Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to reverse Thanos' actions and restore balance to the universe.

IMDB: 8.4
Director: Anthony Russo
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans
Length: 181 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 158 out of 1024 found boring (15.42%)

One-line Reviews (394)

The ending was rather anticlimactic Rest was thrilling!

Mind blowing movie it was totally worth it for 3hrs..!

Without a doubt, that's a movie which visuals are stunning as always.

It was entertaining, but eventually I found it a little boring in all honesty.

Too long, bad CG, uninteresting plot .

As generic and cookie cutter and dull and boring as 'movies' can possibly be...

Please waste your money on our talentless, bland films that we only make to make toys, merch and statues that people pay thousands of dollars for.

Boring, boring boring .

So long.. it just kept going with the fighting..I'm female, GGI explosions and clashing fake armies bore me.

The first act overstays its welcome bogging down the beginning and leaving me feeling bored.

I want three hours of my life back!!.

In the end, I enjoyed it, and I felt a bit nostalgic to see that a generation of actors/heroes had ended.

Some parts were actually boring.

Enjoyed it .

Martjns Scorcese is just an old mummy jealous that this movie almost made 3 billion in box office, while his Irishman was too boring that we sleep 3 times before concluding it.

That pace or the movie was slow and boring, the acting lethargic with a real lack of fun.

You clearly have two directors who are pouring their hearts out for the fans while making an entertaining story that's not just fan service for the sake of fan service.

slighty awkward or boring at times, slow dialog, some cool stuff .

GOTG 1 or 2 was at least funny but this was just plain dull scenes welded together like a very expensive TV series.

3 hours of simplistic drama, tensionless fight scenes & cgi explosions .

Funny and Entertaining.

Perhaps the extremely high rating of this movie made me expect something really good and entertaining but all the enthusiasm I had soon turned in boredom and mild resentment because 3 hours is a lot to spend on something that seemed to bring only boredom.

Avengers: Endgame is a wonderfully thrilling experience for its audience.

Enjoyable and entertaining.

Endgame was a very exciting movie.

There a few plotholes and the ending kinda drags, but it certainly is enjoyable.

The first half of this film was just plain stupidly boring.

I throughly enjoyed it.

One of the worst movies Marvel ever made.

Clocking in over 3 hours it was for me way too long to watch.

Entertaining .

The CGI is great, I enjoyed it very much.

3) Okay half the people are gone but why are the scenes full of EMPTY streets??

The entire time heist plot was bull and boring to watch.

They are just there for a paycheck at this point, and boy did they get a huge one for some lackluster, boring and honestly some of the worst performances I've seen on screen in my 24 years.

I "love" the fact that there is only one hero who dies in the battle and it was really pointless because they could have just revived him with the Time Stone.

because everything becomes predictable (spoiler alert, there is nothing to spoil) Why stop there then?

Too many pointless dialogues that go on and on with no message whatsoever.

It sometimes feels unnecessarily drawn out during some of the middle sections, where the movie takes a less serious tone and the stakes don't feel quite as high.

A movie worth watching.

It takes a lot of twists and turns with characters that really work and it's such a brave and exciting movie for doing so.

Made the viewer on the edge of his seat.

The story itself and the twists were very engaging.

I was also dissatisfied with the whole premise of the film as being a plot to reverse what was done in the previous film rendering the two movies as pointless.

The movie is horrible overcooked and confusing and makes many of the fatal errors shared by other time travel horrors

And it do has it moments building up to the fight towards the last part of this flick but it also has a lot of boring moments and moments were they are talking too much.

Overall, the film has a fairly complex yet understandable storyline and is pretty unpredictable at times.

Captain marvel movie was a complete feminist propaganda movie, where Ms Marven had no weaknesses and only more power and more power and insane power with no story line weaknesses, which made the film boring.

Truly fascinating.

