Bathtubs Over Broadway (2018) - Documentary, Comedy, Music

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A Late Night comedy writer stumbles upon a hilarious, hidden world of entertainment and finds an unexpected connection to his fellow man. With David Letterman, Chita Rivera, Martin Short, Jello Biafra, and more.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Dava Whisenant
Stars: David Letterman, Martin Short
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 3 out of 32 found boring (9.37%)

One-line Reviews (18)

Consequently, a number of the sequences felt repetitive as it drove home the point of how ridiculous these musicals were.

Mr. Young took me down unexpected paths.

You can practically see the loss and confusion on his face as he roots around the remains of the TV set, searches for memorabilia and as a final farewell (as depicted in the film) is seen dumpster diving before hugging a long time colleague and flatly saying "I'm not going back in".

Way back in the seventies the business school mantra was "nothing happens until a sale is made".

It is delightfully entertaining, exceedingly funny, charming and heartwarming and overall an unexpected delightful experience!!

Delightfully Offbeat Version of "Nothing Happens Until A Sale Is Made" .

Unexpected poignancy .

But then the documentary takes an unexpected turn into something far more substantial, far more deeper, far more enlightening than I think even Steve had envisioned when he took on this journey.

The answer, we learn, is - find a hobby about something arcane, pointless, superficial, and - to be kind - eccentric.

Joyously entertaining tribute to musical theatre .

Entertaining, inspirational documentary about industrial musicals and one fan's search to learn more about a unique time in American business and meet some of the major players behind the musicals.

)The film's pièce de résistance, something that couldn't be done in a book, is a full-scale musical dance number including many of the folks featured in the film - even the collectors - set to a snappy new song Young wrote with Hank Beebe, who cowrote the 1966 Detroit Diesel production Diesel Dazzle.

It is only toward the latter third of the film that Young moves from a fairly engaging guide through the history of industrial musicals to a character the audience can root for.

Who knew a film about industrial musicals could be so moving and engrossing?

After 45 minutes its boring, repetitive, and superficial over and over.

This movie has a "plot", engaging characters and a whole lot warm vibes.

All fascinating and entertaining on its own.

It is the comic relief for days long meetings on a national or regional level of boring, monotonous, proselytizing.