Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe.

IMDB: 8.8
Director: Anthony Russo
Stars: undefined, Robert Downey Jr.
Length: 181 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 174 out of 1000 found boring (17.4%)

One-line Reviews (469)

What's exciting about Superhero movies is the fact that their Villains also gets stronger.

Huge boring disappointment.

Endgame drags in places as it tries to cram in so much more, building up to a noteably predictable ending.

Now this one is too long, 3 Hrs.

Seeing all the characters that some casual fans might of forgotten about would really be nostalgic and exciting to see.

oh ya, that the glove just had to get back to him was such a joke of a cliche.

2 hours of slow moving, boring video to get to a totally expected ending.

The highly anticipated culmination of the 'Infinity Saga' comes to a head in this gripping and episodic installment.

It's exciting, emotional, heartbreaking, and fun at the same time.

The second act was the most entertaining where time travelling is done as it has many funny moments.

I went to see this with high hopes but wasnt sure however i went to see this and boy was i impressed the action was full and exciting and even the humor was funny i do suggest if your theater lets you get extra snacks as the movie is long in lenth so so good though also keep it away from small kids the violence is too extreme for their little minds

I tried to tolerate this film as much as possible, started falling asleep then pinched myself and thought, "what tf am I doing here?

All of the subtle call backs to past movies made it all the more entertaining.


Overall this movie was 3 hours of superheroes sitting around telling some dumb jokes that people think are hilarious for some reason and then winning the battle with little trouble.

The drawn out mini battle was too much to make the scene impactful, in my opinion.

Really, the film is far too long, just unnecessarily.

3 hours of high budget drivel.

There were two real problems with this movie: 1) it's WAY too long and subsequently becomes rather unfocused on reaching it's conclusion.

Great starting scene, then slow dramatic next 1.5 hours.

Instead I will mention what I liked and what I hated:Pros - The short but intense fight scene between the two Steve Rogers, excellent scene.

Beat super hero film with unexpected endings.

For me, very boring and the characters persona as they were before just ruined in this movie.

Enjoyable movie that takes to long to get into the action and doesn't make any sense once you step back and think about what they've done.

It managed to keep me entertained and on the edge of my seat.

Everything seemed so pointless and cartoony in End Game.

Waste of my time and money.

Professor Hulk felt kind of bland.

Too confusing and all over the place, my least favorite of the series.

Boring .

This movie so delivers that: the final battle is awe inspiring, and victorious finally being able to see the entire Avengers cast assemble together in one epic scene (something fans have waited for since the beginning of the MCU) and the original founding Avengers finding an ending to their story.

The plot twists were very impressive and suspenseful.

With three hours and a rather good prequel it was expected to see some epic action and showdown between the good and evil characters, but yet we only get some minor action scenes and a heck of a lot of boring dialogues and stuff like that.

Predictable & monotonous .

'Avengers: Endgame' is three hours of my life I would like back.

They wasted so much time on going back in time with the infinity stooges and going into boring time lines and not enough time filling in blanks and expanding more on the characters we loved the same way they did in IW.

It just seemed like great fight scenes all for a pointless gauntlet.

It is therefore quite ironic that this film is boring.

What was particularly thrilling was to see lead characters from different films come together and interact.

I was three hours of my life back plus $68 bucks spent on tickets and popcorn at AMC.

This part is very entertaining and nice.

Those scenes could had been more compelling, if the setting were changed to them going to the Collector's hideout in Knowhere during the events of 2014's 'Guardian of the Galaxy'.

The ending scene was completely for the fanbase and I really enjoyed it.

Unexpected heros helps our heroes first...

Action packed but the plot is a bit weak and confusing.

Things I disliked: Pace of the movie: It starts really slow, almost boring.

I can't think of what else to write here but if you want to watch this, it's better to wait for rental dvd/digital to save your money.

This movie is too fast paced and too easy plot with tons of loopholes.

It's highly complicated & confusing.

Not as amazing as the previous, but still pretty much worth watching .

Even my wife enjoyed it...

They may miss the mark a bit during the first hour, but they more than makeup for it in the latter two thirds as they deliver some of the most entertaining material put to screen.

And happy, beacause no movie of the mcu has accomplished that in me, and was because the bad guy wins (happy endings got boring honestly), all those uncomfortable one-line jokes and witty remarks were few, all the encounters and character development were meaningful and wonderful set, and the battles, my god, the battles were so epic, so imginative and so so great.

However the biggest pay off is really what happens in the duration of the time when lets just say we all get the best Christmas present of all which of course lead to the biggest applause and cheering of all in fact two of them; it was such an exciting moment I don't see often.

It's meant to serve as a thrilling and emotional conclusion to a 22-part supersaga, in addition to paying ridiculous amounts of fan service.

