Be Cool (2005) - Comedy, Crime, Music

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Disenchanted with the movie industry, Chili Palmer tries the music industry, meeting and romancing a widow of a music executive on the way.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: F. Gary Gray
Stars: John Travolta, Uma Thurman
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 102 out of 323 found boring (31.57%)

One-line Reviews (263)

Don't waste your time watching this singularly unfunny and uncreative "movie".

This movie was highly entertaining, cast with so many of my all-time favorite indie actors.

Chili Palmer (Travolta) is still out of the rackets and getting bored with the movie business.

This will sear in my mind as one of the worst movies I have laid eyes on, and I've seen some real stinkers.

) Thurman played a predictable character, Cedric the Entertainer was, well, not entertaining.

She is simply stunning and does not let one down.

It's a contrived plot that is just pathetic, unrealistic and not even close to fun or interesting.

Travolta is mailing it in as he reprises one of the coolest characters in cinema history in this sequel to Get Shorty, and the result is just banality.

Good, Entertaining Movie .

don't waste your money renting or buying this one.

He plays it like he's a bored movie exec, rather than a bored movie exec who used to be a Shylock.

Aside from Vaughn and the Rock, however, the acting is trying to hard to Be Cool, and ends up being bland.

However, Be Cool is still an enjoyable comedy even if it's not as good as the original.

The entire film was cool, intriguing, COMEDY and reminiscent of the first.

The movie, for the most part, has a dull and recycled feel.

Don't waste your money or your time.

At the end of the day, I enjoyed it very much.

An hour and 15 minutes in, finally a purpose, but it was so obvious and so predictable I just had to get up and leave.

John Travolta had one expression only - bored!

In the end this movie offers a really nice and entertaining evening with the family.

Harvey Keitel seems restricted as he cannot do anything apart from talk on the phone and threaten Vince, which is a dull sight to see after i laughed till i cried by his double act with the master QT in Pulp Fiction.

but that doesn't keep it from being a funny, overall enjoyable movie.

Entertaining through out with all the gangster and the twisted tricks tried to pull on each other that was fun.

After watching this film i generally felt cheated , it was a complete waste of time for me and everyone involved.

This "film" is such a waste of time.

This is by far the absolute WORST movie i have ever seen.

However it did manage to be entertaining and contain a decent plot.

I went to a screening of Be Cool today and I have to say it was very entertaining.

A terrible waste of time.

(All that treasure under an empty church).

Don't waste your time or money on this one.

Slow and Boring .

Using Uma Thurman and Travolta in a rerun of pulp fiction just showed me a lack of plot and ideas.

Overall a very entertaining movie that has many modern references to it.

Watch Get Shorty again if you want to see Travolta in an entertaining movie.

Save your money...

Poorly contrived and executed, a lazy sequel .

Uma Thurman looked like she was bored most of the time.

The only funny part was the Rock, who invents his own new cliché as a gay Samoan bodyguard actor wannabe.

Had I not had my sons with me, I would have left the theater and demanded my money back.

Travolta, as Chili Palmer, was just as cool as in "Get Shorty", but was totally predictable, so not as entertaining.

An absolutely awful, but somewhat entertaining movie .

Anyway, I left the theater disappointed and today I am just plain ANNOYED.

This movie was sooooo boring!

The movie was quite slow had I very easy bored between good scenes.

3 words to describe this movie: Boring, predictable, stupid.

People singing boring music for like 5 minutes with nothing else going on...

"Be Cool" Was Surprisingly Complete and entertaining .

Definitely not Get Shorty, but entertaining nonetheless .

Be Cool gets the big 4, it's just way too confusing to sometimes understand it's real core plot.

Enjoyable movie?

Overall I gave this movie a 7, but in real I'd give it a 7.7777. Very entertaining and a formula-free movie.

From the first awful gag between Travolta and Woods to the contrived ending.

The plot was predictably dull, while the characters were brutally stereotyped.

Save your money and take a walk, stare at your ceiling for an hour and a half.

The Rock wasn't too bad, but they overplayed his gay bodyguard shtick, and although he provided the most laughs, even his one-note joke got tedious.

Be Cool is really a stupid excuse for a movie, it was a waste of money.

What's the old cliché – A sequel has to be twice as good to be liked half as much?

