Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to reverse Thanos' actions and restore balance to the universe.

IMDB: 8.6
Director: Anthony Russo
Stars: undefined, Robert Downey Jr.
Length: 181 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 189 out of 1023 found boring (18.47%)

One-line Reviews (431)

In fact, just don't waste your money on this piece of crap.

Marvel understood from the beginning how to make an entertaining film.

The CGI-fest soon became boring...

That first dreary hour was a killer, not good.

However, the movie was WAY too long and dragged a lot in the middle.

And this whole plotline(s) with time-travelling just feels confusing and unsatisfying that I don't feel made much sense.

Boring, trash .

I laughed, I cried, I gasped, I was on the edge of my seat during this film.

There were enough interesting ideas, and nice touches of humour, to make it worth watching.

Unlimited and/or undefined super-powers are boring and are guaranteed to ruin any super-hero movie (which is why I also dislike Superman).

Entertaining to watch and the long running time seems shorter than it is.

It has a lot of pacing issues its just drawn out and boring in a lot of parts.

First hours was seriously boring.

three hours of nothing.

Many of the negative reviews are like, ohh it's too long , ohh it boring, they ruin Thor .

If you're looking to be in pain, by all means go and see this movie in the theater, but if you'd like to skip the boring Parts like I did rent it on DVD.

Endgame ties up the Avengers franchise perfectly, with three hours of excellent action and character interaction.

The time travel, plot holes and cheesy death scenes all were too confusing.

Waited this long for the film equivalent of a root canal, painful, boring, and way overpriced.

Yes, the effects were nice so hence 2/10 but effects were never so important in Avengers; others at least had some sort of story and action, this one is dull.

But problem mainly relates to the film's obesity & overblown nature combined with a manufactured self-indulgence that was just annoying to watch.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE pictures that are "THOROUGHLY" UNPREDICTABLE, & this Passionately-exquisite Creation FAR, FAR outweighed my Every-Hope in that particular respect, and ...

The timeline is very confusing, which makes some plots have no logic.

Actualy boring .

But it was boring.

This mean any future villains will be some contrived fiction!

Too many characters and too much talkings, this movie is BORING !

The whole time travel thing was drawn out too long in my opinion and they did a seious injustice to the Hulk and Thor characters.

Can't believe how long this film was, it was far too long and far too spread out.

That pace or the movie was slow and boring, the acting lethargic with a real lack of fun.

Long, boring, no story, no nothing !

Slow pace till the time travel sequences kicked up, lack of cohesiveness between the characters, not duly written script, lesser emotional impact ; all of these made the film less enjoyable for me.

We were both laughing and crying on the edge of our seat.

Good one but boring in middle.

Endgame is epic, entertaining, captivating, highly emotional and visually simple imprinting.

What have they done wrong with this movie "everything" They have turned Thor & Hulk into joke characters the whole movie feels hurried and confusing the CGI is poor on more than one occasion a lot of MCU characters are more cameos than necessary.

Also some entertaining action scenes.

It's actually so boring I had finally found a movie I could replenish concessions during and didn't feel like I had missed anything.

and in doing so, making tons of mistakes and dynamics change that made it near unwatchable.

So watching this film for the first time was okay, because the old characters coming back and so on is cool once only, after watching the film again i was really bored, like really bored until the end fight.

Moat boring movie of the 21st century,.

They could have cut an hour and a half of the slow unimportant scenes.

Intense and loving....

The visual look is stunning!!.

It's just very boring and has no re-watch value.

But their appearances were still enjoyable and the final battle was AWESOME with all the characters coming together to help the Avengers out.

The Special effects are pretty stunning, especially in 3D and the product placement is very stylish, neat and futuristic.

This is sooooo boring and empty in every ways .

However Endgame half the film was boring and only the last 10 minutes had an resembles to Infinity war.

I fell asleep halfway through and when I went home I just watched Howard the Duck on my phone,which is a much better movie you should watch instead.

It's just so bland for the end of an amazing villian and also great characters, some deaths are just terrible like when the worst character (Black Widow) dies.

In the last act, it just turned into another US military propaganda ending.

Kind of boring honestly .

The previous episode was , ad least entertaining ...

Endgame has lot of boring and cringy scenes, you really need to force yourself to watch it without skipping parts of it.

It was extremely long and dragged in several places.

The characters and their lines were generally bland and completely without the wit and bite as seen in the earlier Joss Whedon versions.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE pictures that are "THOROUGHLY" UNPREDICTABLE, & this Passionately-exquisite Creation FAR, FAR outweighed my Every-Hope in that particular respect, and ...

Some scenes were breathtaking...

boring fanfare .

