Batman Begins (2005) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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After training with his mentor, Batman begins his fight to free crime-ridden Gotham City from corruption.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine
Length: 140 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 119 out of 1000 found boring (11.9%)

One-line Reviews (696)

This movie is a bit slow at the beginning, but it manages to pick up the pace and create thrilling scenes and dramatic tension -- all while remaining anchored to a realistic world.

Christian Bale, one of the more exciting younger actors of the past few years, fills the Caped Crusader's shoes with grace and dignity; Michael Caine brings his affable, fatherly charm to Alfred; Cillian Murphy brings a casual malevolence to his demented doctor; and Gary Oldman does well in the unfortunately limited role of Commissioner Gordon.

But when the movie isn't concentrating on one or more of those aspects, it lumbers along at a lethargic pace as we're forced to listen to bored actors playing characters we don't care about recite lines that sound like they were written using a "screenwriting for dummies" handbook.

However, the final few scenes are standard superhero action fare, and is fairly boring by comparison.

Unfortunately however, a distinct lack of focus in the antagonists' lair and a throwaway, tedious romantic subplot hinder complete engagement with the feature.

Bale physically looks the part as Bruce and even brings some reckless charm to the part - but he's ultimately too bland and joyless.

The Other Flaw is the Flat and Dreary Unstylish Nature of the Movie.

All this extra padding makes for some interesting and at times, utterly compelling drama that involves suspense and action.

Corny dialogs, predictable plot line, obviously artificial special effects and "Felicity" make up another pompous Hollywood bullshit.

Just a great, highly enjoyable movie that was obviously in good hands when being made.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This movie was a complete and total waste of time and unnecessary insult to those who enjoyed the original Batman movie and at the very least the first two films directed masterfully by Burton.

Overall, it was just too elementary, some parts were extremely boring and a bit disappointing.

A couple of complaints:*The action scenes, while exciting and visually arresting, are kind of difficult to discern at times, especially at the climax.

Rade Serbedzija as a Homeless Man was somewhat pointless.

You can tell that the writing is Nolan, just by the slow, rather confusing pace and how intelligent everything seems.

The suspense is so thrilling even before he puts on the cape and cowl.

Wally Pfister's breathtaking Cinematography along with Lee Smith;s brilliant film editing present us with a much darker and bolder look at Batman, and the look of the film alone makes it a worth while viewing.

It is dark, serious and intense.

In the fall of 2003 , director Christopher Nolan heard about the rumors of doing yet another batman film , and said that's mine , the result was absolutely fascinating , a cast of incredible actors such as Chrstian Bale , Micheal Caine , Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman .

This movie was thrilling, had a excellent score – one of my personal all time favorites and matches Elfman's awesome introduction to the caped crusader, brilliantly shot – the cinematography was gorgeous, the plot was intense, the acting phenomenal, contained original action sequences and it certainly set the bar extremely high, literally begging any superhero/comic book movie to challenge the depths of its creativity.

Excellent screenplay, best quality photography, the greatest actors made a flawless, smooth and complete entertaining movie !

Also thrilling are the scary visual effects conjured up for the hallucinogens.

The beards appeared as bored stiff make-up artists had pasted them onto the actors!

It's entertaining, clever, soul-grasping and most of all, inspiring whereas The Dark Knight is mentally exhausting.

It's pacey, it's exciting and everything you could ever want in an action film.

I watched it again, and I fell asleep again.

Both fantastic movies, but I would never call Tim Burton's Batman brilliant, fun maybe, entertaining, memorable?

It was exciting from start to finish and my heart was still pounding after I left the theater.

The first half of the film is very slow and unengaging.

This is not suspense-building or characterization, this is straight-up being childish with the amount of utterly pointless scenes.

It is visually compelling, appropriately brooding to carry its faith to the source material, and energizes the titular hero with stunning charisma thanks to Christopher Nolan behind the camera.

As the title hero, Christian Bale blows all other Batman portrayers out of the water with his intense and scary take of the role.

I agree with the previous reviewer that the action sequences were too tightly shot and confusing in their rapid cuts.

and utterly boring.

Found those in "Begins" about the most dull ones I ever attended in the genre (I had more excitement in seeing kids fly on a stick in Bedknobs and Broomsticks!

; Michael Caine - "I always wanted Geilgud's role in "Arthur""; Rutger Hauer - "I don't care what I'm in as long as I'm paid"), a weak story that seems to have been written by committee, and so little light that you can miss whole chunks of action, but I still enjoyed it far more than I expected.

In attempting to be so literal, it forgets how to be abstract and entertaining.

He seemed to be dull and struggle in the company of the 'established actors'.

Commissioner Gordon is no longer a fat cop, but a tired-with-crime veteran that welcomes the unexpected helping hand and forms a unique relationship with Batman.

As Batman he fight against the crime and it's all very entertaining.

The movie has missteps like the lack of dramatic tension on the final action scenes and bad blood with Batman vs the villains but as a whole Batman Begins is truly entertaining.

Once Bruce Wayne finally dons the cape and cowl, there are a few jaw-dropping action scenes including a brilliant batmobile chase scene and a thrilling climax on Gotham's elevated trains.

Gordon the cop and Alfred were other very well done character as they had a enjoyable personality to watch thought the film.

It has character development, drama, suspense, and humor (from mostly Caine, Freeman, and some from Bale) with just the right amount of action thats well executed including Bruce's fight with Ra's in the Himalayan monastery perched on a mountain, and an intense chase with Batman in the Tumbler on the streets and rooftops of Gotham.

With an excellent original score, with good visual effects, with good costume design, good acting and a great direction of Christopher Nolan, i recommend you to see this Batman Movie, this is really good and stunning.

Oh how the luminous energy of the Batman franchise has been reduced to this contrived drivel.

The movie is quite enjoyable at first, the first 50 min or so, even afterward, if you're not bothered by inconsistencies in the story.

The plot of Batman Begins follows the traditional sequence of an epic story while also throwing in plenty of exciting twists and turns.

After the horrible reception of Batman and Robin, another Batman film would appear to be a waste of time.

The movie is dull, boring and dry.

i recently watched Batman Forever and i must say, the fight sequence in the beginning with batman fighting the two face thugs near the elevator is probably one of the best batman fight sequences made because it was fast, intense, and most importantly, you can SEE whats going on without having your head in a daze.

Other than that it is an intelligent entertaining thriller and it pays homage to the comic book hero.

It was compelling seeing him develop, as he studies the mind of a criminal and, being human, sometimes questions even himself.

It's the film Batman fans always wanted but it's going to be equally exciting & awesome for newcomers as well.

Because he's an unpredictable man after all.

Batman Begins is not only the best film in the franchise so far (fingers crossed for The Dark Knight), but it is also one of those indispensable comic book movies which takes the realism of its subject matter into deep consideration, and emerges even more compelling and intriguing as a result.

A boring take on a classic .

cool gadgets, awesome car, great acting, superb directing, and i have to say, finally, besides Tim Burton's work, a on the edge of your seat- action packed film!

While that is all blasting and exciting, this soundtrack draws tension.

Enter director Christopher Nolan, who had very big shoes to fill following his debut with the psychological thriller Memento (2000) which became a critical and box office success and following up with the dark thriller Insomnia (2002).

It is just a well directed film with a boring story.

That's what I think, it's a very good set up to the character and definitely worth the watch.

Christian Bale did a great job translating the darker side of Batman, and the whole history as to how he became Batman was fascinating.

Gone are the empty plots...

Vaguely adequate pacing, the usual elliptical storytelling, formulaic staging and sets, monotonous editing...

After intensive training with the guru Ra's al Ghul, he becomes a vigilante who will use all his money and power to chase the criminals of Gotham City.

But don't be fooled: Nolan does not try to convince us that a "batman" could exist thanks to a strong will, intensive training and modern technology.

and this movie is amazing,stunning,blockbuster,brilliant,phenomenal and evergreen movie of all time.

Not a Great Movie but a Very Good and Entertaining Ride that has its Moments but is Removed from Exceptional by its Somewhat Lackluster Demeanor, Repetitive Dialog (Fear Fear Fear) and a Surprising Absence of Style.

Ducard mentors Bruce to become a member of the League of Shadows through intense martial arts training and ninja tactics to transform him into a warrior.

The direction by Christopher Nolan is excellent,with Nolan giving the film an intense and dark visual style constantly moving the camera with over head shots while Nolan also does a great job with the Action scenes.

the Nolan series has been one long, very boring ride through Gotham and seeing as the latest lame entry is the last, I'm looking forward to what i hope will be a more comic book -like reboot that takes its cue from the earlier films.

Caine, Freeman, and Oldman were slumming it up and I was so bored watching them that I kept hoping to wake up from what was like a bad dream.

The movie is definitely quite long but more importantly, throughout the entire length of the movie, you wont really want to leave your seat.