It's not the best film of the year, but it's certainly an entertaining one!

Self-conscious, unfunny, clichéd waste of time.

But there was enough entertaining moments that I didn't feel like it was a waste of my time.

Here, they quickly become as tiresome as some teenage nerd constantly reciting the lines from 'Caddyshack'.

Considering their iconic pairing in the Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction, John Travolta and Uma Thurman have a noticeable lack of chemistry here, and both seem to be coasting through their roles, making the end performances flat and uninteresting.

I guess I'm surprised that this isn't everyone's cup of tea to this extent: really didn't think this would win awards or be immortalized, but the guys I saw it with enjoyed it, I did...

He walks through this movie seeming bored, almost a supporting character in his own movie amongst so many scene stealers.

And that's when the plot might get confusing to some.

And the white dude who tried to act black got VERY, VERY tiresome after way too much exposure in the picture.

I do think it is a lot better than Get Shorty which was a little on the slow side.

Boring and confusing.

None of the original's deliberate style is still evident, indeed no style is evident in this boring, pointless exercise in heartless commercialism.

Bored with the film industry, he's decided to go wandering into the music industry.

Occasional glimpses of greatness like the dance scene between Uma and Travolta quickly eroded when the likes of Harvey Keitel and similar uninteresting thugs came on.

Unfortunately, one of the worst movies of the year .

The two key elements that made its predecessor, Get Shorty, so enjoyable - consistency and energy.

Part of the "plot" involves a singer who has a strong voice in that boring, wiggly R&B style that everyone seems required to have these days.

Somewhat entertaining even if it's not very memorable .

The entertaining last half hour comes far too late to save the film.

But this scene goes nowhere, as does a pointless cameo by Danny De Vito.

That being said, once you get over the shock of what could have been but wasn't, my second viewing a year later was more enjoyable.

Also mildly entertaining was Andre 3000 as dumb thug Dabu; he had a nice screen presence and was fun, which is more than I can say for most of the rest of the assembled cast.

-3 for the irony: The movie called Be Cool ends up being bland and unmemorable.

I walked into the theatre expecting entertainment, but I walked out feeling depressed and insulted.

some say this is a pointless sequel that had no reason it needed to be made, & to them i say...

The appreciation of Leonard's characters and the irony of his humor is what made Get Shorty enjoyable and this one as well.

That sounds exciting.

The plot makes sense if you pay attention, so it's an okay ride, just make sure you watch on DVD or Tivo so you can fast-forward through the boring songs.

His approach is uninteresting, and so are most of his cast.


"Be Cool" was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This is the sequel to "Get Shorty" and we pick up with Chili Palmer (John Travolta) now a successful movie producer in Los Angeles but he's grown bored and disillusioned with making movies and instead decides to get into the music business.

These two actors certainly bail out the flick from near collapse as heavy dashes of repetitive slapstick throughout the film make it a bit trying to watch.

Honestly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I don't like manic James Woods, I like slow burn James Woods.

They were both enjoyable to watch because their characters were interesting.

John Travolta once again is Chili Davis, a hot-shot former gangster turned movie person, who is bored with that so he is now focusing on the music industry.

The movie is ridiculous, unrealistic and down right boring.

John Travolta doesn't have more than 20 speaking lines in "Be Cool", because he is out staged by the repetitive lines, and the hundred and two cameo appearances by the most random celebrities.

There are quite a few cameos; they are pointless.

It was pointless and had nothing to do with the story (among other things).

Some part are somewhat hilarious but overall i have been bored by this film.

The first half is too slow and it takes some time to make you laugh.

"Be Cool" can only be described as a torture chamber for fans of John Travolta, Steven Tyler, and Uma Thuman.

but only a few are good enough to be good for a "first timer" to call it enjoyable.

Although John Travolta and Uma Thurman were the main in this picture, it was the supporting cast(Vaughn, the Rock, Keitle, Cedric, Andre Benjamin, and the lovely Christina Milian) that kept the material fresh enough to keep it entertaining throughout.

Heres some advice, save your money and stay home and watch an old movie on T.

This movie has the same entertainment value as Ocean's 12 - a way to pass the time for a while if you're bored and don't want to think too much.

Linda has a strong singing voice but is obviously going nowhere within her group.

Even their Pulp Fiction homage dance sequence is simply boring, sadly lacking the vitality and imagination of its predecessor.