Story is very predictable.

It is worth watching!

I'll tell you why, because you need more science fodder for all the Marvel super fans, so that they can leave the theater and point at someone who looks confused and feel superior.

Just imagine meeting your favourite Marvel comic book hero in real life: well, by the end of this film that actually sounds like a rather dull prospect: the overblown nature of the wrap-up diminishes everyone.

A gripping conclusion of a 21 film saga, I cannot wait to see what is the next step in the MCU.

3 hours of cringe .

It all feels rehashed, another typical superhero flick with a very predictable story and conclusion.

The ending is quite predictable so despite the great action scenes, it fails to leave any significant mark.


Next time I have trouble sleeping and want something mediocre to bore me.

Unbelievable boring, lacklustre, rip off of loyal fans.

Ok guys avengers endgame is a very good and exciting movie!

Worst movie i saw this year boring mess,plot holes,too cheesy,bad writing

Forget people who say that this movie is crap,because the way I see it avengers endgame is the most entertaining movie in history so far.

I have fast forwarded the last part of the movie, I was that bored and irritated by it.

Many of the negative reviews are like, ohh it's too long , ohh it boring, they ruin Thor .

Professor hulk was just a boring character.

I was spend 3 hours of my life at the theather and told my wife: "do you understand?


I would also like to adress the Thanos confusion.

Good for insomnia though.

One of the worst movies of this series.

The Russo brothers' poignant, powerful finale more than lives up to the hype: It's a thrilling conclusion and a deeply emotional exploration of loss and love, duty and honor, friendship and family.

Afterwards I had to have several pints of tea to cheer me up, don't waste your money on this Britons.

So all I want to say is that this movie was slow, disjointed, badly executed in writing and a complete disappointment.

Which brings up the fact that at least 90 minutes of this movie is spent on boring scenes of various Avengers feeling depressed about the death of the heroes, and going to support group meetings.

It is a journey of action and fun, totally entertaining with excellent performances, amazing effects, an intense plot and above all a fantastic villain.


The only small gripe I had was the time loop confusion.

Since Marvel was taken by "politically correct" people, their movies have became uninteresting, unintelligent, and plain boring.

It's a great comic book moment but it's just all too relevent to current affairs to be entertaining.

The movie starts off Insanely slow or rather really fast and then 2 hours (what it felt like) slow.

The pacing is exhaustingly slow, it's just an excuse to draw out the run time.

And, just to drag out the boredom, it follows up with a painfully long shot of all the super heroes - clad in black - at a funeral that is, well, deadly.

And the ending was just as painfully slow as LotR: The Return of the King (yet another over-hyped blockbuster) with long-drawn-out overly sentimental scenes that added nothing to the story.

What a waste of money...

First half is too long and boring .

I really liked Infinity war,but endgame is so much boring.

If they made 2 x 3 hour movies, it would still be boring as crap.

Long, boring, no story, no nothing .

What a marvellous waste ot time.

Endgame is the worst superhero movie I've seen, it's full of lazy bad writing, this is a shame to cinema, endgame was a disapointing predictable end to a mediocre franchise

The dialogue struggles to be interesting, boring sequences at time.

Predictable, uninteresting, dull .

Infinity war was way better in my opinion, better balance between action and slow scenes.

Save your money and time.

Even for casual fans like myself it's still a really enjoyable experience with some enjoyable action, some pretty good comedic moments, and some heartfelt moments.

Still, it is under the weather in some features, for example, regarding action scenes and some baffling-undeveloped subplots"It has passed nearly seven years since I went to the cinema to watch The Avengers with some classmates to celebrate my friend's birthday, the end result was purely adrenaline-charged.

Only Steve Rogers was both mature and complete from within, so his story was always solid and compelling on all levels.

Well after the previous avengers movie i really thought that this movie will be greater than old series but it disappointed meThe Idea to Destroy Stones and use time machine is ridiculousHalf of population of the world Dead and Heroes have joke conversation and make fun about time Travel and old movies about itAnt-man Eat food with happy face , Thor use Bear i rather to see 25Min of War between thanos and Avengers in Green Planet instead of 3 hours of movie that seems write by kidsat the end Heroes must never Die or retired cause they are heroes and they give normal people like me HopeSo killing Iron-man or Retired Captain America is stupid idea It Seems All Movies ( Matrix , Lord of Rings , ...

boring, bored, boredom - what a mess of a movie .

Not as good as Infinity War, quite boring to be honest, too predictable also.

How can Marvel, the Russo brothers as well as the scriptwriters go from delivering the best superhero movie ever made, Avengers Infinity War, to offering such trite tosh as Endgame?

