Bait (2012) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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A freak tsunami traps shoppers at a coastal Australian supermarket inside the building - along with 12-foot Great White Sharks.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Kimble Rendall
Stars: Richard Brancatisano, Xavier Samuel
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 103 found boring (18.44%)

One-line Reviews (81)

Every death in this movie feels like a victory for Darwinism, and when we reach our triumphant conclusion with the predictable few left standing, there is a sense of disappointment, as though attending the execution of a serial killer only to see them survive the attempt, and thereby get a reprieve.

The people who wrote this movie are dumber than real sharks, yet still obtain the motivation to make BS propaganda.

) appear the cliché's start rolling in and you realise that apart from the setup of a shark in a supermarket, there's nothing original on offer here.

It does indeed get thrilling, cheesy, funny at times.

Boring with moments of idiocy .

The sharks and shark behavior is unrealistic but looking past that, it was worth watching.

(13%) Shark movies: the only one truly worth watching is Jaws, while the list of the ones not worth watching probably goes into the thousands.

The movie starts off so slow that viewers will wish that the Goddamn sharks just get into the picture and get on with their jobs.

By right, the movie supposed to be a lot of fun and exciting.

The story is not challenging, and the pace is just so slow.


Personally, I found this movie quite enjoyable because I actually live where the movie was filmed and the shot at the end where it shows the whole town destroyed was quite interesting and left me wondering if it would ever really look like that.

One of the better elements at work is the rather fun and engaging action delivered throughout here which runs pretty much nonstop throughout the film.

I was gob-smacked how much i enjoyed this movie, the cast some quite famous and talented made this film believable, dramatic and very entertaining, never pointless or overrated.

As a result the movie is just one predictable moment after another and unfortunately becomes really boring.

Admittedly, the special effects were somewhat hit-or-miss and the ending was a bit unrealistic but other than that it was quite enjoyable.

not to hurt the feelings of the people who made the movie but, THE CGI was super bad, it looked animated, still atleast this movie was better than a movie called "Big Ass Spider" I think i could give this a 6.8/10 oh uh and anyways, it was boring at some scenes, thou this movie is worth to watch

Entertaining garbage .

Entertaining in the D-movie kind of way .

The movie, despite being super predictable, does keep you thrilled and almost at the edge of your seat.

Between the action and killings the character interactions are a combination of dull soap opera drivel between Home and away style actors largely made up of stick-thin beach bums.

All the actors are average at best, with Xavier Samuel is kind of bland as the main hero of the movie.

Bait is really entertaining and unlike other horror/thrillers it keeps most of the good people alive so for a killer shark movie that was a new thing.

I expected it to be a very formulaic genre flick, in which nothing exciting or original ever happened.

Director Kimble Rendall, working from a tight script by John Kim and Russell Mulcahy, relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, generates plenty of nerve-rattling tension, delivers a satisfyingly substantial amount of gore, and handles the potentially ludicrous premise with commendable seriousness.

What follows is an aquatic slasher film in the vein of Jaws 2 but more intense due to the shark's closeness to its victims.

There's tons of character development and they even spend some time giving us backstory on the main few people, and making us feel bored & familiar with the grocer where they get trapped, because a disaster feels more intense to us in the audience if we can relate.

If you like your b-movies then this is definitely worth watching.

The characters were pretty bland and stock standard.

the plot is absolutely pointless and unnecessary.

Although there are plenty of worthwhile gore here and there, most of the body counts are done in the utmost predictable fashion.

This is where we also get our opening titles which are boring at best.

Gloriously stupid, pointless, leave your brain at the door fun.

Entertaining .

Boring .

Predictable, cliché ridden shark flick .

It's also a surprise that this movie is dreadfully slow to get to the point, because Rendall spends too much time trying so hard to make us feel "emotionally" with most of the small-scale characters here.

The references to Jaws were enjoyable, and the time passed OK.

)However my biggest gripe of everything in this film, beyond the boring characters, lack of suspense, retarded premise, and overall crappy gore was the waste of potential.