6 It will please the eyes (somewhat) and the bland & gross tastes out there.

While the extensive character development of Bruce Wayne was one of the film's main strengths, certain other characters who had genuine potential were sold a little short - most notably Rachel Dawes (a miscast but not entirely inept Katie Holmes) and of course, the most fascinating and eerie antagonist, the utterly loathsome Dr Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (played to vile perfection by Cillian Murphy, who completely owned every scene he appeared in, and would probably have stolen the whole show if he'd had more than about ten minutes' screen-time).

Scenes exist that are only present in films trying to stave off boredom by presenting flashy visuals at break-neck speeds.

I thought the beginning bit with Liam Neeson went on far too long and reminded me of another film he has appeared in.

I say why even bother making a Batman film that is so abysmally dull and dim.

It was so incredibly boring.

" Directed by a very talented master of dark and atmospheric films with deep and interesting characters, Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" is gripping and emotional adventure which is equally interesting for the viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

It's definitely better than the last two Batman movies before this one, but the two directed by Tim Burton as well as the animated "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" overall are more enjoyable experiences for me.

Christian Bale crafts a fascinating portrait of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego - with his Batman a lot more intimidating than earlier versions.

This is a slow and dreary hallucination.

Still, it's a superior and vastly entertaining action/comic book hero movie that delivers.

An impressive car chase is probably the highlight but early scenes also feature plenty of sword fights and the final battle inside a speeding train is extremely exciting.

The plot is intense.

Intense or light-hearted, brooding or playful...

Pretentious and stupid .

We saw Tom Wilkinson laying his cards in front of a mildly impressed Bruce Wayne, which makes the villain's come-uppance twice more enjoyable.

Goyer delivering a gripping and very entertaining script.

A big waste of money considering the quality(Tim Burton had little,if any,CGI and his Gotham City and Batcave and all that fancy stuff looked much more realistic).

This movie is very entertaining and i'm sure everyone will be glad to see batman back at it's best and good too see they have found the right actor for the role of batman.

It's one movie in which you remain on the edge all the time.

The primary positive bite of "Batman Begins" is that it is a Christopher Nolan film and the eccentricities he injects to his films (unpredictable conflicts, multifarious situations, and non-linear storytelling) are profound enough to resurrect Batman from the dark side of film franchises.

It was a great, fun filled, action packed ride that I enjoy sharing with my friends every chance i get!

but when i saw it a second time, i was actually bored outta my mind.

It was so contrived and pointless.....

1-the boring beginning.

Kudos to indie film director Christopher Nolan (Insomnia, Memento) for bringing in such classy actors and bringing Gotham to a dark stage.

Neeson's turn as Qui-Gon Jinn, as well as many other roles makes him the perfect person to play tutor/father figures, making his betrayal all the harder hitting (and unexpected).

If your not a Batman Fan then i suggest you don't watch this because you'll have to suffer through about on hour and a half (actually i think it's more like 5 hours or at least thats how it felt anyway) of total boredom.

Her characters relationship with Bruce is very engaging even if she doesn't have much chemistry with Bale.

And Wayne himself is a slow learner, clumsy at times, taking foolish chances, inventing Batman as he goes along.

These thrilling moments keep a very reserved feeling to insist that Batman is a flesh and blood protagonist.

For me the best one was the movie beginning one, Vespertilio by Hans Zimmer (all soundtracks were of his composition)Overall it is an enjoyable movie, not one of the best I have seen though.

Other flaws: (1) When the action does happen, for a whole whopping 5 minutes, it's just as generic and dull as the dialogue.

Many of them turn out to be too corny or predictable.

I hesitate to call it the definitive interpretation of Batman (Batman 1989 takes that title), but Batman Begins is the best of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, a film that balances gritty realism, human drama, and thrilling comic book fun.

If the action would have been as great, as the nicely structured story, the intriguing acting, the cool moments throughout, the thoughtful meanings and neat visuals I think this would have been a truly fantastic movie.

Christian Bale has a monotone voice and has NO EXPRESSION!

The film is delivered in absorbing way, from beginning to end and keeps your attention fixed.

The batman suit in this one is laughably bad, the assistant DA looks and sounds more like a high school prom date and Michael Caine looks as bored as he did in Jaws III.

Christian Bale seems to have fulfilled the role with sheer brilliance and puts on an outstanding performance to make it a well-rounded and action packed movie that keeps you wanting till the very end.

I thought the movie was well acted and visually stunning.

Great move there; the city feels immense but dull, and feels like it needs some hope injected into it.

Batman Begins defines the origins and character of Batman in a mature, refreshingly original and thoroughly entertaining way.

Overall: 9.5/10 a stunning masterpiece.

Gotham city design is dull.

Wow, can you say "boring" any louder?

Nolan is not primarily concerned on making a entertaining comic book pic, but rather on making a intriguing art house character drama.

The action scenes are intense, well choreographed and fast paced.

More than 3/4ths of Batman Begins is completely irrelevant to the cliché plot (which I'll also talk about later).

It was REALLY boring and totally panned away from Gotham city for most of the film.

Dispelling the nightmarish memories of the last two Batman movies, Christopher Nolan reinvents everything and gives us a caped crusader that is as fascinating (and maybe even more so) as the one Burton introduced.

even B&R was watchable because it was damn entertaining.

There was hope with Batman Returns, however, which was a dark, compelling political satire with vivacious villains and sharp writing.

Batman Begins is an entertaining superhero spectacle that marks a fresh start to the rebooted Batman franchise.

It's interesting the first time but it becomes tedious when you see it again.

the reason i only gave it 7 out of 10 stars is because it was slightly boring.

Overall, Bale played a fantastic Batman and Freeman still has what it takes to be a fantastic actor, but because of the slow start and lack of action, I give this film a 7/10

They were able to realistically portray a fascinating character and make Batman/Bruce Wayne the most interesting story of the film.

' Although the '05 version is filled up with A-list actors in supporting roles, the story is dull and they are wasted.

the Batcave, the Batmobile, and his costume to name a few) but I still was on the edge of my seat waiting for the action to start.

Overall very slow moving at times and incomprehensible.

But, these are little things in a very strong and enjoyable movie.

And when most of the first 45 minutes of this movie turned out to be dull stuff about Batman being a ninja and lots of boring blathering about Eastern philosophy complete with (poppy?

Freeman is also genuinely enjoyable to watch, his almost eccentric antics give his parts a greater warmth which comes from any Freeman performance.

During a stunning car chase sequence, Batman (aka Bruce Wayne), our hero, crushes a number of police cars, at the very least injuring a number of policemen.

BB tells the story of Bruce Wanye before he became Batman, which I found fascinating to find out.

Batman Begins has an entertaining pace and some fun scenes and characters.

The dark, disturbed nature of Bruce Wayne and his destiny has always been that which has made Batman one of the most compelling comic book characters of all time, and, by God, they finally got it right.

The ending climax is pretty thrilling, and made even better by the films awesome score, that adds greatly to the character of the film.

I found this the most entertaining of the non animated batman series.


what a boring movie this is and i thought all the other batman movies were boring.

Direction is mind blowing.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie and I recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining action adventure based on a comic book.

Pretend it never happened, and start the whole series over again with a talented director, compelling story and capable cast.

Michael Keaton always struck me as miscast, Val Kilmer was just dull, and even the normally charismatic George Clooney failed to arouse much interest.

The origin of Batman is engaging, engrossing, and emotional.

Seems kind of pointless.

By no means is the movie the classic it could have been, but it's a fine effort nevertheless and delivers a compelling and welcome look back at how it all began for the dark knight.

Liam is a good actor, but his character came across as preachy, repetitive and flat.

Unfortunately Nolan always bore me right before the end of the movie, at some point the action is just taking way too much time and I wan to get to the end of things.

Finally, never minding the fact that this is a refurbished and recycled version of the character, the finished product is incredibly routine and predictable with many of the standard storyline clichés in evidence.

This movie takes you on a action packed adventure all the way around the world looking at batman's training and skills he learnt to become the batman then back to Gotham to become the dark knight!

Batman Begins is the perfect remake any movie can ever ask for and is simply a perfect entry to the Batman franchise as the film contains superb acting and direction, great dialogue, great characters, great story and a lot of emotional, witty and intense moments.

However i await with great anticipation the sequel, it seems to be far more what fans of the franchise are looking for- it looks very dark and entertaining.

Where most superhero films are immature nonsense with the typical cliché'd 'tyrant' evil villain and the non existent narrative or character development, Batman Begins puts an emphasis on character instead of action, and the result is that here is finally a superhero film that is both mature and impactful due to this.

The action packed monorail chase sequence finale will have you on the edge of your seat too and if you're not than something's wrong with you.

The films run an average of 2.5 hours each and time is dragged out on too much talking and very little Batman especially in the third instalment where we barely get 20 minutes of caped action.

I am going with mind blowing 9 out of 10 for Batman Begins.

Batman's theme in this film is exciting to hear and when it finally shows Batman in his costume, I just screamed and cheered like a fanboy in awe.