Too much of focus on iron man and takes too long and even make us bore and walk out of film

Boring apart from some cool action scenes.

The story was way too predictable except the ending.

The action that comes is in long scenes but is done amazingly with fast paced well filmed beautiful cgi.

If you ignored the PC-stuff in the last movie, it was still a pretty enjoyable movie.

Exciting, fun, solid and beautiful, worthy of Oscar

a better and unexpected ending could have been Ghost Rider showed up in that timeline and ended thanos somehow for the atrocities he had committed or they could regain the stones to recreate the characters taken after antman subatomically enters thanos and blows him up.

Watching Avengers Endgame started as a nice story that soon became boring and predictable.

Three hours of my life I can never get back.

Her character is too much and the actress playing her is boring.

Very long and boring movie, impregnated with liberal propaganda .

literally been telling my girlfriend to prepare for it for the past five years because marvel is just so damn predictable.

After I finally finished it I watched it again the next day, out of confusion, because I thought I must have missed major parts.

Waste of time .

It was worth watching for 3 hours.

Avengers "Infinity War" was very intriguing, so the expectations for "Endgame" were very high.

Marvel somehow manages to add comedy to the most intense situations.

The story is dull, uninteresting and unoriginal.

The only two characters who have a likeable part in the film pretty much are Antman, who gets a surprisingly large part in this movie, & the Hulk, whose initial appearance as a composite of Bruce Banner & the Hulk himself is actually genuinly intriguing for a short time.

Exciting & Emotional Endgame .

Plot holes in every single scene, bland and cold acting.

Nothing happens for the first two hours .

The only technical fault I have with it is the pacing, as this epic does drag quite often during the 3 hour runtime, and the opening 20minutes are especially annoyingly slow, with the odd choice of focusing on Hawkeye leaving me especially confused, as he is neither a character the audience cares for or is he very relevant in this movie.

It is worth watching!

But there are two minuses: soooooo boring and unnecessary stretching of dialogues and meaningful looks at each other which stretch the film even more...

With today's technology, it's a real insult to people who actually paid to see this convoluted yawn to have to watch such shoddy CGI.


Predictable plot with lame time warping around all over the place.

The plot was littered with holes and just boring.

Other characters just boring.

Worst movie EVER .

The first 2 hours are so slow and boring to be honest.

This movie dosent deserve to be this high on IMDb,it was bring and by far the worst avengers movie with a disapointing and predictable outcome,it ruined thanos and the heroes one with no casualties like every superhero movie,endgame was by far the worst most overrated marvel movie

Over the years Marvel became so big, that for my taste they lost the average viewer by piling on so many characters with their back-stories that someone who just wanted to see a thrilling movie got lost in their universe, so I would say that most of their insider-jokes or comments got lost on non-nerds.

MCU's landmark: Avengers Endgame- Action packed, surpasses expectations and emotionally delivers .

After years of bland and unimaginative music, Silvestri really gets to be creative with this tremendous collection of music.

Personally, I've merged both explanations, which has made re-watching the film just as enjoyable as it was at the midnight release.

3 hours of my life I can't get back...

It was somewhat entertaining.

Three moments made "Avengers: Endgame" terrific but not a masterpiece, the 1st one is killing Thanos by Thor at the beginning, 2nd one is the sacrifice of Black Widow, and the last one is the death of Iron Man, actually these three unexpected moments shocked all Avengers fans.

As always, the action is exciting(Although sparse) and humour cracks you up.

2/3 time was boring and ridiculous overacting scenes

Marvel movies are to film what Professional Wrestling is to the Olympics -- corrupt, shallow, and based on cheap thrills -- and worth watching only if that's what you came to see.

The movie starts with a slow paced emotional tone and catches speed as the story goes on.

There are unexpected twists and moments of hilarity, as well as more serious scenes and themes.

It was gripping and you really felt everything he was feeling as it was conveyed so well.

I am speechless, boring, stupid...

The worst, most predictable and messed up Avengers movie ever.

It's was long and stretched out, they had to put things in there that didn't have any business being in there, and in the end I just felt like it was a big ball of confusion.

Every scene is like a comic book panel coming alive before your very eyes and the action flows clearly leaving an exciting impact on the viewer.

I enjoyed the early Marvel movies but the most recent ones are ruining the franchise how they made so much £££ out of this is baffling it only gets more confusing the longer you watch it.

Cheap, pretentious "philosophy" to make this movie appear to have depth (which it doesn't).

Definitely worth watching!!!

The MCU's long goodbye to the Avengers comes off as truly epic and thunderously exciting.

