Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

IMDB: 8.5
Director: Anthony Russo
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth
Length: 149 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 111 out of 1024 found boring (10.83%)

One-line Reviews (457)

Thor's entire subplot in this film felt a bit pointless.

I commend the creative team for keeping Thanos utterly despicable and villainous while still making him a compelling enough lead for us to be invested in his dark mirror of the Hero's Journey.

This is a really boring character.

5 there are way too many long drawn out and useless scenes like for example the confusion scene where the guardian's fight Iron man Doctor Strange and Spider man.

It's odd how dull a film stuffed with action can be.

Watching this movie is very enjoyable.

no story.

What a waste of time and what a waste of potential.

An incredible movie with beautiful scenery, breathtaking action sequences and a script that gets better as we know the marvel universe better

Maybe it's only me but as time goes by the newest avengers movies seems so boring and worse and worse...

There is always something happening, something big and exciting, heart pounding and stressful.

Movie is very slow and Time Machine Concept they used were not fully illustrated.

It was an ok film but it was also quite bland.

My expectations were met, and sometimes even blown apart; this is one of the most emotional and thrilling movies I have ever seen, and one of Marvel's best works.

His facial expressions and deep voice made his character intense, which the role needed.

Its gripping in fact, for a super hero movie, it's just what it needs.

An entertaining parade .

IW is probably the most entertaining superhero movie I have ever seen and it's not just action.

The writers must've been told by the producers and therefore the backers to make everything Catholic--push hetero sex and babies along with propaganda that it's wrong to get rid of half the universe population to make reality more equal and fair.

All goes on in this thriller, and the action scenes throughout the film all make it intense!

I liked Avengers much more with its more grounded approach and these huge risks, like the fate of the universe are really outdated at the moment and just make for dull movies overall.

I waste my time for thanos .

There's also plenty of spectacle, given the huge amount of special effects and epic visuals, but the most adrenaline-prompting aspect of the film is the mere prospect of the contest we're finally witnessing.

The best enjoyable fantastic movie ever .

This was an enjoyable ride From start to finish, films are made for us to unwind, switch our brains off, and be entertained and infinity war does just that.

After seeing the reviews of most ppl, i went to this film with very low expectations but honestly it was a great surprise, a very shocking mind blowing and kinda unexpected ending ( i just sat there for 10 minutes trying to process it )...

switch to something interesting and engaging like sex....

" This film is an action packed thriller with nonstop battle sequences and a few filler content along the way.

The Infinity War is thrilling from start to end.

Mostly they just all fight the henchmen of Thanos, who are inexplicably unbeatable and even more boring and bland than Thanos.

Yeah, the CGI stuff is fun, but after a while, I get bored with it all.

Superman and said, "We need to make more movies like that: overblown, disjointed, everything bagels of films that end up leaving the viewer drained and disheartened.

Unexpected ending that no one could have predicted.

What's on screen now, however, is table-setting for events to come, a groaning board of superheroes, a superabundance of undifferentiated superpowers, and an ending that's more exciting than anything that precedes it.

Once again Robert Downey JR gives a confident performance as he leads the avengers into a breathtaking battle.

The ending is just hilarious and unpredictable.

What the devil won icant blive that I waste my time for thanos and all heroes are gone .. what's happening people 😔😭😢😩

I did not care about the scene where he walks of with Gamora either, that was also boring!.

Even in the first half, there are so many entertaining action scenes, cleverly filmed and with fantastic visual effects.

Winter Soldier and Civil War might have better choreography and longer takes of action, but when it comes to the enormous and boundless sequences, Infinity War brings it home with bone-chilling charges on armies and exciting epicness levels.

However i was bored in the last 60 minutes.

An enjoyable family friend experience.

Every scene was action packed and detailed.

This film made me laugh, made me sit on the edge of my seat, made me cry, and made me infuriated for some people, making me want to throw a punch.

Amazing , mindblowing , heartbreaking , breathtaking .

Anyway, as someone who's not such a big fan of the Marvel films, I found this movie unexpectedly thrilling!

Weak plot, too much jumping around, WAY too long.

boring .

Finally, it was a great propaganda.

Honestly one of the most entertaining movies ive ever watched in my life.

Super engaging plot, hilarious characters, and dramatic beats that feel earned by the end.

The time will pass enjoyable .

He's unoriginal, uninteresting, and the animation of his absurd face, body, and clothing are so obviously fake, I felt like I was watching a cartoon whenever he was on screen.

As the plot carried forward, there was more of an intriguing feel.

Infinty War is the comanation of everything that I love about Marvel, while improving on the formula and taking the whole universe in a new; unpredictable direction.

If movies watchers keep supporting these high budget plotless pointless repetitive garbage movies that keep Dwayne Johnson and marvel in business in a few years there won't be any good movies being made.

Entertaining, epic and extraordinary, a masterpiece in the superhero genre .