Endgame is the worst superhero movie I've seen, it's full of lazy bad writing, this is a shame to cinema, endgame was a disapointing predictable end to a mediocre franchise

It's just so bland for the end of an amazing villian and also great characters, some deaths are just terrible like when the worst character (Black Widow) dies.

It still manages to be surprising and my jaw dropped on many occasions; genuinely unexpected moments that are wonderfully done.

The action scenes were good and had enough twists in the plot to keep it from becoming predictable.

I also understand that if he is a god, he would be Ojo de Alcon, since he is in a moment of the movie he grabs a gem of the infinite with his hand and in guardians of the galaxy I learned that only a celestial or a god can grab the gems without dying, and in this movie, Ojo de alcon grabs it and nothing happens, so I understand that this man is a god or a celestial.

Predictable plot.

The visuals are stunning, with a vibrant color palate and awe inspiring cinematography.

The problems is that it can be really confusing if you don't really pay attention for 3 hours and there is some plot holes and going back in time that is off.

Time Travel sections were boring and unnecessary.

For example , Chris Hemsworth one of the best thing in this movie , his performance was stunning by which he made me show sympathy to his character and on the same time he can turn it into a comedy situation, if this not a great performance I don't know what it is , and of course RDJ one of the greatest actors to a comic book character , irreplaceable and astonishing .

Worst movie EVER .

This leaves tedious several parts of the movie.

You know how Iron Man 3 was unwatchable?

Overall I see the potential the Marvel team saw with such a daring and risk taking project and they pulled off the impossible, to make a highly suspenseful, hugely enjoyable, showstopper of a film with a HUGE ensemble cast and MANY moments the fans will NEVER be able to forget, the culmination of 22 films all worth their own spot in the list.

Russo brothers simply ruined a lot of things like Time Travel, Thor etc. The so called epic ending was boring, over stretched.

Thirdly there's too much sentimental domestic stuff rearing itself with too much "family" shyt , little kid crap, YAWN.

The whole saga was drawn out for so long, with just awkward feeling movies, and a pitiful ending.

Also some entertaining action scenes.

Keep in mind you must watch Infinity War to understand this movie and is suggested you watch many of the stand alone movies as well but if you are looking for a action packed entertaining movie with a great story this is a great one to watch.

The final installment of the the Avengers was a good and entertaining ending to the series.

Overhyped and boring .

Good one but boring in middle.

Ithe Story in Infinity war is way engaging than the End Game .

Overall, this film is one of the worst movies I've ever seen which is a shame, because if it was done properly, it could have been one of the best movies of all time.

The entire movie, as entertaining as it is, seems as though everyone involved was ready to be done with it all.


Now we get to Endgame, the opening is pretty fast, then we get about an hour and a bit of mucking around with the time travel, then the Avengers collect the stones across time, which is kinda fast paced.

Intense and loving....

All the different timelines makes things super confusing and controversial.

I sat there for 64 minutes (yes, I was counting) WAITING for something interesting or exciting to happen.

I felt like I totally wasted 3 hours of time for nothing.

Hulk on the other hand was just straight up confusing, with his entire arc that was built up through Infinity War being solved OFF SCREEN and then not having him do anything for a good chunk of the movie.

It's full of fan service and predictable character interactions.

It is just too easy and boring.

Long and boring time travel movie which makes no sense at all

End Game still has hilarious moments scattered throughout it's huge running time as it does with the amount of emotional drama & action packed scenes, there's never a dull or boring moment i thought as i totally got into this dark new world created by the evil "Thanos" The Action is breathtakingly Awesome & the c.

Very boring, very long, full of plot holes.

The characters that we all once knew and loved have now become boring, robotic sleeves to Disney.

The first hour could have been cut to 10-minutes as the music was dreary, the Avengers dialogues were slow, dreary and almost defeatist, and they weren't sure how to get the people back and this went on for too long a time.

Enjoyable time of 3 hours in the theatre .

Welcome to the era of movies that are way too long....