Unbearably cheesy (the whole music biz thing w/Christina Milian), predictable, unfunny, with truly awful performances by some great actors...

But perhaps the one that takes the cake is the cliché Hollywood B.

Too slow and unfunny for me.

Vince Vaughn: along with James Woods the other entertaining character in this movie.

"Self-indulgent" is most fitting.

I was playing "spot the celeb" in the second half through boredom.

The plot is not attractive at all,I was bored most of the time.

It was truly one of the most boring films I have ever seen.

To Confusing .

B)Corny - How much money did they pay the guy who made this to put long drawn out ultra corny scenes of Christina Milian singing arghC)Seen the trailer?

It had a more believable story line than "Get Shorty" and I did like "Get Shorty" although you wouldn't have to see that to enjoy "Be Cool" I am a fan of most of the cast, which made it more entertaining.

If you go in knowing it's a sequel of sorts, but open minded enough to enjoy something funny and entertaining, you should walk away with some good memories.

I have to tell you that it's extremely entertaining.

Please don't waste your time and money on this clinker.

It's bland, lame and forgettable.

He'll have to dangle with her current numbskull agent (a sleazy Harvey Keitel), low level Russian gangsters, and a music producer known for his creative, inventive, and lucrative mixes (Cedric the Entertainer, entertaining as only he can).

The best thing that I can say about this movie is that it has my vote for the worst movie of 2005!

Quite simply, this was the worst movie I've seen in the last ten years.

Entertaining Parody of Music Bad-Ass Wannabes .

Be cool tells the story of Chili Palmer ( John Travolta ), who became bored of the movie business, and moves on to the music business.

Entertaining film!!!

Milian is nothing special, I suppose if you are a fan then you'll enjoy her but I just found her quite bland.

well here are my main points..A) Poor acting - John Travolta seems to be so layed back its boring, Uma Turman acts like some sort of preppy high school girl its annoying and Vince Vaughn argh not funny, i couldn't believe that some of the cast were the same people who starred in the likes of pulp fiction.

Save your money!

There are some solid performances and some entertaining scenes, they just don't seem to fit together well enough or long enough.

This film should be burned and the director tarred and feathered and dragged down Sunset Strip.

I think it is mainly, a funny and entertaining picture, what is, sadly, more than most of the films, lately, are.

Uma Thurman: drab, bland and embarrassed at the whole mess.

The references to other movies helped make the movie be more entertaining.

Saw it on television and really enjoyed it.

The worst movie of the year.

I thought this movie was an enormous waste of time.

The original is hardly high art but it is slick, enjoyable and fun – qualities that cover the problems well.

F Gary Gray is out of his depth once again, getting lost in his numerous plot lines and depicting his story with the sad, empty philosophy that if he shoots a character from many different angles, it will make his film entertaining to watch.

This has to be the worst movie i've seen in years.

This scene – way too long, bringing the movie to a crashing halt – plays more like a video for the Black Eyed Peas that just happens to have a few actors in it.

We see about the worse side of the industry and the movie becomes one big confusing mess with groups of gangsters trying to outsmart one another, as Chili is constantly able to talk himself out of a bullet.

Dreadful, cynical, pointless...

I strongly suggest you don't watch it, because it is a big waste of time.

This had to be one of the longest and most boring movies I've ever had to sit thru.

For the first time in my life, I walked out of the theater.

It was a very funny entertaining movie which by today's standards was great.

Despite that we all enjoyed it and were each able to find things to laugh at and relate to.

Other characters, like Harvey Keitel as the corrupt record producer, and Vince Vaughn as his partner/gopher were more boring and annoying, than offensive.

Music names and faces are also given pride of place in the story line, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler spends more time on screen than is bearable aesthetically, and André 3000 gives a mildly entertaining performance as Dabu, a trigger-happy member of the WMDs.

But I behold that this movie is more than worth watching and has a wide range of super-star actors doing something else than they always do...

The actors slept their way through their roles and the story line was boring and uninspired.

** Caution minor spoilers (nothing that ain't in the trailer)** The sequel to get shorty, Be cool is funny , witty and sometimes confusing story of the shylock turned producer turned manager Chilli palmer (travolta) together with a record company owner (thurman) who together make the career of a struggling performer, other actors along for the ride include the rock and vince (last seen in dodge ball) If u liked get shorty u may or may not like this movie, I personally loved it, and got no complains about the film.

