Bad Boys (1995) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Two hip detectives protect a witness to a murder while investigating a case of stolen heroin from the evidence storage room from their police precinct.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Michael Bay
Stars: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 208 found boring (11.53%)

One-line Reviews (164)

This 1995 film was even too formulaic for that year, worse now 17 years later.

Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, two household names that are very successful Hollywood filmmakers often renowned for releasing that "same old clichéd garbage" and "those movies with the 'splosions," bring us Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, box office magnets themselves, in what can only be described as a vastly entertaining romp through Miami as two cops try to reclaim their career-long stash of stolen heroin.

Through-out the entire film, the guy seemed boring and unexciting.

Yes, its formulaic, yes, its predictable.

Rated R For Intense Violent Action And Pervasive Strong Language.

Michael Bay's directorial debut, 'Bad Boys', is so beautiful to look at you could switch off the sound and just luxuriate in the stunning visuals.

The movie has some, FOUL and PERSUASIVE LANGUAGE, and STRONG INTENSE-ACTION VIOLENCE..If you want a rush "Watch This" and I would reccomend along with this.. "ROMEO MUST DIE.

This is the start of it all and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

there was lots of action, that made it a fast paced movie.

In short, this movie is dull and predictable.

Boring movie with bad actors .

Will Smith and Martin lawrence play a single and a married, respectively, detectives in Miami when a case blows open when a cache of drugs is stolen from under their noses.. Tea Leoni plays a woman in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnesses a murder at the house of the bad guys who stole the drugs..what follows is a virtual nonstop action sequence where the usual mayhem ensues cars crash gunfire erupts and bodies fly as Smith and Lawrence try to protect Tea from the bad guys The chemistry between all three is what really makes this movie..the characters are actually kind of believable (the trading places bit is a stretch but hey..) and the action is extremely entertaining..Bad Boys offers great mindless entertainment was good acting great action and good laughs along with a great car chase finale A definite recommendation!

Lawrence is atrocious and so convinced of his prowess as a comic actor that he spends the entire movie stammering (at full volume) in what he presumes to be funny self deprecating and witty confusion.

Bad Boys is an excellent,thrilling and hilarious Action-Comedy that combines great direction,a fantastic cast,amazing Action,non-stop laughs and a memorable score and soundtrack.

Other than that, it's nothing new, but the chemistry between the two leads, and the fantastic, stupendous set pieces, make this stand head and shoulders above other, formulaic action movies.

But it was entertaining never the less.

All of you who tend to watch the first one, don't let Bad Boys 2 pass by because it is 2 times more funny than this one and more enjoyable.

As it is, the comic subplot ends, leaving the rest of the movie to proceed in a rather formulaic and pedantic fashion.

The action sequences (many things blowing up) are fantastic, Smith and Lawrence are equally as funny and profane (swear a lot) as each other, this film film has equal numbers of hilarious jokes, heart-beating action and gripping thrills to keep you engaged.

"Bad Boys 2" takes all the personality, originality, creativity, and humor of "Bad Boys" and buries it in a disjointed mess of mindless, stupid, over wrought nonsense.

This is a typical '90's action film, with buddy cop comedy, gun fights and explosions, and incomprehensible "switched identities" confusion.

It's a very entertaining action film with the added and lightening aspect of comedy.

The soundtrack score of Mark Mancina reflects the thrilling scenes.

That's entertaining?

The action scenes, when they do happen, are thrilling, and it's to Michael Bay's credit that he's managed to pull this off.

There are so many lulls in the action that the movie frequently threatens to keel over and die.

Pretty entertaining buddy comedy .

In all a solid, entertaining film that's definitely worth a watch

A funny, thoroughly entertaining action comedy .

Its so tedious in fact that I thank god for the mute button.

She calls the cops but for painfully contrived reasons will only talk to Mike Lowrey (the uber-obnoxious Will Smith).

The film, all in all, was pretty good, very entertaining.

It was funny, and entertaining.

Will Smith has always been one of my favorite actors and makes every one of his movies enjoyable.

Now that I know I reckon Lawrence was far more entertaining than Smith.