The movie is boring at the start.

it should become the highest grossing movie ever..Direction,visual effects and cinematography were all mind blowing..Absolutely a winner👍

This is a must-see movie and I hope it will be enjoyable for everyone else as well.

In that same scene when literally everyone returns and strikes a pose, it should be lame, but it is breathtaking.

There are great laughs, emotional cries and overwhelmingly exciting surprises.

The action was quite engaging but when the wizards finally teleported everyone onto the battlefield, it was too confusing because you barely knew where anyone was in relation to everyone else.

We spend the first hour of this snooze fest in a never ending loop of 'where's waldo' to catch up on some of the folk that are left after Thanos snapped his fingers and killed off half of life in the universe in Infinity War.

Boring rehashed rubbish.

Over the years I've look forward like a school kid waiting for the next film to come out,bland waiting to see what happens next.

I am not the target demo, was dragged to the movie theater by my young son to see it (he thought the movie was OK.

Dont waste your money and this movie doesnt deserve anithing accept 1.

Tried to build character development and hence made it too slow.

First, the movie was just too long and felt unnecessarily dragged out.

to slow.

As I sat watching it I suddenly realised against all hope and expectation that I was actually a little bored - a feeling I never got from its predecessor.


We were waiting for this one with my family and then we all find out that the movie is too long and ...

But here is what you get from 3 hours of watching: Thor "god of thunder" who almost killed thanos n th last movie : a chubby, ruined, drunk addicted man !

The story makes no sense, the end is predictable.

They take some risks while still being an ultimately predictable, although enjoyable experience.

Too slow.

Even tho there had been some scenes where I found myself bored from the story, what made me enjoy the movie was the scene of the final battle and more particularly its end

It was way too much and made it boring especially in the first half of the movie.

This film was a monumental waste of time.

Though the first act is slow its very intense and emotional.

quite boring...

The most incredible and thrilling movie I have encountered.

However, it was way too long.

Predictable, boring and sometimes, cringeworthy .

The story was boring slow and at times just felt unnecessary.

Waste of money and time full of depressive heroes who cry like little babies for 5 full years.

Further first 2 hours are soooooo boring that you can skip and join for last one hour to watch action vfx.

Emotional And Unpredictable .

This film was nonstop action packed trillride that hit all the feels in spades I cried I laughed I cheered I was left on the edge of my seat in pulse pounding suspense and awe struck glory the entire time.

Don't waste your money at the cinema, maybe Google the outcome.

Do yourself a favor and just watch infinity war because this film is boring and by the end, I just did not care anymore!

The pace was very slow at times.

What a waste of time.

He has been reduced from a stoic visionary to a shallow formulaic ruthless villain completely disrespecting his massive character development in Infinity war.

This was confusing the main story plot too much.

The movie is unpredictable, exciting, well-tailored and brought an amazing conclusion.

Of course, with Tony a major character died and with Steve another major character arch came to a conclusion, and yes we're all sad that Nat is gone and yes we're all happy that Clint was reunited with his family, but all in all it was way too long and too hollywood-esque played on one's heart strings.

Thought the pacing was off took too long to get into its stride.

The return of all the heroes who disintegrated at the end of Infinity War is supposed to make us cheer, but it's as tiresome as the last drunken dinner speech at the aforementioned wedding.

From beginning to end leaves you on the edge of your seat what a movie this is truly a masterpiece

Over 10 years of action packed and engaging Marvel superheroes, the endgame is finally here-Avengers: Endgame is a stellar movie about such topics as loss, revenge, responsibility, and learning from mistakes made, and moving on from them.

The major battle scene was too hard to follow since there were too many characters in an environment that is already visually busy.

Captain Marvel has got to be the worst addition to the franchise, like who invited SuperGirl to come in and be all perfect and impervious, yawn.

Michelle Pfeiffer in black drab, I looked for Barnabas Collins.

While the film is quite exciting and surprising things do happen, all I could think about was getting to the end, when everything fell into place.

The film is action packed, generally keeps you at the edge of your seat, and remains faithful to the characters.

This film really kept your mind thinking about whats going to happen next, some things that happened were so unexpected that nowone should come into the film with any theories.

Good movie but I feel the as though the first hour or so dragged a bit.

It slowed the pace of the movie and made it pretty dull at times.

I respect the writing decision for that, it's unexpected and allowed them to explore a different type of conflict in the film.

Biggest waste of my money ever.

The story was dragged out to its limit and went on for way to long.

The drama was so intense for some heroes that people were openly weeping in the audience as well as cheering.

Two hours of boring talk, 45 minutes of action.

That going back to past and future stuff was really confusing and not satisfying imo.

Entertaining .

Boring .

Fantastic buildup leading to an action packed climax and then a tearjerker of a conclusion.

While I'm happy to say that it's an entertaining final movie, there are factors which stopped me from fully enjoying the movie.

