Battle Royale (2000) - Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

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In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary "Battle Royale" act.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Kinji Fukasaku
Stars: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Aki Maeda
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 62 out of 624 found boring (9.93%)

One-line Reviews (372)

We live in a movie world dominated by sales and profits which is why movies like charlies angels exists ( no one saw the movie for its plot or originality, merely to see some stunning women doing highkicks).

This is an original and entertaining flick.

Yet, it's impossible to enjoy it as a "pointless fun" film, because it is simply not fun.

While the plot follows the book quite closely, the especially gripping parts of the book are just kind of laid out there without any back-story.

This movie has many unexpected twists and cool fight sequences, A must see movie, This movie has many fans worldwide I'm sure of it (the most popular fan being Quentin Tarantino it was because of this film that he casted Chiaki Kuriyama in Kill Bill, thats how much he loved this film)If you haven't watched this movie you have no idea what your are missing out on,And finally if your in a high school class thats about to go on an unexpected three day field trip, you may want to thing again about going.

It is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat in a movie where you don't even trust anyone.

It was a commendable film, it's take on how humans really are was well done and the constant blood and gore was very entertaining.

but overall i feel this was a brilliant film with tons of gruesome thrilling moments.

A compelling & haunting masterpiece.

Tatsuya Fujiwara and Aki Maeda are okay as the cute high school sweethearts trying to find a way out of the games and Taro Yamamoto is engaging as the Transfer student from Kobe who can't seem to make up his mind on the occupation of his father.

This film has reached notoriety because of its violence, and while there wasnt anything that really disturbed me (ive seen worse than this in hollywood flicks since the 70s), the fact that there is a coherent, strangely realistic storyline centering on actual young teens in the framework makes it all so much more intense.

This is engaging, absurd, beautiful, with moments of creepiness...

The atrocities of the battle are counted with some snappy one-liners and flashbacks to happier times.

phonies, and it was quite entertaining.

Every performance is breathtaking, considering the actors are 14 or 15, and that this was for many their first role.

It's a great movie and I highly recommend it.

One of these is a characterless and thoroughly pointless villain, who wanders round ignoring all the bullets and other weapons that hit him and firing, almost continuously, an inexhaustible machine gun.

Even for this premise, the plot is a bit contrived, with each character having a soap opera-ish background that conveniently lays the groundwork for the violence to reign supreme.

Much like "Lord of the Flies", Battle Royale is a coming of age film where the veneer of civilized society is brushed away to reveal the dark heart of human nature.

It is an eerie, disturbing film yet curiously enjoyable.

However, if you can get past this and realize that it is actually meant as a satire, this movie is mindblowing and extremely action packed.

I would give the movie an 8 out of 10, but the story is one that gets quite repetitive until the end.

This controversial Japanese film is a real favourite of mine, a fascinating tale of human instinct for survival… by any type of means.

As controversial as it is fascinating, this adaptation of the notorious novel explores humanity's animalistic tendencies through the means of children, garnering disturbing results.

Watching as each character undergoes a unique arc is what makes this extremely fast paced movie so entertaining.

Despite the dull, uninvolving angst of it's protagonist and weak ending, it's great moments are great enough to make it a must-see.

The score, utilising a beautiful set of classical European compositions, really helps to add to the juxtapositions of the innocuous and mundane with the deadly and the extreme, which are apparent throughout the movie.

Other plotlines involve different children's reactions to the situation, the banding together of groups, the two uncertain elements (the so-called "transfer students" - human killing machines placed on the island to make the game more exciting), the sadistic teacher's personal problems, the power relationships, the rebellious elements and the nascent sexualities of some of the kids involved.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat until the end (which was great), and I've rarely been so engrossed by a movie.

That sometimes really bored me.

Many recent films feature characters that are bland, boring and forgettable.

Utterly contrived, completely Japanese, efficiently executed .

Despite this and the violence which is sustained and graphic I found it a gripping and thought provoking film which I would thoroughly recommend.

The plot was confusing with little attention being paid to whether it actually made sense and how you could understand it without first reading the book is beyond me.

For starters, this film is Japanese, so you can be guaranteed an in depth story, with serious and yet sometimes even suspenseful atmosphere.

In a film that is mainly about people being killed, the violence allows the film to have a unique style, and, without the violence, the film would have felt fairly bland.

This movie has humour , irony violence, tons of blood , it's shocking and super entertaining no wonder why it's Tarantino's favorite movie, it can be considered even as a satire.

In the third series of the UK version, new and cruel twists have been added, and again these have made extremely enjoyable viewing.

It's obviously not for everyone, but if my brief description sounded cool, don't waste any time on getting your hands on this.