I have so much respect for the Russo brothers for managing to make a film with this many characters and this many plot points feels cohesive and endlessly entertaining.

In the intense action scenes, both behind the camera or behind the computer, this was one of the main reasons that i'm praising this movie.

This wonderful movie was not only the best of Marvel's movie, but also the most entertaining and exciting movie I've ever seen.

It's fascinating to see an arc like this, full of sacrifice, struggle and personal loss concluding in an ultimate triumph, be translated to a villain without losing any of the qualities that keep him monstrous.

It also had a pretty intriguing end that made me want to throw on the next one so it did something good there for sure.

If this kind of a boring childish screenplay has no much popularity it is saddening.

The most entertaining movie I've ever seen.

A gripping fantasy, sans brain .

Poignant, deep and action packed.

Lastly, a movie that has made over 2 BILLION dollars is undeniably worth watching.

The film is long, with some of the expostional dialogue dragging down the spectacular set pieces, but I still enjoyed it and the script has plenty of humour.

He is first introduced as the central villain in the first Avengers, and in later iterations as a recurring character that brings comedic relief in the movies, and he his character arc from a villain to a mischievous and playful person is very entertaining.

The worst was the horrible confusing ending which made absolutely no sense.. My wife and I both yelled WTF when the credits started, because the movie was surely NOT over...

Oh gee golly gosh, I am just doing backflips after suffering through three hours of this movie starring, ahhh.

It's surprising and entertaining in the first half, then it hurts you and leaves you cold.

Thanos was too preachy in this movie, and he was way too boring!

The scenes are so unpredictable and it left me open-mouthed for the rest of the movie.

Very enjoyable, action packed eye candy of a movie.

Age of Ultron was FUN AND FAST PACED, and it did not have lame scenes that dragged on FOREVER.

This was a waste of time.

There's no real plot to speak of, things just seem to happen 'because', any sense of logic or consistency goes out the window (And that's in comparison to most of the other Marvel movies, which are hardly that great in the logic stakes in the first place!

Just can be watch to waste spare time.


That being said I do want to give a strong recommendation to Infinity War for any fans of this franchise, it's funny it's heartfelt and it go's to some unexpected places.

This movie is exciting!

I totally agree that Thanos is one of the greatest villains of all time: ready to do whatever it takes to reach the goal and the sweetest part is that he is unpredictable as hell and considering that he increases his power with every step the fate of our heroes is in constant and imminent threat.

Perfect standalone movie and highly enjoyable even for a casual fan.

The physics is terribly inconsistent, the cgi bad, the characters are boring.

This movie is fantastic and extremely entertaining.

This movie was an intense roller coaster of emotion as it went from despairing lows to hopeful highs and back to depressing lows again.

Infinity War proves once and for all that comic book movie universes are to nerds what the Fast and the Furious is to ****heads: a bland, soulless corporate cashgrab that will be completely forgotten about in a decade or so.

Uninteresting Nonsense .

Very unpredictable.

And what a way to end an amazing film on such a cliffhanger, the villain won and the heroes lost, completely unexpected.

Also the movie was kind of boring until the end, I found the action kind of generic, and like the other MCU movies.

There are again confusion between forces that have many orders of magnitude between them, there is little strategic or, indeed, tactical logic in this "war".

The plot transitions from the different group of heroes well, and manages to balance the story with the action - the slower, emotional scenes often have the same impact as the large scale and explosive actions scenes.

Avengers: Infinity War ably juggles a dizzying array of MCU heroes in the fight against their gravest threat yet, and the result is a thrilling, emotionally resonant blockbuster that (mostly) realizes its gargantuan ambitions.

It was gripping.

I wanted so much to like this film but for me it came out as too knowing, self referential and repetitively dull.

At first I thought it didn't deserve 10/10 but after re-watching it I've to say it really does as it's incredible and the writing are actually perfect, one of the best Marvel stories to date as it's unpredictable and unique.

Everything is going on, jumping from 1 place to another, it's hard to follow if you are not a hardcore fan of MCU.

Overall a good and fun movie for kids but a boring CGI demonstration.. for adults.

If you want to watch some misery, save your money and watch the news instead!

Though lots of characters die, which is the least Cliché thing i've seen in a while, there's more to a good movie.

The story is as banal as it can be.

Emotional, action packed, perfect villain .

I am curious to see how this predicament is addressed in the next film, since the evil fell across this movie and also Ant Man and the Wasp, but I fear that the payoff will be one drawn-out slugfest and energy weapon fest, and that, like Revenge of the Jedi, it cannot be as good as the depressing Infinity War/Empire Strikes Back tragedy flick template.

This film was properly one of the best films I have every seen, the story was very intriguing.

Finally, that ending, It was unexpected and left everyone in the theater heartbroken.

In this action packed build up to Endgame, I must say that Infinity War is one of the greatest juggernauts of a super hero movie!

