Bad Santa (2003) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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A miserable conman and his partner pose as Santa and his Little Helper to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. But they run into problems when the conman befriends a troubled kid.

Director: Terry Zwigoff
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 78 out of 489 found boring (15.95%)

One-line Reviews (175)

Tony Cox has a number of enjoyable roles, though he is at his best here as Marcus, Willie's loathsome partner in crime.

That would surely been more entertaining!

You feel sorry for him and he's very entertaining at being darkly comedic.

Even with the talented Billy Bob Thornton the film is flat, meandering and pointless.

For those adults bored with watching visual cotton candy every holiday "Bad Santa" delivers the kitty.

Sadly, after this momentary peak the film returns to banal mediocrity with a tacked-on happy ending that doesn't ring true and fails to satisfy.

Bad Santa is one of the worst movies ever made and it is in my bottom 5.

actor but his last role, this film very dry, not John Ritter like.

Very entertaining.

If your idea of "fun" is to watch a drunken, foul-mouthed pig and his obnoxious foul-mouthed dwarf associate grab every possible opportunity to use the "F" word, then by all means, waste your money on this piece of garbage.

This movie was a waste of my time.

Crudely entertaining .

The plot dragged through the movie.

It's foul play with heart - imbibing spirited Bad Santa delivers - fun and entertaining assured .

The abusive nature of the unidimensional characters spiraled out of control, unsaved by the transparent and uninteresting plot.

Highly entertaining.

I just watched it because I was bored and had nothing better to do.

There is no message here, no point, except that calculated nihilism will always win in the end and concepts like love, beauty, and hope are for saps and suckers who exist only as playthings for the antisocial.

" Predictable reaction from Willie: "can I have my lunch time break?

I find only some comedy enjoyable.

It presents them honestly, with a naughty attitude that is refreshing in light of all the predictable, politically-correct crap out there.

Whenever you think they're about to have some kind of cliché soppy moment they hit you with a bunch of carefully crafted and imaginative strings of curse words (usually aimed at children).

But this is one of the most enjoyable dark comedy I have seen in a while.

I highly recommend it, especially around the Christmas holidays--it would make a swell gift, too.


Worst Movie I've ever Seen .

I highly recommend it if you are not easily offended and can't remember the last time you actually laughed during a "comedy".

Don't end up like me, wondering "Why the hell did I waste my time watching that forgettable nonsense" as the credits rolled.

this film gets the award for being the first film i have ever walked out of, it was not even worth the 13.50 i paid to see it..not in the least, no way was i going to waste my time, time i cannot get back, watching some garbage film that made me feel like i was getting abused myself to have to listen to this ranting...

***SPOILERS*** Somewhat contrived ending with Willie getting cold feet and Marcus, planning ahead of time, setting him up to get whacked by him and his new found crime partner Lois, Lauren Tom, after they rip off the mall at the stroke of midnight Christmas Eve.

Allright folks, I just got back from watching Bad Santa at my local theater and I want to say that I really enjoyed it.

The things that are wrong with this stupefyingly awful and utterly vile pseudo-Christmas saga are so plentiful and obvious that to list them all would become simply tiresome.

Many people have criticized it because they were expecting the usual boring sugarcoated winter holiday flick and thus the use of bad language may have come across as a huge shock.

There is also a predictable number of graphic sex scenes, crotch-kicking gags, unfunny jokes involving a senile elderly woman and her emotionally disturbed, mentally challenged son, and so forth.

) but our hard drinking anti-hero makes only the mildest connection with a 'retarded fat boy' in what is a predictable manner; and then makes great comedy out of even that.

Two things save this film from being a cliché ridden and pointless experience.

Great, entertaining and extremely funny movie.

She is well worth watching - every character I have seen her portray has that little something extra that makes her stand out.

"In short, this was a complete waste of an hour and a half of my life.

Don't waste your time.

There's no message, no cuteness, and no morals whatsoever.

When I hired this movie I expected a serious heist kind of movie, but there was very little plot to the whole thing and the odd robbery which was pulled off just seemed to be a side-line to the whole thing.

