 or 20 mins into the film, to Gere's invite to dinner by spluttering, without any subtlety or timing: 'are you kidding, I'd go in a heartbeat' and then proceeded to start hiccuping in a false, contrived way.

This film is boring and awful.

Though the plot is predictable, it doesn't detract from the story at all.

The movie is mostly a slow-to-medium paced drama, but the last few scenes, when her life is in limbo, it is very suspenseful.

Yes, it's that boring and predictable.

Slow moving romantic comedy/drama featuring Winona Ryder as Charlotte Fielding, a beautiful young women who falls for an older and richer man played by guess who, Richard Gere.

Anyway putting that aside, the film is really so bad because the pace is so slow, the plot is so predictable, and Richard Gere showing the same facial expression for the entire length of the film.

My pick for worst movie of 2000.

The film looks dull and cinematography is boring also.

The whole film entirely was rather boring,terrible and dull.

The premise is unoriginal, the outcome predictable.

Aumtumn in New York is so boring, I turned off the movie midway in order to watch tv!

Attentive viewing of this fascinating film will reveal that it is in an unnamed form, one subtle enough to have been sent down from the new millennium: a drama whose language of natural movement and gesture is so full that it is readable as ballet, accompanied by a non-acoustical music of color and visual art played through the refinement of its cinematography and color design.

It could be much worse had it been more pretentious.

It's too sweet, too predictable, too much cut from the drawing board...

Save your money!!!

"Heck, compare Gere here to his trite outing in "Runaway Bride.

This movie was soooooo boring I fell asleep.

Kinda boring, slow, didn't feel like characters connected .

Seemed slow.

Her character is a saintly cliché, not a fully fleshed out and real person.

Unfortunately when you get a movie that is an absolute 'snorefest' it is hard to find many positives.

The movie is a clichéd,formulaic and predictable melodrama.

Firstly Gere's character falls for this girl after seeing her across a crowed room (cliche?

the pacing is actually good and it was quite watchable but it was very predictable through out although the ending was kinda sad i knew it was coming.

Yes, Richard Gere is the aging playboy, falls for Winona Ryder (who looks stunning, by the way).

The part where they're walking in the park with all the autumn leaves falling around them was breathtaking.

Worst movie I ever paid to see .

It was predictable after the first fifteen minutes.

I figured it would be staid, fairly ho-hum.

The plot of this movie gives a brand new definition to the word predictable.

This is a horribly predictable tear jerker.

These two are so dull on screen that all through the movie your just wishing Charlotte would go ahead and die and put us all out of our misery.

The story is no story, but it is just a bore.

The movie was good but predictable.

Take those things away and it would probably be unwatchable.

I'm occasionally amused here by someone toying "cleverly" with a given film's title in the fashion of "A Boring River Runs Through It" while being hilariously clumsy (although some of them are jokes themselves, of course).

This movie was boring to say the least, and too predictable.

There are no sparkles and most of all, it is so PREDICTABLE.


And it is so utterly clicheed and boring, it receives my vote as worst movie thus far in the new millennium.

Totally and completely BORING.

The movie in itself is so predictable and has been done many times (ie: Love Story).

The story line was too predictable, and the plot was boring...

A predictable love story, without the love.

`Autumn in New York' is strictly for the masochists among us who have been yearning these past 30 years for a tedious May/December update of `Love Story.


With `Autumn In New York,' Chen has delivered a thoughtful, visually stunning film, a romance that is somewhat different than the usual fare.

However, Gere and Ryder just bored me.

Whenever I go to see ANY movie, I always walk away with one complaint - that the happy endings are so predictable, it almost isn't worth it to spend $7.50 unless the 1 hour and 45 minutes BEFORE the 15-minute sappy ending are spent making the viewer really THINK about the plot.

If you are like me, and have correctly guessed the answers to the questions above, save your money and see a romance with a little originality and believability.

But this piece of garbage is totally unwatchable.

Anthony LaPaglia, Elaine Stritch, and Vera Farmiga all give riveting co-starring performances.

While I was trying to stay awake I found the Gere/Ryder relationship hard to swallow.

"Autumn in New York" is a movie that telegraphs its plot, its mid-section, its ending, and even its contrived subplot to the viewer within the first 20-25 minutes.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Boring .

But I still enjoyed it.

It is the WORST movie I have ever seen (2nd worst - Highlander 2).

But this one had me yawning when I should have been weeping.

Don't waste your time with this film.

If you want suspense, they even crammed in a useless character, with a predictable tie to the main character, to appease you.

How dull.

Anthony was stunning with his charm and sensibility to help a friend in need.

Exceptionally Predictable .

Typical, predictable, seen-it-all-before story about a guy who gets involved with a terminally-ill girl.

and you MAY be able to stay awake during this one.

Plus, the plot was one of the most cliche, corny things I've ever seen.

The specific problem with this is an uninteresting script and a crippling lack of chemistry between the principal characters.

Unfortunately when you get a movie that is an absolute snorefest it is hard to find many positives.

Trite, clichéd and looooong .