Overall, Avengers infinity War was a masterpiece of a film, if you go into this film with an empty brain with no idea about how it leads to this then this is not a film you'll be surprised if don't watch the previous MCU movies, the action sequences were so enjoyable, the humor was hilarious I only thought a very few didn't land and is a pretty unexpected and emotional film that hits you hard and I am totally speechless about this film 10/10

At the very moment of the movie, it was thrilling.

Mind Blowing Film .

Exciting, And truly a great way to tie it all up from all previous marvel movies.

The characters are deep and fleshed out everyone has their moment in the sun however "Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Josh Brolin (Thanos)" steal the show for me, "Thor" is really intriguing in this movie because after the events of "Thor: Ragnerrock" Thanos has killed most of "Asgard" (including Loki and Heimdale) Thor is this broken man, no home, no Mum, no Dad, no Brother and no Best Friend he has nothing to lose thus he wants to take Thanos on himself.

Overall good action packed movie.

But it is not because the heroes have lost that it is a bad movie, for min is even better, a different movie, worth watching.

Coming to the movie, it is a fast paced, well structured one.

It's worth watching all the previous marvel films.


I love superheroes, I love Marvel and as much as I criticize the MCU for being safe and formulaic, there are several Marvel Cinematic Universe films that I've loved (The Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the first 2 Captain America movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther to name the big ones).

it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and also made me very emotional.

Gripping, I couldn't take my eyes of the screen .

For one, though Thanos made up for this, I found a lot of the side villains to be forgettable, cliche, or underdeveloped, they felt more disposable than pretty much any other one-movie marvel villain.

Fairly bland plot considering that it is currently ranked as the 51th best film of all time on imdb.

The Wakkanda sequence is action packed, energized, tense, and every character has a moment to shine.

So intense .

Thanos is the best villain of the franchise in my opinion and the cliffhanger ending was a very interesting way to end the film given this franchise is usually very predictable.

hillarious, intense & heartbreaking .

This movie was an experience full of adrenaline rush!

Exciting, moving and thoroughly enjoyable.

Well, it's all started with a big hit operation credit, then it's all came with the most exciting action sequence in the MCU.


Awesome mind blowing epic Action packed .

Even in a movie about action it is possible to get bored, my family had to watch this in segments.

Ending is definitely unexpected which left the theatre audience speechless.

On the other hand, it's entertaining in its action and combat scenes.

I really enjoyed the movie with all its great twist and turns of all the different teams of other movies coming together and really showing the excellent writers did to make it entertaining.

There was something happening every few minutes that was near breathtaking.

The whole thing was a big CGI fight and bored me to hell.

It's action-packed, hearbreaking, thrilling and everything it should've been!

But since the amount of humanity is at an unusual high this time around, the violent scenes seem more intense because there is so much stuff on the line.

With an ending that will go down as one of the most shocking in film history, "Infinity War" is a wildly fun and exciting film that will leave you eager for more.

No story bad ending....

On the down side, out CGI-ing everyone else has the effect of making us boringly saturated with over-effects, and loss of meaningful story, intelligent dialogue & good acting.

The only surprise to an otherwise bland film is the shock ending where the bad guy wins and kills half the universe and half of the superhero cast.

An extraordinary comic book spectacle from Marvel Studios with a compelling story which is sensationaly performed by hand picked ensemble cast.

However, Infinity War manages to keep me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to end.

Entertaining if you're in the mood .

For one it feels disjointed, as if there are scenes that have been uncomfortably cut out.

General Concensus: A massive blockbuster that Marvel can be most proud of, and while it can't represent each character in the smoothest way, it's scale and gargantuan action completely blows that flaw away, aided by great chemistry from the cast, a compelling villain and an absolutely shocking ending.

Action packed and a thrill ride of a movie with substance.

Despite the grandeur and stunning effects and production of this movie, I am sad to report that I can't bear to watch this movie again, unlike the other movies in the MCU which I enjoy watching again and again.

I wish they'd keep their movies at 1h 45mins max and scale back the boss battle or do something new because the formula is starting to bore me.

I am a big Marvel fan and this movie is just so fascinating for me.

It's a good movie to watch for the adrenaline and nothing else really.


They arrogantly thought by making a villain "win" they could suddenly "elevate" their bloated yet empty film into something "great".

Great film with plenty of action, adventure and did i mention action packed ?

After the better part of three hours, I left the theater with the feeling I'd just binge-watched an entire season of an expensive TV series and been left hanging with a "tune in next time.

Plus the snap was totally unexpected and shocking the first time in the theater.

In conclusion, this movie is highly entertaining and accomplishes everything that a part one movie could hope to accomplish.

Reluctantly Enjoyed It .

Watching this movie is very enjoyable.

It's funny, action packed, emotional and heroic.

However, some of Marvel characters managed to shine in the past despite mundane, repetitive plots, either due to individual efforts of talented actors, or due to occasional witty and memorable dialogues (the first Avengers).

Far too long to watch in one sitting.

