Bad Boys II (2003) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Two loose-cannon narcotics cops investigate the flow of Ecstasy into Florida from a Cuban drug cartel.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Michael Bay
Stars: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence
Length: 147 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 99 out of 506 found boring (19.56%)

One-line Reviews (378)

If the director would've just cut the repulsive morgue scenes and about 30 minutes of other pointless, overly bloody, and unfun stuff, this one would've been a winner.

About halfway through this excursion I came to the consensus that the film was utterly listless, and had absolutely no ambition to be good, entertaining, or anything outside of the cloying genre of a "popcorn flick.

Goes on too long, and is much more violent than it needs to be, but as an adrenaline rush of action and excitement it works just fine.

I mean that made the movie even more drawn out then it had to be.

I enjoyed it...

I must be scratching the bottom of the barrel or scraping the dust in an empty drawer.

Entertaining No-Brainer .

Actually, a lot of intense action sequences.

The characters really carry the movie and are the main reason why this movie is so entertaining to watch.

Man this movie is freakin entertaining.

Comedy is funny, dark, and dirty thanks to writer Jerry Stahl, the man who lived on the edge for a while.

If you are wanting to rent a funny movie, with tonnes and tonnes of action, i'd highly recommend this, its a 2 hour thrill ride that will either have you laughing or gasping, that will make your adrenaline pump like it never has before!!

If any other actors played the leads in this movie, it would probably be just another style-over- substance, buddy cop action film to waste time on during the summer or on a night when you're bored.

With the original being such a hit, the sequel had a lot to live up to and though it wasn't quite as funny, it still managed to crack a few jokes while providing an action packed story.

It was fun, entertaining, and of course funny .

It even bored me at time.

And guys like Shane Black, the guys who spent years living on the edge.

There are atleast 6 incredibly entertaining action scenes and every other scene will make u laugh.

It is your standard "going out with his sister, not letting him know" type, and predictable throughout.

: With that Reggie kid), Martin Lawrence and Will Smith do work well together, all the hype that was put in this movie is pointless.

Over the top, over long yet entertaining .

Most movies have boring spots at some point, but Bad Boys is always action packed.

It turns out it is possible to be bored by expert special effects and car chases.

I give it *** out of **** for an exciting and sometimes funny movie.

Bad Boys II is little more than a mish-mash of car chases (and pretty darn exciting ones at that: Wachowski brothers should take note!

Boring movie with some action.

This was a very entertaining movie.

Another bonus is the film's absorbing,mesmerizing visual feel,especially the overhead views of Miami beach and the skyline of the buildings,sweeping you even further into all the action and excitement going on.

For shock value, thrills and spills, outrageous stunts, and entertaining chatter between Will Smith & Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys II delivers.

It's a film with no plot and about a million stunts that try and fail miserably to hold it together.

Although pretty enjoyable to the point of ridiculousness, Bad Boys II is the most overblown, unsubtle, cliché action film you will ever see.


I want to be thinking about how entertaining a movie was after I leave it.

Better than the first one but too long and boring...

It has some intense action sequences.

It's scenes like that that make the movie plod along at snail's pace.

Firstly, its way, way too long, by a good forty five minutes, and no matter how many flashy edits, or speeding cars you have, there is a lot of pointless drivel in this movie, and most of it is sexist, and xenophobic humour, that you get in his films now.

We have a bland,lifeless villain,spared any engaging charisma or dialogue,who you will care nothing for.

As I stated before, the action is mostly uninteresting and confusing.

i enjoyed it.

It's way too long by an hour at least.

The worst movie I've seen - ever.

I'll tell you… It's so damn nasty (a naked corpses being thrown in the street, being crashed by a car, a chopped off people, messing with dead bodies in a morgue, .. the list is long believe me), extremely violent (bursting blood and torn-off limbs all the time), less fun (aside from the matter of a bullet in Lawrence's butt in the start nothing was funny, even Joe Pantoliano's nervousness was dull and recycled from 100 other movies), all of that while being overblown in the same time too (the movie is 2 hours and a half long)!!!

The one word that best sums up this movie is boring.

This movie is an entertaining film for people who love action(like me), for people who love humerous sh**t(like me), and for people who can handle the creepy things shown in this movie...

The film was action packed, some of the new characters worked well (swap a french criminal with a latino drug lord, nobody seems to notice) and they kept enough of the originals to actually make it look like it was the same people in the storyline.

Very exciting and full of action.

I think this movie is definitely gonna appeal to those people who like their movies like their music videos: real pretty, real glitzy and ultimately, real empty.

