Basic Instinct (1992) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A violent police detective investigates a brutal murder that might involve a manipulative and seductive novelist.

Director: Paul Verhoeven
Stars: Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 37 out of 320 found boring (11.56%)

One-line Reviews (203)

Basic Instincy may have many weaknesses, but that dosen't take away from the fact that it's very exciting and will keep you entertained, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good mystery or thriller.

The role really was made for her, and it shouldn't even need to be said, that she was absolutely stunning in the movie.

Not a very realistic premise, but a very entertaining and top-notch thriller.

As the bodies pile up, the film falls into a state of confusion.

PS Oh, what's all the confusion about who did it?

And while I found that whatever took place in the police department was fairly formulaic, it wasn't as much torture to sit or listen to as I thought it was going to be.

But Basic Instinct is a cool sexy, and dangerously intriguing thriller I liked from the word, "Go" that pushes boundaries in the sex and violence department.

It's best seen as a teen viewer's coming of age film.

I only know of one Verhoeven film besides Basic Instinct and Showgirls where feminine characters are displayed in such an utterly negative light, and in that one, Starship Troopers, the characterisation is more based on actual events in the lives of army recruits than a pointless, disabling fear.

But there's just something about this multi-million dollar pile of excess: perhaps it's the investment of credible actors like Michael Douglas, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and yes--even Sharon Stone--in roles churned out of a dimestore detective novel; or maybe it's the extended sex scene midway through (the one sequence that succeeds in prurient titillation); it could be the dialog, which is so ridiculously contrived it makes Michael Bay's action potboilers look true-to-life by comparison.

It's got everything:SUSPENSE,SEX,ACTION,THRILLING,TRUE LIES, simply everything.

The suspenseful music is fantastic and the sex is hot.

What they did do is succeed in making a powerful, intense whodunit which keeps you guessing as to the identity of the murderess right up until the end - and even then, a final twists means that it's all still ambiguous.

But her contribution is very real because BI trumps its genre (and its cousin, the Hollywood thriller) by exhibiting an unmatched level of eroticism – or just plain, enjoyable prurience.

A confusion of identities.

I saw it 9 years ago, and again last week, and even though I knew the outcome I still found the whole movie engrossing.

How was this ever entertaining to anyone?

The film is highly erotic, the mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat and it also has enough campy trash for plenty of laughs.

He tries them both out, and we see a lot of skin and hear a lot of fast breathing, and are kept on the edge of our whoopee cushions until the very end--and after, actually, as though the purveyors were already counting on the sequel.

This movie is highly intriguing and indeed fun to watch.

It's nice to see a movie that has silly twists where everything fits perfectly to give very exciting and entertaining scenes.

The film is an entertaining thriller with plenty of suspense.

Possibly the best suspenseful and sexiest thriller ever made .

Great directing, thrilling story, a gloomy, fascinating, emancipated, sensual woman.

Definitely worth watching if you have some time on your hands.

I foundthe plot pretty murky and confusing, because of the many twistsand turns this movie happens to make.

In the end, "Basic Instinct" adds up (in the most contrived way possible)...

In fact, it's worse than SHOWGIRLS because remove a game Sharon Stone and the evocative score by Jerry Goldsmith and you're left with nothing.

As a work of entertainment, it's a bit questionable; the pacing is too slow, the details of the plot aren't all that engrossing, and the film somehow needs over two hours to tell a very simple story that ultimately goes nowhere.

This movie was pretty entertaining at some points.

The film's only misstep occurs at the end, with an unsatisfactory ending that makes the whole film seem like some stupid, contrived game.

In someway it is inevitable what will happen though the film does provide a few twists and exciting moments such as car chases and showdowns to justify the genre.

I'm not writing this to critique this movie, which tho flawed was very enjoyable.

Curran is a man perched on the edge of doom who is controlled totally by the women around him.

The S & M angle is poorly executed and the scenes involving S & M are so dull that they make the Marquis de Sade bored to tears.

As Nick dives deeper into Tramell's mysterious past, he comes to fall into an intense and torrid sexual affair with her, just as the body count skyrockets.

There's absolutely stunning cinematography by Jan de Bont.