The cgi and battles were awesome, but the acting was so so and cliche.

Most of the movie we have boring scenes of people TALKING.

" Thanos" is outstanding his character has so many layers and he is so engaging to watch.

Great movie great story Entertaining and unexpected especially compared with last Avenger

Sidetrack: I actually hate Ragnarök, I think it is, by far, the worst movie of the MCU.

Fun and entertaining a great 10 year built up .

If you like watching essentially the same movie being re-released every 4 months with a different character in a slightly different colour of spandex going through the exact same story arch as the last hero in an incredibly repetitive formulaic experience, then this is for you...

It was intriguing, and packed full of action.

The best marvel movie so far a villain with good argemento good balance of characters good fight scenes good special effects good sound theme very entertaining

Funny, hilarious and action packed.

The fights were intense and in your face and really showcased everyone's super powers.

thanos is an amazing villain and the action and scenes in this film are breathtaking, the battle in wakanda is great plus thor appearing with storm breaker during the battle was sensational

When Thor went searching for a new hammer in this movie it was so BORING!!

Dark but entertaining .

boring and predictable .

Three hours of life I will never get back.

Bags of action, snappy dialogue, incredible special effects and most importantly, surprisingly ...

The story is chaotic and confusing, at the end either all the super hero's are dead and gone, or the sequal is coming.

Mind blowing!

Thanos a well written villain however he can be slightly boring, props To Josh Brolin.

In one word to describe Infinity war is just fabulous fantastic superb awesome mind blowing etc etc

Difficult on rating since one did enjoy the film but at the same time, it felt somewhat predictable and unengaging.

It was very exciting and intriguing to watch them.

Infinity War is too SLOW.

Good Movie but very Slow and Long .

The script is also great, both bold and unpredictable.

The movie is witty, likeable, and engaging, establishing huge odds and placing it's full bet on crazy, leave-n-man-behind heroism.

Infinity War is a culmination of all these previous films: pointless, purposeless (other than to make Avengers 4 happen), a big film filled with nothing.

The story is balanced, unpredictable, heartfelt and well-written into the source and characters involved.


Years of work and detail to smash into an ultimate plot, impossible twists and surprises, great story and characters, a villain as the main character, intense ideas and themes, they all make this movie an all time great.

Overall, the movie substantively is pretty superficial and the plot while challenging includes too many cliques and uneven tone from a chaotic fusion of trying to be so cute and funny, to serious and emotional riveting so much so that it becomes neither.

Definitely worth the watch, especially if you're a veteran of the Marvel series.

More like Inifinity Bore (cue laugh track) .

And it went on way too LONG!!

Despite a couple of moments when a character says or does something a little out of character for them and some hard to follow moments of action this is a great movie.

Entertaining from the beginning to the end!

The film had both amazing acting and an intriguing storyline that keeps you interested from the second it starts till the end.

He was pretentious and he spent way too much time preaching and not enough time fighting!.

are you bored?

It felt tiresome by the third one.

I enjoyed the film and I am sure it's going to blow so many people away, but it was so damn pointless.

Not to mention that this formula for "comedy" is carbon copied across almost all modern Marvel movies, so it gets tiresome quickly.

Really boring jokes at inappropriate times didn't help either.


This started out looking very promising but the dystopian windup being very anticlimactic left me bored, disappointed and frankly cured of ever watching another Avengers movie.

His motives are incredibly arguable, which makes both the physical and internal battles of the Avengers more intense and three-dimensional.

2 1/2 hrs of my life wasted, this was so boring I went to bed after the first hour.

Its monotonous, predictable and everything has been done before.

Marvel is the most soulless repetitive money motivated film company of all time at this point you are literally paying for the same movie with a different repetitive costume 80 times 5 times a year.

The Culmination of Everything Results in an Amazing and Thrilling, Emotional Blockbuster of Epic Proportion.

Much more engaging and far superior to its predecessor Avenger films...

I actually enjoyed it.

Nevertheless, it is still a truly stunning production!

The end of the movie, by the way, was unexpected, I did not expect the heroes to lose and half the universe to die.

From the stylish cinematography to the stunning visual effects this movie has it all.

I do think it'll be cool to see what happens in the next movie though, still ending was just bad, even if it's not the technical "end" still over all it was decent, and worth watching.

The dialogue is solid, the story itself is interesting with plenty of unexpected turns, and every scene of the film pushes the story forward.

The movie itself made good pacing for its long run time, and I found it hard to find a slower scene in the middle to use the restroom after accidentally ordering something larger than a small drink.

Lots of stuff is going on here, and the disjointed nature really shines throughout.

action packed and epic.

Did I mention earlier that this movie was repetitive?

Avengers: Infinity War is spectacular yet beats with a compelling humanity.

Stunning .

Pretty to look at, but empty everywhere else.

From the heartbreaking ends -( some unexpected and some foreshadowed ) to the stunning visuals , Infinity War pleases all audiences and genres moving away from the fantasy sci-fi to a drama action that has its emotional highs and lows.