So boring and they ruined so much character I was really disappointed and let down if your a fan of Thor or hulk don't watch

The whole film managed to be surprising, endearing, and exciting at the same time.

Massive snooze fest .

Now that I have watched it in the comfort of my own home, in other words, I can pause and rewind it when I want, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

three hours of nothing.

With today's technology, it's a real insult to people who actually paid to see this convoluted yawn to have to watch such shoddy CGI.

It is the worst movie i have ever seen.

I expected more from this 3-hour film but it turned out to be just a complete waste of time.

Entertaining Chaos .

But these two last avengers, were so much in cliche mood.

Too boring to watch.

Nice VFX , worth watching.

The action was intense and fun and Iron man's death was handled very well.

A complete and utter waste of time and money.

What we see during 3 hours is an empty movie struggling to keep the pace of an entire cinematic universe created throughout a decade.

Too bad the story is so silly and lasts way too long...

While the action scenes were fun and there were some good laughs throughout, looking back on the film it was 3 hours of my life I will never get back.

The Irishman of Marvel: long and boring with all thes big guns .

Guardians of the Galaxy is the only saving grace here and even they had such a small part overall that it's pointless.

The film is at least 1 whole hour to long and is frankly boring.

As a result the pacing is appallingly slow and boring.

The movie starts with a slow paced emotional tone and catches speed as the story goes on.

° The movie is way too long and boring.

The pacing is agonizingly slow, the story honestly doesn't make much sense at all.

It is a great movie, highly enjoyable and does a remarkable job servicing the entire array Marvel movies that have come before.

At the end, on exit, after 3 hours of painfully boring and bad movie, nobody talked about it...

If you aren't a marvel fan or haven't seen the other movies I'm sure you will enjoy it just from the incredible action, entertaining story, amazing CGI, the performances and so on.

It's just talking heads spouting boring dialogue filmed boringly.

The movie was very enjoyable and entertaining, especially for Marvel fans.

Too long, boring and ridiculous.

And this whole plotline(s) with time-travelling just feels confusing and unsatisfying that I don't feel made much sense.

The last 45 minutes of the movie is fully action packed.

If sometimes it feels a little self-indulgent and self-revereantial, that is understandable and forgivable.

Unbelievable boring, lacklustre, rip off of loyal fans.

This movie is highly entertaining and enchancting equally to the fans as well as beginners.

Worth watching.

It's a long movie, but that's a good thing because the movie is entertaining.

The first half is so boring.

Wow I couldn't imagine worse, how is this not rated somewhere like 3.7 or something, boring cgi fights

The bad: it lasts WAY TOO LONG.

I expected more from this 3-hour film but it turned out to be just a complete waste of time

I hope your internet is forever slow.

Predictable .

The plot twists were very impressive and suspenseful.

Another peeve I have is more towards a recent forced political perspective being carefully marketed and promoted in recent Disney productions, but is by no means fueled by any type of deep-rooted misogenistic preferences whatsoever, as I am all for (and pro) feminism and have been ever since I was able to comprehend just how women have been treated and are labelled and still to this day subjected from centuries upon centuries of propaganda and thought control methods into positions "underneath" that of the male of the species.

That first dreary hour was a killer, not good.

Pointless follow-up.

3 hours of my life I'm not getting back...

Then the Avengers allied Nebula could've bypassed the need for Pym particles and the whole plot dilemma and procurement of Pym particles was a colossal waste of time!

The cgi is awesome and the action in intense.

Boring EndGame .

First hours was seriously boring.

I give 6 because to me under 6 is unwatchable.

I wish I had listened to my gut and never watched it because I wasted three hours of my life.

so so boring, .

MCU is unpredictable this movie is a great movie and also a action and aadventurebis just amazing i didnt guess it would be like this and i dont know what to say tums up nice.....................

Next time I have trouble sleeping and want something mediocre to bore me.

Overhyped, overly advertised, more bore than actual good filmmaking.

Revolutionary, thrilling, touching sci-fi .