The movie had so many plot-holes and was generally just plain confusing because of the random changes made, like Shogo Kawada and Kazuo Kiriyama transferring specifically for the game, just to name one.

Some unexpected alliances are formed, while some classroom rivalries take on a deadly new dimension.

Usually, the flick is rather entertaining.

In fact, many scenes in this movie feel somewhat exaggerated and surreal and keep this movie from being brutally intense.

The action is outstanding and exciting.

There just isn't any boring moment in this movie, just about every part is thrilling to the point it hardly gives a breather.

'Battle Royale' is easily one of the most exciting and original movies of the decade so far.

Violent,Fast Paced,Suspense filled MASTERPIECE.

Now that's out the way, the fact that it's contrived takes nothing away from the fact that the result can be a thought-provoking film for some, a red-fest for the rest.

Big problem with this movie, the main character, Shuyna I believe his name is, is an incredibly boring lead.

It even examines the intense social pressure faced by teenagers.

And I think that was what Fukasaku wanted to achieve with his work, he wanted his audience to leave questioning their own nature.

Even if they were spelled correctly, it was still cheesy and predictable.

Maybe this was part of Fukasaku's sense of humor, but it quickly became tiresome.

I prefer the theatrical cut over the director's cut because it leaves a little more to the imagination when it comes to the origin stories but the director's cut is worth watching after you've seen the original version.

Granted the first twenty-five minutes are reasonably entertaining and original, after that it descended into gunfire (with only the memorable grenade instant to alleviate the boredom) and cheap, obvious sentimentality.

Use of classic music and modern soundtrack is stunning and works well together with brutal, bloody scenes which improve shock.

42 characters are just too many to deal with in any real depth in this 2hrs slow paced movie, so they are dropped off like unknown flies with no real character development; and of course it makes for boringly repetitive death scenes.

From the opening scene with the stunning use of visual and audio techniques, when the winner of last years game is presented to the press, to the taunting instruction video in how to play Battle Royale properly, the movie seems to take a bite at every aspect of the Japanese and perhaps even the western culture.

This is cinema at it's very best: entertaining, explosive, deep and thought-provoking, deserving of multiple viewings to fully appreciate the message it conveys.

Everything is completely predictable.


This aside, it is an immensely enjoyable film with plenty of storyline, political connotations and action to appease all manner of movie fans.

You have to be in to manga or oriental stuff, otherwise it'll bore you straight away.

I found this very dark and surprisingly brutal, but in a very enjoyable and entertaining way.

What initially appears to be a vague and outlandish plot with school children fighting for their lives, pitted against each other in a frantic tale of survival becomes a gripping and frightening tale of normal people pushed to far.

Horrifically enjoyable, in a terribly beautiful way.......

There have been contrasting cries of "greatest film ever made" and "pointless gore fest" made about BR, and neither are accurate in my opinion.

In fact, many critics have criticized the movie for its lack of plot buildup.

there is no plot, and it's hard to care about even one character before he or she gets stabbed, shot, blown up, or poisoned.

Over-Hyped, Pretentious, And Riddled With Clichés .

Very violent, very un-PC, very entertaining, and very Japanese.

The basic premise of rounding up a bunch of Pretty Young Things and subjecting them to pointless violence has been a staple of cinema horror for many years.

As this film began, I felt sickened by all the carnage, seeming far too intense for anything less than an NC17 rating in the US.

Director Kinju Fukasaku and writer Kenta Fukasaku ingeniously use the gripping premise to turn the themes of trust, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and competitiveness on their collective ears in the most startling and twisted manner imaginable.

I gave battle royale a ten because it was unpredictable, realistically violent, emotional and foremost i thought the cast were amazing.

They are there to represent the real enemy, the government, but especially the ringleader, Kitano-sensei (Takeshi Kitano), is a bit bland.

There are twists and turns along the way and it's suspenseful all the way through.

The book was so in depth, and intense.

This is the source to why the film is so utterly gripping (like the book I suppose).

Somehow critics think this is exciting, and says something about how a metaphorical imperialistic Japanese govt treats the youth.

theres a few good splattery killings, but the last half of the movie was just plain boring.

Horrifying, yet entertaining....

Its pretty easy to see the social commentary, but just for the slow its basically mirroring the competition that Japenese students go through.

You could shoot holes in the plot and the cheap production values all day long, but for me it's worth watching for the sometimes poignant personal stories of the contestants and their former teacher.

But the movie, itself, standing alone, should get a lot of credit for simply being as intense and disturbing as it is, in a much more realistic way than your average crap American horror movie.