Action sequences are far from remarkable, and the formula has been seen time and time again, but stylish direction and two charismatic leads make it enjoyable to watch.

it all adds up to an action packed,thrilling,and sometimes funny 2hour ride.

bad boys is one of the best action flicks which struggles with the story line, but what it lacks in plot it makes up admirably with quick fire humor, impressive action and special effects.

The action was well-done too, intense and exciting.

Sure there's nothing new to offer here, but it's the only thing about the movie that saves it from being entirely contrived.

Smith and Lawrence are really funny and cool together in this stupid but really entertaining and funny actioncomedy.

The action is non-stop and VERY well done, quite intense.

Violent, charming and entertaining.

Night what's his name, they just need the adrenaline, the rush of blood to the head while seeing Martin Lawrence driving a Porsche at 150 mph toward a brick wall.

Violent, charming and entertaining.

So the story is not exciting, it doesn't astonish the audience, it is just boring and you always can easily guess what will happen next.

This is one of the most enjoyable romps I have seen.

The ordinary: a terrific looking girl (with attractive muscular legs) in distress that causes mischief; a ruthless foreign supercrook; an unexpected traitor in the police force; lots of gunbattles, car chases and fuel explosions.

And look at this movie is exciting ,it's funny ,and one of the most enjoyable movies...

Loud, pointless, and pathetically predictable.

Joe Pantelione is great as the cliché Sergeant.

He tells a visual story, entertaining and complete, and leaves you very satisfied.

Ho hum.

It hits every tired, old cliché there is and it doesn't even hit them with anything new.

The confusion was the best!

The Action scenes in Bad Boys are terrific and memorable with plenty of gunfights,explosions and chases that are exciting and well-done like any Jerry Bruckheimer-Don Simpson production.

I think that's a little unoriginal, but, hey, that's the only complaint about it, and the film does have some very entertaining comedy parts.

action packed and funny buddy cop movie .

And the exciting chase through Miami doesn't hurt, either.

Very entertaining action flick WARNING!!!!!

The plot is simple, and is followed through until the movie's end (which is very action packed).

Entertaining and funny actioncomedy .

The comedic timing between these two actors is outstanding, and both pull off the dramatic scenes very convincingly, and the action scenes are well played and laid out thanks to the adrenaline charged directing of Michael Bay and the athletic prowess of the actors.

There are the usual stunning music videos at the end of this version (featuring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, of course) and, while I find them completely self-serving and to be the height of arrogance, they are also entertaining.

A type of conversion, where you may fathom that you were just witnessed to one of the most immaculate action packed, adrenaline sense, and light melodramatic films of all time?

Its just plain formulaic cop-buddy movie-no brainer action movie stuff.

Will is funny as always, being the adrenaline junkie and Martin succeeds as the family man who does the occasional action thing.

Here is a world that is believable, action packed, funny, stylistic, and most importantly entertaining.

The first big hit got stars is great as your cliché Sergeant Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The supporting players are also victims to the formulaic tripe like the witty sidekick, the loyal wife (Theresa Randle), the corrupt criminal mastermind (Tcheky Karyo) and the always angry superior captain (Joe Pantoliano).

This is a prototypical "good" action movie -- intense, perfectly executed, original action, shown to the tune of a forgettable and occasionally insulting story.

Finally the music was an enjoyable listening experience.

Michael Bay proves himself to be an excellent director of action packed movies.

Very entertaining action flick that is never boring and keeps up at a nice pace with lots of funny lines.

Which was somewhat confusing at first but dragged on a little too far.

The action sequences, as you would expect from the former music video director Bay, who's also making his big screen directorial debut here, is of the flash-and-cut-type, giving way to many exciting scenes and slow motion shots of the actors in threatening poses.

It's definately worth the watch.

In one of his most entertaining roles, Will Smith plays Mike Lowrey A Miami detective trying to recover the biggest heroin seizure The city has ever seen .

Mark Mancina's fun score keeps the slow pace just about bearable and keeps the transitions between scenes ticking over nicely.

Though Bad Boys was not perfectly completed, but it is best to be said that Bad Boys is entertaining for those who are looking for it.

Smashingly Entertaining.