Why is the boring Ra's Al Ghul the primary villain instead of Scarecrow?

Thrilling, true to the source material and all around an excellent Bat-experience.

Dark, gripping, and highly enjoyable.

This trend is shown through the entire film to the point Batman was so trite and clichéd, he was more laughable than the Batman in the old 70s TV shows.

This movie met my expectations and was very entertaining to watch how the road of the Dark Knight or the world's greatest detective.

but, hey, it was still enjoyable.

The story is compelling, the characters are fantastic, and there's a good explanation for everything, even the foolish masks Batman and his enemies wear.

But back to the characters, Michael Caine is the most charming Alfred imaginable (but I do look forward to Jeremy Irons), and Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman provide trustworthy allies in Lucius Fox and Jim Gordon, respectively, that drives the franchise past the shortcomings of even Tim Burton's Batman with his fat, pointless Gordon.

I thought the movie was interesting in the beginning but now I kinda find it boring.

I found the very beginning confusing and it took me 40 minutes in till I started finding it entertaining and not boring.

Things I don't like in this movie: Batman Begins was really slow, the first hour of the movie was boring and really dramatic.

The fight choreography is often fast paced, which makes it difficult to tell what is going on and who is fighting who, although the final fight does seem to improve on this, as do the sequels.

I think not, therefore; I believe Batman Begins is one of the best movies of this century because of the brilliant moral theory behind Batman himself, the incredible action scenes, and the fulfilled recipe of a perfect hero movie; all making such an enjoyable experience for most anyone who decides to view this film.

So in one word this movie is "Boring"

Overall, Batman Begins is a simply stunning and gritty intro into what one can only hope becomes a flourishing and gargantuan reinvention of Batman's stories.

Tedious and bland is the only way to describe this new reinvention of the Dark Knight.

In my first viewing of batman begins if truth be told I was not impressed because it was much different from the old batman movies I grew up with (a bias towards childhood faves) The screenplay as well was dull and spoiled some aspects of the picture, not too mention the origin story of batman (death of his parents and martial arts in Asia) was boring.

Rated "PG-13" for Adult Situations, Some Language, Intense Violence and bizarre/disturbing imageryMy Take : **** (out of ****)Think "The Last Samurai" crossed with "Blade Runner".

The opening scene of clowns was too long and boring.

Liam Neeson looks bored and so does the audience.

The director of memento and insomnia, apparently suffers from insomnia himself.

Adam West hammed it up in what has to be the campest yet enjoyable version of batman.

The plot of the movie is really interesting and has some very intense action scenes.

Also there is a lot of exposition in it that explains a lot and sometimes I got a bit bored so that is a bit of an issue with it.

The sequels unfortunately paint Gotham as a bland faceless city.

Any fan of Batman or any superhero in general should find this film fascinating!

One Big Bat Bore .

The characters are weakly written (especially Gary Oldman's pathetically boring 'Good-guy' cop) and the screenplay could have been conceived of by a 12 year-old C grade student.

The monotone voices, lack of emotion, and that ANNOYING LISP that batman has.

Batman, this movie is quite exciting.

Action packed from beginning to end and just a awesome movie.

The film takes a while to get going as the first scenes seem irrelevant until the story develops, and the 'Eastern' nature of these scenes may put some people off the viewing, but staying to watch the whole movie is definitely recommended A great story, fantastic acting and stunning special-effects, Batman Begins is a perfect tribute to the Dark Knight franchise and a fitting exploration of the origins of the man behind the mask

Rutger Hauer, is an acting hero of mine from way back and this was just an unexpected treat of a performance that he had in the story.

Nolan never gives you a chance to see what the hell is going on, and this in turn makes for very boring fight scenes.

It felt that the whole training process of Batman was too drawn-out, and in a way I didn't really care if Rachel Dawes would get the hots for Bruce or not.

People talk in heavy handed riddles and the dialog is leaden and pretentious.

Matching that, the film is shot in an exciting way, and is edited and all that technical stuff with care.

The film's the most conventional outing in Nolan's Batman trilogy, the least pretentious and the least overtly fascist.

I knew that it will be darker now, but it was much more boring.

Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy is the film's creepiest villain in the film, and his first appearance as the scarecrow is pretty intense.

The villains were very forgettable, and a lot of their motives were either trite or slightly unclear.

He can be very entertaining and very dramatic and sometimes he could do both at the same time.

Boring at first, gets a little more exciting, villain underrepresented.

The movie is very dark, suspenseful and eerie.

Boring .

The action starts about halfway through, then towards the end is quite intense.

Katie Holmes as District Attorney Rachel Dawes is just Dull.

The Dark Knight lives again with Batman Begins, a stunning big-screen reintroduction that resurrects a crippled franchise.

Granted, Batman's last two cinematic outings all but dragged the Dark Knight's name into the ground, thanks to Joel Schumacher's hollow neon approach to spectacle; Nolan--with the assistance of screenwriter David S.

Sketching Bruce Wayne and Batman's history made for very intriguing viewing.

Despite the emphasis on character development and drama, the film is entertaining.

The scene with the bats also might be a bit intense for young kids.

The music was dramatic and fast paced.

In a word, it's fascinating.

Secondly i would like to hear some views on the punisher, another one not to be rated highly, but still quite entertaining.

The stunning set piece creates a nightmarish world that is pure fear incarnate, and with fear being the film's driving force, the darkness is perfectly placed.

Nolan's re-jigging of a popular item that had certainly become something set in a particular mould, is involving; brooding and quite exciting.

In many ways the most psychologically complex and realistically grounded version of the character to ever grace the screen, here we finally get a good sense of the iconic Bruce Wayne as a startlingly true-to-life human being, resulting in a compelling and often fulfilling movie experience.

Despite the first hour of 'Batman Begins (2005)' being entirely devoid of the costumed hero, this compelling movie rushes along at a brisk pace thanks to some fantastic (if a little shaky) action set-pieces and persistently good writing peppered with decent character moments that make each player feel like fully rounded people.

Christian Bale surprised me - he actually is a good Bruce Wayne/Batman; Michael Caine - aced at playing Alfred; Liam Neeson - so intense, his on screen appearance alone is beastly; Katie Holmes - a catalyst of innocence (sexy, in a weird way) Gary Oldman - i'm amazed how this guy can transform himself into other people (such as Dracula) Cillian Murphy - definitely has talent for being a villain which was later shown once more in Red Eye (i recommend anyone to see that) and..well....

Cillian Murphy (a personal favorite actor of mine) gives an amazing, stunning, icy, and wholly entertaining performance as Jonathan Crane, the villain with brains.

But for all its grittiness and crunching violence, its plot is as formulaic as its predecessors.

So it's a movie about overcoming your fears, learning to forgive yourself and carry on, finding that fine line which divides right from wrong, devoting yourself to an idea, losing yourself in one (the end of the movie questions what became Bruce's true identity and what the mask) and so many more, and it still manages to be a thrilling action ride and a visually stunning blockbuster.

Don;t be put off by the last two movies, don't be put off if your not a batman fan, this movie is fun and entertaining for all.

This was my first intense/serious movie and I loved it.

This film is a very, very entertaining and much more than that!

It was repetitive, dull and too long for its material.

They were childhood friends, best friends, and when Bruce comes back to Gotham after years of being away, she acts like nothing happened.

The first batman series started by Tim Burton produced two entertaining and dark movies Batman and Batman Returns.

Breathtaking, loaded action, a touch of feelings, and beautiful pictures.

This movie is action packed and loaded with drama and comedy Batman's character is shown more in this movie than in the others.

And I think Batman's actions, either played by Bale or the stuntman, were a little bit slow and not very exciting.

The movie is action packed.

Cinematography encapsulates the whole picture with a darker tone while also capturing some breathtaking moments in a clear, concise manner.

The third film however was so boring and forgettable with one good scene.

It's a very entertaining film and it will not going to bore.

However frankly, and compared to his work up to 2005, (Batman Begins) was the biggest and the worst movie he ever did.

This part of the film though extremely engaging and enjoyable I didn't find was quite able to mesh with what was a truly brilliant opening 40 minutes.

The star cast of this movie, with the exception of Katie Holmes, is stunning and although it takes a few minutes to get used to Christian Bale as Batman, it's easy to see why he was chosen for the lead role once those minutes have passed.

And for those who crave really intense human drama, since, at the end of the day, this is still a comic book "super-hero", not some conflicted politician, or not even anything close…Let's try to keep things in perspective, O.

A compelling origin story was weaved together with a plot that was not over the top and was well executed.

He easily pulls off the playboy persona of Wayne, and transforms into the intense, gruff alter-ego easily.

Christian Bale has a monotone voice and has NO EXPRESSION!

Among the newcomers, the most intriguing is Cillian Murphy, whose boyish looks and slight frame (he's actually shorter than Katie Holmes) kept me from realizing he was one of the main villains.