However, it is the tension area between the violence and absurdity that is most compelling- Do we cease to see something as dark, ominous, wrong- because of our familiarity with it?

Gory, ultra violent, and close to pointless.

The premise is there, but the movie is slow, uninteresting, and dare I say it..boring. Sadly boring is the best adjective I have to describe this movie.

Adding to this, there's also a level of human involvement that's absorbing.

If you like gripping action and an interesting story this is a film you need to see.

Somehow this manages to not overstimulate the viewer to the point where it becomes unpleasant, and yet create an atmosphere of constant threat and danger, and compelling drama.

Still worth watching to see attractive young people trying to kill each other with a variety of different weapons.

This movie, yet very very violent, is probably the single most entertaining movie I have ever seen.

Violent,entertaining and gut-wrenching masterpiece .

Believe it or not, this film, easily misinterpreted as a gory teen slasher action movie, is actually a very very good film with stunning production values and a script that works on multiple levels.

It helped to change the mood quickly and the exciting scenes would be quite dull without these sounds.

Very impressive, and very entertaining .

While still gripping, it could be so much more gripping if you knew of the years of anguish the characters went through before tragedy struck.

Claiming that `each character or set of characters was but a device for portraying a fatal flaw of humankind' is a pretentious way of making an exploitation film into an allegory.

It was extremely intense seeing how the kids reacted to their situation.

Tedious and repetitive .

The movie is suspenseful and will keep you at the edge of your seat to the very end.

Whilst these are highly entertaining to watch, they are based on extremely artificial, almost abstract rules being imposed on the participants.

Overall, Battle Royale is a nice combination of compelling story and technical know-how.

If you are able to get passed that then you'll be treated to a very violent and entertaining film.

Lovers commit suicide, but the number one killer (except for those who play to win) is confusion about some of the relationships amongst the students.

It practically lets you know that you're in for a wild, thought-provoking, horrific, unique, and exciting ride.

We get plenty of excess, intense and memorable characters, with a healthy serving of gallows humor thrown in.

I came upon an original plot, good acting, good cinematography, great special effects and some unexpected comedy that was well timed and in good taste.

From word of mouth I was expecting something powerful and exciting and what I got was a mediocre melodrama puntuated every so often with brief sequences that engaged me.

It's "go right for the jugular" attitude is unexpected and certainly welcomed in a movie which could ONLY be made in an overseas market.

Equally, the other "exchange student", Kawada, has a hugely tedious subplot concerning his previous entry into a Battle Royale.

Besides, the plot is so thrilling that there is not enough time to pay attention to acting skills, technical part or other smaller details.

thought this movie was a mere pointless, slasher/splatter movie.

but then again, this whole movie is a waste of time.

Battle Royale has a fantastic premise and is very enjoyable.

The premise is workable, the cinematography is well done and the acting is very good, but the script ranges from confusing to downright nonsense.

Unwatchable Nonsense .

Snuff films like this could be a bore, or insulting, or cathartic, or appetite-whetting.

The production is sub-par, fantastically cliché and just great.

Brats cliché movie with an attempt of deep premise

Its not quite the visceral attack on the senses we are lead to believe it is, however it is genuinely entertaining and it does make a lot of good ideological points.

From most of the reviews, I expected it to be total garbage, but it was actually entertaining at face value.

And as another user commented, one of the most gripping factors is that this involves children and teenagers.

Battle Royale is one of a kind film which will assuredly keep you on the edge of your seats.

It is a very entertaining movie, and has a very deep hidden meaning that could connect with younger audiences, although this movie is extremely graphic and is not for anyone under 15.

There are movies much more shocking and entertaining than this.

This movie is fantastic, with great character development, thrilling plot, and cool action, this movie entertains on many levels.

Boring Gorefest .

Growing tired of nothing happening, the students rebel against the school system.

The premise for this stylish and intense film is certainly one that reels you in: in a Japan of the future, society is breaking down.

The other nauseating thing is the borrowing of every single cliche of a classical piece in movie history (like Bach's Air) and playing it loudly and constantly in the background.

The scene where we hear the voice of Shuya,a stunning quote "When I was at the 4 th grade mom left,and in my first day of the 7 th grade my father hung himself.." I believe many people that have loved the movie will remember this quote for a long time.

We delve into a daydream sequence in which she imagines engaging in warm banter with her crush as she runs.

(2) The entire first act is engaging.

** 1/2 out of **** Battle Royale presents one of the most engrossing and utterly terrifying premises I've ever heard.

It is at times suspenseful, action-packed, heartwarming, cold-blooded and sympathetic.

But this is also the main point what makes the movie very confronting and worth watching.