This easily could've been fan service from beginning to end and have a bland storyline if they set out to find Thanos (which they obviously will) and defeat him.

The pace of the movie was slow and boring.

Endgame has lot of boring and cringy scenes, you really need to force yourself to watch it without skipping parts of it.

Even the paradoxes are uninspiring.

Predictable, cardboard characterizations, even more trite script.

Unexpected .

Some scenes linger way too long, drawing out already thin content.

After watching endgame I felt nothing special,it was completely predictable and disapointing ending, just like every superhero movie the bad guy loses and the good guys win, garbage, it was a long boring movie with the only special thing to show for it is the 45 minute long mess of horrible cgi they call a "final battle"

It was really hard to get through this movie because of how insufferably boring it was.

and please Disney, please lay off on the Wokey preaching crap its getting tedious, lets just have a good story eh and leave the politics to the Politicians?

like a comic book thicker than war and peace - only a lot more boring .

Good performances, good dialogue driven scenes, nicely written emotional scenes, stunning visuals and an incredible third act.

Meet Avengers 3D: Disastrous, Dumb, Dull .

Waste of time and waste of electricity

Just wanted to leave this misery behind it.

but it has a very slow first half......

RDJ is the only glimmer in a bland movie.

But it more than makes up for it with an action packed beginning and ending filled with shocking surprises and adrenaline rushes to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

One that seems to be more about setting up new heroes for the future than playing out a compelling storyline and give a satisfying ending.

Hey Disney, if you have no plot or story put a flaunting super slender girl in your movies so I can justify my time and money!

It's a film that had big boots to fill but the good news is that it's a complete success and every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor.

It's just very boring and has no re-watch value.

Audience suspension of disbelief is not necessary because the plot is so turgid and dull.

This movie was good for an ending of a franchise but dont think it lives up to the hype, I found it boring and hard to keep me watching.

3 hours of boredom, pain, suffering and cheap fan service.

So predictable.

So instead of another decently awesome Marvel movie they went polar opposite to Infinity War and decided to make the worst movie possible.

The whole time travel thing was drawn out too long in my opinion and they did a seious injustice to the Hulk and Thor characters.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE pictures that are "THOROUGHLY" UNPREDICTABLE, & this Passionately-exquisite Creation FAR, FAR outweighed my Every-Hope in that particular respect, and ...

The result apparently succeeds in thrilling long-term Marvel Universe fans.

Very entertaining, albeit in a cartoonish way .

How can we take insignificant uninteresting stuff and make it awesome stuff because this flick has loads of characters and you may or may not like the premise of the jeweled glove and having to stop Thanos' destruction.

Entertaining .

The last 45 minutes of the movie is fully action packed.

Saw Joker yesterday and it's a much better film.. mind blowing, no words a Oscar worth

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The second half (and the time travel scenes), on the other hand, is immensely fun and entertaining.

One of the dullest films I've seen in a long time.

I went to see it on a whim and walked out of the cinema after 15 minutes.

The final battle lacks meaning as Past Thanos is not the real Thanos, but merely a pointless substitute.

I still remember the exciting time in the cinema.

Anybody who thinks this type of media deserves the highest marks is a cultural empty vessel.

Flawed yet entertaining action flick .

Slow, boring, average .

This is where everything we've watched comes together and it is a thrilling movie experience.

Exciting, fun, solid and beautiful, worthy of Oscar


CONCLUSION: 'Avengers: Endgame' is definitely flawed, but it does almost everything and more a truly epic conclusion sure to deliver a goose-bump-raising, emotionally-powerful and hugely entertaining finale that delivers justice to it's ever-growing franchise.

Exciting battle.

The characters with all their interesting super powers just seemed to be a bore.

It was a bit boring at times though but still very enjoyable to watch.

The only thing I had a problem with was the confusing time travel.

The building of the gods has collapsed and the body has become empty.

Disappointing, Emotional BS, Family BS, Random Moments that try to be funny, Overpowered Women, Underpowered Thor, Boring 1st Hour & many more....