At least SHOWGIRLS is endlessly entertaining in it's "so bad it's good" way.

It keep you on the edge of your seat from start till finish.

Curren by then so out of it that he's doesn't quite know what world he's on, in all the confusion don't really know if Johny's murderer, as well as that of a number of other persons in the movie, is who we were made to think he, or she, is!

Much the way Verhoeven portrays Curran as a rather dumb, predictable, and linear cop, he portrays Catherine Tramell and Dr. Beth Garner as intelligent women.

This movie was an exciting erotic thriller.

It blends well with scenes and evokes the intriguing and haunting feeling.

Douglas merits praise for this performance, which was so good that I was able to put my intense dislike of him for personal reasons aside and worry about the safety of the character he portrayed in the film.

Sumptuous, Suspenseful, And Erotic .

the movie is worth watching many times just for sharon stone.

More murders build up and nick gets entangled in a web of confusion and pain.

With a few exceptions, I normally can't stand films centered on police detectives, cops or characters involved in similar professions since I find them to be boring, forgettable, and formulaic.

In the end, trying to follow the investigation is a waste of time.

An average Italian Giallo from the 1970s is more thrilling than this dud.

Don't waste your time.

This film, described perfectly as an "erotic thriller" is always teetering on the edge of either violence or sex.

-well, because besides being sexy, Sharon Stone is extraordinarily stunning and Verhooven's camera knows how to value it - the investigation, the horrific crime, the whole suspense, it all leads up to one thing : sex, sex and sex, and from the film's perspective: money, money and money.

It's become the norm, the uber-emotional cliché for women and men singers.

Of course it has been spoofed over and over again, but the fact remains that it truly is a gripping scene.

Though lasting just a few minutes, the entire sequence is absolutely stunning in its hush-hush game of sensual cat-and-mouse.

Overall, this film is worth watching, once, mostly for the plot's whodunit element.

The plot line of Basic Instinct is rather weak though it works where it's showcasing the intense sexual love affair happening between Stone and Douglas.

This movie has some intensive moments (aspecialy in car-chase scenes, which were great, though this isn't a action movie).

Nobody will be surprised that there is a fair amount of sex and nudity in this film, there are also some moments of intense violence that may disturb some viewers.

While the characters of the two leads are fascinating, the performances don't do justice to the written characters.

Adding to the confusion is Douglas' psychologist and lover (!

On display is a stylish, sometimes deliriously entertaining modern day film noir, ready to titillate, manipulate.

There is so much here that is unresolved that it leaves an empty, unfulfilled feeling that the viewer has been suckered.

But, let's admit it, even the most engrossing atmosphere in a movie should sustain a plot, coherent, connected, fulfilled.

This is a tense and exciting two hours.

This movie really stands out as a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining film- AND IT'S SO DANG COOL!!

It has a lot of suspense and sex(which could've been toned down a bit), in fact some of the most suspenseful scenes come when Stone and Douglas are together in bed(it actually happens every time she is in the bed).

I will begin by saying that this movie was very good; however, if you take out the beautiful Sharon Stone and the sex scenes, the plot becomes boring.

The film is a great action-thriller, spiced up with sex and violence to make a very entertaining two hours.

Michael Douglas's character manages to be sadder and more pathetic than Sharon Stone's- he plays a tough veteran homicide detective on the edge.

It had high mystery and intense thrills.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven (Hallow Man, Showgirls, Starship Troopers) made an well done intense/erotic/suspense-thriller with an fine screenplay by Joe Eszterhas (Flashdance, Jade, Silver).

The ending is empty,without a tool.

So there you have it: if you like film noir - melodrama squared, snappy lines and all the rest - go for it.

A little slow and boring.

Ok, I know that many wouldn't agree with me, but I think that BASIC INSTINCT is one of the worst movies ever made in the last fifty years - especially since it reached a cult status and many, including a friend of mine and my former girlfriend, love it (!!!

Exciting Film that keeps you Thinking, .

What a waste of time to watch this sh...

It has a very suspenseful original score, beautiful Cinematography, and is a well edited film.

It's suspenseful, funny, and very sexy(Stone).