First 2 hours very slow.

Most cinematic 'Marvels' released to theaters within the past decade have proved mega-entertaining and usually 'spot-on' in terms of bringing to life those heroes from hallowed comic-book pages (first envisioned by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Jim Starlin, et al).

It has its problems and conveniences, is a little bit predictable, and some things might be considered controversial to some people.

On the whole, it was insanely entertaining and has ridiculous amount of great moments to say the least.

death of Iron Man, retiring Cap, permanent deaths) otherwise it'll get very dull very fast.

I waited a full hour and 15 minutes to see the most boring super hero fight another version of himself.

But the interaction she has with other characters, except the ones with Tony in space, are kind of stupid and predictable) 16.

only to be amazed at how boring the first half of the movie was.

It's quite exciting and full of both drama and humor, along with cameos from characters we haven't seen in a long time.

It is getting very boring now.

Is one of the best superhero movies I have seen, genuinely breathtaking, each shot more purposeful than the last.

Way too long.

I was very excited to see the endgame and when I saw it, i was surprised to see how boring this movie is and it was waste of time.

The movie was so predictable and this is coming from a guy who loves Marvel and was excited for it myself.

I cried, I laughed, I got chills, I was on the edge of my seat, I said awwwww...

Way too long.

While Infinity War barely paused for breath, Endgame begins on a sombre note, before launching us into a breathlessly exciting second act that serves as both as inventive way for our heroes to stand a fighting chance, and a celebration of Marvel's ground-breaking 22-film, 11-year spanning arc.

He change his mind, his turn again into pointless murdering without goals (or at least clear such).

)So basically, my conclusion is - give me a fun, exciting story with good action and graphics (and some romance helps) and I might ignore the plot holes.

I've seen people yawning and everyone left before the final credits.

I actually like the first 40 minutes which, whilst quite slow, at least had coherent plot.

Is not the best Marvel movie ever (sorry fanboys, I don't agree with that) but is the most Marvel-est movie (if that makes sense), and that is all it needs to be a very great and enjoyable movie.

And the first quarter to half starts out a bit slow for a Marvel movie.

It was boring.

Nevertheless, the time travelling sequences were highly entertaining.

Like everyone with over £10 in their pocket yes I have seen the movie and very much enjoyed it and if you are looking for a quick summary I would say watch this film or you will miss out unless you haven't seen infinity war.

the first half of the movie was a little slow paced, i was thinking "is something going to happen".

This one didn't have that it's to stationary, to slow to whiney.

"Avengers: Endgame" is one of the most epic, intense, hilarious, heart-wrenching and oh-so-satisfying endings to a film series, and also one of the best films of all time.

Instead, they gave us a a continuation of Infinity War with a most unexpected conflict.

The end game is just way to long and boring

Action-packed, emotional and mind blowing.

Nothing to tell,It's an Worst movie of all time in the entire Hollywood film industry.

bored the crap out of me.

But first the good things: CGI - there is no denying that a lot of money were put into this moive and it is is paying off;casting - perfect, quite a lot of parts were funny and really enjoyable;captain Marvell - I am really glad that at least some continuity was not broken: many yourubers and people speculated after Infinity War that she will be able to defeat Thanos, I am happy (I also opposed these people in comments) that she was not able to defeat him (there are only three characters that were in the movies that could defeat Thanos when he would not be wearing his infinity gauntlet, and let me tell you captain Marvell is definitelly not one of them, so this is one star more to movie);Bad things: first half of the movie is without any action, everyone is beaten and the only one who saved this part is fat Thor (for those wondering why he is on Earth go and watch Thor Ragnarok);I don't know why Ant-Man was given such big role and I simply don't even understand it, there are many other surviving characters;(spoiler) Iron-Man dies - why?

Thanos monologues also boring and kinda narcissist.

The first is the most boring character of the franchise, so good, so flat; the second, so hyperventilated that is exhausting to see.

For example, short scenes with Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth as Star Lord and Thor respectively, and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange engaging with Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man were very exciting and satisfying to watch, mainly just out of curiosity regarding how the actors would respond to one another and what the dynamic between the characters would be.

At least that would have made the movie more exciting for me.

The slower pacing works in the film's favor, making every beat hit home and keeping me invested as it filled out its three-hour runtime.

Waste of time and money.

Don't waste your time and money watching this BAD JOKE!!

Dont believe the hype and don't waste your money.

The last two movies have been really hard to follow.

The story was great and the intricacy of the plot was impressive, after all they managed to pull off time travel and alternate realities almost perfectly, which deserves recognition, however after the first hour of this, it started getting boring.

This is the movie us fans have been waiting too watch for a very long time, with much anticipation this film delivers on almost all of our dreams and much more, with unexpected turns and call backs that make being part of the 11 year journey so much more rewarding.