The fight scenes were very vivid and gripping in every sequence.


A great spectacle with many twists and turns and the ending is just quality.. Action packed Great characters Brutal at times Youngsters may not like this movie because it does not follow the norm 😀Cannot wait for the next instalment

What a waste of time.

Speaking of the story, I usually like my stories dark, and I liked how this one departed from the typical "funny" marvel feel for a darker and more intense tone, it made the movie more relatable than other superhero movies I've seen (with, again, the exception of The Dark Knight trilogy).

Provide a fun and intense superhero Blockbuster.

Damn, what a long drawn out fight to nothing.

Long but entertaining.

But I know to tell you this is just pointless because you're just going to dislike this review anyways.

Infinity War is one of the most entertaining movies ever made.

It's a visual triumph saddled with a narrative so weak and actually uninteresting that i only watched it to the end to see how bad it got.

The story is interesting but couldve been more spicyvalthough easy to follow and entertaining and the acting is great as is the sound and music.

fell asleep watching this movie .

Infinity War is an exciting movie that should be watched.

Infinity Wars was a breathtaking film.

The jokes are funny, the actions sequences are intense and the characters all have their moments where they shine.

Entertaining, action packed, funny at times, suspenseful at others, Avengers: Infinity War is a film that needs to be seen on the big screen, it is a sight for sore eyes and it does not let down one bit.

A real waste of time.

What a joke the reviews have become and a waste of anyone's time to read.

The battles are thrilling and the cinematography and special effects are off the roof.

An enjoyable movie .

Infinity war was very boring at times which is strange because the trailers made the movie look like it would be action packed.

It´s just an empty shell.

This movie is a mind blowing as it contains marvel universe.

The characters are superb, the dynamic that each character brings to the table is fascinating and enjoyable, Marvel has taken a universe that they have been expanding on for the past 10 years and throws it on it's head.

Verdict The long awaited Thanos storyline comes with much excitement, drama, action and comedy and gives us an all-out highly entertaining and great visually picture.

Long, boring at some times, acting is not so good ,story is a bit messed up with plotholes etc.. The ending however is quite good and unexpected!

It has some of the best MCU character moments, action and the most unpredictable plot they have constructed so far.

One of the most intense movies I've ever seen.

On the other hand Tony gets an uninteresting and cheesy as hell intro that easily could have been pared down, he and Strange have a stupidly prolonged dickwagging segment and Banner's way to frequent attempts at humor made me wish somebody would shoot him in the face already.

Regardless, Infinity War deserves much praise for being able to set up the dramatic scenario of Endgame, while being entertaining on its own.

For a tale with such a sprawling cast and such a multi-threaded narrative, Infinity War does a fantastic job of keeping the story clear, even while moving along at a snappy pace.

Is it, as some puerile reviewers imply, the worst movie ever made?

The movie is a action packed thrill ride from the opening until the shocking ending and it keeps you on the edge of your seat during the whole run-time.

Because yeah it's repetitive.

A lot of the characters I find annoying or boring had more time to do things in this movie than those I enjoy.

The story is zo unexpected.

a waste of money....

Boring .

The end is just breathtaking!

It's just a cliche and stupid ending.

And the last problem of this film is that it is BORING!!!

Crikey, this film went on for ever thus making it a tad dull.

Generic and bland music?

To be fair, even the structure of the film is above the safe formulaic method of MCU, with Josh Brolin at the centre of the narration, his invasion in each act of our heroes "turns the leg to jelly" and keeps the urgency alive and vulnerability, turned to 11, that you feel as he picks up each of our beloved caped saviour in the air, where the contrast of the power he oozes is impeccably nobel.

The worst movie .

The action packed, character packed movie offers a great experience, especially in a IMAX movie theater, time flies by and lots of awesome moments occur.

If there was a slightly boring and filler-like bit in this film it would be Thor's quest.

Quite cliche'ish and cheap, if it wasOverall, the movie had much much bigger potential with such a plethora of Marvel superheroes and villains.

The most entertaining movie I have ever seen .


I find it balling that such a predictable boring and cliched plot and be thought of as a masterpiece by so many.

Exciting, fun, even if you don't have much of a backstory.

Hard to watch and confusing.

Pointless, stupid and cheesy violence and the cast is awful.

It's a action movie for 12 year old with no real plot.

The first 2 hours took on too broad a scope as it slogged forward into a big confusing jumbled mess constantly hopping from character to character, almost rendering it pointless to even bother.

Worth of 3 Hours of footage.

Boring and childish.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avengers 4 will be more predictable than this to me: Thanos tries to control the avengers, someone snaps them out of it.

JaM PaCkEd acTion Well worth the watch .

Mind Blowing!!.

It contains a gripping (SLIGHTLY sporadic) storyline although certainly makes the audience feel apart of the movie, it also executes astutely to fine details the vastness of the universe portrayed through the sheer amount of characters who all have their individualised storylines.