You can be at the edge of your seat watching an intense action scene then laugh out loud in the next one and so on.

In many ways it's a very obvious plot but the action sequences towards the end are very impressive and are worth watching.

visually exciting, amusing and entertaining - a sexy action film .

overall you cant help find this both funny and action packed.

He will forever have that mark on Hollywood and this is where it started, but his interesting action sequences are empty and aimless thanks to a bad cop movie plot.

He makes the scenes with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence even more enjoyable.

This film had a fairly small budget for an action film and what I've always appreciated about this film was how Bay was able to make a fun, entertaining, explosive action film while staying on budget.

contrived, to say the least.

He seems to think that action sequences are the same as a music video, filming them with quick cuts, shaky camera, incomprehensible close-ups at crucial moments, slow motion of Burnett and Lowery firing their Weapons, so that when there is something going on it's unwatchable to the audience.

So for the visual bonanza and exciting demise of warm, sunny Florida, look no further: these are the bad boys.

So yeah, Bay's first few movies were fine as entertaining popcorn flick.

This IS a movie worth watching, with enough laughs to not annoy you (there's nothing worse than a movie trying to funny and failing).

It's funny, action packed and just plain awesome.

This movie is so entertaining to watch and enjoy.

Badboys 1995 is a nostalgic action packed classic cop movie to me as i grew up watching cop films & always loved Will Smith so this film is a classic.

With films like these, it's a race to see the newest and most intriguing way of getting our heroes into those situations we know and love (and love to hate): car chases, gun-fights, explosive climaxes, and evil meanies with foreign accents and the inability to shoot anything that's not a vase, a column, a window, and maybe the occasional wall.

This movie brings together two of the funniest comediens around in an big budget, big thrill, big action packed spectacular.

Highly fun and entertaining!

The film has intense action, great comedy and is entertaining every single minute.

"Bad Boys" is an excellent action movie that's certainly entertaining and fun to watch again and again.

Boring retread of buddy cop movies.

At least the choreography is spot-on and the action is greatly improved by the bombastic music score which just pumps sheer adrenaline through the listener's system.

very similar in feel to Speed, which incidentally has a very similar theme tune to Bad Boys (along with The Rock), and all three are exciting and ramp up the feeling of action.

Overall Bad Boys is a movie that everyone should enjoy, it's adrenaline fuelled fast paced action throughout.

and now, they know someone is missing from the scene cause of a glass with two shades of lipstick and that just happens to be.. julie, and now the only hope is to find julie, catch the thives, bust the drug operation, and make a big drug cracking in miami..In some sort of way this movie is quite irratating like a horror movie when someone does something so, so, stupid and it just make some people sick, but that's the punch line of making an action, horror, thriller, or whatever on the edge of you not knowing if they're going to make a excape or get killed.

This is a fast paced cop drama that' fun for the whole....

He gave action movies more style and certainly also made them more fun and entertaining to watch.

Oh well, there might also be that one thing to mention: I liked the overall colour tones -- nice and intense warm colours in some scenes (eg.

The action sequences are so exciting (along with a rousing musical score), that it gets to a certain point in which you're able to look pass the various flaws.

Anyway, for me, this original movie does not manage to deliver as much comedy as I expected, some scenes are to long and boring, altho the comedy is there.

It's contrived.

Every explosion and camera angle was a grave representation of what would become Michael Bay's trademark in his later films: directing visually stunning movies that make even the little guys look heroic and intimidating figures of royalty.

It was action packed, thrilling and a helluva good time.

When Bay presses all the right buttons in his directing machine he can make something truly entertaining.

But it is very entertaining, and will definitely satisfy action fans.

Somewhat Shallow, but Still a Highly Exciting Action Film .

This was funny, sharp and reasonably action packed, a real 90′s blockbuster.

Also,Miami,Florida in Bad Boys is stunning and gorgeous and is one of the best movies set in Miami because with Bad Boys you as a viewer are sucked into Miami and you are having fun while being thrilled.

The score by Mark Mancina is great,intense and matches the Action throughout the film.

Overall well worth the watch highly recommended ***1/2 out of 5 with only a few flaws to boot.