Let's get this straight from the start: Infinity War is far more entertaining and a better film overall.

It's a brilliant ending that fires on all four cylinders, so it's just a shame that the rest of the movie had to be so tedious/unnecessarily stretched-out!

It's exciting, enticing and was mind-numbingly awesome.


But where Infinity War succeeded, the lighting is pretty bad in some scenes near the ending of the movie, also the introduction of time travel makes the timeline of the movie confusing and set up for the next movies problematic, because it is impossible to look at this movie and not see a bigger picture.

Those who do die, are somewhat predictable.

Worst Movie ever .

This was my end game don't waste your money your time those are two things it's hard to get back.

To make it short (the movie was to long already): Infinity War was better, more entertaining and held up to it's expectations.

And in that sense, it's emotional, exciting, dramatic, action packed with the perfect amount of humor.

Endgame,however, feels like a rush job, playing on the cliche time travel trope.

I went into this movie open minded after hearing everyone tell me how great it was and after the first hour and a half I was bored.

It's just me, but I get bored fast of these things.

The movie was between sad and funny (confusing).

This boring marvel film is not right for you, the director/writer wants to steal your money for no story.

Honestly I found the first two hours to be pretty boring.

but after that movie moves at a rapid pace..apart from that it seems like the makers knew about the audience coming to the theatres with all the *fan theories* and bcoz of they manage to pull certain plot twists which were unexpected and brilliant at the same time....

Please don't waste your time with this one.

A complete waste of time.

that i understood but,many flaws , slow story and i nearly gave up.

It takes the uneasy moral questions left at the end of Infinity War and transforms the narrative into a flattened, predictable superhero formula written to please mass audiences.

This is a worthy follow up, one of the most action packed, emotional, and well made movie in such a long time!

This has to be one of the most overrated films I've ever seen, it was long boring and tiring to watch.

Without getting into spoilers, I found myself pretty bored within the first hour.

Unfortunately, this movie was not as good as everyone said neither is as good, the only good part is the last 3rd and even then it is a bland super-hero movie.

Don't waste your time, 3 hours

Again, some jokes were good, while other jokes were just dragged on or plain cheesy.

Overwhelmingly boring!!!

I was bored in the first 2 hours.

The last 2 hours of this movie are just so satisfying and exciting!

The whole thing is sometimes even boring!

The beginning is a slow burn.

This was the worst movie from the whole series.

In a repetitive pattern the main characters are constantly thrust situations of peril to be "saved" by the timely annoyed arrival of brie cheese.

While I understand failing to take out Thanos and letting half of all life get extinguished would get you down in the dumps - the beer-swilling, Xbox-playing, shutin seemed like a gag that went on way too long.

It was an utter waste of money to watch it in theaters.

She is a boring character with magic powers.

Waste of money .

Pandering to the politics of the day created one shot during the epic battle of ALL of the female characters that this female found trite and patronizing.

Overated, boring nonsense!

Okay, firstly, this was a stunning movie, it looked really beautiful throughout.

one the worst movies of MCU till now Even if they had extended the movie for 4 hrs with 1 hr fighting scene people would have still gone to watch it and would have appreciated more.

I lost 3 hours of my time I'll never get back and i'm sad that 10 years of being a hardcore MCU fan ended with THAT.

It has a slow build up.

Too predictable and not creative.

**SPOILERS AHEAD**Just 3 hours of fan service that doesn't really hold up to any scrutiny and doesn't really make sense from an objective standpoint.

If they gave me a couple of free tickets to watch this movie for a second time, I would prefer to throw the tickets in the trash than waste more time with this.

The story line of the movie is about time-travelling in order to collect infinity stones before Thanos getting it but despite cliche story it contains the elements of sentiments and yes more hilarious moments in the movie even audience won't know that coming.

So many variations they could have gone with and made it a much more edge-of-your-seat ride than what they put out, which was mostly boring, filled with plots holes and left me underwhelmed to say the least.

Captain Marvel was made to look uninspiring, and was grossly under utilized.

They very nearly killed each other in Civil War and they made up as if nothing happened.

zzzzzzzz .

Visuals and Characters: The movie was enjoyable because of the stunning visuals and the characters were entertaining with jokes etc. It is an enjoyable movie but you should not go into the cinema with high expectation in terms of logic.

I found this movie confusing and fragmented ...

Compared to Endgame which in my opinion is a very slow movie.

Exciting Adventure .

Also the confusion, if there are 3 different tesseract's for the sake of plot, does that mean there are three different thanos?

Even the final battle was excessive to the point of tedious: too much fast cutting and too many unnecessary characters.

This was a sleeper and 3 hours is way too long they could've easily cut out many of those crying scenes and made it a 1 hour thing.

