Avanti! (1972) - Comedy, Romance

Hohum Score



A successful businessman goes to Italy to arrange for the return of his tycoon-father's body only to discover dad died with his mistress of long standing.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Billy Wilder
Stars: Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills
Length: 144 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 76 found boring (11.84%)

One-line Reviews (35)

A fast paced comedy with little touches of drama combined with an extraordinary numbers of details that convert "Avanti!

If you want to spend a really enjoyable couple of hours, take yourself to Italy via this movie.

Obviously enough, the film is very long.

Don't waste your time or money on this flop.

Clive Revill as the manager of the hotel was mildly entertaining.

Being rather a fan of the latest types of movies I find Avanti slow-going and pretty much boring.

Nowadays, when you read "romantic comedy" in relation to the latest formulaic piece of celluloid crap that Hollywood is desperately trying to hype, you can expect garbage; some lame-brained, unfunny mess with Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz mugging like eager-to-please amateurs - should the casting be at its very worst.

The film is trite beyond description and the acting wooden and sophomoric.

Funny, funny and goofy situations, but I got a little bored.

The predictable romantic development is charming and not at all the usual formula.

After all, Jack leads a dull life--a little nookie would certainly pick up his otherwise humdrum life.

A forgotten masterpiece which has everything : comedy, sadness, outstanding performances, beautiful soundtrack and breathtaking scenery.

The location is breathtaking.

That's why, again for me, it got fairly tedious fairly quickly.

Enjoyable , too long and fun-filled comedy which neatly combines humor , mirth , entertaining situations and amusement .

The film was utterly boring and predictable with a weak plot and a largely inept cast.

It seemed like like one of those off-color jokes that went on way too long (really, this film didn't need to last 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The Italian scenery is sure nice, but the film is way too long.

Music was a great love of Wilder's life and whilst very few of his films are totally music free in others it plays a significant part - think of, in no particular order, Love In The Afternoon, Sabrina Fair, One, Two, Three, etc - and here he uses a background of evocative 'mood' music notably the lovely Senza Fine which does double duty translating as it does to 'without end'.

I still enjoyed it because Jack Lemmon is such a great actor.

Fans of the legendary director (Wilder) or star (Lemmon) will be surprised by an unexpected departure from their usual big-laughs comedy to an enchanting love story.

The follow-up to "the private life of Sherlock Holmes ",the best Wilder of this late period (the prologue in the plane is a nod to the scene with the gay dancers in Sherlock),"Avanti " is a delightful,wonderful first-rate comedy ,with all that we cruelly lack in today's ponderous and vulgar so-called funny movies.

It is also the insistent absence of the home Armbruster has temporarily left behind, intruding not only in the phone calls regularly interrupting his burgeoning relationship with Pamela, but in his personality, his worries as an executive and the soul-destroying banality of his marriage resulting in the raging black hole that arrives in Italy, condescending and insulting everything in sight.

Must you include your unsubtle political propaganda even in a harmless little romantic comedy?

' is a mature romantic comedy with memorable performances and a very enjoyable story; I wouldn't be surprised if it warms to me greatly with repeat viewings.

The constant references to how "fat" Mills is are pointless and tiresome, since she's obviously not fat at all.

Once you get over being bored or annoyed that it's clearly not nearly as hilarious as it's presumably aiming to be, you become quite attached.

Rating : Good , though overlength but still completely entertaining .

Ultimately though, as well as the acting and directing, the three things which really make this film stand out are the often hilarious script, the stunning, addictive soundtrack and the picturesque views.

Juliet Mills is absorbing as Pamela Piggot, a relatively optimistic woman with the self-esteem of a teenage girl with leprosy.

A very enjoyable, well made movie.

This movie started off slow and never really picked up from there.

The unpredictable nature of romance?

It's breathtaking.

What might have seemed to be a tedious task turns out to be an opportunity for something beautiful and unexpected.