Some scenes were breathtaking...

I must admit, I did fall asleep through the whole beginning of Endgame because I found it boring, and the constant chatting got on my nerves, so I wasn't really interested in the ending.

Most of the movie is filled with tedious flashbacks and boring confessions from the heroes.

There were many stories which kept it exciting.

I really like infinity war, but 3 hours of mess right now .

I'm a huge fan of avengers but lost valuable 3 hours of my life.

Wasted 3 hours of my life .

They had perfect vision when they made Infinity War but it is like they lost the Power when making this silly borefest.

Lots of the others looked bored as they spent a huge majority of the movie sulking, moping, getting drunk, having therapy, whining, killing for spite, etc. And then all they can obsess about is reversing their loss so they win; it's even worse than the Democrats after the 2016 election.

Unlike some films you can't stop, this made me doze of.

At three hours, it is way too long.

3 hours of crap.

And everyone's made a load of memes about it already, but the rat being the thing to kickstart the movie is impossibly contrived and dumb, regardless of Doctor Strange's plan.

It's just too boring.

But at the middle, I got bored and I play my phone at cinemas (I sit at the top, and my phone brightness is very low, so I'll not disturbing everyone watching it).

Adding all the enjoyable special effects and the diversity of the superheroes eclipsing the incoherent simplistic plot, and that gives you the most profitable movie of all time.

First of all it was way too long, they could have written this story in half of the time.

It has real stakes and the visuals are stunning.

Brilliant Screenplay, what an acting by all the actors especially, Robert Downey Jr. 3 hrs just flew, I did not get bored in any part, an engaging movie.

The visual look is stunning!!.

For the rest of us this is a bewildering and mostly tedious mix of melodrama and overwrought FX actionI have watched, and often enjoyed, the previous films from the Marvel Cinematic franchise.

While clearly a fan pleaser, I found the film overly-long, derivative, and generally uninteresting.

Boring .

Everything is rounded off nicely by some breathtaking final credits, and just like that the epic Avengers saga is over forever.

Ship load of superheroes - Check (Eyes-full in an IMAX screen and some more)Stunning action setpieces - CheckSharp sparkling humour - CheckEmotionally charged moments - CheckEpic finale - CheckDirector duo Russo bros dunk us neck deep into nostalgia as we buckle down for a dreamy ride skimming over a decade worth of our favourite blockbusters from the franchise.

The story was way too predictable except the ending.

The movie is way too long, it has a lot of unnecessary scenes.

If you like a good, intriguing, believable story with interesting characters then this movie may be very lacking in that department.

The plot is unoriginal, lazy and uninspiring.

With a hefty three hour run time the time will fly very quick for you with such an exciting story with incredible emotional and narrative heft, it's an incredible achievement from Marvel and will have you guessing just how the story will continue in the future

I got bored halfway through this story.

But also very Predictable.

It was somewhat entertaining.

Avengers endgame is one of the most entertaining, emotional impactful, stunning blockbuster movie that I ever watched.

lots of nothingness and pointless battle Thanos just sucked in this movie

Hawkeye only earned the stone because he released Black Widow's arm to fall to her death, so the whole contest was pointless.

Waste of money.. if this was nr 1 of 2 I wouldn't have seen nr 2.

Avengers: Endgame is the highly anticipated and intense sequel to the amazing movie Avengers: Infinity War.

I mean y'know, they did a good job, but plot is a little boring.

then he sat down for one evening, had another dull sentimental dialogue with his wife and guess what - he made a time machine in one day.

And yes, going into a huge Avengers film does mean such sequences will be intersped across the run-time(s), but I just found myself quite bored, almost like I was subjecting myself to a beautiful work of art that is essentially both meaningless and repetitive - like another easily replaceable and disposeable set piece that is required for the formulae to work, or else the target audience will feel cheated.

I cannot recall another movie during which my wife fell asleep so may times.