2hrs of Yawn + 1hr of disappointment .

First 2 hours were boring.

Exceeded all my expectations, a spectacular performance from everyone specially RDJ, stunning visuals, and a beautiful original score.

2 hours of boring 1 battle Glad I didn't pay full price .

Also, I feel the battle scenes could've been more intense.

The chemistry between the main cast and everyone else who has been there for the ride since years before, coupled with Alan Silvestri's breathtaking score, makes Endgame one of my personal favorite MCU films to date.


But Endgame surpassed this game in unexpected ways.

2) it is just plain BORING for it's opening 2 hours and a half!

Nerd Hulk was just, boring.

It is including not just the Avengers of Iron Man, Captain America, and ThorBut with Spider Man, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange, etc. It is a bit confusing to cramp it all down.

It was fine for the most part, even if it's a bit slow.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have come up with a screenplay full of epic and unpredictable moments.

One can objectively agree that the movie is way too long and boring for the first two hours, even my 11 yo super-fan brother thought so.

The dialogues were boring and formalistic Overall it represents the maximum of mediocrity.

It is 1 hour too long, Ironman is just as annoying as always, they destroyed Thor's character and it was very boring in the first half.

I said "I must be bored".

A disjointed CGI mess.

The snooze fest continues 'Five Years Later'.

This movie was totally predictable, full of flaws with a repeat of if the Infinity War battle , where IMHO they could have just used the same footage.

Fitting end to the Avengers in an entertaining span of 23 movies.

This was an entertaining movie.

most of the scene is bored.

Unpredictable, mature, complex.

Highly Disappointing one of the worst movies of MCU .

Inferior to infinity wars but entertaining enough......

Solid, action packed, well written epic!!

Waste of time .

This never happened, even more, his character in the past is much more cliche and uninteresting (also much more stronger than without the gauntlet).

It bored me to death.

Now it was obvious there was going to be some moping about and licking of wounds but after about 20 minutes of it, it starts to get very tedious.

First of all i have to start with what is expected with marvel considering its massive budget its stunning and creative visuals and action sequences.

But the movie feels disjointed and I don't care how Thor is used and I also feel that this movie has to much rehashing versus uniqueness that storylines and concepts that made Infinity War so much better.

that being said, I felt Infinity Wars was too fast paced and lacked a coherent storyline.

By its second act it begins to feel predictable.

This ends with a complete digression and confusion and starts too late and gets over too soon.

Movie was too slow, no action, much drama.

Slow start, Boring end and Average action Film .

It worth Watching It makes you 😢 Iron-man to endgame


Boring .

All in all though, a very enjoyable movie, and a brilliant conclusion to what has been over 20 movies in the making.

Too long, I literally got bored in the middle.

Why did they make it so dull.

So Avengers: Endgame was a really great movie, had awesome characters, an intriguing story, it was fun, had funny humor, fantastic action, really heartbreaking moments and a satisfying conclusion.

There are several plot lines that are both uninteresting and unnecessary.

Much more linear, super predictable, not-fresh ideas.

Long and boring .

It was an enjoyable movie with great fan service and call backs.

Although whenever it came to the drama, I did get a little bored.

There's three hours of this stuff.

It had me as giddy as a 10 year old in a toy shop and it was worth every single moment of frustration and confusion for that bit alone.

Flawed but quite enjoyable .

Overblown and self indulgent.

Everything sounds predictable and even boring, as the firsr 2 hours of movie is a non-sense fanservice for HQ readers.

3 hours of entertainment which will leave u wanting more.

It provides some exciting, entertaining action and, for at least those familiar with the previous films and characters, it is emotionally impactful.

Even if you didn't like the previous title "Infinity War" as much as it is represented by the audience's rating, I can totally recommend this emotion-packed, thrilling and surprising movie to you.

Thank you for taking Superhero genre to the highest level with that epic storytelling, mind-boggling CGI and adrenaline pumping action with every single movie.

The time travel is contradictory and stupid, on par with Looper's time travel, i cannot say how utterly bored i was during this mildly ok but contrived movie more.

Thank you, the Russo brothers, Thank you Stan Lee, and Thank you, Robert Downey Jr. for entertaining us for these 11 years.

It had a really slow first third and just when it got going the writers cram some sour brie cheese down the audience's throat, jarring the audience off the edge of their seats.

As everyone expected, remaining avengers use time travel to try to fix things, yet even for a marvel movie the time travel science is confusing and ridiculous, as well as shown in a very boring way.

The worst movie in the world.

I'm glad others like it though, my kid who is 7 fell asleep 💤 at 1 hour, he asked me 40 mins in if it gets more interesting .

Thanos (In infinity war Thanos was a menacing yet sympathetic villain, but in Endgame he's just another boring forgettable generic MCU villain like Malekith from The Dark World.