Yet it is entertaining and enjoyable, but when you are finished watching the movie, you'll more than likely say, I can't believe I watched that movie, and enjoyed it.

The finale was a tad of a let down for me, it does seem like you're gonna get the predictable ending where Stokes will die trying to achieve a small slice of decency in his life, the right ending.

Unfortunately, it was a complete waste of time and for the most part unfunny.

Pointless .

My husband usually finds most comedy enjoyable.

Despite its lowbrow humour, the film has its heart in the right place and is a genuinely entertaining movie.

This was the absolutely worst movie I've seen in a year.

And in the most entertaining ways.

Ho Ho Hum Hahahahahablahhhh .

OK so the word f*** is used in just about every other word, and politically correct this film 'aint, but i think thats what makes it so enjoyable.

Watching this movie was a huge disappointment and a waste of my time.

Don't waste your time or money.

Cliché plot and characters.

The typical comedy is predictable and plays it way too safe.

This has to be the worst movie ever made.

And really, really, boring.

It starts slow.

This film is actualy fairly entertaining if you can get past all the foul language and bad behavior to see a pretty solid acting job from Billy Bob that carries the movie.

It's slow, puerile and forgettable.

Bad Santa was certainly not traditional, but it was a well told story that moved along in a brisk and entertaining manner.

it was a trite story with a predictable plotline and stale lifeless was as funny as a dead child's toy.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen, the story revolves around Billy Bob Thorton's "stupid" Santa and his unbelievable exploits (and unbelievable mouth).

This movie really sucks, how could i waste my time watching this crappy movie?

Tedious, ugly smut disguised as comedy .

It really has no plot and what there is of a story is ambling, dull, and full of Hollywood cliches.

The kid is my favorite character from any movie last year, and his relationship with Willie is certainly the most entertaining.

Then you have the fact that Willie is constantly falling over drunk, smashing empty booze bottles against fancy SUVs in the parking lot on his way into the mall, and a whole array of other hideous infractions of basic decency.

Has some good and some slow moments, I didn't find it very funny though.

Bad Santa is above all a story about a man sick of life, that finds everything meaningless and doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything, it is a story about an alcoholic Santa(Thornton) that finds a reason to go on with his life and change at the most unexpected time.

The screwing and swearing got to be so repetitive that - like any other repeated 'joke' - it quickly dissolved and simply left a bad taste.

It's an entertaining, politically incorrect and ultimately 'feel-good' film that puts a twist on the Christmas movie genre conventions.

Each scene has something completely random and unexpected for the viewer.

No plot, just the F word used over and over and over.

Billy Bob Thornton was creates a stunning picture of a stereotypical mall Santa.

I'm sure some found it shockingly disgusting, others found it shockingly hilarious, but I was just bored.

I only finished watching it due to insomnia and extreme boredom.

Bad Santa takes all the ingredients for a PG-13 holiday snore fest and turns it in to an R rated black comedy fit for a king.

Bad Santa is slow, dull, and witless.

Don't waste your time with the original version; see the "Badder Santa" unrated DVD version instead, as the dialogue is much better.

Here, until the last formulaic sequence, he is.

Obviously they didn'tdirect it, or have final say, or we might have actually had somethingedgy AND entertaining to watch in this misguided holiday offering.

It is well worth the watch.

The plot is slow-moving, and the vulgarity gets repetitive and dull after a while.

Nevertheless, nobody should let Marcus' lack of height lull them into a false sense of security.

One of the worst movies I've seen in years.

More like Boring Santa .

Sometimes genuinely obnoxious movies can prove entertaining.

It recycles the same joke (Santa misbehaving) in every scene and inches its way towards the most predictable outcome...

There are some surprises, a few nice shots and a great many moments of snappy dialog written with a nice ear for less-than-Mensal conversation.

"Bad Santa" is a rare film that can take a magical occasion for so many people, namely Christmas, and turn it into a depressing, shocking and utterly fascinating hour and a half movie.