Taking the MCU in the context in which it is intended, as fun and family orientated entertainment, you can allow yourself to become immersed in its brilliance.

However, taking a look at it now, all I see is that they were lazy with the writing and went with the most predictable storyline possible and used time travel as an excuse to replay their greatest hits.

Get ready to see Robert Downey jr. Acts like he is in a high school play with his children, the only genuine father figure that actually seems real is Jeremy Renner in this film, otherwise it is ridiculously boring, full of potholes, and it's just a giant flashback and re-use of old footage that honestly gave them material that they should have used differently.

I recommend seeing this movie because it has the greatest amount of laughter with a wonderful cast and keeps me on the edge of my seat.

It was so entertaining and needs to be what movies at the theatre are all about.

At three hours I wasn't sure about the pacing, but even during the slower first half the viewer's interest remains piqued thanks to the witty dialogue and huge cast of well-established characters doing their thing.

There were many stories which kept it exciting.

Other characters just boring.

However, as genuinely enjoyable as the second half is, the first half is slow-paced, lifeless, and drags on.

Endgame ties up the Avengers franchise perfectly, with three hours of excellent action and character interaction.

This movie is a waste of time and whoever watches this crap, please help them

After I left the theater with my dad I just remember never shutting up about it.

This is one of those extremely entertaining, "don't think about it too much" movies.

Waste of time!!.

I supposed some kind of time travelling to bring back the fallen ones, but in a more smart and exciting way.

If you're looking to be in pain, by all means go and see this movie in the theater, but if you'd like to skip the boring Parts like I did, rent it on DVD.

He is one of the most formidable MCU villains (alongside the Dark Elves and Peter's dad) and I was surprised to see how strongly he believed in what he was doing - which was great, from a purely cinematic point of view, as it makes the story more intense and makes you really hate the villain, as well you should.

Not really been a fan of the Avengers series because it's been repetitive, same Heroes, same action, but this last one i found very entertaining and for me the best one.

And I walked out of the theater with a disgruntled smirk.

The cinematography, CGI, acting and dialogue fit the movie well and the story was exciting.

Three hours of my life I never get back.

Please watch this movie it has so much fun and exciting things in it.

Sorry, but it was a waste of time.

So dull.

Other than the second act of the film throwing a wrench in the entire product, the first act is really well done, if just a tad boring at times.


Not as good as Infinity War, quite boring to be honest, too predictable also.

Either was enjoyable but too long and dragged out story.

Spectacular but redundant and uninteresting .

Practically 2/3 hours of film with many unnecessary dialogues and misdirected performances.

Even the ending after the fight was boring.

I saw this movie the exact day it came out and I was kind blown by it and the fact it has permanent deaths in it is mind blowing.

Just horrible, waste of time.

Time travel aside, Avengers: Endgame is every bit as entertaining as Infinity War, with nonstop fan service and more emotion than I thought possible from the superhero genre.

The plot has a lot of holes and also the movie is very long and boring until the third act

It was also a quit intense movie at times as well.

I think this was a little too slow, just for me, anyway.

Pretty to look at kinda boring .

Respect for the Russo Brothers for taking the direction they did with Endgame and it really does satisfy but Infinity War is overall a more entertaining movie.

a final battle of EPIC & APOCALYPTIC proportions; expertly created film; very enjoyable; excellent villain; good ending .

Instead of a persisting feeling of melancholy and grief, the first act feels empty and boring.

Boring and no pretty women .

It was exciting and you will be invested in it from the opening credits to the end.

confusing to say the least.

Do yourself a favour and watch paint dry instead.

so cliche.

Not as good as Infinity War, but still entertaining.

Amazing film with an unexpected twists, i have never expected this ending

As we all know infinity war was so good and we all expected that endgame will be a movie higher than infinity war standards but it failed instead it was slow and depressing movie expect the last 30 mins of the movie.