Sure some of it was ridiculous but it was all played out so sincerly that it was completely engrossing (at least for me).

What unfolds is a gripping, harsh story about the youth of today and where it might one day head if someone gets the wrong idea on how to 'deal' with them.

But, besides being a, let's face it, pretty violent film with a message, Battle Royale is also "entertaining" to watch, even though you see 42 students killing each other.

mind blowing film that makes you think.

Useless explaining is just boring, when important stuff can be revealed otherwise.

I actually recommend seeing Battle Royale; I enjoyed it immensely.

And, worst of all, the ending was also predictable.

For one, the chosen protagonist -Nanahara- is a horribly uncharismatic, dull one.

It's to the credit of the amazing late filmmaker Kinji Fukasaku, that even though the quality of the DVD I watched it on really sucked butt-pucker, BATTLE ROYALE still turned to be one of the most unsettling and riveting experiences I've had watching any foreign film, horror or otherwise.

But things start to get extra intense with the constant threat of Kiriyama (Masanobu Ando), who has decided to come *back* to another BR after being declared the winner.

So, that may first sound stupid and pointless...

the violent and breathtaking scenes with political set-up really steals the show.

For the European viewer this is a new movie genre that is really intriguing and at the same time funny.

It was very sad, very intense, and very entertaining.

But the whole idea is sickening and compelling enough to satisfy on more layers than just the visual.

The other outsider is another stereotyped hero, who, in a major cop-out ending, rescues our innocent couple from the island so that they never need to think about killing anyone, or facing up to the fascinating moral issues involved in this situation.

It will appeal to those who are looking simply for a fight flick with plenty of gore on show, but on another level it can become frightening, engrossing and truly original.

Instead of being a sharp social commentary on modern society using horrific situations, it becomes a repetitive sequence of terror scenes that forgets its purpose and collapses on itself.

These actors actually are around 16, something you wouldnt believe from their performances, which range from good to stunning.

Personally, I view it as an over-the-top, but intriguing premise.

It is very thrilling though, wondering who was going to survive or the situations where people are pointing weapons at each other.

A sleep-inducing soap built on a surreal manga setting .

' But in responding to this question BR is ultimately a reassuring, cowardly, pretentious film.

You look at the painting and you think--gee this is a fascinating innovation OR oh my goodness, what a scam.

This movie was pretty funny, actually, and it's very overloaded, but it's entertaining.

Battle Royale's plot may seem a bit mundane to some.

As you can imagine, I have widely watched all sort of japanese stuff on TV or theater, from anime to drama, from porno to the most boring cultural event on TV you can possibly think of.

Why a lot of guys waste their time talking to the opponent so he is able to turn the situation at his favor!!!

The acting is over done and hammy, the plot is dull and the violence is so over the top to the point where it became tedious.

The authority as depicted by the army (grown-ups) is quite sinister and the action entertaining.

The BR is extremely boring to watch in comparison since there are no common character(s) to root for.

Director Kinji Fukasaku has crafted here a compelling, intelligent, and very daring tale.

It is definitely worth the watch.

Instead of Shogo sitting down in a dinky medical clinic with Noriko and Shuya and babbles on about his past love and how he wants to remember her smile, it would be more interesting and connecting if Shuya asked him something similar to: "Shogo, before everyone fell asleep, I saw you try to punch open the bus window.

This is a beautifully filmed and acted movie (Takeshi Kitano is brilliant, as always), with plenty of violence and action, as well as a truly intriguing storyline.

The story is full of stereotypical characters and scenarios, but it was entertaining just for the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

Battle Royale illustrates the compelling nature of hate and violence that lives inside of every human alive; the chilling rage that you and me both possess.

A second feature of this film was that it was entirely unpredictable.

Imagine 'The Running Man' but take out the glamour and snappy one-liners of Hollywood and put in it's place 15 year olds who are very scared and very human.

Battle Royale is perfectly riveting.

What it is is an excellent over-the-top action flick, but one that actually has good acting, an exciting premise, a very balanced plot and manages to get a surprising amount of depth in for the type of film it is.

Highly entertaining!.

The actors portray convincing students, it's actually STUNNING how good every teen actor in this movie is.

This film is intense, thrilling, exciting, and actually well acted for a cast of mainly inexperienced teenage actors.

The movie just felt empty.

The storyline may at first seem odd, but is executed in a very enjoyable way by Kinji Fukasaku (RIP).

From here on out, the adrenaline fuelled violence is thick and fast, within the first minute of the game starting, one girl approaches the screen with an arrow through her neck, asking her former friend "What is this?