Where the original was slick, fun and enjoyable this is clunky, untidy, excessive and unnecessary .

But it really is one of the worst movies of the year.

The Worst Movie I've seen in Years!!!!!!!!.

To show how "good" it was, my friends who pulled me in kicking and screaming left early (I never leave early, though I wanted too).

Well, even the Rocks Eyebrow cant save this movie from spiraling downward to an uneventful ending, While it was amusing to watch the Rock spank his own buttocks while doing a dance, It was a Big letdown to me, i wish someone could have just shown me the Rock outtakes from the movie which would total about 12 minutes and i would have been happy, instead i was forced to sit through Vince Vaughns painful performance, and see uma thurman put on her worst performance ever.

Gary Gray allows his dance and musical numbers to go on WAY too long.

His performance is kind of dull though.

It is two hours worth of nothing happening.

This movie and "Domestic Disturbance" were two of their worst movies.

This may very well have been the only movie I have ever walked out of in my life, and I see at least two movies a week.

Travola has been apart of two of the worst movie ever to be on the big screen.

The movie was much more engaging than I expected, and even though our DVD had technical difficulties, we kept watching.


Uma Thurman is light years from her Kill Bill success and really has an uninteresting character here.

As a result, the leads seem a bit dull.

Not as sharp or as downright funny as Get Shorty, but enjoyable enough thanks to an appealing and talented cast of actors.

My friends dragged me to this movie.

Now with all these characters being introduced at different times of the movie with weird plots that are tied into the Russian Maffia, this film gets way to confusing.

I have only walked out of two movies in my entire life.

The plot is clunky and littered with pointless star cameos and ill-judged moments; the characters are poor and nothing moves that well.

He seemed bored, not intrigued.

Cinematography was uninteresting and lazy, editing was terrible, music was probably the worst part and the guy who directed this should never be allowed behind a camera again.

An Entertaining Crime/Music Industry/Comedy Thriller .

In fact, quite entertaining.

ITs A Cleaver Plot, And Is An enjoyable film with Humor, action and Great Music.

There are two standout factors that will make this enjoyable.

The Rock was entertaining....

Everyone else were let down by the directing and the script, I wanted to slap Vince Vaughn, Harvey Keitel and Joh Travolta for looking so bored.

The Chili character lacked development/growth through the movie, which left him uninteresting.

Whilst enjoyable, it lacked the originality and edge of the original.

Chili Palmer part 2, a moderately entertaining sequel.

Travolta looks bored, Thurman seems distracted, and Aerosmith should hang it up if this is what they have to do to stay relevant.

Unfunny, slow, offensive, confused, and did I mention unfunny?

Don't waste your money.

This movie was literally the worst movie I have ever seen in recent memory.

If you are bored and have 2 hours to spare, then watch this.

Most of the film is entertaining and funny, but some of it is so tiresome and cliché it will make you wish you were still at home picking the fluff out of your navel instead.

It isn't funny…it isn't interesting…it is trite, it is covered in every known stereo-type known to modern film and it is too long.

Travolta, such a joy in "Get Shorty," seems thoroughly bored and, even the usually reliable Harvey Keitel is dull.

Don't waste your time or money .

I saw about 15 people leave the theater during the show, as well.

You're waiting for stuff to happen before it does, because its so predictable and takes forever to get to the point.

What you have is a lot of white guys trying to talk like Black men and that got tedious pretty quick.

The most enjoyable parts of this film is when The Rock appears on screen.

It felt like there was no script and no production value.

This almost has no story to follow, the pacing of the film makes it long and boring.

"Be Cool" was a big waste of time.

An entire hour passed and there was still no plot.

Having never seen Get Shorty or read the book, I enjoyed it a lot.

The jokes are very predictable and you have seen them in other movies before.

The script is sophomoric and predictable, the cinematography and editing uninspiring and downright boring.

Add in another good comic performance by Andre' Benjamin (Dabu) and I must say this is a funny, enjoyable movie at least for me.

The gags were obvious, easy, cliché.

Save your money and preserve your respect for Get Shorty by avoiding this movie, either in the theater or on DVD.

show last night, and I would've walked out 20 min.

but pointless or not this movie is just plain fun,pure plain & simple fun, nothing else.