The rest is back slapping in jokes that you'd have to memorise all the other films to get, long drawn out pointless 'science' scenes or 'hilarious' takes on each characters' past dislike of each other (didn't two used to fancy each other?

Imo this one's actually not nearly as good as the Russo bros's other top tier MCU entries (Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War), mostly because the plot is pretty loosely written and can be nitpicked to death - and tbh it's hard for movies that involve time travel to have tight plots anyway; but it was still an overall extremely enjoyable (and emotional!

slighty awkward or boring at times, slow dialog, some cool stuff .

Exhilarating, breathtaking culmination to the Infinity Saga delivers in every way.

Pointless follow-up.

3 hours is too long to a story without a lot ot action scenes in a Superhero's movie

😒😒 don't waste your time watching this!

There wasn't any of that unfortunately, so I just wasted three hours of my life I could have spent on basically anything else and it would have been more worth while.

And I didn't care that it was 3 hours, I would rather a long movie than a dull one.

Despite some minor issues, the film's still very emotionally-driven, heartfelt, shocking, sad, fun, thrilling, menacing, intriguing and uplifting all in one, with some of the best and most epic action sequences of any film I've seen...

it was damn to slow and borin.

Waste of time!!.

But the main point i want to get across is how much was wrong with this film, there is so many things wrong, I'm not gonna sit here and type 10,000 words to bore you with so all i say is go onto YouTube or Google and lookup "Things wrong with End Game' and i guarantee you will change your mind about this film, you will reliase that not much makes sense and you will then be sad that this film was the end.


The film is at least 1 whole hour to long and is frankly boring.

The movie is interesting, mind bending, nostalgic, smart, funny, emotional, entertaining, at times violent, epic and in the end the most satisfy conclusion you could possible get from a movie experience.

Barring a few shoddy fillers here and there, Marvel's Infinity War saga has been an otherwise enjoyable experience otherwise.

It's a politically correct movie (aka boring) where every minority has to be included, to make it politically correct, and where you have tons of mediocre superheroes that are so boring you can't even remember their names.

Very exciting because it involves many & many MCU superheroes on one team protecting the Earth against a cleaver villain.

A country desperate to sell itself as a hero, together with current propaganda of misplaced feminism and diversity, Avengers is a shallow cliché that won't be enjoyed by anybody 25 years in the future.

Slow, elongated and boring.

The movie does a wonderful job continuing every character arc from the previous films but still takes characters in unexpected directions, which may be why characters like Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Thor are such highlights as well.

They were all one note and disjointed.

Enjoyed it .

This latest of the Avengers series is pretty predictable because it is so formulaic: a convoluted set of story strings that must come together at the end, gratuitous little interpersonal dramas, and lots and lots of explosions, fistfights, and a pseudo battle of Armageddon.


The plot was good but could have been more interesting, just because the movie was pretty slow in the beginning and middle.

What a waste of money.

Please don't waste your time on this...

Boring and badly made .

Too long and slow paced .

Boring as crap.

Don't waste your time or money on this POS movie.

Some scenes feel pointless, unneccessary and slugish.

The first hour was a total boring snooze fest (it was like being at a wake).

Adding all the enjoyable special effects and the diversity of the superheroes eclipsing the incoherent simplistic plot, and that gives you the most profitable movie of all time.

Now we get to Endgame, the opening is pretty fast, then we get about an hour and a bit of mucking around with the time travel, then the Avengers collect the stones across time, which is kinda fast paced.

The story was contrived and lazy.

Still, there are lots of worthy bits throughout, like the opening, the unpredictable first encounter with Thanos, Thor getting flabby, the moving match between Black Widow and Hawkeye at the cliff's edge, and much more.

Long and boring .


Very slow to get to the point and it do not hold my interest or my husband's.

This entire film was built around a needlessly complicated plot surrounding time travel, even though the time travel was completely pointless in the first place.

It's been a long and emotional rollercoaster, enjoyable, gripping and funny when it was needed.

If you go see this movie, go see it in an IMAX 3D or something like that because 3 hours is too long for this movie.

Practically 2/3 hours of film with many unnecessary dialogues and misdirected performances.

One movie to bore them all .

And even with my minor problems, it's easy to look past, and just be entertained by this thrilling adventure.

Too long, bad CG, uninteresting plot .

I felt like I totally wasted 3 hours of time for nothing.

This movie was good for an ending of a franchise but dont think it lives up to the hype, I found it boring and hard to keep me watching.

Pointless genocide: check!

It was very entertaining and it left me wanting more.

It was too long, too slow moving and just wasn't as good as the previous movies.

boring characters

It's just too boring.

it certainly kept you on the edge of your seat.