But the main point i want to get across is how much was wrong with this film, there is so many things wrong, I'm not gonna sit here and type 10,000 words to bore you with so all i say is go onto YouTube or Google and lookup "Things wrong with End Game' and i guarantee you will change your mind about this film, you will reliase that not much makes sense and you will then be sad that this film was the end.

Don't waste your time with this and the 7 rating is too much for this.

While the plot line was predictable for the most part, there were enough plot twists to keep you entertained.

Unfortunately, the movie's runtime is a purposelessly long, frustratingly boring, and uneventful slog to get there.

There are two ways to enjoy this movie, one as a fun time heist, throwback, exciting blockbuster with some snappy oneliners and a healthy dose of gloss, the closure of some main character arcs and some significant resolution (although also with a heady dose of sequel potential of course.

This is so dull and full of massive plot holes.

They were all one note and disjointed.

Astoundingly boring.

Cheap, pretentious "philosophy" to make this movie appear to have depth (which it doesn't).

For me Infinity War was faster passed and more exciting and Endgame was more satisfying and I appreciate the slower pass.

The dialogue struggles to be interesting, boring sequences at time.

The music is nothing special, camerawork is very normal and the script is very cheesy and predictable.

The first 2 and half an hour is just too long for only time traveling, it's boring and the fight scene, wth is wrong with thor?

It is sometimes heartbreaking (Iron Man and Widow), sometimes satisfying (Cap), and sometimes in unexpected ways (Hulk and Fat Thor).

Boring at first, full of plot holes .

Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlet Johanson and Josh Brolin were stunning so as the rest others.

One of the top boring superhero films.

Slow, elongated and boring.

This was a entertaining film that did its job and nothing more than that and really there's not that much to say about it.

The three fighting against Thanos is intense and epic (wish we got more screen time of that).

The first hour was a total boring snooze fest (it was like being at a wake).

Now, what really pleased me with this film although the wait for it was lengthy it was well worthwhile was the final showdown between all of the MCU characters we've grown to love through the years and Thanos and his army, I just thought it was spectacular, truly stunning, one of the best final showdowns I've EVER seen and I don't say that with ease, believe me.

Funny enough, some of the Avengers makes a quite similar observation when Ant Man comes with this cliche idea.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have come up with a screenplay full of epic and unpredictable moments.

Way too long and the plot was just stupid, i think this goes to show huge budget definitely doesn't make a amazing movie.

Mediocre and dull .

A franchise worth watching.

We get some semi-slow scenes, but the film is very fast paced the whole time, and this worked for the type of film Infinity War was.

Boring, trash .

Boring .

Mind Blowing Movie .

Avengers: Endgame is some of the most thrilling, powerful, beautiful, and emotional entertainment ever put on the big screen.

But you know the good thing is these movies present loads of interviews, panel conferences, and those global cast events that are so entertaining to watch so ti's a win win.

One of the worst movies of this series.

Avengers: Endgame, ends a saga that has been created since Iron Man released in 2008, the film starts as it should start in a breathtaking scene.

I felt like they have dragged the movie a bit, with some unwanted scenes, like Nat and Clint sacrifice fight before the acquiring the soul stone.

I tried to like it, but it is boring.


It's backdrop was boring.

I didn't care for a single character, the action was a confusing mess and the new characters do not give me much hope in the future of these Marvel films.

It's a great comic book moment but it's just all too relevent to current affairs to be entertaining.

The goosebumps, the adrenaline surges, the punches to the gut in some of the rawest MCU moments to date; no one deserves to take those feelings away from you.

The cinematography is stunning, the special effects are nothing short of otherworldly, and Captain Marvel has less screen time than Black Widow's PB sandwich, so that's nice (because seriously, that woman is nasty off camera, and a lame addition on camera.

However, the film is boring if you move one or two action pieces out.

Inept hallucinating nonsense movie with a delirious and boring plot.

I like the way all the plots come together to please the Marvel nerds, but geez it's boring.

This film has practically no story.

This movie turned out to be unpredictable.