"Basic Instinct" is a movie that offers a lot of exposed flesh - male, and, especially, female - but it is also a highly watchable and compelling, blood-soaked whodunit murder mystery.

Anyway,Basic instinct is my favourite movie, because it's so exciting.

During the investigation Curran becomes involved in a torrid and intense relationship with the prime suspect, Catherine Tramell (Stone), an enigmatic writer.

Very Entertaining .

The film is still quite sexually daring today and has an intriguing spider's web plot too.

Still its enjoyable mindless rubbish that does not get better with each viewing.

The movie has so much more to offer: a great script, a breathtaking plot, excellent photography, good acting and music which is perfect for this thriller.

The third intriguing character of Verhoeven's "Basic Instinct" is Roxy (Leilani Sarell).

Despite this Basic Instinct still is enjoyable and having seen either of those films will have no affect on the unpredictability of the film.

There are dangling plot elements and shallow, confusing side shows.

During the investigation Curran becomes involved in an intense relationship with the prime suspect; the beautiful and mysterious Catherine Tramell.

Overall, Basic Instinct is a very seductive erotic thriller that is entertaining and shocking.

Along with a well written plot, there is a strong directing that helps the movie becoming suspenseful, even if using some old fashioned techniques-- or maybe they weren't old fashioned back then.

The colors used in the scenes and the backdrops of the beach house and the techno club are stunning.

thrilling till the end .

Stone plays her role exceptionally well as the snappy, sexy Tramell.

Its qualities are known—beautifully shot, fast paced, well scored, glamorous, suspenseful and sensational.

Absolutely top notch movie, thrilling from start till finish !.

The film starts to become pretty self-indulgent, as the intrigue slowly becomes more convoluted and complicated to follow, with too many characters now to remember and too many dynamics between them.

It's truly fascinating to watch Curran's descent as he gets more enmeshed in the case (and more involved with Tramell) to the point where his life begins to parallel hers in many ways.

In the story, Catherine writes also her new thrilling book.

This said it is literally an entertaining B movie romp.

One of the worst movie I ever suffered.

I think the heterosexuals can also be equally offensive, as some feminists like Camille Paglia starts breaking things down to banal symbolisms, the opening killing with the ice pick is interpreted as, "Woman steals man's penis and uses it against him.

SEXPure, old-fashioned, enjoyable SEX.

I love the riveting car trailing scene) as well as the cool car chase scene later on.

Urioste , perfect performances by the entire cast , this film is fun and exciting , Catherine Tramell is a memorable Femme Fatale , the great mystery of the film is to know if one or two killer , the second mystery is the reason for the murders, and finally whether Nick Curran manages to solve the case and survive.

This film is very well-made particularly thanks Joe Esztherhas' terrfic suspenseful screenplay and flashy Direction by Paul Verhoeven.

However, aside from the sexual materials in the film, the plot about the criminal investigation and the seductiveness of Trammell in trying to cloud Curran's mind and interfere with the investigation is quite intriguing.

Two and a half car chases, one and a half of them completely pointless except to zap up the pace of the film.

Basic Instinct is a non stop thrill ride from start to finish and it keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

breathtaking .

The movie is exciting and has a mysterious aura around it from beginning tell end.

Waste of patience and money .

Seductive, passionate, sensual, exciting, intriguing, what other words are there that describe this movie.

Overall comment: Very exciting, intellectual thriller

"Basic Instinct" is high on adrenaline and a snort of cocaine or two, and Sharon Stone's interrogation scene will be talked about for years on end.

Stone delivers her lines in such a way where it causes your eyes to be glued to the screen and your ass on the edge of the seat.

Silly, enjoyable thriller with loads of stupid porno sex .

BASIC INSTINCT is just a bloated, slow story about men going through midlife crisis created by men who were simultaneously going through midlife crisis in reality.

The most compelling evidence against the need for reality in a picture this trashy is Douglas' famous green, V-necked sweater that he wears in the club scene.

The hottest scenes are very choreographed, look spectacular and must have been very exciting by the time the film was released.

Needless to say, this is a pretty intense and gritty film.

