Bad Taste (1987) - Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

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The population of a small town disappears and is replaced by aliens that chase human flesh for their intergalactic fast-food chain.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Peter Jackson
Stars: Terry Potter, Pete O'Herne
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 28 out of 288 found boring (9.72%)

One-line Reviews (96)

The WORST movie I've ever watched part way...

Visually, especially at the beginning, it looks like something you filmed yourself with your K-mart camcorder, but it's HOW that camera is used that makes this so entertaining.

A very funny and inventive surreal sci fi romp that is quite possibly the most entertaining low budget horror comedy ever made.

Imo, it's too long for movie of this genre, and all the firefights start to get little bit boring.

However the beginning of the film is terribly slow and the gore is not as extreme as with braindead.

Where there is a lack of plot and story, Bad Taste makes up in gore and fun.

It can be creative and fun like in 'Evil Dead 2' or it can flat on it's face like some unbearable 80's films.

Whatever your opinion may be, one must give a huge amount of glorified respect to Peter Jackson for pulling of all the more intense scenes (the head-open scene, the alien masks etc.) having in mind his unspeakable budget, and further more respect to him for not giving up on this long-lasting project.

It's also so enjoyable because it demonstrates how talented a filmmaker Jackson is.

But the reason for me to give it 3 is because it is slow paced, and for most part i didn't find it humorous.

Due to this fact, the movie gets boring from time to time and I find it to be the worst from Peter Jackson's early phase.

But I found it strangely enjoyable.

You are likely to think this is a juvenile waste of everybody's time.

The reason that the film is so stupid and random is becuase the film was completely improvised, over 4 years, there was no script for the film.

The Alien look is very creative and I also love the switch between music themes, first we had creepy adventures, and very wondrous tones of what's gonna happen next and then, we had old rocking, action packed style of play.

Peter Jackson's talents as a director were already beginning to flourish with his work here, and his hands on approach to film making from the creation of gun props from metal stampings to choreographing a two people fight sequence with one actor, have put together an original entertaining piece of schlock.

Much of this probably has to do with the movie's ultra-low budget, but perhaps that's a sign that the movie should have simply been shorter rather than bore us with bad, long-winded fight scenes.

Romero, with their slow moving mannerisms, and like Romero and Savini, Jackson delights in slicing them up with sharp tools and exploding them with guns.

This movie proves that budget films can be entertaining and well done even if rough around the edges.

It's extremely cheap, and some of the set pieces were bad however it was very entertaining, even if it didn't have much of a story.

It's fascinating amateur-hour.

This relatively plot-less film is pretty much just about aliens who have taken over the earth and are eating human beings as part of an extraterrestrial fast-food relocation program.

And even though they are overrated, in my opinion, they are highly entertaining and well made films.

The last 20 minutes of the film is the saving grace for the film, as the aliens look good and it becomes entertaining.

BAD TASTE is a great science fiction movie that is hilarious, action packed, grotesque and disturbing.

I am a huge fan of low - budget horror, and I have to admit that this film has to be one of the most entertaining and brilliantly made films for its type.

It took four years to make this film and it sure was'nt a waste of time this is the ultimate Cult Film ***** (out of 5)If you like these sort of films be sure to check out these awesome films:Night of the Living Dead (1968) Dawn of the Dead (1978) Day of the Dead (1985) Braindead (1992) The Evil Dead (1983) Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987) Army of Darkness (1993) Alien (1979) Aliens (1986) Return of the Living Dead (1985) Return of the Living Dead Part 2 (1988) A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) The Hills Have Eyes (1977) Friday the 13th (1980) The Shining (1980) Cannibal The Musical (1993) An American Werewolf In London (1981) Halloween (1978) Dark Star (1974) From Dusk Til Dawn (1997) Deliverance (1972)And Many Many More

For a real low budget movie this is entertaining and fun.

I could go on talking about the complete lack of story, the horrible camera work and lack of humor: let's just hope the people making this movie did not seriously think any of this was funny.

Admittedly, the movie has a few good gags and fun effects sequences, buteverything else about it is just sort of mediocre and boring.

Possibly the most entertaining low budget horror comedy ever made.

It would likely be a lot more entertaining and would be a lot funnier in that environment.

Worst movie I ever seen.

You also get to see humans gratuitously slaughter things that are slower and stupider than us.

The story is fine but definitely there were (lots of) moments that I felt treated as a guy that really haven't got any brains, with really dull (kind of children) jokes.

This movie is one hundred percent enjoyable because of the way it has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

Just a colossal waste of time, money and celluloid, with the only redeeming factor being that Jackson went on to give us what's arguably the best fantasy film series of all time in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Entertaining carnage and mayhem.

In one scene, Derek and Robert engage in a cliff-top fight with each other, balanced precariously on the edge and with no indication that one is a body double.

This movie is far out, totally weird, and totally entertaining.

It is fascinating to consider that the man who brought the fantasy epic to our screens could have started out with this low-budget, down and dirty, proudly ridiculous comedy.

Entertaining stuff in need of a bigger budget.

However, the absurd violence is frequently hilarious (watch as Jackson--who plays an alien hunter--packs his brains back into his skull) and a mere preview to the complex slapstick he'd utilize in "Dead Alive" and "The Frighteners" "Bad Taste" ultimately plays out like a 10-page list of ideas stretched to feature length--it's outrageous and excessively gross, but also slow-moving...