Extremely brief scenes one after another to make exposition seem exciting.

Bay's pyrotechnics are at times incredible, with a Miami freeway pursuit as good as it gets for such entertaining devastation.

What a complete waste of 2 hours 20 minutes of my life.

This attempt was fun, with quality action, a creative dialog, and a very entertaining fast-paced story which moved right along to a satisfying ending.

Lets cut to the chase here, which ironically is what Bay does frequently in this movie, the film is too long, too shallow and devoid of a decent plot.

Pointless storyline.

Even watching it in that frame of mind, I was in awe of how empty the whole thing was.

Michael Bay, the director, brings you as close to the action as possible; rarely does he over-do the series of shots, but the non-action scenes tend to be visually bland.

But at least there are some things that either still there or just got better like the action sequences and the storyline is a little bit better and a little bit weak but hugely entertaining stuff.

it has great action sequences and its very funny, will smith and martin Lawrence are very funny , they have great chemistry on screen, the only thing i didn't like was the end, that guy blowing up in the landmine after he was shot in the head i think was a little to much, but besides that this movie is very entertaining and funny, i think its because they use a lot of profanity.

It also makes you laugh out loud multiple times but not at its predecessor's level, while compensating through intense action.

plot was well developed, highly suspenseful

EXTREMELY entertaining sequel is TONS of fun if you check your brain at the door WARNING!!!!!!

the action had me on the edge of my seat, constantly clenching my girlfriend's leg(and vice versa), and wondering what they were going to come up with next.

It really seemed as if was only 1 and a half hours because you are on the edge of your seat for the last hour or so.

Directed by Michael Bay who also has a small cameo in the film as the driver of the rubbish car Marcus tires to commandeer before the Mercedes this is the sequel to the successful action thriller comedy Bad Boys (1995) only like all good sequels it's bigger, louder & even more action packed.

And the action is way more violent & entertaining than the first one, going way over the top, which in these day and age what isn't.

Police driving Ferrari, on empty roads in city, haha, good joke.

The intense and excessive action - scenes are absolutely amazing and the amount of violence exceeds everything that you might have seen in an action - movie so far.

This movie is a fun, wild, crazy, loud, action packed ride.

But you know this is like a unbearable awful version of Miami Vice(2006) by Michael Mann.

What was refreshingly enjoyable in the first movie has lost its 'off the cuff' feel and is now stale and contrived.

This movie is a perfect 10 for me , it's the perfect action movie that has it all , awesome special effects , intense action sequences , the best car chases , awesome acting , good comedy , Michal bay it's a genius of action movies ,

And yet, despite a few enjoyable moments, it really was THAT bad.

there is one spectacular car chase,which is admittedly unrealistic,but very exciting to watch.

Which means, of course, there's a lot of dull time where Bay tells a superficial drug deal plot where one can feel his patience where thin during the running time.

This film is just way too long.

The end fight in Cuba is probably the loudest and fastest in the entire movie, and also the most exciting by far.

The shot is pointless, and adds nothing to the sequence, although it would have been a good place to use a product placement ad for Pepto Bismol.

The jokes feature so many stringed together four-letter words within dialog that it's hard and confusing to understand the plot.

Watching Bad Boys II over the weekend was supposed to be an exciting event.

But the shock value made these quite exciting and amusing action scenes in Bad Boys II really effective.

but above all desperately belated sequel that serves as just another reason why Jerry Bruckheimer should be dragged out into the street and shot in the exact same style as depicted in sociopathic garbage like this!

This is Bay's worst movie until his recent TRANSFORMERS sequel.

Then, in place of characterization, the boys engage in a running repartee of stale jokes and tiresome put downs that continues on even though all around them bullets are flying and bodies are piling up.

In a character switch, Will Smith plays the loose cannon and Martin Lawrence plays the stodgy, "I'm getting too old for this s***" cop.

The considerably larger budget is definitely up on the screen, but that does not make it a better movie, too many long car chases and shoot outs left me a little bored, and the non stop bickering became annoying after a while.

but overall an enjoyable popcorn flick

Whatever the director wanted to tell us about in the storyline, since it was far too boring to watch the second half of this movie.

This was just as good as the original ( in the entertaining way that is).

In addition to the two car chases, we also get a thrilling shootout at a drug dealer's decrepit house.

This sequel came out 8 years after the first one, which is way too long.

As a matter of fact, action movies from now on are going to have a tough time being enjoyable after watching BB2.

Few laughs, boring action, Bad Movie II .

It's all about the the short-term adrenaline rush and perpetuating the Good Ole American NRA Way.

