Before I Fall (2017) - Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

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February 12 is just another day in Sam's charmed life, until it turns out to be her last. Stuck reliving her last day over and over, Sam untangles the mystery around her death and discovers everything she's losing.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Ry Russo-Young
Stars: Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 46 out of 192 found boring (23.95%)

One-line Reviews (136)

What a waste of time!

This movie is such a waste of time and is beyond stupid.

And a very predictable outcome.

A bad try at making a normal high school cliche movie 'philosophical'.

Worth watching, I think it plays better for those under 21.

An interesting concept about teenage drama and being caught in a time loop in this dull direction film.

What a waste of time.

After this change, the story gets more interesting and engaging.

But another potent and emotionally compelling movie with a resonating theme is Jennifer Love Hewitt's If Only (2004).

The film is well paced, very well acted, and very engaging, I found it very easy to follow the story, and understand the character's motives.

I once heard that the studio brass at Columbia Pictures were initially hesitant on Groundhog Day (1993) because they thought the repetitive nature of the film's script would be too boring for mainstream audiences.

If you want to see a teenager film that is enjoyable and not too much drama or boring, "Before I Fall" is a good choice.

There's a lot of other things wrong with this movie such as the characters consisting of a lot of unlikable jerks, narration that is complete and utter teeny bopper pretentious poetic garbage, nothing feels at stake and the premise of the girl reliving the same day several times over is stale.


True values are presented in an unpredictable way.

But overall, this reviewer felt many of these dislikes led to an incomplete picture, with lots of drawn out moments to one of the two predictable endings that, while emotional, wasn't the big excitement I had hoped for.

Derivative and cliché kept coming to mind.

Furthermore it latches itself onto boring, vacuous characters whose supposed faults ensure the stakes are lower than the price of a Lifestyle condom.

But I enjoyed it.

Anything to liven up this bore fest.

The film is also very beautiful, director Ry Russo-Young makes it very beautiful and compelling to watch.

Plus predictable.

The climax, although well executed, is predictable from the outset.

It's a bit slow though and even awkward at times, while the whole repeating day could have been better thought, as well as the main character's actions.

Lovely, Enjoyable YA Movie - Would Recommend .

This film isn't going to change the world, but, it has a solid positive moral message for girls/young women interwoven within an intriguing story that can touch the soul.

Definitely worth watching .

What's valuable about this movie is its coming of age story that offers us the important lesson about how we effect others and the value of living life to the fullest.

I personally enjoyed it and could relate to it in a way.

The bigger issue for me was that it was hard to enjoy the character development because the dialogue and plot were predictable.

The minutia that repeats and repeats is at best superficial and at worst annoying, accompanied by wraithlike hipster music that drones on and on.

The film definitely has its moments, but unless you are willing to give Deutch time to build up her character and setup the touching moments, you will get bored quickly.

Probably because it's so intriguing.

Not the best solution, yet an unexpected twist.

This will never be the classic GD is, but it is a very slick, well made enjoyable movie that I am certain will not get the credit it deserves.

Entertaining and delivering a good message .

Boring, obvious, with chip morality wannabe-fancy.

Very enjoyable and I highly recommend.

Its fairly entertaining, well shot, well acted, particularly the main character played by Zoey Deutch who was brilliant and definitely one to watch for in the future and a pretty good way to spend an hour and a half if you are looking for something to do.

Waste of time...

Deutch in particular makes a really strong compelling lead.

Formulaic, Angst-Infused Mess .

As negative point, I would say a little repetitive some scenes, and short time scenes for the final scene.

The film has a slow build up that rushes through the ending.

Also the film flirts with feeling repetitive because of the element of the plot, and it really does feel repetitive.

It's unclear just how many cycles Sam lives through -- maybe dozens, at a guess -- but it is the push she needed to force her through a predictable process of self-discovery.

The beginning is slow so...

Worth watching .

The repetition of the day is more like what we saw in the laborious 2008 thriller "Vantage Point" than in the entertaining comedy "Groundhog Day".

then it went nowhere, then it became super emo

Well-acted, positive message, worth the watch.


Dull rip-off from Groundhog Day .

The script was cliché with decent dialogue.

These tragedies create a slow build up to Sam's love for Kent that was more believable than the movie version that felt rushed and suddenly intense at the end.

In the beginning, it might look like another boring teenage film with these American chicks being mean and living careless life.

That right there makes the entire arc that Sam goes through totally pointless since she slowly learns to be a good person, realize the path that she's heading down is wrong and will only result in tragedy if it continues, and all that is thrown right out the window so that the movie can jerk itself off thinking it's giving such a "beautiful ending" by having the lead character die and claiming her death "saves the other girl's life".

(For a softer and thoroughly enjoyable girl-centered take on that theme, see Peggy Sue Got Married (1986).