This movie was truly disturbing, twisted, and heartbreaking excellent acting from all involved and a wonderfully creative and intriguing film.

The attractive young cast portrays a simple but engaging set of high school types, and their desperate fight for survival is rendered both gut wrenching and blackly comedic, often at the same time.

BR instead panders in the opposite direction by insisting that nice young bland people can rise above nasty old adults.

2) It is very predictable.

All the while, the stunning photography and the use of classical music in contrast to the mind-bending violence gives it a very "Kubrickian" flavor, which is probably just what director Fukasaku intended.

Every aspect of this film is just breathtaking.

The only slightly large query was the poor plot, or lack of it; one couldn't see why there would be a random lottery in only one tiny section of the world where innocent children were taken to an island to kill each other - "Hey, Prime Minister, who wants to kill off random children, some of which could be ours, in a pointless fight to the death?

There are some thrilling moments and gore for the fans of teen-slashers.

I am sure some bits remain out of my reach due to cultural distance, which may explain why I found the movie a tad bit heavy and repetitive at times.

It just added to the confusion and made the plot disappear.

Kitano's presence contributes a jolt of unstable energy to an otherwise somewhat predictable film.

Half of the time, the movie basically follows the story of the four, rather uninteresting stereotypes, for most of the movie.

The story, a class of 42 ninth graders forced by law to play the "most dangerous game" against each other, was intriguing and the mix of dark humor and graphic violence worked very well.

This is a really enjoyable film dispite being a little controversial.

The book had me loving these characters, hating the characters, on the edge of my seat, and actually in tears near the end of the book.

Kitano wins some of the driest laughs (as well as some moments of curious, unexpected tenderness, covering a student mourning her slain friend with an umbrella in the rain) as their grumpily world-weary teacher, while Tarô Yamamoto is stoically fun as hard-edged survivor Kawada.

I don't know that it was all that thoughtful as others seem to think, but man oh man was it entertaining!

In the camera's eye, he's a known entity, a cliché movie tough who has to fall eventually because they always do.

Nevertheless, the film is entertaining despite its flaws and it clearly has inspired books and flicks such as "The Hunger Games" recently.

With the events in Columbine, killings at school in the US and in Japan, this film is quite compelling.

Batoru Rowarariu starts off really well, the opening 60 odd minutes fly by & it is both gripping & entertaining but then it settles into a somewhat repetitive routine which I found became very dull.

A sad gripping disturbing horror/drama that i LOVED.

" So, there you have it: a stellar cast, wonderful special effects and a gripping story.

The combination of a such a morbidly fascinating premise, expert directing, fast-paced action sequences, and a beautiful Classical score by Masamichi Amano make for a cinematic event that is worth watching again and again.

Intense movie .

This is not my first Japanese movie (and not the first Japanese action movie either), and this acting would definitely be considered bad, but equally hilarious and even sometimes engaging and entertaining.

From the beginning, the movie is intense.

The plot is intriguing, as you are always wondering how it will end.

All the aspects work to create a near perfect film with the spectacular screenplay, impressive directing and stunning cinematography.

The worst movie I've ever seen .

There's plenty of action packed thrills and plot twists to keep even the least likely viewer tantalized and gripped till the end.

Knowing what the movie is about, one would also expect to see some intense action as the game of destruction plays out.

But enjoyable all the same, especially for exploitation fans.

The rest of the remaining 42 students serve as a cross-section of every student type you've ever known, and it is fascinating to see their approaches to their situation.

By championing these two innocents, the film both tries to give a moral compass and centre to itself, and detracts from it's most fascinating element.

The idea is so compelling that it sort of makes the film better than it actually is.

The script is genuinely unpredictable as in who lives and who dies, and it's very interesting to see the natural winners (such as the pretty girl) becoming increasingly ruthless as they slaughter their way through their classmates as the game progresses.

I quite enjoyed it, 8/10.

However, the book contains a lot more than just the crazy concept and intense violence.

Battle Royale is the most compelling film.

I give this Kinji Fukasaku's masterpiece a 10/10 rating and I am very pleased it was even more stunning experience with my second viewing.

The acting is absolutely outstanding and the film itself stunning.

While the outer look of BR may seem like a cheap excuse for pointless slaughter, the movie itself offers numerous views and critiques against the modern society in which we live in.

Battle royale is a compelling piece of cinematography, the script is an accurately observed, insight in the teenage psyche, and the character distinctions between the sexes are superbly blurred, with girls being slaughtered (and slaughtering) in the same manner as their male counter parts; the symphonic crescendo's of still flashbacks, which give the characters a little meaning, to obscene carnage carry the gratuitousness of the violence easily.