The visual effects are stunning.

I think this film is the best film for the marvel fandom this film is dramatic action packed and has great characters and story this film does not deserve being this good and this is coming from a film that had all the potential for being a cluster flop and we as people should not deserve this film and this is the best superhero film since the dark knight

Don't get me wrong, I think this is an extroidinary film and a breathtaking feat, I just wonder what course comes next.

What a waste of time.

What a tremendous waste of money and time!

The film that was built up as the ultimate celebration and culmination of everything Marvel turned out to be an unfocused, bloated mess (no joke, the climax of the movie goes on for nearly 45 minutes) that's actually just an advertisement for the next movie, where every character that died will be unceremoniously revived (a time-honored comic book tradition) and the MCU will become even bigger and more confusing.

How new teams form up was exciting.

Another Marvel cgi stupid movie with dull dialogue, idiot characters and jokes about sex that i hate it.

When the trailer is out.. i'm very exciting!

Just one thing how can anyone dislike the ending, it was probably the best and most unexpected part of the movie.

I genuinely began falling asleep at the end of Inifinity War and closed my eyes, just listening till the end, I was so bored.

Overall i think this movie was great to watch and a movie that i think you would enjoy if you are a marvel fan and like action packed movies.

With so many name characters having to have a slow pan, tilt up to face reveal shot before doing anything all the way through this film I was getting deja vu about one third of the way through the film, only to find the rest of it had to be so fast paced in order to keep all of those plates spinning at once, that your eyes and brain never get a chance to rest.

The fact that Thanos is a compelling villain who truthfully believes himself to be a misunderstood "good guy" captures the insidious way that evil people often operate in the real world.

I found the film boring.

-PERFECT, ENTERTAINING STORYLINE Every little bit of this movie is entertaining.

Pointless drivel put out there to make money.

The first and third Iron Man movies were far more enjoyable.

Entertaining to the max with absolutely stunning action scenes.

Jokes are so dull they make you cringe.

I loved the movie and I think it had a good story line but at some points it was hard to follow and it got a bit confusing because there was so much happening.

The russo brothers did a good job on managing a huge number of charecters,movie was entertaining as hell ..what they did with thanos was great but i would have love to see thanos a bit more horrific by nature and looks(the purple guy from age of ultron credit scene) with that intense character ,after all he is thanos!!

Everyone is enjoyable to watch, the guardians of the galaxy are freakishly synchronised as a group as are all of the characters well established and individually fun to watch.

Expect the unexpected .

I keep getting the feeling that they wanted to make a super-entertaining movie and a part One out of Two to end this saga, and they did so with little consideration for good writing.

Excellent Film .. It's enjoyable film.. Everybody hopefully enjoyed it with lot of excitement.. It's another beautiful movie by marvel ..

Infinity War is way too long of a movie for starters.

The saving grace is the ending, maybe the only unexpected bit of the entire movie.

Infinity War is both a thrilling tragedy and a sublime joke - Marvel trolling their own audience, entertaining Marvel skeptics like me by letting the bad guy win, and killing-off many of their most beloved heroes (even if it's all only for now).

Indeed this era is the most uninspiring compared to the legendary 80's era, where some of the greatest movie to ever grace the silver screen were made.

That scene was NOT FUNNY, it was BORING and a complete WASTE OF TIME!.

The action and visual aspects are stunning as the Marvel world and story continues on.

The numerous brawls and battles are fast paced, beautifully staged and photographed, and varied enough to never get tiresome.

Simply because of the world and narrative in Avengers: Infinity War, I have fallen in love with it, and I believe it to be a brilliant movie that is a fresh take on the genre of superhero action, and I would recommend it for people who like action movies like Justice League or the Star Wars series, or just for people who want an entertaining experience on a night out.

Like other Marvel films, the production relies on three major cornerstones to create an enjoyable experience:1.

This movie doesn't just stop there, there are twists, turns and unexpected instense emotional situations that keep you guessing.


The biggest strength of the film lies in the Russo Brothers' ability to combine different storylines and franchises and form a riveting culmination.

While this movie was terrific with tons of special effects and battle scenes, the jumping from planet to planet to magic places to past and present was very confusing...

Stunning achievement .

The second act is unbearably boring I could barely go throw with the entire film.

Marvel has become stale and repetitive.

Likewise, it's fascinating how each time the heroes lose a battle, it's ultimately not because of physical weakness or secret vice -- it's because Thanos exploits their love for one another.

Infinity War is a wildly ambitious and entertaining ride.

Its strengths are in its ludicrously intense levels of action and mayhem, as well as a great performance from Josh Brolin, who finally brings to life the most well-developed MCU villain to date.

Totally worth watching .

Entertaining all the way through .

If you are a Marvel fan then you've probably already watched this movie and really enjoyed it.

what a boring movie .