My wife bought me this piece of crud for Christmas, What a waste of time.

So pretty much, to sum this movie up its: Pointless and boring dialogue with one or two jokes that are funny plus heaps of mindless, uninteresting and confusing action, along with a few nice action moments.

The actors melt and melow in this story, just like the cream melt on the cake when it's hot,The colors the director used in the film is visually stunning.

Watch it re-hash every cop cliché ever!

This is not healthy political agitation at the people's level, this is disgusting nationalist propaganda.

Their chemistry on-screen is just as enjoyable as it was in the first movie.

This Movie Was Way Too Long.

This has to be the worst movie I have seen this year, and that list includes DareDevil.

This is your standard "Hey we're tough guys with guns and will deliver a vast array of bad cliche to prove it" kind of movie.

The movie is very entertaining, it goes back and forth between action and comedy all the way through.

This is not to say that it is just the plot that stinks, oh no I could cope with that, the effects were just pointless.

If you want to see an entertaining, even thrilling movie that will stay with you for a while, check out 28 Days Later, and give this thing a pass.

However, I enjoyed the one-liner lines, the racial/crude humor, (I don't like racial, but it was a joke with Will and Martin), the intense action sequences including the car chase on the interstate, and the finale at the end.

Inferior but enjoyable BB sequel .

This movie drags on and on with no real plot except for "let's blow something else up and act real tough.

Ultimately this is proof that stuffing long, loud and unoriginal action sequences into about 3 hours will only impress some weak minded small children, boring the ass off anybody who actually wants to see a film.

Throw in Michael Bay's typically showy, pompous slow-mo, swooning, swish-panny camera, a predictable storyline that tries to create conflict, your stereotypical euro-villain and a sense of how much money and talent and destruction one can throw in every scene and you have a completely overblown, brains at the door action extravaganza.

The nominal plot involves the partners tracking down a Cuban drug kingpin (yawn) who is smuggling Xtasy to the states hidden inside gutted corpses.

Save your money and go see something else.

The nominal plot involves the partners tracking down a Cuban drug kingpin (yawn) who is smuggling Xtasy to the states hidden inside gutted corpses.

The car chases are especially fast paced and well directed.

What a waste of time!!

I highly recommend it!

This movie was honestly a work or art, visually stunning, great action, better than I anticipated acting, and finally another well done directing job by Michael Bay.

If you want blood, gore, and special effects, although they're there in abundance, 'Bad Boys 2' will leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied.

In the sequel, it's like, "Let's just write a bunch of crap to fill this random ten minute scene en route having another pointless chase sequence or explosion.

) then it's an enjoyable way to spend 2hrs+ with some mates if you leave your brain at the door.

I enjoyed it so much that I feel like seeing it again.

Shoot-outs, car chases, cadavers, Haitian Gangs, Russian gangs, Cuban Gangs, and the KKK all add to the heaping body count and adrenaline rush.

This is just a loud excuse to shoot bullets and for Michael Bay to exercise more of this MTV-inspired, empty camera work.

Some folks call Bad Boys II a meaningless movie with a Miami Vice story line for the big screen.

The story was therefore too long and boring.

very entertaining.

Extremely violent, but still quite entertaining...

Summary: Switch the brain off and just accept the pointless violence, and just hope that this sort of stuff doesnt become the norm.

After being somewhat light-hearted and humorous, the movie started to take a serious turn with a supposed portentous and riveting moment.

Believe me, there is a reason why Edgar Wright parodied this in Hot Fuzz - he saw what it was going for, perhaps even enjoyed it in terms of its plasticity as a film, and decided to mock it mercilessly.

It became unnecessarily repetitive.

Bad Boys II wouldn't be so intolerable and unwatchable if it had just improved on three things; one, lee pretentiousness in the direction and the production.

It will still make millions at the box office though, and Michael Bay will continue to make uninteresting movies.

It's exciting in a sick way.

I felt the movie was enjoyable because Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are a good team.

It was a great adrenaline rush, I was tense, my arm was been twitching the fist half of the movie alone.

Also, I thought is was so contrived that Marcus' sister just HAPPENS to be a DEA agent working on the same case as Marcus and Mike.

Let's stick to the action, cut needless "character development" scenes, which Michael Bay couldn't pull off convincingly if his life depended on it (you can tell he doesn't care about them), and confine Lawrence and Smith to the humorous banter and stay away from the loud, senseless, repetitive arguments.

Entertaining though it is, there comes a point when you've seen enough faceless henchmen getting holes drilled in them and just want to see the villain being brought down.