I thought that the story was very haunting and compelling, and that you should read the novel or the comic book before watching the movie because just the use of your imagination and attachment to the characters while reading the books is so much more real.

The story is very intriguing with futuristic ideas and some social issues thrown into it with graphic violence and gore with it to keep the viewer entertained, the company who made this movie called "Toei Studios" refuses to have this theatrically distributed in the U.

Don't waste your time with this piece of trash .

TLDR, bad acting, too many characters, funny death scenes, okay but predictable.

The story of all the characters are fascinating and very emotional.

Unique and unusual, definitely entertaining.

The film ends with the oldest cliché in the book--the nice young couple on the run and against the misunderstanding world.

He says not one word during the entire film, which is an utter action/B movie cliche, and feels like an excuse not to have to bother with more pesky characterisation in a film of forty plus key characters.

Battle Predictable and Boring .

Someone decide to play the game to death like the psycho assassin teen,while others commit suicide themselves and another are attempting to encounter a way out to get off the empty island where exist a special danger zones.

Fukusaku's directorial approach is impeccable, the action scenes suitably adrenaline packed, and the emotional moments truly affecting; the cast is brilliant, with particularly outstanding performances from living legend Takeshi Kitano as Kitano, and Ko Shibasaki as Mitsuko, serious contender for the most callous killer ever; and the soundtrack is wonderful, the rousing classical music perfectly complementing the bloody on-screen mayhem.

Some of the lines did not make sense, were inappropriate, or even seriously confusing ('your parents have been informed, so go for it!

The utter lack of realism is nauseating, which of course might satisfy a manga fan who would likely "artistically" appreciate the images and so on, but for me that sort of stuff is unreadable and pretentious waste of time and penny.

It's refreshing, it's highly entertaining and I loved every minute.

Chiaki Kuriyama of the "Kill Bill" films and Japanese icon Takeshi Kitano are also well worth watching.

Truly shocking, yet riveting in a way that makes you unable to stop watching.

what of expansion on the fascinating "teacher" character?...

From the first and most unexpected death, battle royale tears your idea of disbelief, like a lion attacking a lame mouse.

The production efforts were alright, some plot holes, but other than that, the bad production and such only amplify the great great GREAT cliché-ness of the movie.

I found it exciting and cathartic.

Stunning cinema .

" is answered in a most brutal and exciting manner as the film introduces a wide range of interesting and......

Battle Royale really is a film worth watching.

I only got bored a couple times.

Even though the premise is beyond stupid and completely illogical the fact is the game is a fascinating one with many different options available to its contestants.

The movie is just a very dull attempt bringing it on the big screen.

The premise is ridiculous, the killing-spree pointless and stupid.

The fight scenes bored me!

It's action packed, with a great story, great acting, great follow throughs.

Based upon the novel by Koushoun Takami, it has a real cult following based upon its simple and compelling plot-42 Japanese 9th graders are kidnapped and released on a deserted island by their government, given weapons and commanded to kill each other within three days until there is only one survivor; if more than one is still alive at the end of the three days, than all will be killed.

sick and twisted but compelling .

The relationships between many of the children and the groupings they make are fascinating as is the fear and paranoia that many of them feel.

However, given these constraints, I think Kinji Fukasaku did a really good job at maintaining the integral elements that make Battle Royale so fascinating.

The cliché 'gasp-and-die' acting is constantly repeated, and most wounds inflicted on each other are pretty unconvincing (especially the wounds inflicted by the SMG).

Interesting characters never fight against interesting characters, its always Boring vs Interesting.

Battle Royal is brutal, raw, intense and very original and dared.

After a while, the story gets predictable and redundant.

Only the exchange students and the pitiless female student as well as the weird teacher happen to be intriguing enough to carry this film on.

The action set pieces are exciting, especially the events that take place amongst a group of girls in a lighthouse.

shocking, exciting & thought provoking .

Also the scene where Shuya Nanahara notices everyone is sleeping and tries to get Norika Nakagawa's cookies and then being knocked out by a woman is a complete waste of time and film feel.

This had some extremely intense, violent, but always predictable scenes in it, which was extremely disappointing.

Well, I'd heard this movie described as "Survivor" on steroids, and I admit I was intrigued by the violence factor, but after watching it, I must say I enjoyed it more for the plot and underlying meaning than the "eye-candy.

Equal parts disturbing and viscerally thrilling, Battle Royale doesn't offer anything in the way of good, clean fun.

Its entertaining still.

Most of the characters were cliché, and many of their reactions were not credible.

Immensely entertaining social satire.

the film is great but i would say it is one that must be watched a couple of time as the story lines can be hard to follow.

