Beautiful Kate (2009) - Drama, Mystery

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A writer, Ned Kendall, is asked to return to the family home by his sister Sally, to say goodbye to his father who is dying. The family home is in a very remote and isolated area. While ...

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Rachel Ward
Stars: Ben Mendelsohn, Sophie Lowe
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 2 out of 28 found boring (7.14%)

One-line Reviews (21)

Sophie Lowe gives fascinating performance .

One of the MOST unexpected Gems I have ever seen.

Cinematographer Andrew Commis has shot the film in widescreen, and he captures some quite evocative images of the beautiful Flinders Ranges locations.

The central story is very intense, and I wanted them to get through it.

Despite the depressing subject matter I found the film absorbing.

when you strip the film bare, there is not much there, lots of empty scenes to fill up the nothingness of the events.

events that are so predictable, that there is not one aspect left to the imagination.

The film is a journey towards the ubiquitous closure cliché.

We're talking about repressed emotions, shouting matches, slow-burning tension, the works.

It's a much more compelling story in the past due mostly to Sophie Lowe's enigmatic performance.

Worth watching though.

That film managed to mix the emotions of rambling in inner hurt with the curiosity of a detective far better than this, and was thus more engaging.

However, there's enough here to satisfy an audience member and, if you're able to put up with the slow pace, you'll appreciate the payoff.

The South Australian Flinders Ranges location for the film is absolutely stunning.

Absolutely stunning .

Rachel Ward's film mutates, very slowly; even cunningly, into a rich character study as people come and go in and out of one other's lives, the whole time this catastrophic back-story lingering over proceedings, a back-story that is at once confrontative and, yes, disturbing but always morbidly fascinating as twists and turns play out in the past tense culminating in how it is our lead is why he is.

why always in the surreal empty landscape with the small good (or ill) willing community?

The run down farm, a far cry from the bustling place of their childhood, is hauntingly symbolic of the father's failings and of the slow destruction of the family.

I highly recommend it if you consider yourself an open mind person, because you should enjoy the kind of passion thats going to get injected to you.

If you are one of those 'attached' people, like me, then you will find an unexpected masterpiece.

He brings with him his latest girlfriend Toni (Maeve Dermody), a city bred girl who quickly tires of the boring routine of life on the farm.