Batla House (2019) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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After a deadly encounter, a police officer struggles to catch the fugitives and prove the police acted lawfully, while being despised by the whole nation.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Nikkhil Advani
Stars: John Abraham, Nora Fatehi
Length: 146 Minutes
PG Rating: Not Rated
Reviews: 9 out of 144 found boring (6.25%)

One-line Reviews (61)

John delivers a career best real life dark knight style performance, engaging story reflecting the valour of Real life heroes aka police cops, director clears the intent in every possible way he can one should not be hesitant in going for it.

screenplay is engaging.

Who would have thought that the director of atrocious films like Hero and Chandni Chowk to China would've made a gripping and compelling movie like Batla House.

Slow, Unwatchable and Full of Plot Holes .

Far Better than mission mangle Mind blowing movie.

The second half has gained attention with some nail biting scenes and thrilling screenplay.

Mind blowing just watched One more time after parmanu John Abraham killer it's better than Mission Mangal

Deeply Engrossing reality depicted .

So intense is the storytelling, that it generates the same excitement whether there's an internal inquiry or a press coverage or the policemen chasing the dreaded Mujahid who escaped.

Slightly away from Entertaining Mainstream Film-making, Batla House has done Justice to it's Honest and Patriotic Theme.

This event that was slammed as an encounter operation by political parties and a large part of the society, many media houses and social activists brought the Delhi Police under intense scrutiny for allegedly killing innocent students in the name of terrorists.

It is very boring court room drama.

The actual court sequences must have been thrilling.

Gripping .

First half movie is very dull.

That rubbish patriotism & bogus propaganda .

intense movie.

In the climactic courtroom scene, Sanjay gives a rousing speech and Rajesh Sharma as the defense lawyer has to glory.

The story is unrealistic, plot is very weak & slow.

Slow First half...

It keeps us on the edge of our seats...

Worth watching .

Engaging .

Powerful and engaging movie.

It's a gripping narration and well made movie.

'BH' is a very engaging movie with a strong plot.

Very boring and predictable movie.

1st Half was Average with a great chasing scene but 2nd Half takes flight and made it a worth watching.

Last 20 minits are very emotional and engaging.

All in all, Batla House is a riveting and engaging movie that teaches you about one of the most controversial cases in India in a very sincere manner.

Higly engaging...

The first half dragged a little in parts, although the politics and the protest scenes were quite believable.

This movie can be another "Madras Cafe" but screenplay and direction is so bad that you will end up getting bored and distracted.

What a riveting narrative .

Just the build up in the first half seems a bit slow.

Despite some of the flaws, 'Batla House' makes for a gripping, intense watch.

It should have kept it to a maximum of 2hrs in order to make the film more gripping& interesting .

Grippy and Thrilling movie with Beautiful songs.

Its entertaining, informative, great direction, script well written and camera work is at its best.

This movie is worth watching for it's premise.

The plot of this film is based on that rubbish Indian patriotism & bogus propaganda that Muslims are terrorists.

Dark and Engaging .

Gripping storyline and a great watch!

It is the slowest movie i have seen in a decade

It's a nail biting, intelligent and heavily charged thriller that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what's next!

First half is Too slow ,director Nikhil advani fails to keep momentum alive, Infact film kick starts in second half, Amazing drama ,action.

Worth watching .

'Batla House' is gripping, intense watch.

The film batla house is gripping and entertaining .

Mind Blowing Movie ...

John Abraham again shows why he is perfect for such intense real life cops stories.

Another gripping action thriller from John Abraham.

The trailer was pretty gripping, and since John Abraham has lately been part of some good films, I was naturally curious about this one.

Employing a limited repertoire of expressions, the actor powers through the scenes with an intensity that's simmering and part-rousing.

The action sequences and the courtroom drama in the second half was compelling, although the actor playing the judge seemed to be overacting a little bit.

Better than mission mangle , action packed, Real, intence, original, greeping , must watch

Though the movie is slow in the beginning, it pick pace in the 2nd half and the final 15 mins was superb ending the movie on a very high note.

Engaging and Powerful .

jhon abram profomence is mind blowing,saki saki song is wow

Packed with good cinematography, pumping sound score, engaging screenplay, decent performances ; this one surely won't disappoint!

The songs dragged on for a bit too long.