And I seemed to be sitting in the cinema for ages as the plot dragged on and on.

This movie is so much fun and quite enjoyable, plain and simple.

Way too long, Way too poorly stitched together, and way too stupid to waste any of your time or money on.

This is but one of three main chase scenes in the film and each one was spectacular as it offered something new to what has often become a tired cliché in action films.

That being said, this is an incredibly long movie, a little too long, and by the final half hour to forty-five minutes, the action becomes a bit repetitive.

Bay's direction is just as bad as before - but now thanks to a much bigger budget, a larger cast and crew and the advent of advanced digital technology, the explosions are bigger, the car chases are longer and more boring, the camera moves even more and never stops zooming and cutting away to other scenes, and so on and so forth.

Critics may carp, but I was astounded by this movie; it has fabulously exciting direction by Michael Bey, including the most astonishing car chase ever, and a weirdly brilliant shoot-out inside a house.

Mostly the action is totally uninteresting or confusing, and the humour is pretty much non-stop.

It had no plot structure at all.

Half of that time could be spent just eaves-dropping on conversations between Smith and Lawrence, and be far more entertaining.

Just Pointless .

They present a style to the film that make the tiresome experience worthwhile.

Obviously there are many more but this movie is still enjoyable.

The action scenes are pretty enjoyable, the highs being the 360 gun battle and the freeway chase.

The people I'm speaking about wouldn't see the time and effort put into to making this movie as entertaining as it was for a moment during the craziest car chase scene I've seen in a while u have escaped u ordinary life and are in the movie that why these movies are good don't go out and critique a film that u can't even enjoy in the first place watch a movie on face value.

An Action Packed Movie That'll Have You Laughing!!.

Otherwise, wow, was that tedious.

Its really exciting when they get into Tapia's mansion, in Cuba.

To keep it short and sweet the movie is long 2 1/2 hours and the plot is very familiar if you've seen the first one, but its still ENTERTAINING!!!

The repetitive swearing was enough to make you wince after about 15 minutes and caused to walk out before the movie was over.

If you are keen on plenty of entertaining testosterone - filled hardcore - action I can only recommend this movie.

Overall I felt that this was a very weak and absurd action film that still managed to be enjoyable despite it's many, many weaknesses.

Have you ever had one of those moments while you're watching a movie, totally immersed in the plot, oblivious to your surroundings, and suddenly, you are yanked out of that experience; simply because you realized the movie was ridiculously long and bad.

Enough said, `Bad Boys II' is a waste of your time and a waste of celluloid.

Sick, disgusting, unoriginal, a horrible waste of money, superficial, unentertaining, unfunny, vulgar, and just plain terrible.

I have seen better low budget comedy action flicks that though they were not what you would consider the best, they were at least entertaining.

The action packed freeway chase with crashing cars & speed boats is maybe the best single car chase from the past decade, it's amazing & the scenes with the cars being let off the car transporter & flipping over are incredible.

,' and all of the unnecessary and pointless scenes were taken out, each film would be less than 15 minutes long.

It wasn't until I witnessed McG's disaster films that I began to pity Bay a bit, at least he puts forth the effort to make entertaining summer films.

Bad Boys 2 was unexpectantly long, drawn-out, and boring.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return as tough Miami cops, here trying to break up a drug ring.. or audition for a remake of "Miami Vice" .. I wasn't sure which.. The story is pretty meaningless and a number of subplots are pointless garbage.. but the film is still watchable due to the charisma of Will Smith, who is usaly worth watching...

** spoiler alert **This was a reasonably enjoyable movie, it had some good cinematic parts to it I thought- like the hummers bouncing down the hill (even though the wing mirrors kept coming back from the dead at least three times).

Very Entertaining and Over the Top Action Film .

It was an exciting movie.

The action scenes, while exciting and entertaining, are exaggerated, unrealistic and just downright plain ludicrous.

If you enjoy fast paced action, comedy, good looking people or are just in the mood for a good movie, this is the film to see.


The screenplay by Ron Shelton and Jerry Stahl encompasses every cop buddy cliché known to mankind.

The so called jokes are trite, there's awfully much parody especially at the end when the total mockery of the viewer is taking place.

Then, in place of characterization, the boys engage in a running repartee of stale jokes and tiresome put downs that continues on even though all around them bullets are flying and bodies are piling up.

there is still the same comedic banter between the two,which helps to slow the frenetic pace down once in awhile.

Plotless, pointless, and utterly tasteless.