Christopher Nolan out done himself like it's pretty enjoyable to watch like this movie beat Schulmaker's BatMan in every level.

For about the umptenth time I have sat down to watch Christian Bale as Batman and ended up falling asleep.

This movie was fairly iconic with the recreation of Batman after a couple of shameful sequels to the original series, but I often found it hard to keep up with and it bored me most of the time SO MUCH that I actually had to take breaks from it.

Emotions run riot as you follow with your ears, the intense mood changes and roller coaster story.

I am a Batman fan, but this movie was just ridiculously boring.

The influence of Chinese martial arts movies has led to the stock cliché in American films of the noble Asian martial-arts warrior who combines fighting skills with a quasi-religious philosophy and a strong moral code.

This is about the horrible circumstances that made Bruce Wayne into the Dark Knight, and while it's an exciting story, it ain't always pretty.

The heroic and intense rescue of the masked hostages suffered from the same fate: camera-work too fast and disjointed and too dark.

From the stretches of the childhood of the titular character's alter-ego in Bruce Wayne right the way through to attempting to keep law and order on the hostile, night-set streets of Gotham City by way of the isolated mountains of the Far East; Batman Begins is a focused and engaging detailing of an angry and chequered young man finding his way in life.

He frankly looks bored most of the time.

And I have to say, that despite (or perhaps because of) the campness and silliness of it, I enjoyed it as a children's programme.

***Written on 18 July 2008***Before today I haven't watch the first Batman film of Christopher Nolan since its theatrical release, back in summer 2005, and I really enjoyed it a lot at the time, becoming my favourite Batman film since the second and final take of Tim Burton on the legendary comic book superhero, created by Bob Kane.

Oh, the Head of the Ninja clan is Ra's Al Ghul, who was boringly played by Liam Neeson.

A very well written, thrilling and attractive storyline by David S.

Christian Bale turns in a stunning, or rather stunned performance (he seemed to be under the influence of some kind of heavy sedative).

Nolans first take in the trilogy is visually stunning, Gotham the gothic icon in its true form.

And of course, Batman wins in the end with an exciting hint towards the next great sequel.

It's hard to describe I guess, but then so is the disjointed nature of Batman.

The Bad: Katie Holmes does okay, but on average her character just seems like a pointless love interest and really unnecessary.

Come 2005, up to this point, British director Christopher Nolan was still a relative maverick, having made indie breakthrough Following (1998), the mind-bending critical hit Memento (2000), and the solid re-make Insomnia (2002).

It was delivered to us wonderfully entertaining like Nolan's other films.

Its a prequel and is more darker,intelligent,mature and enjoyable.

*LOL* Must be the most laughable plot device ever..), and the totally uncinematic, sloppy, dull action scenes.

There are times when the shot is far enough away and pauses long enough to see what is going on, and it looks entertaining and skillful.

And an exciting climatic battle with Batman fighting in a moving train.

Visually too, the film succeeds in entertaining.

After the unspeakable things Joel Schumacher did to Batman in the 90s, audiences were looking for a more realistic and gripping Batman and here, I think, they truly found that!

Read on about Dull.

It is not just your usual superhero flick with corny dialogues and plot, rather it was dark-noir, drama, intense action-thriller which was so much more close to reality than the Schumacher crap.

It's wonderfully developed characters and expert psychological analysis of a man pushed to fighting back against the criminal and the corrupt make it a wildly fulfilling and compelling watch.

Still, this minor point can be overlooked as the film was thoroughly entertaining and engaging.

The action sequences from batman were very entertaining, especially the car chase in the new bat mo-Bil and thought they did a good job the car.

At the beginning, everything was going extremely tedious.

But, in "Batman Begins" Christopher Nolan has taken the story, demolished it and rebuilt it to be a deliciously dark, breathtaking, "adult Batman" that is more of a gangster action film than a child's superhero film.

Batman Begins (2005) After a number of mediocre (but entertaining) Batman sequels, Christopher Nolan decides to reincarnate the series into the 21st Century.

Thanks to Christopher Nolan who really understood the character,and put a lot of work to tell a compelling origin story to a complex and difficult character,because unlike other superheroes Bruce Wayne is the mask,and Batman is his true identity,Bruce die in the alley alongside his parents,and The Batman was born.

This is an Mind Blowing starting of a Brilliant Trilogy!

The gifted Christian Bale, however, plays both Bruce Wayne and Batman with the same monotone dullness as Val Kilmer did in Batman Forever.

The action is also very well done with some very breathtaking visuals and sequences sure to keep you watching.

However, this is still a both enjoyable and gripping movie, what you want from a Batman movie!

The origin story was entertaining enough.

I would watch it again because it was packed with action and exciting things happening all the time during the movie.

Bland colour palette.

And finally, Gotham City looked stunning.

The first time I saw this movie, I didn't like it because I thought, it was boring and I didn't got the story.

Enjoyable special effects for the Scarecrow character.

Perhaps it's only a bit slow first half that is a bit of negative.

The bonus "Tankman" parody video on the DVD is also worth watching.

It was then that she was the revolutionary and brilliant Christopher Nolan, the director of the excellent Memento (2000) and Insomnia (2002), stunned the world with his vision.

It is so ridiculously boring and lacking in entertainment, it's a lot like watching a black piece of cardboard in the shape of a man get talked to, talked to, and talked to again for the 140-minute runtime.

Neeson exhibits a palpable sense of malice in the role, though his character's return late in the film has a foreboding sense of predictable inevitability about it.

And the plot is at times damn confusing.

Overall it was a rethink that was a complete waste of time.

Christopher Nolan directed this film like his own proud, bombastic and satirically realistic take on the comic book superhero which actually fits Batman quite well: Nolan never forgets to still make the movie fun and exciting, engaging and rolling still.

The build up is so very intriguing and entertaining.

Christian Bale was a mopey, drab, depressing Bruce Wayne, someone I found I could not relate to nor enjoy as a main character.

Caine in particular portrayed an extremely engaging character (Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred) and struck up a very realistic and often poignant dynamic with Bale.

Overall, Batman Begins is an intense origin story of one of the greatest superheroes ever.

With at least two excellently choreographed and suspenseful sword fights, and the terrific highlight of a heart-pumping car chase ranging from the roads to the rooftops of Gotham, each action sequence is expertly thought-out, intense and involving.

Outside of that, great movie with some enjoyable humor and a solid plot.

), throw in a few totally predictable evil-doer villains (with no other feelings than "lets do evil for the fun of it") and um.. add a big, ugly looking car!

Seen this movie once and thats all, i know someone who actually fell asleep in the theater she was that bored!

It makes for good popcorn munching entertainment sure, but after eighty minutes of solid drama with subtle shades of action, the final act is one that can grow tedious quickly.

Boring .

It's so much like real life that some scenes are pretty boring.

The direction was sharp, clever, and exciting for an origin story.

It's beautifully written and paced so that audiences are on the edge of their seats even without anything really happening on screen.

Bruce's journey is simply the most fascinating, richly layered adventure I've ever seen in cinema, superhero film or otherwise.

People were quick to say that her performance was forced and contrived.

It was exciting to see all of Batman's toys fall into place (i.

I would say I did like the movie in general, enjoyed it.

A cliché is a cliché because it works.

The tightly-woven, non-linear story helps make the protagonist, Bruce Wayne's, journey from disillusioned, billionaire playboy to crime fighting superhero far more engaging and enjoyable, as opposed to a regular, linear storyline.

But then, once they got through that (except for another boring segment with the Kung-Fu/Jedimaster/wannabe badguy showing up again near the end), the rest of the movie was WAY COOL MAN.

After the colossal flop that was "Batman and Robin", the entire Batman franchise went into a bit of a lull.

) Bruce Wayne is actually a believable character and his vengeance is what drives this film on in a breathtaking pace.

some of the most pulse pounding and engaging music I've ever heard in a film.

From fighting regular thugs to fighting Ra's, it is breathtaking!

His plans, or rather lack of plans makes everything very suspenseful.

What makes Batman Begins so rewarding, so gripping, and arguably so radical, is that there is a constant and unrelenting focus on the story.

Why was BB such a bore?.

The popcorn advert was more watchable and entertaining than the film.

How can such a good director turn out uninspired, boring schlock like this?

From the beginning of the film, Nolan sets up a grounded incarnation of the origin story, cutting back and forth between past and present seamlessly and managing to keep the pace exciting and relentless until the credits start to roll.

,Morgan Freeman ran an unnecessary character,HAUER looked tired,YEARS ARE NOT IN VAIN,the first hour seemed "Bateman Returns",CAPED JUST APPEARED AFTER WE GOT BORED 60 anti-insomnia minutes!!!

The movie takes far too long to get going, considering we all know where it's headed.

This is a dark, gripping action story that examines the back-story of Bruce Wayne to his intricate path in becoming the Dark Knight.

The special effects are stunning to look at visually.

