Banshee (2013) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An ex-con assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff in the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania, where he has some unfinished business.

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Antony Starr, Ivana Milicevic
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 19 out of 249 found boring (7.63%)

One-line Reviews (129)

This show only asks one thing in return for a well polished, well written, extremely entertaining experience: And that is that you just roll with the punches and accept their whacked version of normality.

The acting is sublime, the action mind blowing, the script taut and constantly refreshing.

I came across Banshee and I enjoyed it since the first season.

Doesn't take itself too seriously, yet can be completely engrossing at times.

Why Is everyone harping on about cliché's .

Sex scenes - too many, too revealing, boring as f..k (really guys, never thought I'll hear myself saying this - if you choose to stick sex everywhere you can make it damn interesting, otherwise people get offended for nothing).

And even while I binged through the series, I fast forwarded through the parts I found dis-interesting and tedious.

It's a duty of creators to give a viewer a character who will be likable and enjoyable to watch.

The series is worth watching just for him, and his banter and interaction with Sugar.

From the stunning opening teaser in the pilot, the action scenes (although admittedly very violent at times), are excellent and very well executed.

It is fast paced with a lot of action.

Great Exciting Show .

If you're considering watching this, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Brilliant series with extreme violence and an intriguing plot.

Then you have this other classic cliche base line story: "the man with no name", (Aka: Hood) whom assumed a new identity of a Sheriff, which was one of the best twist in a opening episodes of a series.

Every step is soaking with unexpected turns and the extreme violence is relentlessly following every character involved in this mess.

Despite the Timex quality of the villains and heros, the show manages to be enjoyable and interesting, just don't take it too seriously.

Just boring.

I think the creators of this show like Tropper, Schickler, Ball, and Greg Yaitanes didn't realize what they creating was not just a new show but new genre maybe that has yet to be defined, because "Banshee" is not a show that at first glance you can just call it your typical "Sex and violence", that was it decoy, it ploy to pull you in but suddenly the show would throw you these curve balls that you felt emotionally involved with people like "Carrie and Gordon" and their lives After watching "Hood" drinking whisky and going into fights scenes one after another but suddenly you find your macho cliche tough guy seat and cry which happened so many times with this character than other shows that broke down and debunked the very cliche of the tough guy don't cry.

Many of the action sequences are visually stunning & better than Hollywood.

It is so well directed that even when the plot is totally comic like and predictable it isn't cheesy.

Besides the very beautiful women, the pace of the show is phenomenal, and the cast of character extremely compelling.

My original title for the review was "Eight is Enough: Too Unoriginal To Take Seriously; Too Predictable To Care", going on to say that "Banshee" was a "dumb boring unoriginal show" full of formulaic characters and plot points.

Love the fast paced action.

Quality of story is very intriguing and has many nail biting moments.

There is a ton of boring drama shows already.

The story is intriguing enough.

A little advice: Don't miss it, it is well worth watching.

This is a very smart, well written, fast paced show that can be very, very addictive.

The web of lies that has ensnared all involved is truly entertaining.

Th plot is so stupid and predictable that I don't feel that I'm missing something anyways if I can't follow every twist of it.

Beyond that it has an annoying habit of spontaneously becoming one of those terrible R rated TV movies that used to come on late and contain mediocre, drawn out sex scenes for minutes at a time.

the plot is exciting and full of action.

A more graphic, gut-wrenching, exciting, and perversely fun television show has not seen the airwaves.

It has something for everyone, it's dark, funny, very intense sex scenes and yes, as of recent in season 3, it has finally succeeded in bringing a tear to my eye!

The characters are well written , the acting is fabulous and the actors/actresses are all quite sexy.. This show offers excitement,blood,sex and very thrilling situations,also we experience how people react to different situations , how they scale their moral compass.

Kai Proctor is one of the most intriguing villians.

There is a reason why its action packed and its in the story.

Awful and pointless, how can this have a rating of just one star less then The Wire.

Tightly written, gripping series .

The intensity of scenes are more engaging than many of the top notch TV shows.