The directing is ugh, the acting is worse than Belly, the action is so over the top that you wonder if the height will make your ears pop, the chemistry of Will and Martin was wasted and used to concoct all the uneccessary explosions, the pages in the script where the plot was written was apparently used for toilet paper, the movie was longer than Roots (even the Chicken George part), and you leave the theater mad at the world.

To all things considered, BB2 boasts a number of exciting action scenes.

Although this got bashed and legitametly "bombed", I enjoyed it when I saw it.

Unfortunately, it unbearable from the start to the end.

It was so over the top, the acting was great, the action exciting, the characters and script-work were well developed and the camera work excellent.

The story for Bad Boys II is pretty confusing and unless you really pay attention or are narcotic detectives, you will be lost within the first hour of the film.

Again, the story is made complicated by a long run time, numerous dead-on-arrival conversations between criminals, tedious shootouts, astoundingly incoherent car chases, and the constant bickering between two men we are led to believe have been close friends for many years.

(time wise) It was funny, entertaining, and basic fluff - just what I expected!

BAD BOYS II, on the other hand, was confusing, had a few funny moments, and (most of all) l o n g.

Very enjoyable action comedy that should please most fans of Hollywood blockbusters and cop flicks.

For example, when the dog made the swimming pool break and Martin Lawrence fell in the lake was pointless.

Violent, edgy, high-energy action scenes and charismatic performances from two great leads help to elevate the formulaic material, though the comedy tends to be wildly uneven at times.

But just way too long and sexist.

and this movie is a very entertaining action-flick alright!

The chase scenes are ridiculously exciting, and the rapport between Smith and Lawrence...

Bad Boys II is waste of money in all senses of the expression.

But by 2003, Smith was a huge star and focusing on more dramatic roles, Bay had pretty much sold out that he was going to make nothing but loud, empty, emotionless action flicks (having done Armageddon and Pearl Harbor by this point), and Lawrence was doing whatever he was doing!

It makes the plot get really slow.

Slap in loads of stupid Smith and Lawrence humour, a yellow Hummer, gloryfying E tablets, mindless violence, pointless comedy (if you can call it that), bad ass attitude, and you get a result of BAD Miami Vice version of a cop movie.

When I thought about why I felt so bored during those tedious middle sequences I realised that the screenwriters had made a serious error.

The car chases are moderately exciting, if ridiculous (after seeing two cop cars flip 20 times and blow up we hear the captain say "Thank God no cops were killed" - what, did they have ejector seats?

It has a freeway chase scene at least twice as intense as The Matrix: Reloaded, and according to the director, none of it is CG.

This was a very excellent movie which always kept you interested and on the edge of your seat.

All entertaining police movies push the limits of reality- Lethal Weapon movies, Training Day to name some.

I love a great film and I love a great action packed blockbuster, and I have no problem diferentiating bewtween the two.

Action packed, charismatic, and hilarious .

What else makes this film enjoyable are the villains.

The movie started off slow.

The cliché sayings are just a bit off, mistimed and lose most of their punch.

Well my God, I wonder who really wrote this dross, because if it was me, I certainly wouldn't want my name to come up on such an unoriginal, totally forgettable, bland and ludicrous script as this.

EXTREMELY entertaining sequel is TONS Of fun if you check your brain at the door.

And Larwence who can not only entertain but play serious roles with finesse (Example: Blue Streak), is reduced to a boring drone.

Action Packed, Fun .

But it's really just an empty barrage of action scene after action scene, each one bigger than the last.

Who other than Bay could make such a mind-numbing, cliché-riddled, unengaging, retarded, and pointless piece of cinema!?

what just because it isnt an artsy fartsy movie doesnt mean it isnt entertaining.

Yes, we all know they're going to be over the top, but lord almighty, it's still an adrenaline pumping thrill to see them happen.

The by-the-numbers plot is as simple as they come, two cops track down drug dealer & blow lots of things up in the process & that's really all there is to it apart from a predictable sub-plot about Marcus' sister being kidnapped (did anyone ever actually think they wouldn't save her?

This film has 6 action scenes that are long and enjoyable which you can watch many times and still love it.

If you are unable to suspend reality for a few hours and just enjoy a movie then dont waste your time or money and then come on here and cry about it.


It tastes good while it lasts, but eventually you end up rather dry and thirsty.

2) The action sequences were more exciting.

In this the spats are long, drawn out, deliberate, and just laced with spite mostly on the part of Lawrences character.

" This new film, which is indeed even longer, dopier and duller than the original, once again stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two Miami P.

They both are highly entertaining character, who show some great duo-chemistry on screen.

This is, without doubt, THE worst movie of the year.