Nevertheless, the pace never slows, and the story is so unexpected and fascinating (who would have expected a Batman film to begin in a prison in Tibet?

The only other problem I felt the movie had was the slowness of it at points.

Despite my resistance to enjoy a Batman movie without fantastical villains, Nolan has made up for it with a detailed story that is more gripping than any previous film.

With the deeply involving storyline, the nuanced acting, the expert pacing, and appropriate score, the world of Batman is rejuvenated and made more believable and exciting than ever before.

It's dark, it's suspenseful and it's well-acted.

This movie is so bloated with dramatic cliché subplots and overstuffed with pointless dialogue, honestly, how is it even remotely considered and action movie?

I really enjoyed it and hope that they make at least two sequels that are as good as this movie.

To me, they have way too much talking and exposition, and the sequels would handle the action, and thus be more entertaining.

Hit director, Christopher Nolan, brings us another action packed picture filled with special effects.

While the movie is entertaining and has action scenes that are meant to keep you in your seat, the plot development is very slow, especially in the beginning.

The start of one of the greatest superheroes ever with amazing fight scenes and featuring some of Batman's greatest villians such as the scarecrow an intense thrill ride from start to finish.

The fights are great, the gadgets all there, the plot is thorough and exciting, and Gotham looks great.

While The Dark Knight (2008) and even The Dark Knight Rises (2012) were fast-paced most of time, Batman Begins seems to slow down at times.

For the first time in a Batman movie, Bruce Wayne's introduction and character foundation is so fascinating and emotionally charged, that you are not merely waiting for him to put the Bat suit on for the first time.

A slightly flawed, but nonetheless fascinating study on moral complexity .

Overall, this film is nearly the perfect amalgamation of intense action, superb acting, and thought-provoking plot.

Its a very enjoyable film as well because it has the action,the twist in the plot, the interesting characters, it has everything.

All I got from this one was a king-size headache and a sore bottom where I was bored senseless for the best part of two hours.

Bale was just boring.

Utter Waste of Time .

Tim Burton may have borrowed from Frank Miller, but he got more entertaining results than Brian (?


The action scenes are filmed in intense darkness and are shot close up, and edited quickly.

There were only a few boring parts.

Now the things i don't like:As i said before, the drama is great, but this movie also needs action, and i have to say the action scenes weren't so good, the fights sequence are not quite as good as the drama in this film, sometimes i don't understand what happened in those scenes because it is confusing to watch, the chase car is also just decent, the soundtrack make this scene a bit better.

It's because of that insufferably bland, doe-eyed, side-of-the-mouth talking (I thought I was watching Popeye) Katie Holmes.

Its a super super enjoyable film.

Batman Returns(1992) by Tim Burton again was an enjoyable fare.

In one word: enjoyable.

However, before he completely goes 'all-out', he must run a test, and I'm referring to his very entertaining visit to Gordon in his ski mask.

Thrilling, action-packed and expertly made superhero reboot .

well a bit boring.

It is the action sequences that got me on the edge of my seat.

I didn't like the Batman voice, i know it is a good idea to keep Bruce's voice anonymous, but i still didn't like it, and sometimes i don't even know what he is talking about, it is confusing.

Great movie I highly recommend it to every one even if you didn't like the other movies because it's not like the others.

"Batman Begins"- A stirring and gripping retelling of the Batman legend.

The acting by everyone is masterful, including Cilian Murphy but at times during the film, Katie Holmes' performance as Rachel was unbearable.

Not especially deep, but entertaining.

Entertaining and a novelty, but alas, your mundane action movie sprinkled with garish action scenes.

Darker than any Batman before it (which is saying something), exciting, deep, witty, I loved everything about it.

With the obligatory origin taken care of I am hopeful that the second movie will move quicker and be action packed.

This film is absolutely entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your sit.

I really feel Morgan was wasted in this pointless role that somewhat just diminished the Alfred role!

First of all, the beginning was generally quite confusing, the switches between childhood and Bruce Wayne's coming of age among the Shadow people were at times perplexing in helping form a grounded basis for the story to grow from.

Action packed.

this is one long and dull movie.

it gets boring and nauseating.

Rated PG-13 For Intense Action Violence, Disturbing Images And Some Thematic Elements.

Empty performances.

Caine has a lot of cred and has been in many superior films but it was actually depressing watching him tread through this sloppy disjointed sludge.

The movie started with Bruce at 8 years old exposed to his deepest fear, which is bats, then the sequence of movie continues with an enjoyable and interrelated scenes.

A stunning representation of the Dark Knight .

On an overall scale, Batman Begins is an extremely enjoyable, intensely entertaining & immensely satisfying cinema that feels more like a quality psychological thriller that happens to have Batman in it.

There were many things in the movie that made the movie realistic and fascinating to the audience, which mainly are the flash backs to Bruce Wayne's Personal young life.

Now I really do believe that Christian bale is the best batman we have ever had because he was great as the phoney carefree billionaire that Bruce Wayne is but was also great at being the intense batman that strikes fear into criminals.

In short, as a pre Dark Knight warm up, enjoyable.

As well, it also becomes a tad bit predictable.

Personally, i completely disagree, i find Tim Burton's Batman to be a much more entertaining and well-written film with better acting.

An exciting chase sequence is mixed with ambiguity surrounding our protagonist with questions raised over what is necessary for good to triumph.

He made this movie worth watching for me.

And the plot is at times damn confusing.

The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking!

The man gave us intellectual masterpieces like Following(1998), Memento(2000), & Insomnia(2002).

It is also the most intelligent and entertaining.

Probably the best batman yet, Christian Bale is intense, serious, has the voice and even look for the role.

I'm not a fan of comic books movies (though I like the first 2 X-men movies) but if I enter such a world, I want at least the action sequences to be highly cinematic, spatially engaging, in short I want movie magic, something to transport me.

Something about this film is just so enjoyable and Liam Neeson brings his awesome role as Ra's Al Ghul who is my favorite Batman villain to appear on screen to date.

It is all very very engaging.

by the time i'm writing this movie is rated 110 in the top 250 best ever made movies, i don't understand how since watch this was a lousy experience for me and complete waste of time, the story is boring and sometimes it gets confuse, i miss the old style batman when the joker Jack Nicholson with an excellent characterization, we looked at him and see evil...

With brilliant acting by Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman and Micheal Caine, the movie delivers a better, more gripping feel than many other superhero movies.

People talk in heavy handed riddles and the dialog is leaden and pretentious.

Stylish, focused, violent, intense...

Your movie was heartless, pretentious, confusing and boring.

Bale's portrayal was that of an absolute bore and very mechanical in the part.

The Batmobile itself is fascinating to watch in action, especial during one of the most spectacular chase scenes ever envisioned, as Batman directs the vehicle up a ramp to the top of a building and then leads the cops on a chase as the Batmobile leaps from one building to another!

I loved all the dialogue, as it was kept entertaining and the action was amazing!

It can also be loud and quick giving us the kind of percussive beats that are necessary for the action packed sequences that rocket throughout the movie.

another boring superhero movie .

Where Memento was psychologically deep and engulfing, Batman Begins is shallow and repetitive.

The end result is moving, exciting and tense, and never distracts from the main events occurring on screen.

they were exciting and entertaining superhero films.

For me to watch it from top to toe was unbearable.

*LOL*Every other aspect of movie-making here is competent, but straightforward, unimaginative and formulaic.

Nolan uses a very sophisticated choice of direction to bring out the traumas of Wayne's past in a great use of flashbacks, so unexpected and diverse which is what the franchise needed, not to mention the writing is top notch by going darker than all other films in the series created.

Batman Begins is just interested in cheesy diologue, bad storytelling, and one hell of a boring movie.

Of all the Batman films that have told the tiresome origin story, this one does it the best.

I found it becoming tedious with Bale delivering lines like an automaton and even though I think he's a good actor and liked him in other roles, he just wasn't Batman and did not fit the role well enough.

Hollywood just keeps getting more boring.

This is an in depth exploration of a fascinating central character done with style and in a thrilling manner.

So they used Christopher Nolan to direct, a guy who had only made mystery thrillers up until that point with Memento and Insomnia, and Christian Bale to play Batman, a guy who was known for playing a serial killer.

However, I found her to be generally dull and rather generic.

Lastly, that part of the movie was simply a little boring.

Finally an entertaining and very good Batman movie!

Unfortunately Bale leads the cast through a bland script that never really presents anything that hasn't already been presented in a new and different way.

There is no real plot in this movie.

It was boring just like dark knight and I'm NOT just a troll.

And it is very entertaining and makes for a great cinematic experience, especially with Nolan directing.

" The film is gripping unlike any Batman story that you have ever imagined.

Since then I've been impressed with "The Prestige" and I also thought "The Dark Knight" was very good, but revisiting this first entry in the new Batman series was largely a waste of time.

But aside from the staging, budget and computer aids that make the action so real and engrossing the script is excellent, the performances are some of the best of the actors involved, the direction is almost perfect and the editing has been done carefully and with a real eye to quality and audience understanding and appreciation.