) It is a cheap, pointless, homophobic exploitation movie and he gives two out of five.

While I have hardly anything against nudity and gratuitous sex in movies(and for that mater,seeing Sharon Stone being a part of it),i still found this film to be a long,repetitive exercise in misogynistic fantasy,spliced with bloody,agonizing murders.

This movie was pretty entertaining at some points.

her body is breathtaking!

It was so amazing because you will never get a another film just like it, the performances of this great film were brilliant the film was thrilling and the characters showed know fright or scariness which made it MORE THRILLING...

Contains Spoiler I am very surprised this only gets 6.7/10(notably, IMDB's own staff give it 8.1/10) Its beautfully shot, fantastic plot/storyline, add to that a stunning, haunting soundtrack makes it into my top 10 of all time no question.

A really thrilling movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, Stone has the most memorable female performance of the 90's, and the film is so brilliantly written, especially in regard to Catherine Tramell.

Controversial film directed by Paul Verhoeven is never boring, though normally having no one in the story to root for would be a problem, film is so slickly made and in-your-face that it may be the epitome of the guilty pleasure; trashy yet enjoyable.

It's a film that is muddled in its target audience and its approach and yet it remains compelling for the best part of its runtime with standout acting performances and several good scenes despite its graphic content although it's not a film you would want to watch twice in quick succession; even if the plot does demand that you do so.

On the other hand, it's seriously cheesy and over-the-top at times as well as truly dull in others.

Basically, it's entertaining trash...

Cue plenty more raunchy, near the knuckle nookie (including some rough rumpy-pumpy with the very sexy Jeanne 'gives me the' Tripplehorn), a few more gruesome deaths, a smidgen of exciting, pulse-pounding action, and the film's infamous blink-and-you'll miss-it shot of Stone's kebab as she uncrosses her legs during a police interview, all of which adds up to a whole heap of unmissable, jaw-dropping, eye-opening, big budget fun the likes of which we might never see again (unless Verhoeven can get Hollywood to forget all about Showgirls).

But, Esterhaz being a thrills-at-the-expense-of-logic seeker that he is, made that predictable last-minute thriller-movie twist: Stone has an ice pick lying beneath her bed, while she has sex with Douglas in the movie's last scene.

The acting is excellent, especially that of Sharon Stone who plays the rabbit we gladly follow down the rabbit hole where the rules of the game are confusing and constantly changing.

The plot's too confusing to bother with.

Basic Instinct kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next.

The most pretentious murder-mystery ever filmed .

It's a thrilling movie which throws the viewer into the middle of a puzzling killing spree, with an apparently clear murderer which nobody seems capable of convicting.

At a time when the world of film in America was moving out of the 1980s and into the 90s; fast and often confusing, perhaps poorly made and soon to be dated, mass produced films that had that aged grain and relied on a lot of adrenaline for most of the time films were being fazed out and a new 'sort' of film language was perhaps entering the fray.

Positively breathtaking.

Well, they are bored.

His movies are so damn entertaining.

Detective Nick Curran, who is a man perched on the edge of a suicidal ibis, tip toeing along the rim for a chance to solve the ultimate case of "who-done-it.

sleazy, amoral and worryingly entertaining .

The pace is grindingly slow.

Intense Erotic Thriller .

And yeah, about sex, though, I genuinely welcome the then-new (erotic) approach to the thriller genre I thought it was too pretentious, histrionic and fake.

This is a very engaging movie with memorable performances and a fantastic ending.

Her pacing was off and she was flat (although that couldn't be said for her personally--two reasons she got some air time).

It's best seen as a teen viewer's coming of age film.

Nevertheless, it delivers what it promises: a fast-moving, often-implausible thriller that glories in the lurid and the bloody.

This movie is fantastic in every aspect, the acting is sensational, the story line is thrilling, and the sex scenes are brilliant.

Her knowledge of art history and her astute recognition of symbols led me to look at this enjoyable film in a new light.

Its sexy, suspensful and unpredictable.

That was very entertaining.

While the screenplay had its fair share of intriguing elements, there were also some elements (namely the cheesy and implausible dialogue) that ruined it.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It's extremely misogynistic and is very predictable.