Preposterous and predictable throughout its 93 minutes because you know who is going to get gobbled, "Bait 3D" manages to deliver a sufficient number of thrills.

A slightly enjoyable time passer .

Which is a shame, because with even just a touch more self-awareness of its own beautiful, terrible cliché, a premise like that of BAIT 3D, especially with the caliber of character actors it had at its disposal, could have been so much fun.

the rest of the cast is also highly entertaining like the eternal pessimist who keep zinging the negative one-liners while he spectates the deaths of his fellow survivors; there is also the rich dippy couple who are trapped underwater in their miraculously air tight BMW with a seemingly endless supply of oxygen.

Boring and not as much fun as we hoped for...

Actually, "Bait" turned out to be quite entertaining and not at all as cheesy and stupid as I had initially anticipated it to be.

All in all, "Bait" is a good shark movie, thrilling, lots of action and a good amount of blood.

Overall I think it was an enjoyable movie and if you're looking for a disaster/shark attack movie this is the one for you.

After awhile the movie got a bit boring and predictable, they would need to do something then everyone would stand up and try to be heroes and end up getting eaten by a shark.

The cast is as engaging as the storyline and I particularly liked the diverse characters caught up in the chaos: there's Hollywood actor Julian McMahon as a bank robber, while Xavier Samuel (THE LOVED ONES) and Sharni Vinson (YOU'RE NEXT) play a young couple.

com for movies that are worth watching, Rabbit out...

The film is well worth a watch and very enjoyable.

It's not a masterpiece, but it's entertaining.

Another pointless bad movie.

Overall it was worth the watch, i came out with some gruesome scares and a couple good laughs.

Thoroughly Enjoyable .

Really entertaining if you are expecting a D-movie adventure.

The movie quickly gets boring and derivative, up until the sharks, for there are actually two I believe, are dispatched in equally ridiculous ways: an underwater shotgun blast for one, a taser electrocution for the other.

Bait (2012) * 1/2 (out of 4) Silly and drawn out mix of the horror and disaster genres takes place near an Australian beach where a tsunami hits.

This one turned out to be quite an enjoyable killer shark effort.

BUT it is worth watching if you like shark movies.

However I must be wrong because there are only a handful of them that really work like the original Jaws, the silly but incredibly entertaining Deep Blue Sea and Open Water amongst a few others.

Xavier Samuel and Sharni Vinson are outstanding, two great hero leads plus the rest of the cast are so exciting.

The 3D in this movie is great, it is very impressive to look at, and it's very entertaining.

Some of the scares are so obviously contrived you'll hate yourself for jumping at them.

Even though much of the excitement unfolds above, what happens under proves unexpectedly entertaining thanks to some low-key humour from the teenage couple Kyle (Lewis) and Heather (Heine).

This film will have you on the edge of your seat.. .

Most amusing is a sequence where the pair attempt to swim to safety and rescue Heather's poodle at the same time, which ends in said pooch being thrown to the sharks – only to make an unexpected return later on.

This is about as exciting and interesting as your routine trip to the supermarket, and despite its potential it doesn't do anything or go anywhere.


A few of the CGI shots over the animatronic sharks are kind of laughable, and also there was one character that one was kind of annoying, but however it's still an entertaining shark film.


It's entertaining and it keeps you in front of the screen until the end.

But some scenes were a bit dull and could've put more excitement during the shark attacks.

The concept idea is a bit far out there, but oddly enough it did work out well enough, because the movie was entertaining and interesting from start till end.

It's a shame that such a fun and original idea gets ruined by a script that uses every cliché imaginable.

Samuels is just about as bland a leading actor as you can get, and shares little chemistry with Vinson in their few intimate scenes together.

Directed by Australian Kimble Rendall, Bait seemed to be void of genuine ideas, instead relying very much on uninteresting twists and schemes that the motley crew of people, ranging from fathers to lifeguards, can come up with.

) My advise, see it with friends in an empty cinema where you can jeer and laugh together to your hearts content.

But stillness and if there is any movement it is slow and deliberate.

An extremely enjoyable and suspenseful movie.