Bard of Blood (2019) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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Political espionage thriller based on "Bard of Blood," by Bilal Siddiqi.

IMDB: 7.8
Stars: Emraan Hashmi, Amit Bimrot
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 52 out of 330 found boring (15.75%)

One-line Reviews (132)

Waste of time.

Waste of time :Bad acting , no continuity between scenes.

Entertaining till the end and will keep you engaged through out.

Overall series is worth the watch once and action displayed is good

It's so filmy and old style bollywood with no plot and no sense of realistic approach.

Don't waste your time on this.

Very poor narrative and direction, too dramatic as expected in Indian dramas, the female protagonist could have left the lip filler behind, I thought spies were supposed to hold their own in battle or otherwise, not spill the beans when in "love", the fact that they (band of 3) survived in enemy territory despite being outed from the very beginning was difficult to comprehend, and hashmi was painstaking to watch, a protracted season leaves him exposed as an actor, the 5 stars are for the locations chosen, stunning backdrop !!

Worth watching.

Mind Boggling Action, Thriller, Storyline Omg!

The story, too, is quite typical and mundane.

Series is mind blowing & full of action.

A total waste of money (for Netflix) and time (for you).

The narrative may be dumbed down and masalafied but is still gripping enough.

I Have Seen all The Episodes Of #BardOfBlood Really Its Is Thrilling And Emraan Sir Really Plays A Good Role.

Positives : 1) The Environment of the show Is engaging you feel that you are In Balochisthan 2)The Action sequence Is one of the biggest asset of this show & this show will be termed has one of the finest Action thrillers of all time the camera angle,hand to hand combat,the gun sequence are all brilliant 3) The Performances Just saying that the cast was Brilliant would be an understatement.

Waste of time unfortunately.

Don't waste your time.

But it's a complete waste of time.

Don't Miss This One, It Has Amazing Storyline And a Thrilling Climax.

Cliche of Bollywood movies .

Best series in india after scared games seson 1 and mirazapur , imaran hashmi is great all 7 episodes are best last twist is super worth watching series

Propaganda .

Don't waste your time as I wouldn't want to waste mine writing a review for this utter piece of ****.

Totally waste of time poor acting .

Gripping espionage thriller!.

Watched all the episodes, engaging, gripping, thrilling plot.

Another propaganda by India.

Some episodes are 40mins long with 3 mins of boring end credits.

What a waste of Money and Time .

Watched the first 3 episodes and felt too bored to continue.

The S1 of the series has 7 breathtaking episodes, which you will start with a kick and end with a boom.

An utter waste of time...

Its a gripping intense watch.

It's very intriguing and awesome ,Camera Work is Fascinating

Series was very boring and predictable.

Every episode is just mind blowing.

Spy story is engaging and keeps you wanting more Thoroughly enjoying the series and loved the cinematography :) Can't wait to keep watching the next one

I felt it was a waste of time!

Worth Watching .

The action sequences,plotline, and the suspense just keeps you hold..This one is worth watching..

If after then you will definitely get bored and just watch sake for finish to it or might plug it off

Likable, watchable, engaging, definitely season 2 is coming .

Mind Boggling Thriller Series .

Waste of time.

Total waste of time .

Amazing & Thrilling spy based Rescue operation .

Such a poorly written script, predictable plot and terrible acting that kicks in around episode 2.

The show is intriguing and hooks you from the word go.

The writing is contrived and pathetic.

I was expecting something brilliant or interesting but the series is full of hatefull propaganda against Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Dull show.

Don't waste your time on this.

Got bored .

This is just another propaganda movie.

Dont waste your time on this .

Entertaining and full of action...

But when I saw it, i realised it was a Sunday that was wasted in yawning.

Boring from Episode 1 .

Everything is super weak, easily predictable, poor acting, no suspense and the list is super long.

Bard of Bore .

Suspense revealed in the end was predictable.

A fast paced story with enough suspense, thrill and a plot that keeps viewer on the hook.

Every episode is just a drag and by the end of the show you'll wonder why did you hit on play in the first place and that this show could have have been made into a two hour movie but is dragged to kill your precious time.

Catchy, gripping and certainly binge worthy.

it's an enjoyable thriller with full of intensity and suspense.