Thoroughly entertaining crime drama .

Highly enjoyable.

The whole series shows you too many ups & downs but in the end, it will be worth watching.

Unwatchable .

Their situations in Banshee was intriguing.

Action packed drama.

As I said, I cannot describe or put in words how Amazing and actually Addicting this Incredible thrilling, action Series is.

An adrenaline rush from the first scene.

Absolutely Gripping Brilliant Show .

By this I mean there is a clear quality to this show which marks it for success straight away - the acting is superb, the edgy characters are deep, the story telling is perfect, the cinematography is movie-like, the stories compelling...

I find this TV series highly entertaining.

The fight scenes are so well over the top but very, very well choreographed and brilliantly entertaining.

All of the good guys were compromised and all, well most, of the bad guys were ultimately redeemable in a way that helps you understand that the root of all evil is unmet desire and sometimes plain old boredom.

The general presentation of the pilot episode, as it progressed from beginning to end, came off as a bit more of a digression in quality as it started leaning toward what might end up becoming another cliché police procedural.

The fact that it is a very adult and dark story gives this gripping and thrilling quality to the action.

Absolutely gripping !.

Well worth watching .

Outstanding and Riveting .

But that is what set this show apart from anything else on television and what makes it so worth watching.

Within a relatively simple initial plot, the anti-hero starts a new life in an unexpected set of circumstances in the small town of Banshee where every possible plot happens.

Watch in the opening and wonder like I did WTF why the truck fell over, it was a pointless as this series.

For true fans of something intense in all aspects!

This is a great, exciting, edge of seat series.

As compared to other action packed movies or shows where most people are just bad for no reason, I think, in Banshee, you'll get to understand the reasons behind certain characters.

and the unexpected.

Every few minutes there's either a deadly, but not yet, because people get stabbed, shot many times yet most baddies survive and fight as if nothing happen, after several near fatal wounds inflictions, so it's like watching a wrestling match (the fake ones)I ended up fast forwarding through about 40% of the series, sex and fight scenes that are almost pure gratuitous and never ending violence.

Certainly worth watching .

All in all this one will not catch your attention if you are randomly searching for some good, thrilling TV shows to binge on.

The writing is fast, snappy and at times seems to be therapy (The show's relationship with the Amish is complicated and not at all favourable).

This is up there with all the big hitters like Breaking Bad, utterly stunning.

These 4 women are so hot, they give juice and adrenaline to Banshee.

You stopped and told us theres an exciting new series to look forward to warrior?

By episode 3 I was on the edge of my seat, yelling at the TV.

It has one of the best fight scenes i have ever seen,fight scenes that are not shot in closeup,the story and subsequent acting makes it a remarkable show The first three seasons will keep you on the edge, you will be thinking can they keep the action , the drama at ever increasing pace and you wont be disappointed , the show hits its peak at the end of third season and then just crumbles down into the realm of mediocrity in fourth season, For me it was the action sequence that made me love the show , have I mentioned the fight scenes??

the protagonists Antony Starr and Ivana Miličević)Recommended to all action fans who desire that thrill starts soon and the number of unpredictable events is bigger by far.

Its cannot be more thrilling...

Great plot Action packed .

Fast paced, clever, dark and violent.....

Somethings can be overkill but entertaining none the less.

They don't waste a second of screen time.

The show's photography and look was again almost comic book style, with the most intense fight scenes that any show ever dared to cross even before or after and lines from classic western's like "Behold the pale rider".

I got the impression that there was next to no story, and that the series revolved around an unrealistic amount of gun play in a real-world universe.

Worth watching .

because its audience seems unaware of Al-Queda propaganda videos & Larry Flynt's pornography company.

The acting is intense.

The plot thickens with every episode and keeps you on the edge of your seat, it did me at least.

You know once or twice is OK, its provoking, seeing tits every time is boring, it kills the shiver.

I maybe going out on a limb to say that "Banshee" surprised its own acquired audience, those that use to come to the IMDB chatroom were hard core fans that loved this show like me, that were pulled in to the show due to the same appeal and yet we didn't expect to found a human story that was cloaked under sex and violence , that what made "Banshee" unique and different among your typical cliche genre shows.

