Bartleby (2001) - Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Hohum Score



A clueless boss has no idea what to do with his mundane office worker whose refusal of duties only gets worse each passing minute.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jonathan Parker
Stars: David Paymer, Crispin Glover
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 4 out of 34 found boring (11.76%)

One-line Reviews (18)

Bartleby is an enigma for sure, both sad and fascinating.

One is, it just gets boring.

For a Crispin Glover fan, this is even barely worth watching.

It really pokes fun at the workplace and is thoroughly enjoyable!

Interesting, but slow.. A very Glover movie .

Depending on how you view it, Bartleby is either a protagonist or antagonist; a man who answers an ad for a `boring job, no room for advancement and low wages' who decides one day that he doesn't want to work anymore.

However, director Jonathan Parker has taken the best sort of revenge on this canonical work of American literature; he's turned it into a zany, low-budget, laugh fest--getting across many of the essential ideas while also entertaining his audience.

Not having read the Melville story, I cannot make comparisons between it and the film, but standing alone, the film was quite entertaining.

I saw this movie last night at MOMA, and thoroughly enjoyed it; a wonderful, well thought out film with a winning cast.

Glenne Headly is Vivian, an office secretary, the woman of many adorable talents; Maury Chaykin, and Joe Piscopo are his coworkers in the one of the most boring office ever existed.

I enjoyed it .

What makes Bartleby fascinating is that he is a nonconformist simply by nature and not because he has any real bone to pick with society or the people around him.

Oddball Glover is the eponymous clerk-for-hire in this broad caricatured adaptation of Herman Melville's story with a cast of colorful characters that try a bit too hard for the black farce of office politics and bureaucratic nonsense mingle into a mishmash of gaudy set design, eye-sore costumes and the equivalency of running in place: going nowhere fast.

The sparse yet colorful set design was a perfect compliment to the eccentricities of the film, and the cast was both surprising and intriguing.

" (Enjoyable piece) If you like a bit of dark comedy as it pertains to the corporate world, then this piece is for you.

Sure, the story has an important theme and some interesting symbolism, but it's also dull, dull, dull.

(It's as if someone had thrown the name of every possible instrument into a hat including the glockenspiel and drawn out half a dozen at random.

Then the movie starts, and it goes on far too long.