It must be a free ticket and I must be bored.

That's my review, I don't think many people will read it, but I wanted to vent the frustration this film gave me, I must add I still enjoyed the film generally as a casual movie goer, I'm glad it exists, and I'm glad people enjoyed it, because it marks the end of an iconic era, and I have hope that filmmakers will move on from the cinematic universe trend and start making movies as their own and admire Infinity War as the pinnacle of such an achievement as nothing will top it.

I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat.

It was a nicely paced entertaining film.

Same costumes, predictable storyline, few of the actors even act.

Slow and terrible movie .

I ate all of my chips, food, chocolates, drink I was so bored....

What a waste of time .

It's long, but also action packed.

In the 3 hours of running time there is at a push 30 minutes of action and that is at a push.

Waste of Time and Money .

The whole thing felt overly drawn out.

Most of the plot is just boring.

Terrible dialogue, boring and repetitive special effects, and longer than Gone with the Wind.

The movie got a little slow in the beginning and I was bored during this portion.

i sat through three hours of movie and paul rudd did not go up purple alien butthole

Definitely worth the watch

The way they brought back moments/scenes from the previous movies, it was all so exciting.

The most boring yawning film ever.

Lots of problems but still entertaining.

It's so exhilarating and exciting.

Worth watching, I enjoyed it from beginning to the end

i give it a 8 because i wasnt really feeling the whole feminist scene in the middle of the battle field 2 out of all those woman can actually make a savage difference the rest are just wak FAT THOR Fat thor was awesome and funny .. and i liked him but i kinda wished they would have carried his infinity war character into this movie they made him weak and not as strong, it would have ben awesome to see THORS depression reveal SO much ANGER towards thanos THAT HE unleashed the full power of the ODIN force , NOW THAT would have ben epikHULK i love hulk but man they really wrote him out of both movies it would have ben cool to see HULK finding out about the death of natasha ramonoff and then go into a FIT OF RAGE turning into WORLD BREAKER HULK now that alone i would have givn the movie a 10 ,, he would have destroyed thanosi felt like cap marvel was compeltly useles thruought the whole movie and probably shouldnt have even ben in the movie and hand down my favorite scene was SCARLETTE WITCH showing thanos whos bossall in alll i give the movie a 8 .. for the final battle scene wich was pretty awesome -2 cause of the slow pace, lack of skreen time to baddass characters, the forced fem fatale scene in the middle of the battle field other then that its pretty good

Seen it all before and now I am bored of Marvel and DISNEY!!!!

The cliche girl power moment towards the end of the film was also cringe, you already did that in infinity war so it doesn't have that same impact this time around.

Confusing and just odd.

I would like to start off to say that it was a mind blowing movis with great visual effects.

Exciting .

Boring and inappropriate.

End Game comes with some satisfying cameo reprises, a handful of genuine laughs related to butts and pee, some nice and tender moments, and ultimately a time heist which has to go awry somehow, someway, to justify three hours of cinematic universe.

BvS did try (maybe too hard) to be different, but endgame just comes across as formulaic and deeply flawed.

This movie was a waste of time.

The movie is unlike its precursors unamusing and dull.

It has some good performances, especially RDJ's one, it is emotional, it has totally unexpected turns and of course the pretty CGI.

I laughed a lot, I enjoyed it.

Avengers endgame is a stunning love letter to fans of the MCU, and will truly leave an impact on the whole movie industry.

A Stunning Love Letter to MCU Fans .

Unique, entertaining, emotional and just so well done.

I liked Infinity War more because I felt the core plan to undo Thanos's evil was a bit ho-hum.

If I knew what was going to happen, it wouldn't have made for an enjoyable experience.

The slow parts of the movie were too slow and at times things happened too fast.

I mean that was really surprising that a superhero movie managed to keep me intrigued for that much with so little action so again hats off to the Russo's for a compelling and interesting story.

The first 2 hours of the movie was boring and no action.

After a while watching "Avengers: Endgame," the conclusion seems foregone and all notion of the unpredictable is lost.

What I had was a very predictable fight that has been somehow saved by an unpredictable ending with Tony Stark dying.

A mind blowing epic conclusion to an Infinity saga .

My wife on the other hand fell asleep

The writers completely changed some of the characters, they tried to make it funny and failed at every attempt where it was cringe worthy and boring.

What I have to admit and praise is the fact that this movie is really unpredictable.

In the half of the playtime i was bored and already wondering, that they needed another hour and a half to tell the story behind this.

Long, slow, dull scences make up most of the movie with only about 10 minutes of actual action.

Off screen), and a very predictable story and ending.

It gets real boring real fast.

And boy was it damn enjoyable.

I'll start out by saying that overall the film was enjoyable and I did leave the theater with a certain sense of satisfaction.