" Its story is obviously incomplete, and while that's played for maximum effect in the stunning conclusion (the first time I've ever seen an entire theater sit through a credit roll in complete silence), that stuck in my craw.

and after a while just a boring sequence of mindless excesses - unrealistic even in the superhero world's setting, making it dull.

Lots of action, drama, it's worth watching.

Slow Down .

For two hours and a half you'll see continuous action with breathtaking CGIs .

Thanos snapping his finger and removing half of the universe along with many of our beloved heroes is just unexpected and a bit dark.

It sometimes feel like different movies all put together and sometimes hard to follow whos doing what and for what purpose.

The comedy is extraordinarily bad and lazy, the plot predictable boring and cliched.

This movie is a movie that brings in many emotions and is worth watching, as I have seen it twice myself.

As for the plot, well obviously it's no 'Citizen Kane', but it's far from boring either, however the generic action sequences, though typically spectacular in their visual effects, can begin to border on tedious at times.

This movie is entertaining.

but i had to knock this movie down a few peggs, because it's not THAT GOOD, IT'S OKAY AT BEST, BUT IT HAS TOO MANY SLOW SPOTS.

The plot twists involved in this film are unpredictable.

But Infinity War only has thrilling action.

Watching all of my favourites coming together on the big screen is exciting as hell.

Watch the movie if you want to watch for 2.5 hours a completely uninspired, unintelligent and boring plot, been written by a group of writers who obviously were bored themselves in their personal lives, with all usual cliche and banal lines, a film that has nothing to say, and doesn't worth a dime either as fantasy, as science fiction as drama, or comedy.

It took an unexpected turn and has you wondering where do they go and what will happen next?

In the end , avengers infinity war is something which travels beyond expectation , with great characters , a gripping story , great visuals and a cliffhanger ending for the avengers to actually "assemble" in the next movie (hopefully) .

A wonderful empty bag.

He's like a character written by a little kid; completely infallible and totally, unbelievably boring.

Josh Brolin as Thanos dominates the show with a commanding presence and engaging act while the best performance comes from Zoe Saldana as Gamora, She moves you completely and takes this film to an time high, kudos to the makers who thought of giving her such a strong arc this time.

Visuals are well done, music is thrilling, especially at the end, crossovers are done in a great way, everything fits and connects the way it should.

The film is so gripping from start to finale you won't even care what happened previously.

Worst movie Ever .

It's too slow.

I fell asleep...

The newer players like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Chadwick Boseman and Anthony Mackie are just as good, and just like the core Avengers, some are more compelling than others, each one having their bright moments.

Too much, too confusing .

Its emotional, funny, engrossing, action-packed and, well, different.

Nothing resembling believability in any second of the film, boring dialogue, a total excess of forgetable characters.

It won't win any large awards at the Oscars next year, but it's certainly a very well done and extremely entertaining comic book movie; in the end, that's why we came to the theatre.

This is the best action i've seen in a superhero movie and it's so exciting, destructive, and intense.

In this film, Thanos was the most fascinating and also the most complex personality of the story.

It knocked the wind out of me, on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next.

The action is just like a transformers movie, just pointless things moving around.

The ending was great, exciting and thrilling.

In fact, maybe it's *because* we know there's a Part Two coming that makes the tragedy of this installment so thoroughly enjoyable.

Some things were completely unexpected, which made it so worth it to watch.

I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see Endgame!!

Yes, as others have said, it is too long -- I think they could have taken time from each of the battle scenes which would have cut the overall running time nicely without losing anything really important.

A Marvel fan would love this film, action packed, and enjoyable plot.

Don't waste your time waiting for the scene at the end, you'd be better off leaving the theater before the credits start to roll.

Fifth, excessive dramatic music to sub for realistic and/or repetitive action.

The whole entire movie led to that one intense scene and its disrupted by a more comedic character slapping Thanos in the face.

Predictable, cheesy, action with no real acting involved .

Amazing and action packed .

Starting to watch the MCU 10 years ago just waiting to see all of the heroes of this terrific world combined together in a 2 and a half ours Masterpiece fighting the mighty titan is like the one thing you can peacfully die after .. though there is much intense interest for what's to come

Totally waste of time and money .

Only one real good part and that was about 10 seconds long in a 3 hour movie, goes on for too long at the end with nothing happening

The pacing is slow and it takes it's time to show All the different plot lines slowly merch together as the film comes to an end.

Boring, plot makes no sense, characters make stupid choices, nothing is explained well.

The story just dumbs down and becomes too slow.

The plot and synopsis is extremely well written, and the visuals are stunning.

This film just goes to show that chucking everything and everyone into one overlong and confusing mess of a movie is not in the best interest of telling big bold story lines, plus what a way to kill off multiple franchises.

They nearly had the gauntlet off (in the slowest, most difficult way possible ...

Yes it was THAT BORING that it felt like an hour.

It took me through various different emotions; and it kept me excited and on the edge of my seat.