Directed by Michael Bay (Armageddon, The Island, The Rock) made an wildly if uneven entertaining action movie with two enjoyable performances by Lawrence and Smith.

Making this already boring film into an test of will.

They definitely made this movie worth watching.

It is funny, action packed and likable.

It began powerful but after some minutes it turned for nearly the whole film into a boring comedy.

Smith and Lawrence also go a long way to make it enjoyable.

"Bad Boys" of course isn't the greatest story on film, or even in the action genre, but what is so appealing and memorable about "Bad Boys" is that it is just as entertaining with its story as it is with its action by combining the two without sacrificing either.

Very enjoyable, with good performances all round, even from Martin Lawrence who I'm not fan of.

The thing that makes Bad Boys so entertaining all of these years what holds the movie together is the duo Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery.

About the best thing I can say about this film is that it isn't I Spy, which was even duller.

An Excellent,Thrilling And Hilarious Action-Comedy.

Hilariously enjoyable as any black comedy and full of fast paced action, "Bad Boys," as a 'slick flick,' stars Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett and Will Smith as Mike Lowrey playing two cops who fall on to the trail of millions of dollars of Heroin stolen by a criminal mastermind named Fouchet (Tcheky Karyo) and try to recover it as well as rescue Julie Mott (Tea Leoni) who is also involved.

Ultra-stylish, intense action movie .

The witness to a murder (Tea Leoni) of one of Smith's best friends is also along for the frantic ride that is fun, clever and highly entertaining.

Slowly paced and filled with already over-used clichés, it was almost as if they just wanted to make the full-on black Lethal Weapon.

Sure they're filled with excitement and intrigue leaving you fulfilled, but over the years, the tiresome formula has also spawned several rip-offs that were quite cheap.

The story is all the way predictable, after the first 5 minutes you know how the movie will end.

The action scenes are very good, but these stupid characters are just annoying and wear thin very fastIn this end, all this is, is another overly loud, stupid buddy movie with ridiculous profanity, and a very predictable script which includes an easy-to-guess ending.

And sadly that has been replaced by either pointless comedy and dialogue or ridiculous action sequences.

In final word,if you love Michael Bay,Martin Lawrence,Will Smith,Action films or Action-Comedies,I highly suggest you see Bad Boys an excellent,thrilling and hilarious Action-Comedy that you will watch again and again.

Bad boys was a funny, fast paced, and fun movie.

A good quality buddy cop comedy but with some blandness and some boring scenes in-between.

However that doesn't shade the fact that the movie's villain is in no way memorable, the story is predictable and borderline stupid without the much needed fun factor to counterbalance it, and Martin Lawrence is often annoying.

I have never, ever walked out of a movie.

Perhaps it is because it's the only plot element that the legion of writers could abuse to inject the slightest amount of comedy and drag out an 85-minute premise to 2 hours.

Rent this to see a fun, exciting, action movie.

It's funny and action packed.

Don't waste your time watching this movie!

)BAD BOYS kept me both amused and on the edge of my seat throughout.

It does give Martin Lawrence a chance to do mug for the camera, act stupid and annoying, sort of like Jerry Lewis in some of his worst movies.

With some entertaining dialogue that didn't have that much depth to it.

That wouldn't have hurt all too much had these scenes been directed capably, yet Bay demonstrates an inept ability to create an entertaining action piece.

Whereas the two leads strike up an interesting partnership, it soon wears down and becomes tiresome as the slow moving plot drags along with the detectives trying to find out the mystery to their case.

In the 1980's and 1990's there have been numerous buddy-cop films that were in the long run very entertaining.

It's hard to figure out what this movie's biggest flaw is: bad script, bad director, too predictable.

The action sequences were adequate, they blew a lot of stuff up pretty well, but the film was SO formulaic that I couldn't really concentrate on anything else.

It knows how to be genuinely funny, serious and action packed.

boring standard movie .

This is as formulaic as it gets except for one thing.

Other than that it is boring, unfunny, and generic as you can get.

I know that it's supposedly a mindless action buddy cop flick, but it is hugely entertaining and extremely well done.

BAD BOYS is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Action packed and hilarious .