Stunning .

Interesting characters die quickly while boring characters survive.

With over forty students in the class, very few are fleshed out in depth either, which makes it difficult to get emotionally invested, and while the killing methods vary, there remains something repetitive in just watching countless teenagers die.

It is definitely worth watching and it will make you keep watching because each time you will notice some thing knew and make you look at it in a different way and it may take you some time to work out the ending which is quite fun (although i cheated and looked on the internet :P).

b) After Kitano has taken several bullets from Nanaharo's machine gun his phone rings and he gets up like nothing happened, answers the phone and then dies.

Battle Royale is a brave, exciting and at the same time important movie about war, losing your individuality and the will to survive, even in a terrible, hatefull world.

This is immensely shocking, tragic, funny, sad, frenetic and enjoyable.

Action sequences are pretty intense at times, which makes the N-15 rating all that more necessary.

While the film excels in realistically portraying this intense situation, that doesn't mean it's lax in the thrills department.

with the predictable disastrous consequences.

The main concept is very simple but at the same time very intriguing.

Even the teacher, who is mostly the comic relief in this intense film, reads off the death list and the order they died in, just before telling each student what part of the island is a danger zone.

In concussion, the trivialization of death, youth and coming of age that this film does is disgusting.

If you've got the stomach for dark humour and gore, it's well worth watching to find out if you're part of the first group.

Gory, enjoyable, well executed.

However, ultimately, despite some thrilling aspects of genius, the film fails to live up to it's concept.

The problem with Battle Royale is that it is the most shallow, most air-headed, most pretentious and dumb kind of "smart film" out there.

And completely engaging.

Brats cliché movie with an attempt of deep premise .

Instead, Battle Royale limps to a finale that's uncharacteristically bland given everything that came before.

I found it to be exciting and simply a fun time watching a movie.

The pacing is excellent, there's nary a dull moment to be seen, and the carnage is frequent.

Stunning in its implications .

People tend to prefer pointless English-speaking movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the leading role to much better foreign films that have a brilliant idea.

Watching how the average stereotypical teenage misfits act under such a situation was very entertaining, the bitchy popular cheerleader type was my favourate!

The great thing about it is you don't have to follow the storyline if you don't want to, (it is much more enjoyable if you do follow the story) if you just want to watch people being shot or blown up or stabbed you can.

Basically, it's a contrived plot (anything that has to be explained for 10 minutes by a video girl in military hotpants has to be contrived)that forms the excuse for getting little boys and little girls to get at each other with any and all weapons they have- rather like a Nintendo game, no?

Bombs, Uzi's, shotguns and anything available is used in bloody sequences which becomes tiresome after a while.

The way this pointless story is disclosed, most of the students seem to be normal youths, while the government and their teacher seem to be the sadistic villain.

Whether it's the amateur teens doing their best, or they were told to be that bad I don't know, but it's unbearable.

If a film about school children killing school children isn't your cup of tea , this film isn't for you, but if you can get passed that this film is well worth watching !!

She puts poison into Shuya's meal, and when one of her more excitable friends takes a bite from the dish, there is a delicious twenty seconds of near unbearable tension, as the girls continue conversing breezily as Yuko stares transfixed at her now doomed friend, shaking like a palm tree in the face of a hurricane.

Talk about psychologically intense.

As I said, it innovates, but the result comes a little too confusing and sadly we don't have too much time to attach emotionally to these characters, because almost all of them die, some of them in a way that is simply too much.

The intensity of the opening, as the 'chosen' children learn their predicament, and the bitter righteousness with which teacher Kitano establishes his dominance over them is instantly gripping, and visually horrifying.

Also the backstory is really confusing, despite being simple.

His girlfriend isn't much better, they are just bland, they aren't that memorable, and they don't really do anything.

In today's fast paced world Kinji Fukasaku takes the single idea of competition and twists it into a stunning metaphor for the battle for a place in society.

If you enjoyed this movie and you were OK with the violence I strongly suggest you should read the novel and/or the manga (both far more violent and more suspenseful).

Shuya, Noriko and Shogo form an alliance to try and escape the island, while other classmates alternate between forming similar partnerships or engaging in the bloodthirsty slaughter of everyone who stands between them and victory.

Having made that decision immediately, the film became merely an exciting kind of action flick.

The acting is top-notch, the special effects are beyond believable, and the tension is unbearable.

This movie is action packed from start to end, never get boring, there something, new every second of the film.

It gets a bit confusing at the end, even though the outcome is trite and expected.

Intriguing Social Commentary Tainted By Awkward Execution and Plot Elements .

" and this idea is questioned many times over and explored with intriguing outcomes.