That being said, the current one is doing fine and I've totally enjoyed it.

Slow and predictable .

The first hour could have been cut to 10-minutes as the music was dreary, the Avengers dialogues were slow, dreary and almost defeatist, and they weren't sure how to get the people back and this went on for too long a time.

Worst movie of all the time.

This was a horrible, boring film.

There are so many breathtaking and solid scenes throughout and the movie showcases an abundance of characters, particularly in its closing.

Overall, even if you ignore all those cringy moments, the movie is slow paced and quite predictable, as I already said.

Pointless, stupid, cringeworthy and downright boring .

3) Okay half the people are gone but why are the scenes full of EMPTY streets??

It manages to somewhat breakaway from the formulaic superhero genre and manages to try and be something different.

It's boring, illogical, predictable etc. Just an average movie about superheroes.

Finally, the heroes reverse the Snap, 2014 Thanos shows up to reboot the universe and kill the Avengers, which is all a really fast ending scene and battle and then semi-slow ending wraps things up.

I realize it was a necessity in this particular chain of fictional events, but after a while it seems like (pardon the musical reference) a long, drawn-out guitar solo that has you wishing the band would get back to the song.

This was probably one of the worst movie I have seen, even on the Marvel scale.

I took my 6 year old, thought he was going to fall asleep.

Seriously how did this junk made so much money is beyond me are people really crazy they don't know what they have done,this film is pure nonsense,and i hate to say this Thanos was a total looser here also what happened to hulk its a shame people will realise this in future that what a load of crap nonsense this was a total waste of time and money,it should have not even made 50 bucks at box office that's how bad this is,Scarlet Johannson was sacrificed in this mess just so people can shed a tear and throw money at the screen ,this makes me wonder the makers and people really enjoyed killing her black widow and iron man for cash ,both of them are dead now.

A movie that was boring, poorly paced, poorly written, and just a terrible excuse for film definitely deserves a spot on my worst of 2019 list.

This is unfortunate as, up to that point, the Nebula story was one of the most fascinating.

We get some semi-slow scenes, but the film is very fast paced the whole time, and this worked for the type of film Infinity War was.

So boring and predictable story with cringe moments such a dissapointment

To that I say, how did the movie feel long it was pretty engaging and the time travel part expands the MCU even wider.

The plot is unoriginal, lazy and uninspiring.

But these two last avengers, were so much in cliche mood.

Avengers END-YAWN.......

Taking the MCU in the context in which it is intended, as fun and family orientated entertainment, you can allow yourself to become immersed in its brilliance.

Audience suspension of disbelief is not necessary because the plot is so turgid and dull.

Tedious and Boring .

Still the plot was far pretty than the previous Marvel movie Captain Marvel (2019) which had a extremely boring and predictable plot.

A breathtaking experience.

Another downside is that the Hulk and Iron Man both used the infinite gloves, but only Iron Man died, nothing happened to Hulk.

So, I find it some scenes are a bit boring.

To that I say, how did the movie feel long it was pretty engaging and the time travel part expands the MCU even wider.

For me this is very exciting .

I found very few moments enjoyable and/or engaging.

It is just getting a bit tiresome because it is like this in every Disney movie now and its becoming so predictable.


cliche and guessable .

Decent movie but enjoyable .

Very predictable story .

Just take out all of the boring dialogue, that will skim down the movie into about 2 hours.

I'm all for action movies with lots of character development and effective backstories, but the Russo brothers here lavish each of their flashy, colourful protagonists with the sort of intimate examination you might expect from Ang Lee, fleshing out their humanity at the expense of any exciting action, which the devotees will be expecting.

A horribly, boring and goofy installment.

3 hours of movie: 90% a waste of your time and 10% of some good action, that's it .

The 1st act was certainly "different" and unexpected, and maybe Marvel tried to make up by making the big fight more of the same old.

Visual effects stunning again.

The fight between every MCU character possible and 2014 Thanos' army of bad guys was the most exciting part of this movie and when Cap said "Avengers Assemble" we all cheered and gone crazy like savage apes in the wildlife as what we just witnessed is the greatest fight scene in all of cinematic history.

and please Disney, please lay off on the Wokey preaching crap its getting tedious, lets just have a good story eh and leave the politics to the Politicians?

Every single individual superhero movie was worth watching in prep for this movie.

Sooooo boring!.

Everything naturally leads to a huge battle in the last hour that I found boring, not to mention that the epilogue tended to drag on with too much of it being tedious.

Many of the negative reviews are like, ohh it's too long , ohh it boring, they ruin Thor .

With exception of handful actors play and CGI, this movie lacks in all aspects, thus making it outright pointless.

entertaining and at times exhausting .