If you ask me - Basic Instinct is the sort of film that demands that the viewer believe that they are actually watching a intensely penetrating psychological-thriller, when, in reality, what they are seeing is a story that is about as shallow and predictable as you could possibly get.

Although it has very good actors and very good story, it evolves slowly and apparently without any direction, maintaining a slow pace for about half of the movie.

It gets bonus points for uniqueness here, and for decent acting by the cast, but the visuals of the movie are low tech, gritty and boring.

It has an efficient pace that is undeniably one of the most entertaining stories I have ever seen.

Unless you just have to see Sharon Stone nude, don't waste your time with this garbage.

Basic Instinct one world's greatest thriller what a story-line great performances by SHARON STONE & Micheal DOUGLAS it was a definite GROUND BREAKER one of the sexiest films the thrilling of it blows you away besides the fact of the world's most famous scene in film history S.

Nick Curran (Micheal Douglas) a detective with a shady past meets Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) a manipulative mind-game playing bisexual novelist who is the prime suspect in the investigation of the vicious death via icepick of a former rock star and highly influential member of San Fransisco society in this gripping and tense erotically-charged thriller.

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone gave off quite a fascinating performance.

A sleazy but enjoyable erotic noir .

Finding the identity of a killer is always fascinating, no matter what you're watching...

But once you get past that, it's a top-notch, highly entertaining thriller.

(Checkout Wallstreet or Traffic) The movie is a murderous thrilling mystery yet twisted in are some highly entertaining/shocking scenes in which the main characters acting are put to the test and I'd definetly give them a passing grade.

I felt Basic Instinct was heart-gripping, suspenseful, and a seat tipper.


Aside from the terrible acting, vile dialogue and boring car chases this is just a stupid film with nothing to recommend it.

In result the characters just appear selfish and over-stylishly empty.

However, it can be slow at points, and is nothing compared to, 'Fatal Atrraction', which is the best Douglas film ever.

Paul Verhoeven's forceful directing and poor method ensure that the potentially intriguing plot is lost in the sex and violence.

On top of that, the story had a reasonably intriguing complexity to it as did the two main characters.

Her seductive charm works on the male protagonist, which leads to confusion.

If this movie had no sex, it would be the most pointless, predictable 'thriller' ever.

Still there are pointless sequences like where Nick and Catherine engage in a car chase for no discernible reason other than to serve as a dire attempt to jack up the energy level.

Here's a really hoary device -- Douglas is tearing through some mailboxes in an empty foyer while the music begins to pound, then a hand reaches in from out of the frame and grabs his shoulder, and the score emits a shriek.

More annoying and pretentious than Tenebre(1982).

Overall this a movie well worth watching.

I found it to be relatively enjoyable.

What a cliché...!Film rating 3/10

From the derivative, cliché-welcoming mind of Joe Eszterhas comes this overwrought Skinemax entry dressed up with Hollywood gloss, name actors, and a load of pop-psychology terminology (that fails to convey a brain under all the cop-thriller conventions).

This all leads onto a tense game of cat and mouse that leaves the movie unpredictable until the every end.

This film is thrilling.

Michael Douglas is well-suited for the role of the cop on the edge, with slicked-back hair to make him look younger.

There's no story.

However, as enjoyable as the scene is, my mind kept thinking about the décor.

At the half point, all the creativity and invention (which made the first half so enjoyable) had been exhausted and all that was left was a dumb-down and sleazy screenplay.

Neither erotic or thrilling .

The film is without a doubt very interesting, at times suspenseful, and there are plenty of twists and revelations to avoid any boredom.

the imagery of the movie is breathtaking,the sea,the waves,the sunny streets of San francisco...

Basic Instinct is not a great movie, but it is an entertaining one.

Paul Verhoven's (Total Recall) Basic Instinct is exciting, erotic and entertaining throughout.

The diversion with Jeanne Tripplehorn's character was an unexpected twist of sorts, and verges on being almost too coincidental to the other events going on, so it's not unusual to be left a little confused with the story's outcome.

But even then, watching Detective Curran fall to pieces and revert back to his basic instincts is fascinating.