The movie is so predictable and very far away from the realistic scenario.

The body language, voice tone was so boring.

Cliched & predictable like the Current Indian political propaganda .

intriguing, eager for the second seasons .

The game between RAW and ISI spies with Taliban, US agents etc in the mix in Balochistan make for a novel and entertaining watch.

Pretty boring....

Awesome performances and very gripping story line!!

What a waste of time .

Brilliant cinematography, average performances, dull screenplay and a very predictable linear narrative.

Boring, stupid and lousy .

Full propaganda movie.

Highly recommend don't waste your time to watch web series.

Outstanding peace of **** and total waste of time and money.

Perfect storyline and entertaining.

Bard of blood is a total waste of time.

Waste of time .

A total bollywood series, waste of time.

Fast paced and entertaining .

Predictable af with the fear propaganda flying right off the bat in the first episode (thanks for that!!

Its a clean Cut spy thriller that's refreshing and engaging.

Imran did good acting but the storyline was wayyy too weak and uninteresting.

Interesting Stories, Mind blowing Acting, Superb Direction 🎥 What A Twist In Last Moment 🙄 Really Bard Of Blood is really awesome..must see

The strong and action packed performances are a treat to watch.

However the narrative tends to get predictable at times.

The gripping sequences, the background music,and the cast play a able role.

Its worth watching.

so guys don't waste your time it was unbearable don't watch it...

Every episode is thrilling Ride it Go for Netflix And watch it Emraan hashmi acting is superb Fantastic screen play


Story: 3/10Cast: 4/10 (actors could have done better, but I guess that's what director asked them to do)Direction: 3/10 Very cliché.

Other than that, it's quite cliche and lacklustre.

Although the family man and bard of blood seems to have same genre, family man is more of a light weight series while bard of blood is more intense and serious.

Boring .

The creators of Bard Of Blood are genius , lots of hard work has been put, and the outcome is simply thrilling.

This show has the worst actors, super predicable plot, cheap re enactment of hollywood action sequences, bad script and a director who probably fell asleep while making this.

I have completed the series at once, cause you cant stop before the last episode as its so engaging.

mind blowing 😍😍😍😍love it .....

Lousy and 80% waste of time .

A fast paced spy thriller with cliff hangers at the end of each episode.

After watching family man of amazon prime and the way it was directed and portrayed this just looked a complete waste of time.

however, all in all it was entertaining and keeps viewers interested.....

No storyline and it looks like they improvised the whole thing on set.

Cinematography and overall spy thrilling materials can keep ur focus hold on.

Written by bilal siddiqui produced by Redchilli productions (srk) a political thriller aimed at creating propaganda against Pakistan.. nothing more than Anti everything to incite more hatred...

Mundane supspense and climax...

Totally riveting and entertaining.

Series is mind blowing & full of action.

Perfect start that leads to a very engaging story , performance of every character makes it impactful and keeps you over the edge of your seat and an end that makes you waiting for season 2!

I have not read the novel, but if the script has done justice to it; I would say why on earth would someone decide to make it a series -- such pathetically poor and cliche is the storyline...

Casting is top notch, Series is Mind-blowing And Full Of Intense Action.

Beautiful screen play, Action-filled, suspenseful and a step forward to the level of Hollywood tv shows such as Homeland and Jack Ryan.

But this show didn't raise my views, poor, boring screenplay, bad VFX (surprised with Red Chillies helming this movie), Shobita has only one expression on face throughout, no twists, inaccuracies in props like Ford Ikon, Tata vehicles in Balochistan?

It has been shot delightfully even though the narrative is confusing for some parts.

Just stunning stupidity in writing!

Soooo Boring.

Lovely thrilling story and gripping scenes.

Propaganda at its peak .

Series is mind blowing & full of action.

mind blowing .

Completely Illogical parallel to the Indian Propaganda Against Pakistan & its Premier Intelligence Agency.

But when that cover is blown in every situation followed by a boring combat scene or stodgy chase, one feels terribly wronged as a viewer.

I've watched three episodes so far and I am already bored.

All the seven episodes are bang on adrenaline rush Emraan vineet shobhita and story all in top notch

Waste of time .

Breathtaking factors .

Enjoyed it completely, filled with suspense.

It's just bland.