I almost walked out.

I do know that the Rock and Vince Vaughn weren't there to keep the movie alive like they did with Be Cool, so it makes me wonder if Get Shorty is even worth watching.

This movie reminded me of another complete waste of time with lots of recognizable faces BIG TROUBLE (2002), which also went off the readable scale on the suck-o-meter.

Andre Benjamin's rapper Dabu is trying to be funny, and sometimes succeeds, but is more often repetitive.

The story was uneven and confusing.

(dip it low, pick it up slow...

Though obviously buried under too much makeup, I found him to be enjoyable to watch.

The out and out jokes are consistently funny and every person and piece of this movie is entertaining.

The storyline was confusing and the movie as a whole didn't go very far.

Pretty people, great actors, waste of time if you want to see a good movie don't see "Be Cool"

There were so many plot holes that I left the theater asking myself WHY?!

worst movie ever .

That movie while slightly flawed was entirely entertaining.

Uma Thurman, great in nearly every role she's ever played, comes off as strained and confusing.

I've got to say that Get Shorty was a completely enjoyable and awesome movie going experience.

The plot and its characters are just bland and you never really grasp any interest in anything that happens in the plot or to the characters.

As a person who rarely pays full price at the movies, imagine my chagrin doling out $22 for this self-indulgent, mean-spirited nightmare (plus $2 parking).

The only way I'll see this film again is if it's to get a tie breaker for the worst movie of the last 20 years comparing this to "Harley Davidson and the Marlburo Man".

Hey, I enjoyed it .

Cedric the Entertainer is entertaining here.

This dance number was boring, long, and just plain throbbing.

And every time I fell asleep.

This movie has every stereotype in the book, every cliché, every bad ripoff of scenes from Get Shorty and Pulp Fiction and it does all of them horribly.

Most scenes seem contrived and lack any sense of pace or rhythm.

Other than that, just add every movie cliché you can think of.

If you liked get shorty, you will leave the theater wanting to kill the director and screenwriter.

But after that, one of the problems with the movie starts to become visible: the rest of the characters were either uninteresting or offensive.

Chili Palmer (John Travolta) is now bored with movies, sequels and Harry Zimm and reckons the music industry will be more exciting.

Generally straight boring uncreative performances and the story was lacking in uniqueness.

Vince Vaughn was great and The Rock was even funny, but others were just dull.

Also at 118 minutes, the film is too long and there are a lot of slow spots.

The rest of the movie was absolutely a disappointment, the story line hopped around so much that I didn't have time to care about the characters, it was a waste of my time and money and if I had a "13" year old with me I would have been furious because of the trash that child would have seen.

Get Shorty had it's funny moments but had a lot of slow boring moments that don't keep you interested in the film.



At times the dialogue is downright clever and the plot does become intriguing.

I rated Get Shorty an 8, but I think Be Cool is a whole lot better and more memorable, because it's infinitely more outright entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny, and has just about the slickest production values I've seen in a post-80s comedy.

It was very clever, well-acted (except for Gandolfini's bogus southern accent), and very, very entertaining.

When Travolta and Thurman get up and dance it's supposed to evoke the twist contest from Pulp Fiction, but it's nowhere near as stylish and evocative.

It was on the whole, confusing, unfunny, and incredibly disjointed.

Oh yes i forgot to mention there is a BIG cliché at the end.

The Christina Milian story line was like American Idol done by Disney, and Vince Vaughn's white-guy-who- thinks-he's-black character was tiresome by his second line.

Frankly, I enjoyed it more than 'Get Shorty'.

Whatever it is will be a damn sight more entertaining than this dire, sorry film.

I think Chili Palmer is the most evocative character John Travolta has ever played.

The interactions are trite and overly manipulated.


Only the outstanding cast makes it anything more than unbearable, and most of them look like they'd rather be ANY place else.

" Indeed, I found the film far more entertaining when I looked at the disparity between the two films.

The movie seems to drag on and on, with several totally pointless scenes (including a torturous pulp fiction reference with Travolta and Uma Therman dancing), and finishes at 1 hr 54 minutes.

I have seen movies that would aspire to this greatness, but who had fewer funny pieces, much worse acting, and disjointed plots.