It shows that we all are living in a corrupted and intriguing world.

Most of the music is dragged out perfectly.

The dark, brooding slow-burning opener to the film gives a new credence to the character.

It's exciting, it's cool, it's high concept and I loved it!

Burton's first two remain the best because they found a rich balance between evoking superhero mythology in minimalist terms and supporting it with cinematically compelling qualities like character psychology mapping to the architecture of the sets and so on.

(Surely, THE most ludicrous and uninteresting Batman villain.

Overall, this is a much better, mature, entertaining, darker film than any of the previous ones.

So please watch this movie but the movie could be boring at times

Also I think that it should have shown some more action, BUT the parts that did have action were intense and amazing.

Very Boring, Not Fun, and WAY Over-rated....

I remember it being one of the most enjoyable movie-going experiences of my life.

All I can say about Neeson's character is wooden and uninteresting.

It made for a pretty entertaining, albeit flawed, superhero movie, though this was mostly due to a fantastic performance from Jack Nicholson as The Joker.

In combining the cut-and-thrust sensibility of 2000's Memento and the intensity plus attention to character from 2002's Insomnia, Nolan has produced a winner.

Boring .

"Batman Begins" on the other hand is heavy handed and a little too much so to the point that it becomes abysmal and practically unwatchable early on in the first act.

After a traumatic childhood and some intense training, Bruce Wayne is ready to fight crime on the dangerous streets of Gotham City as his alter ego, Batman.

Boring, overblown, typical Hollywood merchandise .

This is also where Bruce Wayne became preachy, repetitive and flat.

Scenes are exciting, always using little computer graphics and that further increase the sense of what we see on screen might actually be happening.

The direction keeps with the dark, brooding theme that makes the Batman comics so intriguing.

The action scenes, which occur mostly toward the end, are rather bland and unmemorable.

I could fall asleep in the beginning.

This is most likely because it's an origin story, and it has no previous installments to build upon, but origin stories in the past have been fast paced, such as 2002's Spiderman.

The film itself is set with a dark and intense look at each of the characters.

I was bored from beginning to end.

But Sam Raimi, at least, had the courage to violate, sometimes, the spirit of the original Spiderman comic books and he made three very funny and enjoyable movies.

'Batman Begins' is a slow film with several pacing mistakes and a generally uninteresting story about revenge and morals.

It is Dark but Kinda Dull.

Here, I gather, was supposed to be the 'why he became Batman' expose, but the whole boring and verbose pantomime went on for so long that this little grasshopper dozed-off before he could grasp the pebble.

You have an exciting Batmobile known as the tumbler being chased by the police.

I would go as far to say that it is worse than Batman & Robin because it was boring and not even visually stimulating.

However I found him to be very bland as Wayne, and frankly a bit over the top as Batman.

When analyzing your favorite movie, is there a better place to start other than the action packed machine that started it all?

I did admire it's desire to make it all seem realistic but at the end of the day it is still based on a comic book, and in trying so hard for credibility they forgot that it's still suppose to be entertaining.

Fast paced, slick and some awesome action sequences make this movie quite "realistic".

The story tale is great, the actors are good, and the film is amazingly entertaining for anyone really into comics.

I saw the other 4 batman movies and only the first and the second are quite good, the other 2 are really terrible because is not entertaining there, but this is one of my favorite superhero movies, great story, great actors, good action sequences,some intense thriller scenes, here all the requisites of a good superhero movie.

But it helps to give the movie a more engaging polish and is a small niggle at the cost of realism.

Most of the film is done practically, and it is like the film, a fresh and stunning twist to todays world.

From there, you have a generic 2-minute action scene, and then from there Batman Begins goes into pointless drama (which I'll talk about later) for 22 minutes.

It is a complete over-hyped waste of time.

While the plot is initially good, it seems empty in the second part.

Thus, the plot of this movie centers on Bruce Wayne's transformation into the Dark Knight, an intriguing process that probes the very roots and civilized society and makes us question whether "right" really is "right".

The action sequences in this film are fast paced, hard hitting, and very impressive.

Plus the imagery is nice to look at, and it's always a pleasure to see Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman -oops, almost forgot Rutger Hauer-, even in slightly pointless cameos.

Like all of the Christopher Nolan's movies(Prestige,Inception) all characters and events in this movie are complicated and intriguing.

It's fascinating to watch Bruce' struggle to overcome his fear and his haunting tragic past.

It is very faithful to the famous graphic novel Batman: year One, and that's why it was so popular and exciting, 8 years after the disastrous Batman & Robin, who almost killed the franchise for good.

The script is very tight, and creative while the characters three dimensional and uncharacteristically drawn out for a comic book adaptation.

"Batman Begins" is suspenseful & entertaining & gripping!

Visually compelling.

The reasons start with the actors, and boy are there some good ones here, playing interesting and compelling characters I cared about.

The traditional formula is present with a twist that makes it so brilliant and exciting.

True this is an origin story, but Batman's origin is so riveting that we hardly miss the Bat until his appearance halfway through the film.

Special Effects: Truly stunning.

Even though it sticks more rigidly to an established formula, it is still rollicking good fun, with Cillian Murphy offering a suitably creepy performance as Scarecrow and some breathtaking action sequences; the best being a chase between the Batmobile and the cops of Gotham.

From an engaging story to tight and excellent action sequences, Batman Begins delivers the goods!

I also expected it to be exciting, both in terms of its action sequences and its visuals.

In conclusion: dry ,boring ,another pointless remake -too overrated and too hyped.

I cannot believe, in this post-Matrix world, we are still seeing fight scenes done as clumsily and confusing as this.

Batman Begins, by director Christopher Nolan, who made the classic Memento (starring Pearce) and the good American version of Insomnia, shows that he understands what has made Batman the most popular superhero in comic book history- yes, surpassing both Superman and Spider-Man.

With this drivel, we get an adaptation of Batman:Year One that is just plain bland and void of the charm, style, wit, and most of all fun of the first Batman movie.

And the climax is really quite a thrilling spectacle.

Christian Bale delivers as the dark knight himself in this gripping movie.

The origins part (roughly the first quarter) of Batman Begins is particularly intriguing, convincing and imbued throughout the movie.

Beautifully shot with some stunning CGI; chiefly used for the cityscapes of Gotham, and they look great.

The only duds in the cast come through Cilian Murphy as a pretty boring villain and Katie Holmes is useless, though they both try...

The action sequences are exciting and believable without overwhelming everything around them and Nolan keeps everything moving at an invigorating pace until the climax.

The intense special effects, the brilliantly cool aspect, the absence of any non-fitting actors, and the connectivity between the advanced story plots are among just a few of the reasons why I believe these movies are seriously awesome.

His thoughtful direction on the driving the plot is not only consistent with breathing life into the titular hero, but a firmly engaging genesis of how Bruce Wayne rises above tyranny to become the cape crusader while fighting for his trust of the curious law enforcement.

"Batman begins" boasts fine art direction and special effects, exciting action sequences and first-rate performances by Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Morgan Freeman, and (a distressingly emaciated) Liam Neeson.

He was completely boring and just downright stupid.

The first time I watched this movie I fell asleep, so I had to watch it again.

Unfortunately, however, they're not only the weakest of all the movies to date, but the most uninteresting.

Very enjoyable and to be honest there are not many films in the last 5 years that have had my attention to watch them more than once - Batman Begins has surpassed this with honours.

He's serious, yes, but he's also cliché and dull and utterly the most forgettable interpretation of Batman ever envisioned.

Skillful, but drab, retelling of the Bob Kane character.

It honors the source material, yet creates something that is new and exciting.

" :D The slow development of Bruce Wayne, depressed and guilty millionaire's son to Batman was just about perfect.

And the result is a product that's not just brooding, dark & serious but also exciting & smart.

This film includes an excellent balance between humorous and serious moments, making this a very interesting and entertaining ride.

I don't want to give an overly internalized, pseudo intellectual, impenetrable, pretentious review pandering to grab peoples attention.

The beginning of the film was rather boring as we get into the story.

It felt cliché'd in parts and forced in others.

Christopher Nolan's Batman is just boring.

Batman Begins is so ham-fisted and pretentious that I felt like I had been forced into watching a Baptist tent revival for two hours.

All in all, it was a movie worth watching minus some weak points.

Boring isn't the word i would use to describe the film, "flat" is more the correct term.

I either fall asleep from sheer boredom, or I lose interest and get up.

Christopher Nolan--who directed the inventive reverse-order thriller "Memento" and the tepid remake of "Insomnia" applies his distinctive visual style (lots of wide-angle shots employed, plus sprawling sets) to the comic-book hero and film-franchise icon.

The plot twists and turns and makes for thrilling viewing giving us, the viewer, surprises all the time.

" An exceptional cast makes the story all the more compelling and epic.

Pretentious remake .