" But the joke wears thin very quickly, with two-dimensional characters and a predictable story line that plods along like a drunk stumbling through a field of dog sh**.

The whole film is completely pointless.

I might actually have been able to stomach this film if it was in a 5 minute bite size piece like a SNL sketch, instead of the nearly two hour borefest that it was.

It's a delight because it's so fresh and unpredictable in terms of what outrageousness the filmmakers will sling at us.

Hilarious and VERY Enjoyable .

Throughout the tedious Christmas period, the pair use their job at the mall to exploit the opportunity to rob the store overnight.

The little fat kid (eerily played by Kelly) seems to be a bit slow and just takes the abuse, in one ear and out the other.


The movie for a large part was very interesting, as well as entertaining.

What I am put off by, however, is dumb movies with silly, contrived dialogue and story lines and zero-dimensional characters.

With the exception of a few people who walked out during the first 15 minutes, everyone seemed to love this movie, especially me.

It is more of a black comedy-drama of one man on the edge who finds some sort of humanity when he encounters a kid and see's some genuine kindness.

But the acting is superb, the script hysterical, and the unbelievable jokes and inappropriate situations are just so entertaining you won't care about anything else.

Well worth watching at Christmas.

All in all, as I said, I found Bad Santa very enjoyable and you will too.

For this, i think those with a dark and sardonic sense of humor will find this film very entertaining.

Graham also gives an enjoyable performance as the woman who still finds Willie attractive despite how disgusting he can be.

A forgettable waste of time.

Billy Bob Thornton's portrayal of a loser (underscoring the premise that his type has the most fun) is perfectly contrived, and for an actor at the top of his game this is a nice risky role.

One of the dumbest, waste of time movies I've ever seen.

Probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

But, the second half of the film I found was ten times more enjoyable.

Those two adjectives also describe Willie, his bad boy persona is exaggerated in many parts of the film; Willie will often needlessly erupt with foul-mouthed tirades that soon become tiresome.

Watching this movie left me empty, with no feeling at all.

Trite .

The main attraction of this terminally un-PC flick is that it remains unpredictable, except in its profanity and relentless incorrectness.

Anyhow Billy Bob Thorton was a laugh a minute to say the least, the unrated version will have you rooting and cheering for him, I loved the cute Bartender, his Mrs Santa's sister,, she was very cute, likable, very alluring, sexy, pleasure to watch her,, overall thumbs up, enjoyable holiday viewing, wouldn't recommend to under 13 years of age though.

It's a waste of time and money, and it will probably make your IQ drop a few points, too.

It's a dreary,lowdown,foulmouthed punch to the gut.

Cruel and nasty can be humorous if done right, but this was just nonstop boring cussing and repetitious ugliness just for the sake of it.

But a funny and entertaining one?

Gross out films occasionally provide gutter or Three Stooge-type comedy that one can smile at while at the same time 95% of the rest of the film eschews comic character for the sake of cliché performances of cardboard characters.

But even his antics became tiresome after a while.

This is by far the WORST movie I have seen - EVER!

I'm not so picky and watch some movies of the worse kind, but I fell asleep while watching Bad Santa.

But going to the extreme other end of humor, where it morphs into viciousness and gross behavior, defeats the whole idea of making banality stand out.

Overrun with cuteness and cliché.

My husband and I left after 30 minutes, which was 20 minutes longer than we should have stayed.

Stupid, insulting, gross, disgusting, artistically pretentious, you name it.

You know when you sit watching films like Home Alone with the kids, and all you want to do is throw your empty beer can at the screen!!

Whilst laughing at someone kicking someone else somewhere sensitive, the idea can definitely get repetitive and gets tiresome after a while.

Also, the young boy who plays the rather slow Merman kid is also great.

Even though this ending is predictable as I said, I think it would have been stronger for obvious reasons.

To sum it all up a bit, I found this movie partly enjoyable, despite a lot of flaws and a story that has been told almost a million times, in many different ways now.