A worth watching movie.

There is no creativity, just massive budgets, a star studded cast, as much cgi as possible, boring dialogue, poor character development, no deeper meaning whatsoever, poor cinematography, eye popping special effects, and watered down violence that is on par with the old power rangers.

The most boring overhyped movie of all time .

The cast and score fit well and the script is exciting and well written.

I'm also seeing a lot of people complaining about the first act and that the whole movie is too slow.

They throw everything and the kitchen sink and it is boring.

But I could have never guessed that night that I would cry like a baby, go completely numb from pure awe, and leave the theater with a fresh take on what it really means to be human.

The second act goes into more familiar territory and thrilling adventure, seeing a cool return from characters who missed out on the previous Avengers.

The Hulk, who was once the highlight of these movies, has been watered down into a boring, predictable character.

If I have to be honest I fell asleep a couple of times towards the end, that's how captivating this story was.

I was like that too when i first walked out of the theatre.

He is such a complete waste of time in the MCU and it's clear that Marvel doesn't see him as a strong character.

It's competent, but quite bland and forgettable.

It's a bit long, the time travel subplot is filled with holes, some characters appear for only 2-3 minutes or so and it's painfully predictable.

Too Predictable .

Now this gets a bit confusing.

I always like to watch a movie on the off chance it may be enjoyable.

If you're not a superhero fan, prepare to be bored for these long hours.

way too long .

So watching this film for the first time was okay, because the old characters coming back and so on is cool once only, after watching the film again i was really bored, like really bored until the end fight.

This bores me to tears...

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have come up with a screenplay full of epic and unpredictable moments.

It was mute and dull the whole time.

It is just getting a bit tiresome because it is like this in every Disney movie now and its becoming so predictable.

Time travel is a cheap way of story telling, and it makes Thanos' success in Infinity War feel pointless.

This movie was awesomeeeee😍😍 I enjoyed it lot.

It is a tremendously entertaining intergalactic trip" (Warner, 2019, p.

How can Marvel, the Russo brothers as well as the scriptwriters go from delivering the best superhero movie ever made, Avengers Infinity War, to offering such trite tosh as Endgame?

Finally, the heroes reverse the Snap, 2014 Thanos shows up to reboot the universe and kill the Avengers, which is all a really fast ending scene and battle and then semi-slow ending wraps things up.

This movie felt so forced, too many eye rolling gags and a confusing plot.

The rest is back slapping in jokes that you'd have to memorise all the other films to get, long drawn out pointless 'science' scenes or 'hilarious' takes on each characters' past dislike of each other (didn't two used to fancy each other?

The first 30 minutes were almost all talk, so boring.

Predictable outcome.

Neither exciting, nor gripping, nothing at all.

Amazing movie really entertaining.....

In fact, trying to rain on the parade not only seems an exercise in futility, but also seems pointless and even, to a degree, beating a dead dog down.

He's boring.

the rest is pathetic and boring.

The initial three quarters of the film is taken up with sentimental and tedious character development twaddle including flashbacks.

So funny, action packed and kind of emotional.

I highly recommend it.

If you tell a story like a 3 year old, other 3 year olds are going to love your story but adults are going to be bored to tears.

cliche and guessable .

Worst movie of all the time.

Boring villain = boring climax.

After two hours of absolutely nothing happening, I walked away.

In the last act, it just turned into another US military propaganda ending.

We were both laughing and crying on the edge of our seat.

Still the film is somehow enjoyable, maybe because they created lot's of interesting characters/heroes in the last 10 years and I found myself caring about them in the course of the film.

The plot twists were very impressive and suspenseful.

Second, I know that this movie doesn't exactly have the action throughout because of the time travel plot, well there's a quite a bit of action scenes, but it gives us a enjoyable throwback to the old MCU movies and saves the big blockbuster action for the finale and there's nothing to be said of the finale except for one word: EPIC.

It was the first time, that I fell asleep watching a film in the cinema.