The first car chase in this movie is thrilling and arguably tops the one seen in "The Matrix Reloaded.

As a visually stunning cinematic achievment, or as a dizzying display of nothing more than explosions, car chases and paper thin characters.

This movie was very funny and entertaining, albeit long.

Yes, it has the biggest explosions, but it's somewhat confusing and by this time, we just want it to be OVER!!

Intense Hilarious Action .

Add that with an adrenaline rush of explosions, excessive gore and chase scenes right up there with The Matrix Reloaded, then you got yourself a damn good gotta see summer blockbuster.

Sometimes funny but mostly on the edge of what is considered appropriate.

Watching a Jerry Bruckheimer produced film is the cinematic equivalent of consuming empty calories.

Just a horribly edited and shot collage of pointless destruction and degradation.

This film is bigger, faster, and more entertaining.

My biggest problem was that there was some serious anti-Cuban propaganda.

what i liked best that i've NEVER =seen before in a movie, and i have to give michael bay credit for is the scene where they empty, the trailer full of cars one by one onto the freeway,, just looking at the shots of the cars jumping off of the semi, made me jump,, i noticed this was produced by jerry bruckenheimer, and the late donald simpson.

" Soon afterward I ended up buying the blu-ray double pack, watched the first Bad Boys, and enjoyed it well enough I suppose.

This is a great ride, filled with exciting characters, humor, unexpected plot turns and of course, lots of car chases and crashing cars and so on.

Worst movie of the year .

Mancina's buddy Trevor Rabin took over scoring duties for this movie and the cool Bad Boys theme is completely gone and replaced with an endless and dull drone.

okay if you were to tell me which movie has the most weakest plot ever I would tell you "BAD BOYS II" this was one of the worst movies I have seen this year.

The first Bad Boys was a vaguely enjoyable buddy movie that broke convention by starring two black cops instead of the traditional one black and one white.

So to paraphrase a popular cliche, I was prepared for the worst and expecting mediocrity.

While the plot, being fuzzy, unsynchronized but decent, is astonishingly way too long.

The film has plenty of spectacular and gripping chases, with cars and dead bodies being thrown at them to stop them catching up, and also plenty of gun fights and explosions that they or the bad guys are creating.

This movie was very entertaining.

For those of you who like pointless movies then you will enjoy.

"Bad Boys II" is pure popcorn fare, flashy but empty.

However, the movie moved fast and was usually entertaining, with lots of explosions and shoot-outs to keep you interested.

Remember in Matrix Reloaded where down the line you get a bit bored with the fight sequences and you just want it to hurry up ?

Things just seem too drawn out.

A Summer Movie that is an enjoyable Blast.

The movie is just childish and boring.

It has alot of action sequences that are more breathtaking than the ones in the first movie.

This movie can best be described as close-up, intense, non-stop, stylish action with lots of realistic gunplay, wild car rides, dead bodies, hardbodies and a light, crisp script.

My favourite scene is the high way chase, pure adrenaline.

thats far too long for a popcorn movie, no matter the content.

Way too long .

In fact, the only notable parts of the screenplay are the references to the original (the slow spinning camera angle and the, "From now on, that's how you...

Some of the critics saw that this movie is too long at 2 and a half hours of movie.

Even though this movie suffered some cuts in the german version,its still a very entertaining action flick.

Their chemistry makes the film worth watching.

The visuals also failed to impress as the pointless action scenes and car chases droned on for hours after the plot had long been lost.

the worst movie i've seen in my entire life.

funnier and more action packed than the original .

Also along for the ride is the ultra hot Gabrielle Union as she plays Martin's baby sister/Smith's secret love interest/and an undercover New York DEA agent immersed with Molla'.

To sum up, this how action movies used to be, offensive and void of any logic but hilarious and intense.

Aside from a few funny scenes with Will/Martin this movie was a lengthy bore.

I thought it was a painfully unoriginal and dull movie, despite all of the car chases, shootouts, and explosions.

It's a satisfyingly effective, exciting and expensive scene.

Michael Bay, apparently receiving all the money in the world to film explosions, gunfights, high-profile stars and one hell of a LONG-ass movie, manages at best to bore, at worst to insult one's intelligence.

That makes even the action scenes boring (though I admit to a twinge of interest for a second or two during the big freeway chase).

Simple plot, basic screenplay but the wit and action from Smith and Lawrence makes it enjoyable.

The exception is of course lord of the rings series which is extremely entertaining even for the laymen who do not know an ogre from a human.

The banter between them is flat and drab.

Pointless subplots?