He is a remarkably versatile actor, I can't help being reminded of the diversity of such roles as the government official in Armageddon, the greasy mechanic in U-Turn, the intense racist in Monster's Ball, the rather slow brother in the shocking film A Simple Plan, and the peculiar character that he played in Sling Blade.

Entertaining .

And of course when he goes on a new job with Marcus he begins to change because of an unexpected event.

i felt the need to comment on this film as one of the original user comments was unfair in my view i found the film hilarious as did many of my English friends some of the content is real life there is sick people out there that do thieve and rob people on one of the most famous and enjoyable days of the year so i cannot understand how some American from new york thinks otherwise some examples fat kids do get bullied through their school life evil people do rob others during xmas, very renound in uk for peoples houses being burgled during xmas period so if anyone wants to watch this film and has been put off by his comments then ignore him !!!

Unlike Zwigoff's brilliant Ghost World, Bad Santa is clunky, the scenes are disjointed, and the movie degenerates into a one-joke premise.

It is simultaneously bold, different, entertaining, and risky.

When I walked out of the theater and realized that he directed this piece of garbage I just shook my head and thought damn you Hollywood for taking such a great director and paying him money to make this crap.

It's boring.

The bad Santa (that he is, and all the more commendable for it) somehow becomes a father figure to a bored, lonely kid who follows him around and annoys the hell out of him until Thornton's character finally begins to realize the importance of some things and people in life.

I am one of those people who happens to like unbelieavable and unrealistic movies, as long as the movie is entertaining and good.

Don't waste your time on it in the theatre or as a rental.

And Bernie Mac, who I always find enjoyable, gives a enjoyable performance as the corrupt and egotistical mall manager.

It has comedy obviously, but it is also sexy, dramatic, suspenseful, and great.

You will probably find the late night Tine-Life commercials more entertaining.

He's profane, crass and verbally nasty in almost every scene of the film, engaging in conduct so cringe worthy and sleazy that the laughs which come hard and fast are often at the expense of our consciences.

The combination of actions with Billy Bob Thortin and Bernie Mac is quite entertaining.

Pointless to comment on a TV version of a three year old movie?

- definitely makes for some lively (if, decidedly, repetitive) banter.

He is immersed in self-abasing vice.

(sigh) Please Don't waste your time on this movie.

It is not a case of whether you are a lover of Christmas or not –although, it would come as an advantage when viewing the film- as Bad Santa is continually entertaining and at times, even charming.

It is perfect modern classic and tale of the unexpected.

)While the genre of 'holiday films' has become horribly cliché and undoubtedly deserves a good lambasting, making a film far worse than the average holiday flick is not the way to do it.

Yes, there is a lot of use of the "f" word, but this movie is very entertaining and actually has the traditional "redemption" theme found in so many other Christmas movies.

Bad Santa is easily the worst movie I have spent money to see.

Everything boils down to an exciting and unexpected climax.

When it's every-other word, f this and f that, f'n, f'n, f'n, the script becomes boring and typical.

This narratively clichéd yet entertaining alternative Christmas film is one definitely worth seeing if you're sick of 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

it was a trite story with a predictable plot line and stale lifeless was as funny as a dead child's toy.

Clever, twisting script with unexpected surprises that just seem to keep coming.

Don't waste your money.

Bad Santa is a one note, foul mouthed, boring waste of time.

When Willie and Marcus are on screen they are hilarious to watch, but then comes the little slow fat kid who Willie refers to in the whole movie as simply "Kid", he is funny as well and make's Willie even more hilarious by getting on his everlasting nerve with every single annoying ass question that pops into his head.

This is a funny movie, there are many times where the humor comes from some very unexpected places.

Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen all the way through to the end, with the possible exception of Cats & Dogs or Pokemon that I had to stay through with my son.

Absolutely worth watching.

Thortnon's liberal use of the f word and some witty banter with the other actors/actresses alone make it worth watching.

After sitting through the cute, predictable, sappy 'Elf' this film was 180.

Now into this crapola, this is by far one of the 3 worst movies I have ever seen.