With superb performances all round from a heavily British cast, particularly Bale in the lead and the ever entertaining Cillian Murphy as his foe, this is by far the best Batman movie so far.

Bale makes a superb batman, and keeping with the theme of darkness, portrays both Bruce Wayne and his alter ego as a man on the edge.

While it is interesting to see Batman deal with mundane gangster-types, as embodied largely by Tom Wilkinson, they are lacking the true dynamic of a great villain.

She was bland and emotionless.

In Burton's films, the action was exciting while still being discernible.

Batman Bores .

The sets that were used are some of the biggest ever put on film and look absolutely stunning with the grimy look of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One comics.

The original movies were good in their day but they pale in comparison to what Nolan and co brought to the big screen because staying true to the source material pays off and is more engrossing in the end.

Any movie which can make a man in a suit turn into a figure of legend is worth watching over and over again.

Nolan and David S Goyer understand that Batman is probably the most complex, intriguing and darkest character of the DC universe, that in order to understand Batman, we must understand the man that has been consumed by him.

With a good, new, sharper and a more darker, stormier Knight, played by the brilliant Christian Bale, 'Batman Begins' proves to be the grittiest of them all, even without the overuse of special and visual effects, because they focused on something that the last two Batman's did not have, a dark, gripping and emotionally hooking story, and at 2hrs and 20mins, it tells that story with perfect pacing and shows no point of slowing down from the moment the logos hit, all the way until the Batman spreads his cloak and soars into the night's wind for the closing image.

She's so dull, and lifeless here, memories of better performances drain from my mind.

Speaking about bolides, I felt that "Batman Begins" bore more resemblance with Fast and Furious at times, than with Tim Burton's evocative and meticulous Gotham City recreations.

In my opinion it is most thrilling Batman Movie I ever seen in which every fact about fear and injustice are being realistic and also the film accumulates the genres of Action, Thriller, Moderate Horror, Crime and drama.

Wow, can you say "boring" any louder?

" Instead we see the engrossing tale of Bruce Wayne, and how he was permanently haunted by the memories of his childhood, how he became reckless in his early 20s, and how he transformed into a justice (or revenge?

It was sloppy with all the different villains and it got a bit confusing.

It's truly a fascinating story that shows Wayne from his childhood to his battle with his first villain, the Scarecrow.

kinda surrealistic for such a mundane, shallow and unremarkable flick.

The first movie did the right thing and took things really slow, Nolan (the director) didn't want to rush things up.

Dark, moody and exciting.

The characters and the ideas about crime are fascinating.

It leaves the rest of us bored and pining for the days when action films weren't a dime a dozen and weren't this bloated and cumbersome.

Also bringing heart and soul to the character of Bruce Wayne, and all the other characters thanks to an excellent narrative; superb direction really well action packed.

With a less able actor it might have all descended into pointless "angsty" territory, but Bale was fantastic, his performance nuanced, sensitive and intense.

Very Boring, Not Fun, and WAY Over-rated....

It was ugly and bland.

This is an entertaining and well made film that is easily one of the best films of 2005.

Nolan gives a lot of attention to the psychology of his characters (something that Burton and Schumacher did in a minimalist way) and his unique special effects are dazzling, exciting and adequately nightmarish.

Cillian Murphy was the most intriguing character in this movie, one par with Sin City's Elijah Wood's performance.

Batman Begins was the most boring, bland, pretentious piece of crap film I've ever seen.

The plot was garbage, and confusing garbage at that.

It may begin slowly but the film picks up steam throughout and builds towards a surprising and exciting climactic final showdown.

Overall I would say that Batman Begins is a successful reboot of a much ridiculed franchise and despite a few flaws is a generally entertaining movie for both comic book fans and more mainstream audiences.

We wait 20 years to get Oldman, one of the greatest film actors of our generation, in a Batman film and he plays the dry, uninteresting Commissioner Gordon?

Though this movie focuses less on the action, the action that is in it is intense.

His acting, as we have seen in 'American Psycho', is intense and dark just like the movie and he steals the show from veteran actors such as Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Gary Oldman.

Like the other two Batman movies after it, it has great casting and a perfect story line, but it was slow in the beginning and finally got better towards the end.

Influenced by Frank Miller's seminal comic Batman: Year One, this is easily the most engrossing and faithful screen adaptation of his adventures.

This film wowed audiences across America and was a very big but unexpected success.

The action sequences in this film were really good they felt very realistic and gritty especially the final the sequence on this train that was a really intense and well done action set piece.

Between, we see some flashbacks, the childhood of Bruce Wayne, honestly, it was slightly disturbing to me, probably because it was a cliché trick.

Batman's just as intense (or maybe more so) in his mission as Brandon Lee was in "The Crow".

Gary Oldman's monotone "I gotta get me one of those" aside at the sight of the Batmobile).

The great thing about Batman Begins is its sequel The Dark Knight is a lot better and Batman Begins is excellent its the perfect reboot and i highly recommend it.

I have no doubt in my mind that "Batman Begins" is by far the finest, most powerful, and most intense superhero film ever made.

I would just like you to know that I thought that movie was the most unbearable piece of crap I have ever seen on film.

"Bruce Begins" was exciting, insightful, thoroughly crafted, beautifully shot and gave a lot of the background that I was unaware of in regards to the fall and rise of Billionaire Bruce Wayne (played wonderfully by Bale.

With twist after twist, Batman Begins has one intriguing story, and is a wonderful introduction into Gotham's crime fighter's past and motives.

Michael CAine could have been so much more as Alfred, he is a great actor as seen in Educating Rita completely contrived in his role, which he didn't exude with the grace as Michael Gough did in the early Batman's.

the wholesome girl next door vibe she gives off is boring.

By far the most intense of them all .

It's stunning cinematography, amazing soundtrack and great action scenes is just part of the reason why it works.

In the hands of some directors (Brian Singer, I am looking at you) a "realistic" approach to a comic book property means draining it of all fantasy and joy and grounding it in a mundane, gloomy realm of blunt topical references.

As the title hero, Christian Bale blows all other Batman portrayals out of the water with his intense and scary take of the role.

I expected an exciting film in addition to the strong character origin.

Like the opera that the Wayne family watches at the start of the movie: Batman Begins is dark, brooding and gripping.

With brilliant action scenes, love and thrilling complex to the film.

I would have to say that it is worth watching, just think about the amount you're paying on it.

It might even be more entertaining than all the other films before it.

I think, the movie is very gripping, serious and not like the other super hero movies, its end isn't predictable.

I am a Batman fan, but this movie was just ridiculously boring.

I could watch this movie like 30 times and and still not get tired of it,it's action packed fun!!

The plot is intriguing, the acting is excellent all-around, the action is quite realistic, and the production design is amazing.

This movie is the least cheesiest of the now trilogy, the funniest and the most intense of the three.

Aside from the boring dialogue that plagues the entire film from open to close, the viewer is bashed over the head countless times with clichés.

Didn't like Tim Burton's version of Batman all that much, maybe adults at that time enjoyed it more than kids.

When he gets back to Gotham, he realises that he can't fight the bad guys as Bruce Wayne, but as a symbol: BATMAN Christopher Nolan does a great job as a director, and he gives us a visually stunning film, with incredible music by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard, outstanding performances bu Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Michael Cane (Alfred Pennyworth), Liam Neeson (Henri Ducard), Gary Oldman (Gordon), Cillian Murphy (Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow), and Tom Wilkinson (Carmine Falcone), and a great script.

All you need do is look at his other pieces of work (especially the intelligent "Memento" and the intense "The Prestige") to realise that Christopher Nolan is a director of great intelligence, ability and style.

Overall Batman begins is an very honest, detailed and compelling adaptation of the Batman character, that is worthy of the recognition it has received.

Shot on an epic scale, it's both thoughtful and exciting, though perhaps too intense and complex for kids.

Worth the watch.

I liked some of Holmes's performance, but like Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man film, where Holmes's character Rachel declares her love for Bruce, it's very awkward and kinda bland.

Christopher Nolan at the time was known for Memento,Insomnia, boy he knocked it out of the park with this amazing movie...

Nolan's "Memento" was dark and intriguing.

Never has any movie as big as this been thrilling, exciting and tear jerking all at the same time.

Being one of the biggest Batman fans i loved every minute of this thrilling adventure movie.

he doesn't have much to say, but broken speech is entertaining.

So for the majority of the movie all we get to watch is Batman saving Gotham, and that can get boring pretty quickly.

Western people tried to describe East-wisdom will always ended being _cringy_ stupid, just like all pretentious David Carradine movies/TV shows.

" On a final note: brilliant story, even brilliant story-telling, rock- solid performances, exceptional direction, riveting screenplay, every thing you could hope for in a movie.

This movie is quite enjoyable and makes up for the loss of the other movies in both characters and scripting being darker and more sutle then the others.

Well for starters the basic plot is strong, cleverly constructed and genuinely engaging without stretching credulity too far or being overly formulaic (my main problem with mediocre action movies is the constant sense of deja vu - there's none of that nonsense here!

