Before the Dawn (2019) - Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



A young high school teacher moves to a new town for a fresh start and falls for a troubled student.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Jay Holben
Stars: Alana de Freitas, Jared Scott
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 4 out of 80 found boring (5%)

One-line Reviews (44)

Compelling New Indie Drama .

Engaging love story with a taboo subject between a teacher and her younger student.

Life is too short to waste the time watching this.

Unique and entertaining .

An entertaining film.

The performances are honest and compelling.

It is an intriguing film all the way by a great cast of somewhat unknown actors.

All the characters were will defined and engaging.

Alana de Freitas does a very nice job walking this tightrope to deliver a suspenseful story that steers clear of predictability.

Kendy) agrees to help him by tutoring him after school but things start to change when she finds herself falling for his youthful charm, which later turns into an intense feeling of excitement and happiness when they both end up sparking the fire.

The plot was far too complicated and at times seemed unrealistic - brother in jail, drug dealing (with the most cliche looking/talking gang ever).

Definitely worth the watch!

This is a solid drama with good acting and a compelling story about a taboo relationship between student and teacher.

Even though the main focus is on the relationship drama, the film was oddly very suspenseful.

But more than that it explores how we can find healing from past trauma in the most unexpected places.

Like every cliche teacher-student movie ever made .

This engaging well-acted film kept me rooting for these unlikely lovers.

Really well done and compelling drama wrapped around a student/teacher affair.

Clumsy plot development, predictable, cliche-ridden dialogue, bad acting, gaping plot holes; this one's got it all.

The moral questions that the leading characters have to confront, is so engaging.

Compelling drama .

I really found this film very compelling.

10 star movie loving intense and entertaining A must see .

That's certainly also the film's coy ambition, as "Before The Dawn" provides for some ripe and engrossing post-processing.

Before the Dawn is a really engrossing film.

That and the fact that the actors are very intense!

A very compelling indie drama about a subject that seems to be in the news more and more -- a student/teacher affair.

Engaging and well-done indie drama .

Its something you see in the headlines every so often and this film does a nice job of keeping the story realistic and entertaining while not going over the top with melodrama.

It will be fascinating to see how "Before The Dawn" is received by disparate film consumers -- will they, on the mere simplicity of principle, reject Lila's emotional and physical engagement of her student as deviant and immoral, and potentially straight-up illegal (we're shrewdly never provided with Jason's age)?

You felt for the characters and the love affair was sexy and exciting.

An intense and entertaining tale of a forbidden love between a teacher and her student.

Intense and entertaining .

Overall it's a fascinating look at the problems people face falling in love against all odds.

Before the Dawn creates a compelling story and weaves a more complex tale.

Very engaging.

Dull, over-complicated and questionable .

Before the Dawn creates a compelling and balanced story where the love feels pretty legitimate, which makes for a more complex tale.

Worth the watch!

Awful waste of time.

Great Film that is so worth watching .

I highly recommend it!

It was really exciting and not a dull moment.

I watched the best part of 30 minutes before I fell asleep to wake up to them in bed.