Avengement (2019) - Action, Crime

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After years of assaults on him in prison, Cain escapes for avengement on those responsible.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Stars: Scott Adkins, Craig Fairbrass
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 14 out of 155 found boring (9.03%)

One-line Reviews (75)

it all sort of unfolds as the film moves on you and i really enjoyed it great film ,the 90 minutes went in a flash ,highly recommend.

It is an amazing story, it is an incredibly well done film, the plot line and development is really creative and compelling and it is done in a way that has never been done before...

Not being a particular fan of martial arts movies, I found the fight sequences bone-crunching, believable and thrilling.

But the biggest plus from this movie is the pacing, the gritty atmosphere and a convincing Scott Adkins who after some pretty bad and repetitive movies finally found his rhytm.

This is your typical guy flick with a ton of adrenaline.

The fight scenes are fast action packed, and at times brutal.

Thus, I'd say a little bit boring.

This movie almost killed me, boring me to death with all the talking.

The close hand in hand combat is incredibly well choreographed and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

And I really enjoyed it and will probably watch one of his movies in the future.

Acting, facial expressions, voice (accent) etc. fall neatly in place and the action scenes are plenty, without acrobatics, but decent, hard and entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

Film of most fighting scene Most adrenaline.

I thought the fights were a little slow paced throughout until the end!

The Most Action Packed Movie I've Ever Seen .

Well written, well acted, never dull, great dialogue written with plenty of wit, spectacular fight sequences, some gore, a ton of violence and most of all Scott, this is extremely entertaining.

The plot is more engaging and the development of the two lead characters (Mandylor and Adkins) is a little more satisfying, especially by the end.

It wasn't flashy but it had a proper rawness to it, which was entertaining to behold.

Very violent but compelling and thoroughly entertaining.

In the end, though, the affair is undeniably entertaining.

Brilliant story and the fight scenes are breathtaking.

Entertaining and violent action .

Dumb and pointless with fight scenes .

The end result is a morose but still slightly enjoyable beat 'em up, if you just want to kick back on the couch with a cold beer on top of your gut and are OK with settling for a comfortable kind of mediocrity dolled up a grade by the fact that it's British.

It is adrenaline ride, full of REAL FEEL fighting scenes.

Thoroughly enjoyable film.

This is a very fast paced film.

Slow paced revenge movie .

Brutal, well acted, and completely enjoyable.

Enjoyable graphic movie .

This is a slow paced revenge movie.

They are perfect for a "relaxed testosterone movie night" - simple, unoriginal yet interesting story, good acting, lots of adrenaline, great action/fights and likable characters.

As I started watching, I made note it is a British film of which I find at times is hard to follow the dialogue as they have their own way of speaking.

Johnson for Fast, Crazy Action Packed Good Time.

Very boring story with nothing more then fist fights.

Really entertaining film, much better than I thought it would be going into it.

Though the movie is Adkins chattiest, the dialogue scenes are suspenseful, almost feels like a Tarantino movie.

The movie was really enjoyable, incredibly hard hitting fight scenes and decent acting.

But when the purpose appeared, it's kind of turned into a normal film, but it's still boring.

Pure violence but strangely compelling .

The characters are believable, the plot is well done, and each scene felt enjoyable to watch.

Underrated adrenaline blast .

I certainly enjoyed it intensely.

It just doesn't sound right, and this carries throughout the movie The majority of the story is the 'hero' simply fighting everyone else in the room, which although very well choreographed and extremely violent, becomes boring after the second or third time.

It was an enjoyable movie with a bit of humour mixed in with all the violence and the storyline was good enough that the movie wasn't boring at any point.

And this is definitely the most action packed move I have ever seen.

Action packed from beginning to end .

Boring 😴 and waste of time .

When this film starts, it's kind of boring and dull.

Then came the fowl cursing and a slight lull in story line and I had enough.

I really enjoyed it.

Also most of the stuff was too common and predictable.

Acting is appalling, dialog is dreadful, no plot.

But this one is lazy & boring.

the few (worth mentioning) characters are totally uninteresting and detestable.

At first I was sympathetic with the lead character but his long boring dialogues really turned me off and lost my sympathetic vote.

The plot of this film was mind numbingly boring and also the most basic, typically over used revenge tale repeating itself once again.

What a great gritty,action packed British gangster movie.

Don't waste your time.

And it gets brutal at times, but only peppered in at the right moments to make it even more compelling without going into overkill mode.

Had the privilege of seeing a screening of this movie this week and throughly enjoyed it.

It's a bit silly ( in a good way ) but it's also really entertaining, has a decent script, great fight sequences and a good ending.

Maybe it's just me but watching 1 fight after another after another, it gets kind of tedious especially with all the talking in between fights.

The film was well-structured and its combat scenes seemed realistic and overall worth watching.

Its a bored movie...

I am glad that I did, because "Avengement" turned out to be amazingly entertaining, and I dare even say that it is by far the best Scott Adkins movie that I have ever seen.

Bored .

The story is quite engaging and the fight scenes are brutal and bloody,though the style remains very grounded.

it's quick, brutal as Brawl cell 99 and a damn good time rest of prisoners screw him over and brutal shocking when prisoners put Cain face at stairs got his teeth knocked in It has a very gory scene like the one from American History X but in a better look of scene close up shot of it later on he got his sliver teeth witch looks extra scary, and fight scenes are brutal as hell it will blow you away from watching them it was intense, every time he gets into fights he gets blamed for it they don't believe him it's self defense he stay's in jail for extra months or years even he got worse with scar in his face and burned hot steam tea burned his face the way to return all the disgusting stuff his life and turned him into something he didn't want him to be is a stone hardcore cold blooded killer throws at him he looked like a had a very rough time in prison hard time in Prison.

Enjoyable rubbish.

There is no plot no good scenes no acting.


All of sudden where I left off the story unfolds and starts to makes sense along with some intense fight for your life scenes and one mans determination not to give-up or die as many would have loved him to do.

All in all, Avengement shows some important message, because it's poorly made, the film is kind of boring.

Will get your adrenaline up.