A good example for me was the stunning sequence that took place inside the Haitian gang's hideout.

There were several great car chases and the whole movie was action packed.

There were so many scenes that were just pointless.

It was okay and in my book passable,but "Bad Boys 2" is too fast,too furious,too long--way too long,way too violent,and extremely silly.

Another small film that is only entertaining and silly like a French cow with five legs.

True, this was a good entertaining movie i have no idea why all the critics gave it like movie was like the worst movie ever.

The action scenes are mostly dull, though the car chase about a half hour in is spectacular after a dull gun fight.

It was also great to see Joe Pantoliano reprising his role as police Captain and Peter Stormare is always enjoyable to watch.

The end result is that it all feels very overblown, but still manages to be surprisingly enjoyable.

Bad Boys 2: 6.5/10This was definitely better than the original, which I found really boring.

The movie was so loud, dumb, no plot, silly, just a waste of time, I hate this movie.

so the action lasts only long enough to give us the adrenaline rush, and then the next scene comes in.

I hate when I read reviews that say the same standard remarks- "it was too unrealistic; there was no plot; too much action, etc." Okay-- if you saw the trailer, then you already knew it was not going to be an academy award winning drama!!

It is all one boring dull mindless cliché after another until the viewer is literally ready to puke.

The first Bad Boys talk the great elements from both and created a film that was intriguing, well designed, funny and above all a good romp.

This is a tiresome sequel, that becomes long and winded after the first half hour because of its oppressive consumption of self-importance from very early on.

I liked this film because it has loads of action in and people getting shot very exciting and also keeps you glued to the TV but it do drag out the story to long.

Well worth watching if you liked the first one and want more of the same.

Bad Boys was pretty good, The Rock I didn't like, Armageddon was watch-able and Pearl Harbour bored me to disinterest.

Entertaining & Fun .

The whole scene on the highway was intense..u know the edge of ur seat kinda thing.

too long and drawn out .

One Of The Most Boring Action Movies I Have Ever Seen.

I Think the problem was that thers was more action than a plot, all I have to say is that this was a waste of time and money,i mean come on who is going to pull a gun on a 15 yr old kid .

Cliché villain?

It's hard to explain just how awful this movie is: Silly, slow-moving, boring plot; leaden dialogue; lack of personal chemistry among the characters; feeble and failed attempts at humor; and longer than eternity.

Loud, chaotic and ultimately empty sequel to the smash hit of 1995 returns the titled characters (Will Smith and Martin Lawrence) as they try to take down a powerful drug cartel in Miami.

It's far too long, much too silly and waaay too dull to be of any real interest and that's a shame because the action really hits the spot.

Though most characters were very superficial (the two lead chars Lowrey and Burnett weren't deepened out at all), the bad guy, played by Jordi Mollà, grants us a few scenes of enjoyable acting and a constructive emotional base for his actions as a drugs kingpin.

And even though Mollà is nowhere near as good as the villain Tcheky Karyo was, he pulls an ok if a bit boring performance.

Don't waste your money.

It's boring.

Long, tedious action adventure with repetitive dialog, bad plot holes, and generally boring characters is how to describe this little foray into following up the characters from Bad Boys.

Boring Boys .

very entertaining overall (about 3 viewings)

For those of you who chose to hate it or belittle it, what movie this summer would you rank better or more action packed?

When you buy/rent this movie be prepared to sit on the edge of your set and be Wowed.

Their repetitive and tired formula makes money.

The stunt work was amazing and it was a scene of masterful creation that kept the adrenaline flowing and the effects were used to enhance the scene without taking center stage away from the human element.

Violent, insensitive and immoral can be very entertaining but when it's also crude, unoriginal and boring, the level of insult and disgust rises considerably.

Seeing the film I must admit to mixed feelings – I know that the film is silly and very weak in many areas but I still found it enjoyable.

I don't hate Michael Bay nor his approach of mindless and over-amped blockbusters, but I wouldn't want to waste my time on the 2 and a half hours of empty-headed drivel that BAD BOYS II had to offer.

That said its still a good sequel and certainly worth watching if you enjoyed the first one.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back and better than ever in this action packed sequel to Bad Boys.

overkill but they did that just to cover-up the lack of story & plot.

This movie has officially surpassed Pearl Harbor, Attack of the Clones Batman and Robin and Freddy Got Fingered on my list of worst movies of all time.

), I had a fun time and left the theater smiling.

The big drug dealer in this movie is literally a comical cliché of Bad Action Movie 101: overly abusive and always cursing at his lackeys, then turns into a sweetie with his kids and has some kind of phobia (he's afraid of rodents!