The suffix here is Endgame, which is surely what IW was meant to be, especially given the rug pulling, unexpected ending.

If you tell a story like a 3 year old, other 3 year olds are going to love your story but adults are going to be bored to tears.

Bored watching this as it's the same again just rehashed.

Endgame: A stunning conclusion to the MCU.

I liked it very much watching it for the first time, they made it entertaining for me and I was not bored, but on the other hand it was so empty and forgetable.

Perhaps the extremely high rating of this movie made me expect something really good and entertaining but all the enthusiasm I had soon turned in boredom and mild resentment because 3 hours is a lot to spend on something that seemed to bring only boredom.

Infinity war was fresh, exciting and an overwhelming experience.

3 hours is too long to be sitting down .

It starts slow and begins building to its great third act.

Disappointing, Emotional BS, Family BS, Random Moments that try to be funny, Overpowered Women, Underpowered Thor, Boring 1st Hour & many more....

Boring and poorly written.

The movie starts out with everyone feeling down due to Thanos' snap but quickly shifts due to an exciting glimmer of hope that they might be able to find Thanos and reverse everything he had done just three weeks earlier.

Oh, it's a spectacle, to be sure, but an empty one.

They never stopped a bank robbery, they never helped an assault victim, all they did was do their pointless time travel stuff to attempt to stop Thanos, even though Bruce said it would be completely futile to do so.

The cgi effects are horrible, has parts where it looks like Shrek.. the move is way too long, to many useless scenes, just boring.

Even during the slow moments I didn't want to move and miss anything.

Overall great movie and great Characters really enjoyed it.

" After a padded full three hours of superhero antics - so many superheroes I can't keep them straight - the ending is dismally anticlimactic.

Then slow again until the end.

Story-wise, then I felt that the plot and storyline portrayed in "Avengers: Endgame" was a little bit too predictable and too generic.

Then you get about thirty minutes of the big fight, followed by another thirty minutes of boredom.

Overhyped and boring .


End Game still has hilarious moments scattered throughout it's huge running time as it does with the amount of emotional drama & action packed scenes, there's never a dull or boring moment i thought as i totally got into this dark new world created by the evil "Thanos" The Action is breathtakingly Awesome & the c.

What a pain to me, what a waste of my time.

Even if someone does spoil it, the movie is worth watching for its spectacular special effects, music by Alan Silvestri and stellar performances by the cast.

Overall I see the potential the Marvel team saw with such a daring and risk taking project and they pulled off the impossible, to make a highly suspenseful, hugely enjoyable, showstopper of a film with a HUGE ensemble cast and MANY moments the fans will NEVER be able to forget, the culmination of 22 films all worth their own spot in the list.

The first half of the movie is incredibly boring, second half is awesome.

Very boring .

Some scenes linger way too long, drawing out already thin content.

It's too bad that a lot of engaging actors and Marvel characters are wasted on such an insipid, uninspiring script.

The God wannbe, Thanos, is a boring and not a terribly scary sci-fi villain.

After three hours of working toward the galaxy's survival, Captain America is going to take the self-serving route?

Then the movie started it had some suspense at the beginning, then fifteen minutes in, I realised that this movie was more bland than a dish on Kitchen Nightmares, mediocre at best.

The cgi is awesome and the action in intense.

Now, what really pleased me with this film although the wait for it was lengthy it was well worthwhile was the final showdown between all of the MCU characters we've grown to love through the years and Thanos and his army, I just thought it was spectacular, truly stunning, one of the best final showdowns I've EVER seen and I don't say that with ease, believe me.

Fell asleep during the first hour.

The pace of the movie started off slow and picked up as the film went on.

I can even say that Thanos' character is basically given the upgrade in sociopathic motive, making him somewhat unpredictable just like the predecessor.

The smart snappy comedy that the MCU is known for is throughout and helps make the films not all a depressing movie that isn't entertaining.

Sometimes I dislike a film, and rail against it while secretly having quite enjoyed it, the objection being to some aspect of the film which annoyed me, maybe something ideological or political.

RDJ is the only glimmer in a bland movie.

After watching endgame I felt nothing special,it was completely predictable and disapointing ending, just like every superhero movie the bad guy loses and the good guys win, garbage, it was a long boring movie with the only special thing to show for it is the 45 minute long mess of horrible cgi they call a "final battle"

Most of the exposition is delivered through dialogue, a lot of boring movies nowadays suffer from the same problem.

Wost movie ever seen total waste of time no action no nothing just bad bad bad bad

This episod was very slow, boring and full of unpleasant paradox such as using Thor hammer by captain America.