This is a senseless digital action trash with no story at all.

Early snarky dialog gave me the impression that there would at least be the edgy humor that characterizes the best of the Marvel films, but the gaps between instances of such writing are huge to the point of boring.

Another problem modern Marvel movies face is that they rely on the viewer to have seen each and every movie that has ever come out in the entire franchise, else risk great confusion.

To be honest, despite its very obvious flaws (and a certain top lip deserving second billing), I actually found Justice League more enjoyable.

One of the best entertaining films I've ever seen.

It's too boring.

It becomes boring.

Terrible CGI, so many plot holes, I almost fell asleep in the theater because of how boring movie was, all the characters going to come back so they can make more money off of this stupid franchise.

I'm saying this as a true movie head as I love films which touch the heart and have thrilling action.

The Russos oddly have writing that has Iron Man do more exciting stuff than Cap.

This movie was all over the place and was very hard to follow.

My god this movie is dull.

For some reason I was completely bored.

This movie is so boring I had to watch it in installments.

Its villain, Thanos, is likely the MCU's most compelling villain and the core of the film.

Very confusing story.

Brief parts were interesting and exciting but frankly most of it was predictable and cringe-worthy.

Team work was entertaining.

I don't know exactly how long it was but it was definitely LONG, lame and boring.

It constantly kept me on the edge of my seat and controlled my emotions for the characters.

Falling asleep in the middle of the movie .

But the most exciting team-up is that of Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

This is not a spoiler, I'm just stating facts, together with my own opinions of a sad and boring predictable action-upgrade for every sequence .. that is the Russo brothers amateurish way of directing a movie.

The movie made me feel like I was part of the avengers, and as if I was being carried along this enjoyable, exciting journey; and I found myself cheering for them.

The ending is honestly pretty predictable and honestly very stupid, Thanos literally could've just used the gauntlet to make more food instead of killing off half the universe.

At over two and a half hours even the huge cast of gifted actors - at their bet when being funny - explode, blow up things, zoom into outer space for a mission to find Thanos who goal is to rule the universe by obtaining all the funky jewels for his glove - all seem to wear thin from the plodding 'plot' and turn to dust.

Some of the action scenes are mind blowing.

The second downside and the one that has me giving this film a six of 10 instead of anything higher is the total lack of plot development.

The first half of the movie is a bit convoluted since basically, the transitions from scene to scene become repetitive and action-heavy, with no time to breathe.

While a tiny bit of the CGI looked odd, the rest of the film was incredibly stunning.

I still enjoyed the darkness these brought, but enjoyed it with the knowledge that it was probably all for show.

From Sci fi action to more natural action sequences, humor at the most intense moments, avengers makes it better than the previous ones in the series.

Such banal drivel.

Infinity war was a bit sloppy with its character development and story telling, but reasonably successful at jamming so many characters together and keeping it funny and mostly entertaining without making it feel like a comedy.

No plot, lots of bangs, confusing, full of cliches.

But to give this film crit they did innovate this cliche by instead of having just one MacGuffin there are six MacGuffins.

Action packed for sure, with a storyline that kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat.

Thats all i ever wanted but i left the theater on a more confused note.

Flickery, incongruent, disjointed, and -- worst of all -- fakey.

With every minute, there was a different scene that made it more exciting.

Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most visually stunning movies ever put to screen, that includes the outstanding cinematography, brilliantly choreographed action sequences, a beautifully written script (improved by the incredible performances) and plot.

Transformers with capes: Boring, and pointless .

Bloated and Bland: 5.5/10 .

For the most part, he seems to succeed mainly not just from his infinity gauntlet (I'll give him credit for actually using his power, overpowered though it may be), but from some of those cliche "guy gives up something vital to save someone else" tropes than from his own power.

boring and utterly brainless...

In a cinematic universe filled with simplistic, uninteresting villains (with exceptions like Loki and the Winter Soldier), Thanos breaks the mold by being an intriguing, quotable, and identifiable villain.

Such an action packed movie.

Kept me on the edge of my seat.

2 hours of fights/shooting - 0 visual damage and 1 drop of blood, fallen enemies fall asleep instead of dying, soundtrack is worst than free youtube music, poor effects/costumes, plagiarized scandinavian mythology and "spiderboy" with cuts on his wrists looks weird, a lot of annoying sarcasm, clowns instead of actors.

First time viewing this movie, I was on the edge of my seat and the second viewing was just as enjoyable being able to take in all the little details of the film.

As mentioned above, you get so much wonderful and exciting things happening at every turn of the movie you can so easily ignore it.

I have no comment on the movie until the final fight, which it was so short but thrilling.

The story is disjointed and feels like they wanted to cram as many superheroes into the film as they could regardless if it made sense.

Absolutely stunning.

Absolutely stunning.

Boring .

Brolin is getting the icing of the cake, but then he deserves it, with such an absorbing nuanced performance, he breathes meaning into these loud behemoth battles.