The second complaint I have about this movie is the fact that it was very predictable.

The use of classical music is the definition of pretentious: it shoots for deep meaning and falls flat on its stupid face.

The Idea is stunning.

I was really bored by the killings and they were not impressing at all when the amount is huge like that.

The movie is quite often breathtaking.

Pointless .

The director produces an insightful cinematic production and a host of skilled young actors take challenging roles, which could have easily become farcical, and produce harrowing and realistic characters, each as engrossing as the others.

This is simply a gripping and enthralling flick, that will get you immersed from the beginning to end.

Heavily flawed, but still quite gripping.

Still though the brutality overshadows the comedy and its a very dark yet entertaining movie.

I found it suspenseful, and I found the characters interesting (at least the ones that the film focused on).

This movie was really intense.

At those who find the pain of others enjoyable when packaged properly, and we who do our children a disservice by creating an environment where violence is a viable option.

Its one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen it all.

Rather Boring.

It has a very potent message, but is enjoyable enough to watch over and over.

I'm not sure that was the director's intent, but it was entertaining nonetheless!

Nothing was shocking, nothing was intense, it was just senseless violence that led to a predictable and terrible ending.

I got a copy of Battle royale on a regional 3 dvd and it was excellent first off the film was shocking and action packed with a realistic edge which made you think what if i was put in that situation, The subtitles were clear to read and the dolby digital dts sound mix was amazing.

Not because of the violence, but because its horrible, has horrible actors, plot, development of characters, and its totally predictable.

This is one of those movies you surely want to see a couple of times if youre into crazy killing and suspensefull gorefests,it really deserves a good place in anyones Collection as it is in mine,this mvie is worth the prize of WHATEVER you pay to get it, a definite good show full with unexpected scenes and fastpaced action, This is one of my top ten definately.

Its provocative and entertaining, and although the ending seems slightly tacked on, it manages to remain fresh and maintain a solid pace from beginning to end, despite its many flashbacks.

Fukasaku's last film, banned in the US, Battle Royale, based on Takami Koushun's novel, inspired by others such as the Running Man, A Clockwork Orange and Lord of the Flies, is an intense experience and is the One film Everyone should see.

Essentially plotless staged fake snuff movie .

I will just say that this film is brilliant in story, well acted (yes even though it's in Japanese), and visually stunning.

While the ideas of Battle Royale's premise are intriguing, the film is hampered by its style at times.

People who claim they have a genuine love for Japanese film because they saw Ringu have been sheep-like in their desire to use BR as a club to beat American movies with, but most Americans can hopefully see past all the pretentious, empty claims that have been made for this sophistic, empty film.

Still, it is a good movie, has some interesting concepts and I recommend it for an entertaining evening.

Despite these admittedly minor problems, however, "Battle Royale" is a tense, disturbing, and exciting film.

I don't know where to start,this is absolutely a thrilling teenage killing masterpiece by Kinji Fukasaku.

What makes this movie remarkable is the way it is played deadpan as an action drama, and make no mistake, this is action at its finest - pulsating, chaotic and gripping.

Overall, I Think this was a great movie, watching the students being forced to kill the ones they loved, was both sad and exciting.

What I wasn't expecting, however, was such a well made, engrossing film that's full of some of the blackest humor I've seen in a while.

A film this visually intense, action-packed and boundary pushing?

Some will find it too gruesome for their taste while few will have an enjoyable ride even if the movie doesn't feel like a classic to them right now.

It's boring, it's stupid, the effects are a joke, and the little action there was gives way to a toe-curling melodramatic yawn-fest after an hour.

The whole hunting game is very fascinating to follow since it's so creative.

Enjoyable the first time .

5/10Overall, if you look at it from a Saturday morning cartoon perspective, this is rather entertaining and fun.

Finally, I can hardly put into words the disgust I have for the person who dared to call this film the 'greatest film Kubrick never made': beyond incredibly superficial, banal nods to Kubrick (especially soundtrack wise)this film had nothing of his in terms of intelligence, consistency, and above all beauty.

A bold and interesting movie, and exciting and fun in a weird sense at the same time, this one will please a lot of viewers.

Splendid and absolutely riveting with consummate direction,stunning cinematography and lively performances.

A sad gripping, disturbing horror/drama that i LOVED WARNING!!!!

The film is very exciting and well-photographed.


Truthfully, it's been a long time since I've seen something like this: compelling, disturbing, dark, frightening, powerful....

The ending is unpredictable and leaves you wanting more.

It makes for both gripping, exciting, enjoyable and horrifying watching.

I tend to choose to do the latter, on which basis it is quite entertaining.