More fun than sitting in an empty room .

There is no creativity, just massive budgets, a star studded cast, as much cgi as possible, boring dialogue, poor character development, no deeper meaning whatsoever, poor cinematography, eye popping special effects, and watered down violence that is on par with the old power rangers.

Most dragged out movie .

Guardians of the Galaxy is the only saving grace here and even they had such a small part overall that it's pointless.

Every actor wonderfully reminds us why they were so perfect from the role, including the previously mentioned actors, as well as Mark Ruffalo who is always so enjoyable as Bruce Banner.

So I really don't like Iron Man because he's too steely, Cap was boring, Black Widow was here then gone, Hawkeye was too arrogant, Hulk was just green and Thor piqued my interest.

Such a waste of time, ressources and such a stamp on Marvel.

The movie is a bit slow and has less action than the previous ones.

The positives in this movie are definitely for me Captain America and Black Widow who were both excellent in this movie and Black Widows Death was very sad and completely unexpected.

Half this movie is boring, emotional dialogue, unlike the first part all action.

Enjoyable and entertaining.

No emotional attachment to the final scene, it dragged on way too long.

The movie does move at a slower pace that former movies.

Flawed yet entertaining action flick .

Endgame is visually magnificent, it looks stunning with phenomenal scale and is executed exquisitely.

Even the paradoxes are uninspiring.

The story was also disjointed where it seemed to jump ahead of itself and lacked continuity.

The movie, while being entertaining enough, felt a bit shallow, with parts of the story quite poorly written.

This second half has an excellent plot, but oh, my - how it dragged on with talk and tears!

Captain Marvel is short shifted and decidedly dull.

Final word: The movie isn't perfect, but it's very enjoyable.


The movie is worth watching for its special effects, acting, music and great production value.

I want three hours of my life back!!.

Waste of money.. if this was nr 1 of 2 I wouldn't have seen nr 2.

I always wondered why the US movie propaganda machine is making such movies.

The only good thing about this movie is the nostalgia of old marvel movies,the time travel logic is stupid and its extremely boring just 2 hours of people morning then 45 minutes of cgi,its a disgrace to movies for this movie to be this high

What happens after watching a pointless film?

The 5 year time jump felt very bland.

I hope your internet is forever slow.

This superhero epic is totally worth watching ten or more times.

The 3 hour story was very drawn out, maudlin and characters lacked the personalities and substance of the previous movies.

Made the viewer on the edge of his seat.

The entire MCU is a breathtaking opera, and this is the ten-year grand finale.

am actually glad i didnt get to see it in the cinema, would habe been waste of my money

Colossal waste of time .

If this was a drill, it would bore to earth's core .

Yeah, the movie was phenomenally stunning to look at visually given the CGI and special effects.

How fascinating that Tony stark died after their mission was completed, the first 2 hours were great, the last hour was legendary.

After waiting for this movie to come to cinemas for a year I am happy to say that Endgame kept me on the edge of my seat from the get go.

A garbage with full of unpleasant characters and boring story and i call that a real charlatanism to stole your money and giving you a 3 hours long headache with minimum suspense and bad cgi and nothing more.

confusing to say the least.

Unconscious people try to distract their emptiness (depression, anxiety, loneliness) with pointless Marvel/DC films that don't contribute to happiness.

The pacing is also way too damn slow, and it can get boring, at least for me.

What a boring, predictable excuse for a movie.

One that seems to be more about setting up new heroes for the future than playing out a compelling storyline and give a satisfying ending.

I left the theater with a physical headache due to the poor pacing and cinematography on the final battle sequences.

I'm not a super huge Marvel/Avenger fan, but have enjoyed these lighthearted movies that require minimal investment to be entertaining.

With 3 hours runtime Endgame is the longest movie in the MCU but Endgame manages to perfectly fill this runtime, in time the plot is told understandable and without boredom, so that the 3 hours look relatively entertaining, it lets the tension rise and cheers us on.

Emotional, Engaging and Epic .

It had some really cool moments (Like Cap lifting Mjolnir, Tony snapping, Thanos getting decapitated, and the reentrance of the blipped), and an emotional death scene for Tony (the looking-gloomy shot at his funer went on way too long for me), which makes it worth watching.

The film takes risks and does a lot of unexpected things that I feel strengthen the film as a whole.

However the pacing picks up significantly with a surprising and perfectly enjoyable fun second act; and a climactic third act that is emotionally hard hitting.

Stunning visuals and storyline, Endgame is basically a must watch and it was a wonderful experience for me watching it.

The basic thread was non existent and I agree with many other reviewers that certain characters were pointless.