The only good thing about the movie is that the time went by fast, but I will admit that I found myself looking around the theater often because some of the scenes were dragged outThere were inconsistencies with the first movie.

Entertaining movie.

Incredibly dull finale of an amazing franchise .

They go for fun entertaining characters and great action, and in that area this film succeeds.

Disney Light plot with predictable old values agenda .

I'd tell the story I saw but it was all so confusing.

Far too long .

I literally yelled in shock and surprise during many of the unexpected moments.

I have the problem with how boring, non-aesthetic and amateur it was filmed.

The Russo brothers and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely really outdid themselves with this adrenaline-rushed film.

Every plot makes sense and storytelling is smooth, and above all, the process is unpredictable if you haven't been spoiled ofc

Very cliche and cheesy movie, not worth the hype at all.

There are multiple scenes which left viewers scratching their heads as there were some loopholes that needs to be cleared but irrespective of that it was worthwhile and enjoyable to watch.

Visually spectacular as we've come to expect from the Avengers franchise (and the only reason for the stars) otherwise unnecessarily long, bordering on boring and full of plot holes.

Avengers endgame is beyond a great movie...! It is a cinematic spectacle which for anyone watching is a breathtaking experience 22 films in the making a likely experience which defines an era.

The second act of the movie finds the Avengers going on a quest to obtain the Infinity stones by engaging in a "Time Heist".

The first hour was incredibly boring and i wanted to leave the theatre.

Overwhelming, slow at times.

In short, a spectacular, satisfying and enjoyable finale to the Marvel Universe movie series.

If you are looking for an entertaining movie for the family, Avengers: Endgame is a great rainy day film.

The time-travel story is a mess, and the whole thing is too long and boring.

It's way too long.

5/10 that one was kind of boring.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Films that are "THOROUGHLY" UNPREDICTABLE, & this Passionately-exquisite Creation FAR, FAR outweighed my Every-Hope in that particular respect, and ...

Disappointing ending to an otherwise entertaining film series .

So you have a 'big battle' where nothing happens and some action and after that it is saying goodbye to everybody.

They've established that their time travel is different from other movies, but it still felt inconsistent and confusing.

Time travel concept is confusing and compared to infinity war, thanos character was less explored here.

Way too long, over-melodramatic, incomprehensible .

After that, the whole thing because rather convoluted with disparate mini stories and occasionally contrived encounters and moments.

Lighter tension but it's made entertaining through the writer's constant strong point.

The ending felt a bit rushed and predictable.

Even whilst watching it, I felt disappointed: slow, wordy, sloppy storyline.


boring and overcooked:) .

Pace: The buildup is slow and boring.

People appearing out of literally nowhere compared to where others appear from is confusing and looks ut of place.

Some characters are a little underwhelming, Thors storyline was dull.

This is Marvel on steroids.. Massive cast, stunning visual effects and some great funny dialogue (with very satisfying other movie references) ...

I liked the movie Overral a great way to end the phase 3 and infinity stone saga But i dislike some things, like the movie is too long with little action going on in the middle.

That movie mess up way too many time lines, this Avenger title even become self convenience , when the world is half empty there is nothing to save, fight or die for.

Too boring.

kinda little long and boring story...

The movie is amazing, the perfect amount of pure heartache and adrenaline and power and emotion packed into three hours (which doesn't even feel like three hours).

Captain Marvel does come back to take out Thanos' ship and join with the other women (in a heavy handed obligatory feminist moment that is so contrived) to do battle with Thanos and keep him away from the glove.

There was no plot to speak of and i could have written better dialogue!

This movie is worth watching!

Is the movie still enjoyable with its flaws?

Thank you avengers for entertaining us for 7 years.

Just seemed like a lot of pointless fighting.

Yes, there are a lot of character arcs to tie up; but it this is a film where neither the big picture nor micro narrative arcs are entirely smooth or neat, and the last 30 minutes or so dragged.

The film was moving, uplifting, funny, exciting, thought-provoking.

SO many dragged out scenes with 'on the nose' dialog.

Politically correct propaganda that crying over fallen heroes are more important than the survival of the individual, with the message that primary motivation should be to sacrifice yourself for others.

I really enjoyed it.

This movie was very entertaining.

Parts of this film were very boring and were an ideal time for a cinema snooze!

When we came to the rousing finale, I felt that my conviction that life can be what you imagine it can be was finally successfully rewarded and my faith in this belief irrefutably validated.

a better ending and more tense/suspenseful scene would have been showing them fly off towards thanos ship in waiting.

Last week I wasted 3 hours of my life watching the latest Avengers movie End Game.

This movie is so boring.

What a waste of 3 hours of my life.

Infinity War is a whole lot better than this film, but is still a worth watching flick.

She just had this intense arrogance about her that rubbed me the wrong way, considering every other character was already fully developed by the time she arrives onto the scene.