I was wafting back and forth, almost hooked, although I knew the entire time this was a cheaper version of "Groundhog Day," but it was slowly beginning to sway me towards thinking the writer and director had a different take on the "same day over and over genre," which was worth watching.

Thus a very deserving yet unexpected treat for a perfect 10/10.

Oh, sorry, I'm confusing God for the writer.

It is a complete waste of time.

Well, it is dull and predictable, not even trying to be subtle (the moral of the story is literally printed in big bold letters on a poster that the camera zooms on around 10 times throughout the film).

It's so drawn out and it takes far too long to get to the very predictable ending.

She gives the film her all so that even though a lot of the revelations and dialogue are trite in her hands it feels very real and warm.

This is a slow, depressing Groundhog Day.

Part of the issue is the story itself (it's repetitive).

Painfully Pointless .

And secondly, it's highly predictable.

The main plot, why she keeps reliving the same day does not make sense, and seems pointless.

So often this type of movie features great ideas, but the execution is too blunt, Before I fall is subtle, engaging and excellent all round.

Depressing, slow & emo .

To sum up, absolute waste of time...

A complete waste of time.

Unfortunately, the movie is totally pointless and at times even ridiculous.

It just filled with cliché written characters and a dull direction.

The movie really is mostly boring and forgettable with a lot a predictable and self-indulgent writing to go along with it.

The film is repetitive due to it's nature.

Deep thinkers are more likely to appreciate the film, but most who see it will probably find it rather boring.

Stunning, Amazing .

The whole story is shallow and boring.

Before I Fall is a captivating and enjoyable movie based on the young adult novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver.

I found this movie extremely boring and the scenario reminded me a lot the "Groundhog Day" and a few other similar movies...

Predictable scenes, so I had thought of couple of ending that did not happen.

Everything about this movie was bland.

If you want to feel bored and sad watch this.

Moreover it is way too repetitive and it lacks a lot of substance.

On the surface this movie is cheap rip-off of groundhog day with teenage girls, cheesy morals and boring dialog.

All in all, an entertaining time at the movies showing a lot of promise for its young director, Ry Russo-Young.

How exciting.

I don't get the feels or anything, everything was bland.

Breathtaking .

To stymie any impression that Sam is just as shallow as her friends, we're made aware of her inner-monologue which crackles with empty platitudes and fortune cookie wisdom in an attempt to sound sincere.

Totally pointless...

Yet the most important part of her repetitive puzzle , she doesn't get!

Those are serious themes but they were presented in such banal and almost parody-like way that it got me really annoyed.

Strong acting and cinematography fall to predictable writing.

I was worried because of how the moments of stupidity of the main character and her friends were way too long.

The problem is the 100 minutes of run time it takes to get there can be very tedious.

Predictable, predictable, predictable .

It has its cliché written script.

This is the absolute worst movie ever.

So yeah, a couple of awkward directions of plot, but overall it's an enjoyable movie.

This film completely lacks the charm the original and it's so predictable.

The film though, was incredibly boring.

This is quite possibly the stupidest and slowest movie you will see all year.

Interesting and intriguing plot.

The issue between Lindsay & Juliet feels contrived.

Unlike the genuine comedic qualities of Groundhog Day or the palpable suspense of Mean Girls, Before I Fall loses itself in a pretentious and boring pile of self interest that would suggest only the rich and privileged have any chance at true spiritual enlightenment.

Love the visuals and the aesthetic vibes, but the story is boring and kinda confusing.

Direction: The movie is a slow start and spends too much time establishing the main characters as a typical mean girl clique.

Very enjoyable.

please don't waste your time and money!

I read the book and really enjoyed it.

Shallow, boring and just plain bad .

Don't waste your time.

Good visuals, boring story .

A pointless movie with no meaning at all.

Cliché filled garbage with terrible acting and dialogue .

Pace: A slow start and eventually picks up to a decent pace.

And the same formula repeats itself, a little boring .

Cheesy and boring.

Lauren Oliver ( author of "before I fall") should really give herself more than a pat on the back as she has really outdone herself as this book/movie is breathtaking.

The danger was that by repeating the same day over and over, the audience would get bored.

I'm so bored just writing this.

Genre wise it's close to a "growing up" or "coming of age" just packed into the time loop form.

The progression of the story and its themes are beyond predictable and the characters are as safe as a bouncy castle made out of Nerf.

Wow that was a major pretentious and misguided piece of trash.

This was unwatchable garbage bc I read the book.

Don't waste your time watching this.

This film is also really confusing.

But because of the cyclic aspect and the sophisticated analysis of the different personalities, this high school drama was still fascinating.

It's interesting and quite thrilling, keeping you curios about what will happen in the end.

Entertaining movie .

While I really like this type of story, I must admit that especially the film's middle part was somewhat plodding.

It was confusing especially the ending.