Barricade (2012) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Hohum Score



A father's quiet retreat to the woods with his two children turns into a fight for survival.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Andrew Currie
Stars: Eric McCormack, Jody Thompson
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 17 out of 46 found boring (36.95%)

One-line Reviews (35)

This movie certainly is not one you should be seeking out, but if it comes on your television during an especially slow night, you could do worse.

On the contrary, I watched movies like The Conjuring, Mama, The Woman in Black, Sinister, etc. and was bored beyond what words can describe.

'Barricade' Review: Board up the windows and beware confusion .

Or possibly the sequel to the worst movie ever.

And at the end of the movie it all seems to be a waste of time as it is one of those films that you ask yourself why, why did that need to be made?

I would much rather spend a little more on growing warts rather than ever pay to see this kind of boring "pukey" crap.

It was new original film that used confusion to get into your mind questioning your beliefs & it wasn't a terrible film by any means, the acting by Eric McCormack was good, I had no problem with it.

if you're looking for a movie that keeps you on the edge of the seat and makes you wipe the sweat from your brow when it's over...

It is a restrained production with not much makings at its disposal but takes advantage with a smooth editing style and some creepy, stunning minimalist photography.

This film centres around a man who has become a widower and takes his kids for a holiday in a remote location (cliche?

The fact that this one's restrained rating means that the film is constantly fighting an uphill battle that it will never win since there's never going to be any danger to the children in order to get a harsher rating, forcing the attack scenes to fall into a predictable pattern of fading out before anything happens to which he wakes up and thinks it was all a dream, or he sees something that distracts the attack and it focuses on another aspect of the situation which is quite distracting and really diminishes the film a lot.

The confusion did not in any way get in the way of its jump scares, so I can't really complain.

Don't waste you time.

Paltry, bland PG-13 horror .

This movie is very hard to follow and leaves you asking "what the heck?

Spoilers Okay, I will say that I did enjoy this movie even though I felt it was very confusing.

Soo confusing .

But as many have noted, it's far too visually dark for far too long and the confusion and total chaos gets old...

Trust me, don't waste your time.

I fell asleep...

"Barricade" is a well produced, atmospheric chiller with excellent acting, human characters, good cinematography, some creepy Kubrickian moments, a great location and an engaging premise.

Ironically, a movie such as "Stay (2005)" gets a very high score despite its being 100 times more confusing than Barricade.

It was building up for the grand finally and fell far short of thrilling.

It's confusing, and seriously people, the nut case would of been handcuffed and thrown into the cop car for kidnapping the caretaker.

A film using confusion & doubt to creep you out.

Mass Confusion .

When it was all said and done, all I felt was confusion.

But, if you happen to find a copy of it lying on the street, and then you get really bored, and then you get all of your laundry done and eat dinner and can't quite fall asleep, watch Barricade.

It's a Yawner.

its became too confusing to try to decide if it was a mental issue or like i said a haunted house movie.

However it does tie the movie together and explains the movie but after watching it, it needs the description of horror or suspenseful ripped from it.

If you are bored out of your mind do not watch this,try wrong turn 5,at least you will laugh...

all in all its 15 min of build up, and hour of confusion, then 15 min trying to tie the last hour together.

However, I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if all the details were pieced together, all neat and tidy.

slasher, ghost etc. The events build slow and the next thing you know things are going on and you have no ideal what is real and what is not although the film does give clues.