The epic battle was confusing and felt like the mess they did in Ready Player One, just tons of hours of CGI artists' work.

Overall: overcooked, too much drama,a bit boring and disappointing...

They spent far too long on the CGI massive battle and not enough time on the Thor/Iron Man/Cap VS Thanos showdown.

Supporting characters (boring.

Endgame is not perfect but it is astoundingly triumphant, epic, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Likewise, I'll admit some scenes did feel somewhat confusing in terms of how the story builds, namely the use of time travel as a plot device was a bit difficult to follow when the rules are applied differently here compared to other past films that used it extensively.

The story is wonderful and enjoyable.

Avengers Endgame is a thrilling conclusion to Marvel Phase 3.

Believe it or not, but this movie really trashes this confusion and explains the physics in their universe that mostly makes sense.

Made me laugh , made me stand on the edge of my seat , made my cry .

All of that aside, some jokes did land greatly at times and as explained above it is worth watching AVENGERS: ENDGAME...

This movie had two hours of boredom followed by a great third act.

Anyway 1 1/2 hours into the film I turned to my friend and said the last 1 1/2 hours must be amazing as this has been so boring and all the reviews say this is a great movie.

Verdict: On the whole, endgame is a highly entertaining and engaging film despite being for 3 hours.

And when the main story actually starts to be interesting and intense (which is after 75% of the movie), there is simply no place to insert character interactions I would like to see.


It was just poorly written, overly predictable rubbish.

But the You and Whose Army was mind blowing.

At the same time the visual effects and master cinematography is worth the watch even if you don't understand anything that is happening.

Avengers: Endgame is a thrilling, epic, emotional conclusion to the Infinity Saga.

The first half of the movie is kind of slow, the second half is faster.

It actually started promising enough picking up immediately where IW left off but then got side tracked and mired in too much nostalgia burdened with an homage to 10 years of Marvel Movies making the story disjointed and prolonged.

Action-packed but lots of slow parts, which makes the movie drag at times.

I will say, however, that it really is emotional, exciting, and awe-inspiring.

Absolute waste of time .

Younger audience and older audience looked bored in the cinema though.

It was 2 hours and 30 minutes pointless and only 30 mins worth!

The work of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely on this film is excellent-the screenplay is exciting, witty, and even emotional.

Its an idea that any Director/writer uses when they have no story, no sense, no passion, and just want to make money by fooling people.

Five years pass and the world is a melancholic, half empty and half full, despairing over the memories of the ones who were erased.

The whole endeavor is uncharacteristically formulaic.

It seems like everyone a just forgiven the huge plot holes, poor acting and unnatural script writing and ultra predictable stereotypes .. and everything that's bland and wrong with this film...

Yawn .

But give credit to the special effects, action packed, and C.

It's funny, has a lot of action and it's very, very, very exciting.

It's an easy base recipe, that may be filled with any narrative strings, so long as they are intriguing.

And the third act was action packed which provide you goosebumps and in end makes you emotional.

It did its work to make people bored though.

Overrated and boring.

To tie all the stories together, develop these characters, create emotional connection, and still be fun and entertaining is no small task.

My curiosity and adrenaline kept growing with each pivotal scene playing out to either interesting cameo appearances to a shock of disbelief and dismay that I even yelped loudly when the final stand commenced.

Worth watching it a couple of times in the cinemas, like I did.

And also the film was just entertaining, even casual fans or new fans would enjoy the film as there is just so much to enjoy throughout the film.

This film is engaging, thrilling, emotional and breathtaking.

Then we have an epic battle with some cool moments (Cap+Mjolnir) and then back to boring grief again.

The beginning is painfully slow paced.

The action is really intense and awesome, the plot really works, and the characters made me chuckle with every joke they told.

I have seen every marvel movie that has been release and watched and liked Infinity war though I thought it dragged on.

Coming back on the movie, all the characters contributed to the cause, all those little open threads weaved back cleanly, all the disjointed dots blended back beautifully, even new historical events kept on popping up in between and seamlessly got integrated in the current affairs.

While this plot device served a lot to give us a lot of crowd pleasing moments, each of which I really loved, the whole time travel part could've been even more epic and exciting than it was.

In first avenger and the avengers everyone felt him as a boring character.

Waste of money really.

All in all it's a very good and entertaining movie and the 3 hours felt like less than 2 hours...

It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

It's predictable.

It's thrilling, adventuresome, full of nail-biting excitement, happy one moment and then...

But also it's deep, melancholic, tragic, and most of all, undeniably exciting.

Exciting, entertaining, and emotionally impactful, Avengers: Endgame does whatever it takes to deliver a satisfying finale to Marvel's epic Infinity Saga

Before all the parts came together, I almost walked out of the theater.