It may not have an incredibly clever plot but it sure doesnt get boring and it sure is a great bit of fun, its funny, gory and action packed.

"Beyond that, if you just relax and let the movie be its own goofy, twisted, playful self, it's extremely enjoyable.

The overacted arms-thrown-wide-grabbing-at-fence-posts- and-falling-for-hours feels as long and dull as the preceding series of dashes.

The plot is also a little hard to follow the first time around.

Peter Jackson's cult classic BAD TASTE is a highly entertaining film.

This film combines horror, action and comedy into a consistently entertaining film.

The third time I concentrated more on Jacksons technique and the little nuances that make this film more of a lesson in film-making than an enjoyable 90 minutes.

Inevitably, the film suffers from some glaring continuity errors, terrible acting, and the occasional technical gaff, but the final film is so entertaining that it's easy to be forgiving about such trifling details.

The movie is obviously influenced by Sam Raimi's zombie movies but in my mind this is a much more entertaining mix of silly, slapstick humour and in-you-face gore than either 'Evil Dead 2' or 'Army Of Darkness'.

The DIY visual effects are a treat, and the action is genuinely suspenseful.

Putting all this aside, I think that there are far better films out there that are more worth watching than other people.

I really liked this movie, it started slow but once it got going it was really enjoyable and sickening at the same time.

The movie is excellent on gore and low humor but this cannot save the film from a pointless,stupid plot and quite frankly was boring for an exception of the gory parts.

so don't waste ur money buying this movie is like flushing ur money down the potty

Bad Taste is just as crazy as it sounds, but comes off all the more an entertaining riot because of it.

No real plot, no real actors, no real crew.

The worst part is that it's just so boring.

There's so much potential here to do more, but instead Jackson settles for the mundane.

The story for the film is unique and entertaining and as with Braindead the special effects and deaths are what makes the film what it is.

Great effects, but in the end dull and overlong...

The dialogue edges just north of bland and there's something to be said about the sound mixing which is out of synch in places.

The over all story about the alien fast food company and " the boys " was uninspired and dragged badly in many spots.

This movie compels me to use words I've never used in a review before - like revolting, perverse, appalling, pointless, disgusting and putrid.

But then again this is why it's so entertaining....

Humour and fighting ensues, culminating in a stunning climax.

*yawn*), and much of the dialogue is incomprehensible (a lot of the humor is lost in thick NZ accents).

It is one of those stories where you are given a very little piece of information, and the rest of the movie is not really connected to that story, but the story becomes an excuse for the director to fill every scene with some pointless action and ridiculous splatter effects.

With so much going against it (terrible dialogue, dumb situations, badly-staged violence, incompetent direction, predictable story), 1987's Bad Taste would be Peter Jackson's first feature film as a director and, with that, it, unfortunately, showed his amateur status clearly at this very early stage in his career.

There is no plot, no acting, nothing that actually makes this movie worth its' reputation.

It´s worth watching in any case!

Entertaining, interesting and original.

I first watched Bad Taste back in 1990 and thought to myself "this is pretty cool" but now i think "it's still cool but god it's boring".

You can tell the people that made this movie cared and loved it, this movie may be senseless blood and gore to some but I believe this is a really funny original and action packed dark comedy!

For me, the plot was a little hard to follow.

I got maybe 20 minutes into this thing - it was too boring for words.

If you are a fan of directing this is a perfect example of someone who does NOT have lots of money to fork out on postproduction effects and the best actors in the world, but works with what he has, and ends up with a very entertaining film.

It's a funny, enjoyable movie that takes its time unspooling, introducing us to the crew of heroes and their alien foes while occasionally popping in a gore effect or great sight gag.

Definitely worth watching!

Bad Taste: Eventually it Just Feels Tired and Boring .

The only bad thing about the movie imo was the initial slow pace...

There is alot of imagination used here which leads to a classic comic adventure that is both original and entertaining.

:D OK so if you wanna' get real bored, and see how lame a movie can be - no budget, slow, lame lame lame, rent this and get wasted or something and maybe it'll be entertaining.

Overall this movie is an enjoyable comedy cult film.

The movie quality looks horrible, it's washed out, the gore is silly (yet strangely convincing) because it was done with such a little budget, and the acting isn't award winning, but concepts, and simply the directing make the film extremely enjoyable.

And eventually it just feels tired and boring.

great effects, but no substance of any importance, and dull and overlong when you thing about it...

Jet Li needed millions of dollars worth of special effects to do this in "THE ONE" and Jackson's fight scene is a lot more exciting.

Every scene in this 85-minute long movie doesn't bore and manages to keep you entertained for a long time, despite a pointless plot.

Though somehow or another it has developed a strong cult following, this is nowhere near as entertaining or funny as people would leave you to believe.

The cast and crew seem to have had a blast during the making but at the same time they also seem serious enough to make an entertaining flick.

It's incredible to think that he could come all the way from this sick but enjoyable comedy to LORD OF THE RINGS.

I think the first half an hour is the best but after that it drags a lot and the gun battle near the end lasts far too long.

Neither is apparent from watching the film, although the spontaneity of its production has no doubt contributed to the humorous aspects, and made the film's weirdest moments even more enjoyable.