Bad News Bears (2005) - Comedy, Sport

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A grizzled little league coach tries to turn his team of misfits into champs.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Richard Linklater
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 34 out of 117 found boring (29.05%)

One-line Reviews (68)

I would strongly recommend this movie to anyone wanting a good laugh and who is tired of all those gory horror or predictable drama movies.

I finally caught up with the remake last night and actually enjoyed it.

A little bit of a rehash, but enjoyable anyways.


This is an enjoyable film and will entertain the viewer on a slow Sunday afternoon.

Yes, it sounds extremely tedious - AND IT IS!

) I also know it stays true to the original and that it's somewhat of a sports movie, but half of the movie is just kids hitting baseballs, which, at an hour and fifty one minutes, makes for a lot of bore.

Tanner Boyle, Lupus, and Engelberg were main characters originally but are uninteresting and one dimensional in this version.

Though it is helmed by the enormously talented and creative Richard Linklater, little of his talent is utilized in this otherwise bland and, at times, disjointed tale of a group of ragtag Little League rejects who form together to create an unlikely winning combination.

Boring, 4 out of 10.

I'll be undoubtedly buying it when it comes out on DVD because I'm an avid collector and also a fan of Billy Bob and I do find it fairly entertaining.

Every cliché' you can imagine is pumped full of embalming fluid and wheeled out again and again (and again).

"Bad News Bears" isn't anything you haven't seen before, but it's entertaining I guess.

The movie starts off promising in the beginning but than becomes dull and most of the jokes fall flat.

The characters get thrown into each others' ways too quickly, and the way they respond to the initial meeting of each other (like when Thornton meets the whole team) is one of boredom and very uneventful.

They also kept reusing jokes throughout the entire film so it became tiresome to see the same thing being used over and over again.

This movie was terrible, i almost left halfway through because of its most intense boringness...

If you're thinking of renting this film because you're desperate for some true seventies banality, allow me to suggest that you save the money and instead try catching either the rerun of "Alice" where Flo says "Kiss my grits" for the eighteenth time or the action-packed episode of "My Three Sons" where Fred MacMurray lights his pipe.

Honest, as well as Entertaining .

Dull and pointless copy.

If you saw and enjoyed the original, don't waste your time with this fair re-make.

The whole enterprise becomes a dreary exercise in upping the ante: Matthau's Buttermaker was a pool cleaner; Thornton's Buttermaker is a rat-exterminator .

In my opinion the plot is pretty good, but by now has become more than a little formulaic and boring.

The original is way better, the performance I saw by Walter Matthau in the original got me very excited because Billy Bob always plays a good drunk, but in this film Billy Bob was just too nice most of the time, so his character was a little too dull.

It was pointless, tedious and embarrassing.

Tatum O'Neil and the kids that starred in the original were very accomplished and so much more entertaining.

Blah, boring, dull, vapid, banal, ho hum...

'Bad News Bears' isn't a great movie, but it is very entertaining and certainly worth the price of admission to see it in the theaters.

Someone said it was pointless to compare this movie to the original "The Bad News Bears" of 1976.

complete waste of time .

What's more, the new version includes a variety of pointless changes (changing the Yankees coach's name from Roy Turner to Roy Bullock?

The child acting is HORRENDOUS on all accounts, nearly making it unwatchable.

This movie had no story, no characters and no point, other than the continuing problems of Hollywood and why they can't seem to make money.

Other then that this movie is pretty pointless.

I don't have the blanket disdain for remakes that I'm seeing elsewhere on IMDb, and I did find this film to be entertaining and enjoyable.

)I would rate this movie 4 out of 10, because most parts were boring, and it was a very stupid movie over-all.

Our suggestion is watch the original Matthau version and don't waste your time with this poor excuse for a remake.

It was pretty painful to sit through even though ultimately I found more dull than bad.

I'm not offended, I'm just bored.

Glad I didn't spend one dime on this film, other than waste my time.

With the help of Billy Bob Thornton and some very talented newcomers, the ride is quite enjoyable.

Still, worth watching for a few cheap laughs.

Some scenes drag on, like the training scenes and the date scene at the skate park; both were predictable and bordered on pandering.

Don't waste your money...

I didn't like this remake because it was too full of fussing and bad language, both by the kids and by Buttermaker, to the point where it became tiresome.

The film moves along very well, showing the progress of the bears on their way to the exciting and very funny climax.

Unfortunately, the movie runs out of steam about halfway through, as it fizzles into predictable kiddie sports movie schmaltz.

Bad News Bear: Directed by Richard Linklater and written by Bill Lancaster, Glenn Ficarra and John RequaThis movie is completely pointless.

the guy behind me fell asleep and was snoring loudly through the whole thing.

The child actors in the movie are great and make the picture enjoyable to watch.

Conclusion: this is a very entertaining film with enough good lines to make it a nice comedy.

If you've seen the original don't waste your time here.

Bad News Bears is of course, a remake of the same title back in 1976 starring Tatum O'Neal and Walter Matheau, now I seem to recall this as being a fairly enjoyable little flick back then so a remake directed by 'School Of Rock' Richard Linklater looked good, at least, on paper.

There is hardly any music underscoring also, which makes the pacing of the film entirely too slow.

And, that part was very good and entertaining.

The remake of Bad News Bears was long and boring.

The scenes with the sexual jokes and scenes with hookers is anything but for little children, but where they play baseball and strive the win and be the best, that part would bore the adults to death, (it did for me.

Marcia Gay Harden was sabotaged by a dumb part as a hypocritical super-mom, and Greg Kinnear was way too bland and fair-minded for his All-American dad role as an opposing coach of the best team.

Very predictable.

However, Bad news bears is absolutely tedious and unfunny.

Worth watching because of Thortons performance and some really funny moments.

A waste of money all around in my opinion.

The movie was so boring that I fell asleep.

Predictable .

His delivery of some truly priceless lines alone make the film worth watching.

However, the movie is still very enjoyable and worth seeing if you're a fan of the 1976 film.

The biggest problem is that the film runs nearly two hours long and the final game itself goes on for nearly thirty minutes, which is just way too long.

Nothing new, save your money .