Action packed, Laugh filled Good Time .

No plot?

Once again, the visuals are stunning and highly stylized, and the action is breathtaking and nonstop.

I got very bored from the story.

Granted the story is a bit long and slow in some spots, the humor is fantastic and the action is top notch.

This is a prototypical "good" action movie -- intense, perfectly executed, it is original action, shown to the tune of a unforgettable following story from the first movie with a gunplay's fanatic dreams.

a little too long, about 2 1/2 hours of explosions everywhere, but still pretty entertaining moive with a lot of funny jokes between lawrence and smith.

It made the actions scenes more intense and gets your blood pumping.

Action / Drama / Comedy all rolled into oneBad Boys I & II are best action packed movies of their time, I can watch it over and over (and have).

Cool and exciting, definately a movie to see in Theatres *possible spoiler* .

Although "Bad Boys II" is not as good as the first, it still is a very enjoyable, entertaining popcorn flick with some spectacular action and two great main characters who have some fine chemistry together.

Somewhere in the middle of Michael Bay's latest self-indulgent piece of movie dung, I found myself thinking of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" and the scene in which Alex is strapped to a chair, his head immobilized, his eyes forced open, and film clips of murder, rape and Nazi crimes are projected onto the movie screen until he finds himself unable to take any more, sickness overcomes him and he cries out for the torture to stop.

The whole thing is so overblown and predictable it will give you a headache.

When this film first came out eleven years ago I thought it was wonderful, loud, and very exciting.

An incredibly enjoyable film to those with open minds.

It was just a huge cliche wrapped in innuendo sealed in really shiny film with terrible signature Bruckheimer slow mo and various other editing techniques.

P-ish, that means I give it 3.9 stars (for definitely _not_being dull).

"Bad Boys II" is a late sequel to Michael Bay's successful enjoyable debut movie "Bad Boys" from 1995.

Basically, Bad Boys II remains a worthy sequel and an all in all enjoyable movie.

Fast, Powerfull, Bold, Incredible, Calculating, Funny, Entertaining, Enjoyable, Adventures, Visually Fantastic.

The action was intense as any movie I have ever seen.

There is no plot.

The story telling is slow during part of the movie while the two 'bad boys' are discussing what I don't remember now.

A summer blockbuster is supposed to be loud, entertaining, and fun.

And the worst part about it all is that it is far too long for it's own good.

Absolute Adrenaline Rush!.

It seems that the screenwriters thought that by making the actors spew foul language that this would make the film more entertaining to watch.

Anyway, 8 years in the making, a BIG budget, excellent talent in front of and behind the camera has made Bad Boys 2 quite entertaining...

Bad Boys II was well directed, visually stunning and much whitier than it's predecessor.

The film has a strong smell of "anti-drug" propaganda which pervades it like a hooker's funk.

'Bad Boys II' is incredibly entertaining.

It is also dumb, cliché, and overly vulgar.

It's like they're only playing it for fun which makes it even more enjoyable because you can just relax and watch just for fun.

"Bad Boys II" is quite likely the worst movie I have seen this year, and in a summer that gave us both "LXG" and "From Justin to Kelly", that's saying a lot.

But the script (Ron Shelton & Jerry Stahl) is often dull, and worryingly sometimes, offensive.

But in this case it's the kind of fascinating bad that you can't turn away from.

Over the top, BORING car-chase scenes which feel like they take up hours of your time will ruin your day.

My only complaint is that there was a little too much gore for my tastes, but even that could not ruin the movie for me because it was just too damn entertaining, which afterall, is the WHOLE DANG POINT OF MOVIES PEOPLE!!

) The photography seems to defy any attempt by the human eye to track any one singular object, and what is left is a blurry, vaselined confusion of images that do little to promote the director's obviously intended urgency.

Don't waste your money, please.

This action packed film keeps the viewers laughing and on the edge of their seats.

It also makes you laugh out loud multiple times but not at its predecessor's level, while compensating through intense action.

" This new film, which is indeed even longer, dopier and duller than the original, once again stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two Miami P.

These are only minor grievances and I enjoyed it a lot, despite having low expectations in the first place.

The screenplay by Ron Shelton and Jerry Stahl encompasses every cop buddy cliché known to mankind.

Its one of the most action packed movies ever.

Instead, I was bored senseless, and aggravated by beyond belief(during the siezure-inducing chase scenes, mainly).

Full of explosions, gunfights, and chases, Bad Boys 2 manages to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thismovie is fast paced, action packed and funny as all get out.