Baarìa (2009) - Comedy, Drama

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Baaria is Sicilian slang for Bagheria where Tornatore was born and this is an autobiographic epic of three generations in the Sicilian village where he was born.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Stars: Francesco Scianna, Margareth Madè
Length: 163 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 13 out of 36 found boring (36.11%)

One-line Reviews (20)

Whilst Paradiso had a few main characters that we soon grew to love and cherish, Baaria unfolds so quickly and overwhelmingly, it's like a floodgate and as more than a few other reviewers have noted, makes the narrative difficult to follow.

The screenplay excessively uses ellipsis making difficult to follow secondary characters.

What grates is the apparent lack of confidence the film has in its spreading of one's wings as widely and as all-encompassing as it does; the somewhat desperate attempts to instill a sense of the humane or of the emotional to proceedings arriving in the form of an array of slow, lazy tracking shots over the low skyline of the buildings in the town and across vistas to orchestral music.

The story is very uninteresting and too personal and does not have emotion.

Sicily is depicted as a place of poverty, corruption and confusion.

I had high hopes for Tornatore as "La sconosciuta" was miles better than any recent Italian movie I've seen,but the second one I watched, "Legend of 1900", quickly rendered my hopes to major disappointments, that movie made me vomit a little in my mouth, from the first moments of the movie I could tell that this was aimed for fat American overly emotional housewives, Oprah's drones for short, it was nauseatingly commercial, drowned in cheesy Hollywood clichés, boring camera work and over the top emotional scenes with sappy music playing in every second of the movie.

The moment I saw that boy fly at the beginning with the cheap score playing on the background, I instantly knew "Baaria" is no different from "Legend of 1900", it has no soul at all, it is so irksome and unengaging I can picture the director and his stuff sitting around with their material on all these scenes, it is that bland.

How exciting is that.

Most boring movie of the year.

Apart from the fact that Baaria is boring and far from other Tornatore's successful films, I would like to focus on the fact that in 2009 a director like him allows the murder of an animal just to shoot a vivid scene.

It is however a bit disjointed, it feels like your watching a story your parents might tell you about there childhood and growing up.

The film occasionally strikes us as empty, occasionally as heart-felt; there is enough scope and decent goings on to just about recommend it.

The confusing part is that Venice prides itself for being a "Mostra d'Arte" so, I'm prepared to bet "Baaria" is going to get some of the top awards.

But, in same measure, boring on many slices.

Even the music seemed totally contrived to me.

Plus, the movie is in some parts boring and too long.

Trying to impress and move the audience at every single, boring, supposedly moving, scene.

I've never reviewed a movie on here before, but I just felt I had to tell you all: There is only one way to put this: save your money, go see something else....

Ennio Morricone once again creates a beautiful score that is slow and mournful.

An enjoyable movie and one which makes a pleasant change from all the American rubbish dished out from Hollywood.