I must admit that I was a little uncertain whether Banshee would prove able to keep my interest, so it was an enjoyable surprise to discover that the many twists and turns in a sometimes outrageously explicit plot kept me gripped with every episode.

The pilot does feature one of the more intense, stunt heavy car chases I've seen on a TV show.

Wonderfull exciting story .

There is a fatal flaw in this show that renders it absolutely boring & painful to watch.

Stunning .

This show is way over the top with story lines and scenes that border on just plain silly, but it is very entertaining.

Every episode will have you on the edge of your seat and imaging what the hell is coming next?

Don't waste your time with this ridiculous show.

Everything is so stupid, so uninteresting, i have no idea how could anyone appreciate this.

the story is just so engrossing with all these amazing characters, and that's not even all of them!

Sometimes it falls into the rut of daytime soap operas, with dull dialog, low budget fight scenes comprised of 50 cutaways per punch thrown and a meandering plot.

Gritty and focused with an intriguing plot.

It's unique uber-violent theme, adrenaline pumping pace, graphic sex scenes usually closely matched with it's abundantly violent, murder when it suits you theme.

Breathtaking and outshines all type of crime shows.

The action is exciting and always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

While this show is not good, it certainly is entertaining.

The pace is snappy, the plot moves nicely and with suspense,the action is brutal, and I'm definitely hooked on it.

Not entirely up to par with other Alan Ball productions, but one worth watching for the fun factor.

Interesting show, bad awful cgi, too many sub plots and stories, very predictable at times, casting of bad guys is very poor.

There was no real plot to speak of and the characters were all quite one-dimensional.

I can't believe this is from the creators of True Blood, and what a great first season so far..Mostly everyone that has watched the show will be buzzing to tell you how good the show is and how typically cliché it is NOT.. I got a bit bored of some of the comments about this show, highlighting minor story lines and using that as negative comments against the show, I am on episode 7 and I can safely say they rip through the cliché's which are the foundation of the show and prove themselves to set the standard of how shows should be made right now.

its so exciting.

Didn't expect much at first but this turned out to be a brutal, complex and absolutely breathtaking show.

In closing, it's hard to think of another show quite like Banshee, it's celebration of excess and it's comic book roots do weave some outrageous plot lines, but damned if it's not one of the most fun, sexy and entertaining crime/action TV shows I've ever been fortunate to lay eyes on.

Fairly strong start but with tendencies toward the cliché .

The intensity, the adrenaline rush, the action and music was absolutely awesome.

Waste of time .

I found it unrealistic, pretentious and a failed attempt at trying to do too much with little regard for people's basic knowledge and expectations of this genre.

An Intense Action-Drama in the vein of Justified and Breaking Bad .

There is always enough at the end of an episode to feel satisfaction along with the intense desire to know what happens next.

The main characters are either intriguing because they are able to retain a level of depth that maintains a viewers' interest with questions or simply because the viewer wants to know whether they're good or baddies.

Not sure why it reminds me of a long, drawn out, poorly adapted series version of Roadhouse with B and D list actors.

In the first season is might be tempting to write it off as a pulpy action drama, but that's just the introduction to this fascinating story.

then the military colonel, then rabbit..needless to say i love this show..its ultra violent so be prepared, but its also one hell of a thrilling ride from start to finish, and that finale is 10 stars, one could not ask for a more fulfilling finish..

Surprisingly Entertaining .

I love this show.. Its very interesting and engaging.. love it .

In closing, it's hard to think of another show quite like Banshee, it's celebration of excess and it's comic book roots do weave some outrageous plot lines, but damned if it's not one of the most fun, sexy and entertaining crime/action TV shows I've ever been fortunate to lay eyes on.

Both are very entertaining features.

It was so addictive , every episode had you on the edge of your seat !

Seriously intense visuals that you would expect only in movies or, European films that are not as censored overall compared to most major TV shows.