The action scenes are slow and drawn out, and the ending scene is completely disappointing.

the only thing that made me cry was my money I spent on seeing this garbage, thor was ruined along with hulk, thanks was dumber down,and capitain marvels horrible scenes were pain full to sit through,hounestly I'm glad people are coming to their senses and rating this movie lower now that they rewatch it, it's full of plot holes and the time travel is embarrassing lazy writing that's a disgrace to real time travel movies,besides the hype this movie had nothing it was 100% hypebased in fact I dont think anyone acctually paid attention to the movie, the ending was extremely predictable and the final battle was bland with the only background colors being brown and destroyed ships so disapointing after the amazing movie that showed that superhero movies can be more then saving the day and the bad guys losing

And most importantly even though Thor finally went for the head, without Thanos, and Asgard gone, becomes empty shell of a man.

I really like infinity war, but 3 hours of mess right now .

I love all of the Marvel movies, but this one was unwatchable.

In conclusion, Avengers: Endgame is a fantastic movie filled with tons and tons of answers after what happened in Avengers: Infinity War and even more really engaging things that make it really good as a standalone movie.

The movie provides an emotional roller-coaster ride which makes you experience different emotions like sadness, happiness, hope, surprise, apprehension, disbelief, shock, humor, and keeps you on the edge.

This movie was either way too long or just nowhere near long enough.

Boring villain = boring climax.

I supposed some kind of time travelling to bring back the fallen ones, but in a more smart and exciting way.

The first two hours are BORING.

Some things to be aware of, the first half of the movie takes a slower pace.

Hugely entertaining, properly overrated and chock full of massive plot holes .

Boring EndGame .

Uninteresting .

Very long,boring,I give 1 star to make balance because every rate it 10 for nothing

That was unexpected and opened up the possibilities for the rest of the film.

We cried, we laugh, such a good, intense and satisfactory three hour experience.

Too Predictable .

Captain Marvel's role was very empty.

He's boring.

but longest most dragged out movie....

Even the ending after the fight was boring.

So, yep, very pointless product placement.

like a comic book thicker than war and peace - only a lot more boring .

The time travel was the most exciting part.

So slow at times, probably not worth the effort.

I realise that I'm in the minority, here, but I walked out of this...

Its very boring.

It is a beautiful film and worth watching and has a special artistic touch I swear.....

Please Disney, stop shoving your black and SJW propaganda down our throats, we are really full with it.

To that I say, how did the movie feel long it was pretty engaging and the time travel part expands the MCU even wider.

It is something unexpected.

The first two hours were incredibly dull and boring.

It was not a waste of money, no doubt, but it felt like the movie was being carried by audience feels for individual characters more than an exciting plot.

This movie biggest problem is pacing and story and inconsistency with it and its 3 hours long which is so unnecesary and i was realy Actualy kind of bored.

The characters with all their interesting super powers just seemed to be a bore.

good, but predictable .

this one is just SO boring and sometimes so depressing ...

The movie is generally speaking as entertaining as the last one, although it's attempt to use it's time-travel conceit to include every single character from every cinematic marvel universe movie ever made can be wearying, with characters I don't quite remember, characters appearing too briefly to make an impact, and a tremendous number of non-speaking cameos that serve no purpose except to let the audience say, "oh yeah, them.


You could of took some of the first hour out as dragged a bit.

But even with a bit of confusion it was far from enough to keep this from being an enjoyable watch.

The pacing is agonizingly slow, the story honestly doesn't make much sense at all, the characters that we all once knew and loved have now become boring, robotic sleeves to Disney ,they are just there for a paycheck at this point, and boy did they get a huge one for some lackluster, boring and honestly some of the worst performances I've seen on screen in my 24 years.

), Cap vs Cap (amusing but confusing) and many more examples.

And yet here we are, selling confusion to adolescents, regardless their age.

Even though this movie had flaws it was still very entertaining.

Too many pointless dialogues that go on and on with no message whatsoever.

Get ready to see Robert Downey jr. Acts like he is in a high school play with his children, the only genuine father figure that actually seems real is Jeremy Renner in this film, otherwise it is ridiculously boring, full of potholes, and it's just a giant flashback and re-use of old footage that honestly gave them material that they should have used differently.

Sorry, but it was a waste of time.

So, grab your favourite drink and get ready for 3 hours of nail biting, nervous sweating fun!

2 hours of horrible acting characters wimping, horrible lazy writing, a huge disappointment for the ending of a great cinematic universe, like every superhero movie the good guys win and the universe is saved, didapointg predictable garbage

What have all these peeps seen in this movie i was soooo bored i fell asleep its a waste of3 hours of my life...