That was when I was so bored I stopped timing.

This movie is generally not regarded as the best of the Dark Knight Trilogy, and I tend to agree, but this film really opened the audience's eyes to what a true Batman film is and prepared them for the grave yet entertaining sequels, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Batman's theme in this film is exciting to hear and when it finally shows Batman in his costume, I just screamed and cheered like a fanboy in awe.

The genius behind "Memento" has taken an unexpected turn in his film career by directing a movie franchise that was previously shot down with titles including "Batman Forever" and the dreadful "Batman and Robin".

It is a beautiful mixture of sound and visual effects, a stunning and exhilarating feast for the senses of anyone willing to pick up a copy.

The idea of how justice is subjective, was very intriguing.

The beginning was boring like dump.

Director Christopher Nolan ushers in his now mythical "Dark Knight Trilogy" with this stirring and gripping rebirth of the Batman legend.

Gritty, realistic(as much as a comic book movie ever will be) and full of 3 dimensional characters, fantastic action scenes, and the incredibly engaging story of how Bruce became the Bat.

A great revival after Joel Schumacher's trite Batman & Robin .

Other enjoyable performances come from actors such as Sir Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer and even Ken Watanabe.

I do, I thought the Blade Trilogy was awesome and the Threshold pilot he wrote was definitely a great start to a gripping series.

I had to laugh a lot with my wife and even my ten year old enjoyed it very much.

All in all this is an entertaining movie sans the bugbears

The actors' performance were OK but Christian Bale as Superman was much the weenie at times and downright boring.

On one hand, the Tumbler scenes are breathtaking, the cinematography compelling, appropriately dark and the first Batman appearance is simply iconic in its frantic use of cuts, making his first crusade really menacing.

Christian Bale, who was fantastic in American Psycho, gives a very boring, stiff performance here.

"So sayeth Jack Nicholson in a riveting performance as The Joker in an earlier film about the caped crusader.

Extremely competent, exciting reboot of the BATMAN franchise .

it was very repetitive.

I have always enjoyed the Batman movies, even Joel Schumacher's comedic installments, since they were enjoyable after all (even if in a totally different dimension than Tim Burton's).

The film is not as visually resplendent as previous Batmans, though the old-meets-new vision of Gotham City is compelling thanks to Nathan Crowley's impressive set designs.

Oh, and, by the way, the action scenes are as riveting as anything Michael Bay could hope to direct.

To mix metaphors by borrowing a comic-book-cliché, this is a real page-turning watch, skilfully mixing characterisation with action to a background setting of the decadent corrupt Gotham City, itself almost a character in its depiction as a bleak industrial monolith, if stopping short of Tim Burton's Gothic vision of the 80's.

Christian Bale was very good in the leading role and the story was very unusual but enjoyable to a point--though the plot did get awfully convoluted towards the end.

Every worn out action movie cliché is here: the tormented hero, the strained romantic relationship, the good cop in a town full of corruption, post-Blade Runner "let's-use-rain-and-monochromatic-scenery-to-create-atmosphere" production design, editing that looks like it was performed automatically by a computer, a Hans Zimmer knock-off score, etc, etc. Sometimes, these things can work.

While the Tim Burton films were enjoyable, I like that this movie was more realistic without over the top camp or art deco.

With stunning visuals to realistic CGI there is nothing better than this!

Either way, the only thing dark here is the use of dull cinematography.

However, Freeman is very enjoyable as always.

In this movie Bale comes across as a boring, self-obsessed character.

Great casting, effects and dialogue along with a good story line make this a really enjoyable film that I've watched a few times and will be happy to watch again in the future.

Particularly intriguing was Cillian Murphy as Dr. Crane.

Can be a little intense.

The story was good, it was visually stunning and sounded fantastic.

Frightening/Intense Scenes: 7/10.

This film is incredibly boring.

What with the intense action sequences, the high tech equipment and visuals and not to mention CGI!

Overall, a brilliant film that is visually stunning, gripping and atmospheric.

The plot obviously tells us how Batman became Batman; it is explained in a way that can be a little confusing at some points - there is a section where Bruce Wayne flashes back to an incident before he began training which can be a bit confusing because they don't explain that it is a flashback very well.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh but every scene she is in is a bore and bland, she is the complete 180 degrees opposite of her other cast members and is real shame, especially due to the fact she is a main character.

Dry, Dark and Boring .

The acting was below average, there was a confusion to who the villain was, the story was sloppy, and characters were irrelevant and boring.

Following a long proceeding of Bruce Wayne rise from zero to hero, the film buckles down to action with Batman taking on the baddies one step at a time, and the visually stunning action sequences that ensue are things of beauty.

I'm all for a "darker" Batman, but where "Batman and Robin" was campy and stupid "Batman Begins" is plodding and pretentious.

Hope u guys learned something from it or enjoyed it.

Once again, director Chris Nolan has produced another stunning addition to the film industry.

Therefore, Batman Begins is one of the best movies of this century, entertaining most anyone who watches it due to the brilliant moral theory behind Batman, the incredible action scenes, and the fulfilled recipe of a perfect hero movie.

I recommend this film to lovers of intense action, and tales of heroism.

The plot is appealing because it's geared towards blurring the evilvsgood cliche.

And real life is boring.

So it was a nice surprise to find "Batman Begins" a dark and exciting film that is truly gripping, and that also has an element of the unreal about it that I think sets it apart from other comic book films.

Christian Bale along with other exceptional and well known actors such as Liam Neeson (Ducard) and Michael Caine (Alfred) really made the movie as interesting and exciting as it was.

Terifically entertaining .

but the way Christopher Nolan presented us with his directing abilities, it displayed it within a new light, not the same, boring old stories we read and see everyday in entertainment.

There's at least two great car chases during the film that are both really thrilling and the movie gets very inventive with some of the gadgets used by Batman.

Because even though it's a little boring it's fun to watch.

The special features of the movie is worth watching every second of it.

The second half is packed with plenty of exciting action and it is fun to see some of Batman's famous gadgets; especially the new and imaginatively designed bat mobile.

One of the things that made the best Batman films so compelling is how they used Bond-style gadgetry in the right manner, both filling in interesting details and emphasising the fact that Batman is really human.

Very enjoyable, with a wonderful cast of fine actors working with a very good, Gothic director.

A raw 12 round boxing match, that is engaging throughout the night.

He frankly looks bored most of the time.

They could have brought more intensity to the film, if they were targeted at more fascinating aspects of Martial Arts like the respect of the opponent, or the use of its strength to defeat him.

Brooding and dark, but also exciting and smart, Batman Begins is a film that understands the essence of one of the definitive superheroes.

While at its core, the story is a simple and tragic tale of a young boy, forever scarred emotionally by the brutal murder of his parents, who is motivated to fight a relentless war against injustice in order to rid a city of the evil which claimed his parents life; there are greater dimensions to the story which Christopher Nolan has done a superb job of representing on the silver screen in a most compelling manner.

Brooding and dark, but also exciting and smart, Batman Begins is a film that understands the essence of one of the definitive superheroes.

Nolan shows his grandeur in engaging filmgoers with an exhilarating visual heft, mostly in the production design, and cinematographer Wally Pfister excels at capturing the action with compellingly.

His inability to give up on his stand against crime, as well as an array of high-tech gadgets makes the action scenes more entertaining, as well as adding a little bit of depth to them.

As an extra bonus, there is plenty of exciting action sequences.

With its dark atmosphere, unexpected twists, strong acting and dialog and some of the most thrilling action sequences ever filmed, I give Batman Begins a strong overall rating of 8.87/10.Rated PG-13 for intense violent action, brief drug content and language, and for some disturbing images.

It feels that Nolan was working without much love for what he was doing, or maybe he was new in the industry of Hollywood entertaining fluff.

Even though a lot of stuff was tedious I can sit through trash and think I could watch that again.

With stunning camera-work and highly effective lighting, the production team have created an environment scourged by crime and corruption, and successfully highlight the "evasive" nature of the batman to a superb standard, adding a subtle humour to the script which draws a dry smile to almost any face.

Some people call the action scenes jumbled and confusing.

After the cliché "hook" opening, there was literally no action for the first 38 minutes of the film.

Batman Begins uses even single parody-worthy dramatic cliché that has been used since the beginning of cinema.

Lest I get too philosophical, though, this film contains its fair share of exciting chases and intense action, staples of summer superhero films.

It left the film open to following sequels which (hopefully) will follow with the same stunning performances and sequences as this film presented.

a lot of people like the Batman character because he's a kind of mystery not like other DC Universe heroes but with this movie I really feel sleepy a lot of time while I watch it and all I want to finish the movie ,140 minutes of boring idea about talking how Bruce Wayne become batman.

WAYYY to boring and overlong (We kept checking how long the film had been on for and wishing that the punishment would be over soon) 2.

worst movie ever to receive funding .